tagErotic CouplingsCamping Trip Ch. 2

Camping Trip Ch. 2


Once again I was sitting around the fire with many empty bottles of beer scattered, I looked down at my watch wondering what time it was, and if you would really show up. I couldn't believe how free I felt last night, and after I was alone snuggled into my sleeping bag; I replayed the scenes in my head only to arouse myself again. Just thinking about that moment now, I could feel my insides stirring, wanting to be let out. At that moment my thoughts were disturbed by footsteps, only to look up and see you standing there. Butterflies began flying around in my stomach, I took a deep breath as you neared me, extending your arms placing your hands around mine to pull me to my feet, looking straight into my eyes, and planting a soft kiss on my lips. I removed my hands from your grasp, and wrapped my arms around your neck. I guess I wanted you to feel my hardened nipples against your chest.

You began walking forcing me to walk backwards or fall, once we reached that so familiar picnic table you, lifted me, placing my bottom on that cold familiar spot. You spoke telling me just how much you enjoyed last nights show but you also thought that part two would only be improved. That was as your lips were softly kissing my neck as your fingertips brushed my cleavage, my stomach, my love button, and then back up. I sighed, as your touch was unbelievable. You removed the t-shirt I had thrown on, leaving my breasts shadowed by the fire but my nipples so erect from the touch and night air. I wanted you now but you wouldn't allow that at this moment, wait you told me it will come soon enough and then it will be like never before.

Your mouth tasting a breast as your tongue played with my nipple, I arched my back only wanting more. Your hand moved to the other squeezing. You then told me to lie back. I obeyed and you brought my legs to your shoulders and your mouth to my own special strawberry patch. I could feel your warm breath as your mouth came closer. You kissed my clit as softly as you did before. I once again sighed but this time much louder. You were teasing me and I loved every moment of it. At first I thought it was the beer that made it so intoxicating but as soon as you buried your face into my patch I realized it was you. Your mouth so experienced at muff diving I thought I would cum right there. It took all my strength to resist that on-coming orgasm. Your tongue savoring the taste of my pussy as your fingers found another spot to keep entertained I moaned with delight as you ate me as no one before you has.

Then finally I felt it coming and so did you as you only worked faster wanting to taste my love juice as it spilled, I grabbed my tits, and rode my wave of love, as I moaned, ohhhh yessss.

I wanted to taste you cum but you wouldn't allow me to, only telling me to stand up. I was a little dizzy from both the orgasm and the alcohol but I did as you said. You turned me around so I was now facing the picnic table as you pushed my back down so that my chest was against the picnic table. I could feel your hard cock pushing against my wet pussy. I could feel the tip of your hard cock spreading my pussy lips as you slowly entered inside, your hands grasped my hips as you began to move in and out of my loosening pussy, I told you that I wanted all of you and I wanted it fast and hard. You obliged, thrusting harder and faster. My tits swinging back and forth from the motion.

My moans waking the darkness as my hands reached out to steady my tossing body. Your cock so big but yet it felt so right inside me, like I was molded just for you. I reached between my spread legs and found my clit. Your balls slapping against me - oh how I love that. I pressed my erect clit against my pelvic bone letting out an even louder moan. I was so near and it was moving in like a fast but sudden storm, my breathing turned into panting, you slapped my ass, making me ask only for more. My love juices rushed like a damn that broke, covering your dick as my muscles only squeezed more, and then you followed pulling my hips towards you so that you were entirely inside me sopping hot throbbing pussy. You pumped a few more times and then you were done. I collapsed onto the picnic table, my knees so weak

You were right this was like none before, and I only wanted more but right now I couldn't I was too weak. We sat by the campfire snuggling and at this time I was one of those women I envied last night.

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