tagBDSMCamping Trip, Or Was It? Ch. 04

Camping Trip, Or Was It? Ch. 04


Many thanks to Niqqi_6 for helping in the editing and repairs to this story.

As papa walked back in, Carino was brushing out her hair. He stood watching her for a moment. She felt him before she saw him. She felt him behind her and saw him in the mirror. His hands slid around in front of her, pinching and rolling her nipples in his fingertips.

She moaned and wiggled against him. She thought she would never get dressed if this continued. Daddy's hands slid up her body, then down her arms, slowly unbuckling each of her wrist cuffs.

They fell, letting their weight fall? on her collar. He slid his hands down her body, kissing her back and unbuckling her leg cuffs as well. The cuffs fell from her body as the weight was now added to her collar.

Daddy moved in front of her and began kissing her. Carino always got weak at the knees when he did. She didn't feel him release the cuffs from the chain or pull the chains through the ring.

Daddy grabbed her hair and pulled her ear to his lips.

"Little one, your clothes are on the bed. Dress quickly. We are already running a bit late."

She nodded and replied, "Yes sir," as she headed for the bedroom. On the bed she saw a new skirt and a peasant type shirt.

She slid quickly into her skirt barely noticing the things that had been under it on the bed. She slid into the blouse as well then took time to look at the other items. Sighing deeply, happy to see he was allowing her panties for the evening. She looked at him before picking up a small chain looped at one end, a small clasp at the other and a small lock. She bit her lip. She knew it was a leash. Would he use it in public? She swallowed hard as she picked up the leash, her hand now going to her still collared neck.

Her fingertips tremble as she hands him the leash. She turns her head to the side, allowing him better access to the ring of her collar. He tells her to face him he wishes to see her eyes as he leashes her. Her eyes to his as she feel the leash being attached his hands slipping under her hair, slipping the tiny lock into rings in the back of her collar flinching slightly as she heard it snap closed.

She wasn't sure how she felt about this at all, but the look in his eyes made her really not care how she felt. He kissed her softly telling her to finish dressing. She slid into panties having now to slip blouse back off to put on her bra. She casts a glance at him as he watches her, remembering when she would have turned all red just thinking about dressing in front of him.

She jumped as the cool chain hit her skin. He just chuckled, pulling it out of her way as she finished dressing. He slips his fingers into the loop, tugging lightly. She followed him to the car where he opened the door, but tightened the tension on her leash.

Papa rolls the chain of the leash slightly and tells her to open her mouth. Carino does as told, and he puts the chain between her lips and tells her to close them. Papa feels her body quiver and kisses her.

"Carino, perhaps it is more than patience you will learn this weekend."

He motions her into the car. She gets in and he closes her door. When he got in, he looked at her and again pulled her close to kiss him. She settled back against the door looking at him as he drove. His hand on her inner thigh: her fingertips tracing over his. When he pulls up to the restaurant her tells her to wait; something she had already learned. He opened the door and took her hand, guiding her out of the car. Papa's finger tips went to Carino's lips, taking the chain from them.

He looked at her and told her: "If you remember all your manners and rules, I will leave this in your blouse. If not....... I think you get the picture."

She nodded and said, "Yes sir I understand."

He slipped the chain into her blouse and pinched her still excited nipples. He took her hand and led her into the restaurant. Once they were seated, he told her what he had planned for the next day. Carino began to squirm. Papa only chuckled more. He watched as she struggled to eat her dinner.

"Carino, do you remember what you handed me at the end of our first time being intimate?" he asked.

"Yes sir. I do." was her reply.

He saw her body shudder.

"Then you know what I want now then don't you?"

She swallowed hard and said, "Yes sir. May I be excused for a moment?"

He nodded and she headed for the bathroom. She drew a deep sigh when she closed the door of the stall behind her, remembering the first time she had handed dampened panties to him. It had been in his hotel room. Now they were in a fairly crowded restaurant.

She slid the panties down her legs and off: folding them into a tight little ball. She tried not to notice how damp they were. She went back to the table noticing he had moved her chair closer to him. She sat down quickly and raised her hand to him just slightly over the edge of the table.

She smiled as he took the panties and said, "I think that was what you wanted sir."

He chuckled. "Yes, little one, exactly what I wanted and how I wanted them too."

She smiled. Another step in her learning his desires. Once dinner was done, he suggested they go for a couple drinks. She looked at him knowing how drinks affected her.

"Are you sure that is what you want Papa?"

He nodded and chuckled. Carino shivered. He stood. Before taking her hand, he leaned down and whispered to her: "Either end...... You have a choice."

She looked at him: her eyes wide and somewhat startled.

"Papa, I think we should go for drinks."

to be continued

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