tagBDSMCamping Trip, Or Was It?

Camping Trip, Or Was It?


He had told her he wanted to take her camping, all she could think about was bugs and no bathroom. He chuckled as he saw her reaction, she could never imagine what he had in mind. But he liked her thinking the worst.

The day of departure arrived quickly and he had told her what to pack for herself, she shuddered as she realized he had planned very little clothing for her. Soon they were on there way, they talked a bit about everything. She didn't ask why he hadn't brought more camping gear. A lantern, some rope, a huge knife, a blanket, as well of some of their toys, bondage toys, maybe that should have clued her in.

She had come to understanding things were to be his way, she had a say in many things, but it was now more of an input than a say and she was content in that. Soon they turned off the main highway and drove for what felt like hours. He pulled to a stop in front of a small cottage. She looked at him and smiled, little did she know what he had in store for her.

They both got out and she headed for the back of the car to help unload the trunk. He told her to set the items she had in her hands in the trunk, and to strip. She looked at him, knowing better than to question him, She slid out of her dress, bra, panties and shoes. He told her to turn around, she did so slipping her hands to her side. She felt a collar being placed on her, then cuffs, first wrists then ankles. He slips his hand in her hair and draws near to her.

My slave you will wear only these for the entire weekend, except when we go into town. This weekend you will learn patience. She shuddered she knew he had called her on lack of it several times in the last few weeks. He released her hair and told her, all but her belongings would be taken into the cabin. yes, Master was her reply. He picked up her phone but everything else she had brought was left in the car.

Once things were put up, he looked at her telling her he had forgotten something in her attire. Looking into his bag he pulled out two lengths of chain one shorter in length. Both were slipped through a ring on her collar, the shorter attached to her wrist cuffs the longer to her ankles. She must have looked at him curiously because he just chuckled.

He told her to prepare both of them a glass of tea and bring them outside to him. She did as she was told noting he had taken the toys bag outside. She realized that her movement was now restricted. She had to make the chains work together and she realized how short the chains were. She took the drinks out on to the porch where he awaited her.

He looked to the spot in front of him then returning his glance to her. She kneeled before him feeling the cool chains slip between her legs, and she jumped slightly. She handed him his drink and he took the other from her hands as well. He set them both on the table beside him.

He looked at her and sighed, girl I have worked hard to break bad habits of yours but this one you seem rather stubborn on relinquishing. She lowered her eyes for a moment she didn't like seeing him upset with her. He told her to stand and back up to the rail. she did so as he arose from his chair.

He took her hand kissed her fingertips and the attached her cuff to a hook on the railing. Doing the same to each cuff her, legs she found spread a bit more than comfortable. He kissed her lips and returned to his seat. He looked at her and smiled, telling her this way he would be able to see when her pussy lips began to glisten the way he liked. She bit her lip wondering what he had in store for her.

He began telling her of the area around them, she didn't know if he had been there before or just researched it well. He told her of a place just a short walk from the cottage where there was a small stream and a clearing ... the next day they would take a walk and perhaps a small picnic. She smiled to him telling him that would be nice.

She found herself lost in a few thoughts. being startled when he touched her. Girl what were your thoughts just now. She looked at him and smiled, Master I thought about making love with you on a blanket by the waters edge. He smiled and told her that maybe be one thought. Another could be her tied between two trees and at the mercy of his imagination.

She shivered at the thought and his hand traveling her body. She loved his touch but the bondage added something just a bit intimidating to it. She began to squirm his fingers teasing and pulling her clit, his free hand pinching at her already hard nipples. She attempts to close her eyes as she feels the orgasm begin to swell within her. He only told her you know better than to deny me that open your eyes.

She felt her hips push against his fingers, he told her he would allow her to cum in his time and slid his fingers into her as her hips thrust her onto his hand. Her body acted on its own now, she couldn't control it and in many ways she didn't want to. She could feel her body nearing orgasm, her hips still pushing onto his hand. Her breath coming more quickly, low moans coming from her lips he pulls his hands from her.

She whimpered her body ached, he kissed her lips and whispered to her not yet. He traces her lips with his fingers still coated with her juices, her lips part slightly as he pushes his fingers into her mouth she sucks them eagerly. He pulled his fingers from her lips, taunting her that she sucked them as eagerly as she did his cock. She told him that she wanted that badly at the moment to take her mind from her need.

Ahh I see and girl what it that need? Her eyes focused now on his, Master I need to cum.

He chuckled, girl you will orgasm many times before night falls but only when I desire you to. He reached for her glass behind him and put it to her lips. She drank slowly, as he pulled the glass from her lips he took a piece of ice from it. She felt her body retract, not that it would do any good.

He asked her if she was worried about the ice, her voice trembled as she tried to maintain her composure, she hated ice but didn't want to tell him that. No Sir not scared of it so much as maybe a little intimidated by it. He put the ice cube just below he collar letting it melt against her body, she squirmed as the cool water trickled between her breasts.

Girl not only are you bound but I want you still for the duration, she struggled to find her voice, yes Master came from her lips. He teased her with the finger tips of both hands one with ice one not she fought hard not to move. Without warning he pushed the ice cube into her. She cried out as his mouth went to hers, he began kissing her hard his fingers bearing down hard on her clit.

Her ass pinned against the rail she could not move. He told her softly do not cum girl, she whimpered her body tightened, she trembled. His mouth to her neck his fingers probing her pushing her over the edge, whispering she was not allowed till he told her. She cried out softly he knew she wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. He pulled her face to his and told her now girl cum. Her release was hard and long he pushed her over the edge repeatedly.

He released her from the hooks, she never even noticed. He saw her knees weakening and took her into the house. He laid her on the bed and slipped in next to her. Her body quivered, he stroked her softly and told her of his plans for the evening..... to be continued

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