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Camping Trip


I am 18 years old. I knew that I was a lesbian since I was 13 or so. For two years now I have had a lover, an older woman named Lisa. Actually, Lisa is close with two other girls my age. We all enjoy each other's company and sometimes take vacations together. Last summer, Lisa took the three of us on a great tour of wine country in Napa and Sonoma Valleys. This was part of a three-week camping - touring vacation. As Lisa was working with us, developing our interests in bondage, she sought out secluded places for us to camp.

It was late August when we reached the little town of Hayfork, California, about 90 minutes outside Redding. There are a lot of old abandoned mining roads up there, and Lisa new of a nearly perfect camping site on a tributary of the Hayfork River. It had a small sandy beach, almost enough water to bathe, and was absolutely so far out of the way that nobody would every come by to disturb us. So we thought.

Lisa enjoyed teaching all of us to enjoy nature and to enjoy exploring our sexuality in an outdoor environment. She is one-quarter Navajo and I often wonder if that has something to do with her love of back packing and seclusion. It was our third day at this campsite, about twelve noon. Lisa had me remove my swim suit while she told us "an ancient tale." She often acted out her fantasies while she did her story telling, and as it turned out, I was the star of this episode. The other two girls sat in the shade quietly watching as Lisa used four padded Velcro wrist and ankle restraints and four tent stakes (rings, in fact) to pin me spread-eagled to the ground. As I was completely naked, and the sun was gloriously hot that day, my body and mind relaxed as I listened to Lisa tell her story.

After about ten minutes, we heard a crunching of leaves in the distance. Lisa asked me if I wanted to be released, promising that we could resume her little drama after a brief interlude. I asked if she thought it was a bear or if there was any danger. She said that it was probably just a small animal rooting about. She continued telling her tale.

About five minutes later, a Japanese couple, in their late 20s to early 30s emerged from the trail into our campsite. They were traveling very light. Each had a small day pack and just the essentials for the most efficient back packing. Lisa stood up abruptly and greeted the couple. Neither of them seemed to look at me or the other girls. It wasn't as though they hadn't seen us. That would have been impossible. I was only ten feet away from where they stood. I figured that they had been watching us for a while before they came into our campsite and had decided not to deal with the our scene. I thought I had smelled cigarette smoke just before they appeared, but I also thought it could have been my imagination or the remnants of last night's campfire.

The man was talking to Lisa in broken English, and I realized that the couple was not only of Japanese descent but also from Japan. For some reason that made me feel even more embarrassed. Although the man didn't look my direction at all, I notice that the woman would glance my general direction nonchalantly. The man had produced a Geodetic Survey Map and he and Lisa were talking and pointing at the map.

The woman had taken their canteens and was refilling them at the river bank, some fifteen feet from where I was pinned to the ground. From her angle, she could see all of me, my legs having been spread as far as they could comfortably be spread. The man folded the map and was thanking Lisa profusely for her help. He signaled his wife to join him as he walked on along the trail, never once looking back at me or the other girls.

But before the woman followed him, she put the tops on the canteens, walked over and knelt next to me, smiling down at me. Her eyes locked on mine with such intensity. She then briefly touched her lit cigarette to my left nipple, smiled, and walked off to follow her husband down the trail, saying, "Thank you very much, have a nice day."


Please send comments to me. I love to hear things, good and bad, about my writing. Thanks. --Karen

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