tagLoving WivesCamping Tragedy (Or Was It)

Camping Tragedy (Or Was It)


It was the only time we had before winter really set in. We were glad to get away from the office early on Friday.

Lana and I had a good marriage going and we enjoyed just being with each other.

We had packed the car with the tent and a bag with our change of clothes in it.

We had made arrangements with a friend to camp beside a small stream on his property.

I set up the tent while Lana cleared a place for a fire.

I had gotten a campfire going when she came out of the tent without a stitch of clothing on.

Her tits stood proud and erect when she moved beside me. Her ass globes shimmied as she walked. Her pussy was shaved except for a small swath above the pulsing lips.

"Come on," she said softly even though there was no one around for miles. "Let's start this vacation right. I want you in me now!" she insisted.

I was naked in seconds. My cock stood proudly from my groin.

I tackled her before she had a chance to get to the tent. We wasted no time on preliminaries. I was into her to the hilt. The tree leaves rattled above us as we fucked. Our cries of ecstasy floated over the stream and were lost on the babbling rapids. Our multiple orgasms shook the ground we lay on.

We were both breathing heavily when we stopped to catch our breath.

She smiled wickedly. Slowly she took my slippery cock in her hand and pulled it to her mouth. She growled softly when she had the entire length in her mouth. Her tongue rasped over the sensitive globe. I felt her suck the last of my cum from my now throbbing cock. She released her sucking long enough that my cock slipped from her mouth. She gulped loudly and licked her lips, trying to keep from loosing any of my cum.

She bent down at the waist and kneeled, lifting her ass toward me. "Fuck me doggie style. Deep and strong," she ordered loudly.

I immediately mounted her and drove my cock into her very slippery, wet cunt. I came again, this time in more abundance. I literally fell from her bouncing ass. My legs trembled when I tried to rise.

Lana laughed when she notice the green stain on my knees from the grass. "I think we should take a dip in the stream," she suggested, rising to her feet.

Her hourglass figure was covered with our mingled cum. She shouted in glee as she ran toward the water. Her ass globes rolled delightfully as she ran. My cock had wilted somewhat but the sight of her bouncing tits and ass caused it to rise again.

We splashed about in the stream, giggling and laughing.

Lana ran from the cool water, wriggling her ass at me. "If you want more, you have to catch me," she said.

I laughed aloud. "Here I come to fuck you again," I shouted as I splashed toward the shore.

I stepped on a slippery rock and fell astraddle a huge bolder. It hurt like hell.

I struggled to the bank and collapsed.

Lana screamed.

I looked down to see my cock was bleeding profusely from the tip.

Lana grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my throbbing, bleeding cock.

That was the last I remember until I awoke in the hospital, my cock strapped to my leg with tape and gauze.

"You had a nasty fall," the doctor was saying. "You need to rest for a few days before we can do surgery."

I shook my head to clear the cobwebs. "Surgery?" I asked.

"You will need reconstructive surgery as soon as the swelling goes down," the doctor related.

That got my attention. "How bad is it?" I asked stupidly.

"You will be as good as new in about six months," he answered.

I thought I heard Lana gasp.

The doctor smiled. He turned to Lana. "He will not be able to have any sex for at least six months."

It was my turn to gasp.

Again the doctor smiled. "You will be able to have an erection and even ejaculation, but you cannot have the exertion of sex or masturbation," he said bluntly, "or at least any intense action."

Both Lana and I looked perplexed.

The doctor laughed. "In layman's terms, that means no fucking or jacking off."

"Oh!" we both exclaimed in unison.

The doctor laughed. "I can see that your wife can probably relieve you by just showing her body," he said. He blushed, as did Lana.

"The swelling will go down in a week or so," he continued. "Actually, erection and ejaculation will help keep the muscle from getting soft and plugged up."

Lana giggled. "In other words, I have to tease him but not let him exert himself."

"Exactly," he said.

I looked down at my cock. It was almost as big around as a tennis ball and almost twice as long as normal.

I started to laugh. "Lana probably would like for it to stay swelled up," I said.

The doctor laughed.

Lana gasped and blushed crimson.

"Maybe when I reconstruct it, I can make it a little longer and larger around, the doctor mused.

"Could you," Lana blurted and then gasped at her own words.

It was just a week later that I had my first reconstruction surgery. I was surprised that I had no pain or problems.

I had to take it easy, and not strain but other than a little discomfort, I felt fine.

Lana was getting quite on edge. She had managed to make me have an orgasm by dancing and teasing me with her nudity.

I became aware that she was getting horny and needed some relief herself.

I suggested she buy a dildo to satisfy her own needs.

To my surprise she produced one from the dresser drawer. "I tried this but it just isn't the same," she decried.

The doctor had warned me not to exert myself. I suggested she find a friend to help her out.

She gasped. Slowly she began to smile. "Are you sure?" She asked.

"If I can watch!" I exclaimed bluntly.

She gasped again. "You want me to fuck someone while you watch?" she exclaimed.

"You need to take full advantage of the situation, and at the same time help me get an erection and cum also. It would solve both problems," I said softly.

Lana nodded her head. "But who?" she started.

"I suggest you find a neighbor. That way it will be discreet and no one need know." I said awkwardly.

Lana smiled brightly. "Wally Nemonstreet comes to mind," she said.

Wally is a muscular man, quite handsome. He is rumored to have a large cock. His wife, Jill, is a model for a local garment company and spends quite some time away from home.

I was a little surprised when she hurried to the phone and dialed his number.

"Hello! This is Lana. Could you come over? I have something to talk to you about. OH! Come over by yourself then." Lana hung up.

Lana was smiling when she turned to me.

"Wally's wife is away for the week. Things seem to be working out," Lana said with a huge grin on her face.

I was amazed how quickly Lana had agreed to the whole idea. She actually seemed ecstatic with the idea of fucking Wally. She was as giddy as a schoolgirl on her first date. I began to wonder just how good of an idea this would be.

She actually ran to the door when the bell rang. She ushered Wally into the family room where I was sitting. She hung on his arm like a magnet on steel.

Wally seemed to enjoy her gushing attitude.

I was apprehensive to tell him what we, or rather she, had in mind but the longer we talked the more I felt at ease. We discussed everything from the weather to the jobs we had. Finally, after quite a bit of small talk, I mustered up enough strength to approach the subject of sex.

Wally flashed a grin when the subject of my operation and the trouble I had about sex. He glanced at Lana. Actually it was more of a leer than a glance. ''How can I help," he said smiling.

"I need sex!" Lana blurted.

Wally grinned. "And Jim cannot have sex, right!"

Lana nodded impishly. "We--, I wondered if you would consent to having sex with me!" she said hoarsely.

Wally looked at me and then at her. What about Jim?" he asked.

Lana glanced at me. "He is the one that suggested it," she said. "But he wants to watch," she said softly.

I was nodding slowly. "I can't have sex for a few months, until I am healed. Lana needs someone to fuck her," I supplied audaciously.

Wally caught his breath. "You want me to fuck Lana while you watch?" he asked softly.

I explained the whole situation to him.

He kept smiling and nodding during the whole explanation. When I finished, he chuckled softly. "I would be happy to oblige," he said.

Lana shouted with joy.

Wally looked at me. "I need to get into this slowly," he said. "Could we start with just Lana and I first and then you can come in?" he asked.

Lana ran to him and kissed him hotly. "Yes! That would be a good idea. Come with me," she said vibrantly.

Lana tugged him down the hall and into the bedroom. I could hear them laughing and giggling.

I waited for a minute or two and walked slowly to the door of the bedroom. To my amazement, Lana was sucking his cock with all of her might. Her cheeks caved in and he groaned torridly when she released the suction. His cock was monstrous. She could barely get her mouth around it. Her eyes were glassy and she moaned softly as she gave him the blowjob of the century.

He picked her up under her armpits and slowly lowered her onto his massive cock.

Lana groaned in pure lust. "Fuck me, you wonderful man!" she ordered loudly. "Fuck me hard and fast."

I must admit I was angry at first but the longer they fucked the more I began to understand and enjoy. My cock grew hard, and my balls filled to overflowing. I watched my wife getting fucked by this huge man. She glanced at me and smiled. "OH MY GOD, YES! She screamed. "I AM COMING!"

Wally continued to fuck her. The huge veins in his cock throbbed and pulsed. His grunts of desire filled the room.

She moaned loudly each time she came. "YES! YES!" she repeated over and over.

Her pussy lips gripped the monster. They disappeared with each inward thrust and reappeared around his cock with each outward stroke. Her naked body quivered in delight as he fucked her.

I was aghast when he filled her to overflowing with enormous orgasms, one after the other.

I exploded. My cum shot onto the bed beside them. My cock shuddered in my hand as the last drop emerged from my cock. I was completely satiated.

I walked tentatively to the family room, my cock limp and depleted.

I could hear them fucking. They fucked for over an hour. Their cries of delight echoed throughout the house.

When they finally stopped, they wandered into the family room. I smiled at Lana. She was covered with cum from head to foot. His cock still stood stiff and erect.

"What a wondrous fuck" Lana lamented. She kissed him hotly and stroked his stiff member. "Later!" she said with a gush.

Wally patted her on the bare ass. "You are a terrific fuck!" he admitted. "Anytime you want to fuck again just call!" he said as he pulled his clothes on and started for the door.

"Now!" Lana shouted and ran to him.

Wally laughed. I frowned. She had turned into a fucking machine right before my eyes.

They returned to the bedroom. I could hear the bedsprings sing as he fucked her. It was morning before they came out again.

Lana was smiling broadly and Wally looked bedraggled.

"Come back anytime!" Lana shouted as Wally stumbled toward his own house.

I have never seen Lana so happy. She whistled and sang as she went about the daily chores.

I get a hard on even now, when I think about Lana and Wally fucking every day for the entire time of my recovery.

Yes! My doctor reconstructed my cock. It now is bigger and better. Lana enjoys the size almost as much as Wally's.

Lana and Wally both promised to fix me up with Wally's wife, Jill, as soon as I am completely healed. I can hardly wait.

Lana now wants to check out the rest of the neighborhood. But that is another story.

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