tagRomanceCamping With The Girls

Camping With The Girls


Somewhere in the foggy recesses of my mind I heard the knock on the door. I didn’t want to get up, but the pounding wouldn’t stop. I opened one eye and looked at the clock. It was a little before two in the morning.

“Who is it?” I yelled, knowing the answer before I heard it. There were only three people in the world that could be knocking on my door at that time of the night. My dad would never be caught dead in a city like Lexington, so I knew that it must be either Brenda or Sue.

“Brenda and Sue.”

Okay, I was wrong. It was both of them. “What do you want?” I asked sleepily.

“Let us in and we’ll tell you.”

I sighed heavily. “Hang on a minute,” I said as I threw the covers off and stood up. “I gotta put something on.”

I heard two giggles. “Don’t bother on our account.” I wasn’t sure which one of them said it. I thought briefly about just opening the door with my little head flopping in the breeze. Both Brenda and Sue were really gorgeous. I also happened to be in love with both of them and hadn’t slept with either of them. I took a step to do it and my cock started to twitch.

Now opening the door naked was one thing, but opening the door with a hard-on was something completely different. I looked around and saw my track shorts on the floor. Modesty won out and I pulled them on.

As I opened the door the two girls bubbled into my room. With one look I knew they had been drinking. Brenda reached out and rubbed my bed head as she walked by. “Aw, we woke him up, Susie. Sorry about that Ben.”

“No you’re not,” I replied. “What’s up?” I closed the door and turned to walk over to my desk and sit down. Sue got there first and plopped on my intended seat. Oh well. If I didn’t get my chair at least I got a glimpse of green panties as her skirt fluttered. I sighed. Shit. I changed directions and sat on the bed, crossing my legs Indian style and leaning my elbows on my knees. I put my head on my hands and tried hard not to stare up Sue’s skirt.

“We want to go camping next week.”

“Great. Have fun. Enjoy it. So why are you here?”

“Well, you see, it’s like this. Neither one of us has ever been camping before. We don’t have any gear and we don’t know where to go. We need your help.”

“Go to the Student Center. They’ll rent you everything you need. It’ll cost about fifty bucks, depending on how many tents you want. Load it into your car. Get on the Interstate heading east for 15 minutes. Take exit 98 and get on the Mountain Parkway. Stay on the parkway for a half hour until you get to the Slade exit. Turn left away from Natural Bridge State Park ‘cause that’s where the tourists all go. At the stop sign turn right. Follow the road for about 10 minutes until you see Koomer Ridge Campground on the left. Turn in. Go to campsite number 10 and set up a tent. If 10 is occupied go to number 53. If 53 is taken pick one at random because 10 and 53 are the only two really good ones. Go back to the gate, fill out the little payment envelope, put $12 a night into it and drop it in the slot. Go back to the campsite. Set up the rest of the gear. Play. Party. Have fun. Enjoy. Go climb an arch. Come home when you’re tired. This isn’t hard. Now let me go back to sleep.”

“No, you don’t get it. We want you to go with us.”


“Because you know all the trails and stuff. You go there practically every weekend. It’d be better if you were there. And you know you want to go. Come on, it’ll be fun.”

“Has it somehow escaped your notice that we still have classes next week?”

“Classes end on Wednesday you silly boy. We have Thursday and Friday off for Reading Period, then the weekend, and then finals start on Monday. We can leave Wednesday after your last class and come back Sunday.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. Maybe a little background is in order here.

My name is Ben Miller and I grew up in a small town in eastern Kentucky. We had a bar, a fast food restaurant, two stoplights, and the Red River Gorge. There was nothing at all special about the bar or the Hardee’s or the stoplights, but my dad always said that the Gorge is truly the Hand of God Himself touching the earth. There are more natural rock arches in the Gorge area than anywhere else on the planet (including the so-called Arches National Park in Utah). Over 200 arches are visible within a few miles of the Red River. I had spent most of my free time when I was growing up walking the trails and climbing the arches. I was in love with the Gorge in a way that no one else could understand. When I went to college I would drive out there anytime I had 4 or 5 hours free and hike. Sometimes I would just go to one of the closer arches and just sit there for hours, just looking.

Now Brenda was one of my best friends. I had met her my freshman year in a sociology class. We were assigned to do a project together. I don’t remember the project anymore, but we hit it off perfectly.

I guess you could say I kind of fell in love with her.

Brenda was the kind of girl a guy like me could never get. For one thing she was drop dead gorgeous. Long blonde hair cascading down loose around C cup breasts. No more body fat than a woman needs to smooth out the hard parts. Legs that showed often under the short skirts she usually had on. A sense of humor that made anyone laugh with her. And an evil gleam to her eyes that made her innuendos and teasing more than a little fun and incredibly frustrating. She was perfect. The problem was that I wasn’t even close to perfect. I was incredibly average in every respect. I was average in looks, average in height, average in intelligence, average in just about everything.

I always tried to trade banter and teases with her, but for some reason I always came out on the short end of the stick.

My dad told me that I’d always have a hard time with the ladies since I spent so much time with arches I never learned the proper social skills. I guess he was right.

When Brenda and I got the class assignment we had to talk about what we were going to do. I met her in her dorm room. It was the first time I had ever been alone with a beautiful college girl in her room. I was, shall we say, a little awkward and nervous.

Five minutes later I was completely comfortable. Brenda just has that effect on anyone. A few minutes later Sue came walking in. She was coming back from a night class and had to change to go to the gym. I started to gather my stuff and leave so she could but she told me to just look at Brenda and not peek. She changed right behind me. I was being a good boy when I noticed Brenda smiling wickedly and looking to the side of the room. I looked over to see what she was she was smiling at and I saw Sue’s reflection in the mirror. I couldn’t help myself from staring. Brenda would look over at me and grin and then look back at the mirror.

Sue was as beautiful as Brenda, just in a different way. Her black hair was cut at shoulder length, her breasts were a touch smaller, and she was carrying a little more body fat than Brenda—maybe she was overweight by 15 pounds or so. She looked beautiful.

I found out that night that Sue also had a fantastic ass. And that she looked great in purple panties.

When she left Brenda jumped off the bed in a giggling fit. I had to laugh with her. She walked over to the little fridge in the room and got two beers. We spent the rest of the night discussing everything but our project.

Over the next two weeks I got to know the two of them really well. Sue was a little uptight at first, but she eventually began to accept me being in her room with Brenda every time she came home.

I found out that Brenda has a little teasing streak. Every now and then we would be working on something and she would get this really evil look on her face and just stop and tell me that Sue had never figured out that I could see her in the mirror. Sometimes she would ask me if I had been spying on any other “innocent little girls” or if I though she would look as good in purple as Sue did. In general we laughed. A lot.

Like I said, I fell in love with her.

As much as I wanted her, Brenda never really did anything to tell me that she was interested in more. I kept trying in my fumbling kind of way, but she just politely ignored the passes I made. Eventually I just accepted the fact that we could be best buds and nothing more.

One night I had gone over to see Brenda and I was shocked to discover that I really missed Sue. I asked about her and Brenda told me she was out with one of the basketball players. I felt a stab of jealousy. Brenda noticed it and teased me unmercifully for a week over having a crush.

As I hung out more and more I got to know more about Sue. I found out that she was constantly going to the gym to lose those 15 pounds she felt she needed to lose, but that Almond Joy bars were her weakness. I found out that she was afraid of spiders.

I also found out that I was in love with Sue, too.

At Christmas I gave her fifteen Almond Joy bars and wrote a simple message on the card: “One for each of those mythical pounds. You look perfect to me. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind. Enjoy.” Her eyes teared up and she kissed me. I gave Brenda a necklace I bought at a little shop just off campus. Her card said “I would love to hug you with my arms, but this will have to do.”

Okay, so I’m a hopeless romantic. What do you expect from an English major who likes to read books under an arch in the Gorge?

Brenda handed me an envelope. She had written “From Both Of Us” on the front and as she gave it to me she said that I couldn’t open it until I got back to my room that night. We drank a little more eggnog and eventually said good-bye for the break.

When I opened the card that night I found a photo of Brenda and Sue with an arm around each other. Both were topless. Brenda was wearing black panties. But I knew that she had eventually told Sue about the night I met her because Sue was wearing the same purple panties and had written “Maybe this time you won’t need a mirror” on the card.

I felt jealous of whoever had taken the picture.

Like Brenda, Sue never did anything to encourage me and politely ignored my attempts to get into her pants. We all became good friends. After a while I gave up and stopped pushing. I’m just shy, I guess.

Over time the three of us became all but inseparable. Someone to talk to, maybe go have dinner or see a movie with, provide a shoulder to cry on, whatever. No romantic involvement at all, other than the fact that I wanted both of them so bad my balls would start to hurt whenever I thought about them. At a party in the spring of our sophomore year, I was watching Brenda dance with another guy. Sue came over and just sat with me. I guess my face showed the jealousy I was feeling because after a few minutes she told me that Brenda really did love me, but she wasn’t going to get in any relationships while she was in college. She just wanted to have fun with no strings. I sighed and looked over at her. I couldn’t quite decide if Sue looked disappointed or not. I wanted to ask her how she felt about me but I didn’t have the courage.

As I said, my real problem was that I loved them both.

“So are you going to take us out there or what?” Brenda asked.

“Well, I was going to go anyway. I guess I can.”

Brenda jumped up and clapped her hands, then both girls rushed over to the bed and gave me a hug. I was in heaven.

“Great, come over tomorrow night and we’ll get everything figured out.” She kissed me on the cheek and stood up. “C’mon Susie girl. We need to get more beer before the store closes.”

As she was closing the door behind her, Brenda looked over at me and smiled wickedly. “Great shorts, Bennie. Do you think Sue noticed?”

I looked down and discovered that the tip of my dick was hanging out of the right leg of my shorts.

* * * * *

“I thought you were going to drive your car, too,” I said as we loaded the gear into the back of my truck.

“Don’t need it and I’m almost out of gas. We’ll just all climb in front,” Sue said.

“It’s gonna be tight,” I said. “It’s just a small truck. Only two people fit comfortably.”

Brenda walked over and patted me on the cheek. “Worried about me sitting beside you, big boy? Afraid I’ll take advantage of you?”

I may be 20 years old, but I can still blush. Brenda screeched with laughter. “Look, Sue! He’s blushing.”

Sue was laughing as she dropped the tent into the back. “That’s everything. Let’s hit the road. I got shotgun!” She started to climb into the passenger’s side of the truck.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “There’s only one tent. Where’s mine?”

“Sorry Bennie,” Brenda said. “They only had one left. It’s a big one, so we’ll have plenty of room.” She winked at me and raised one eyebrow. “I guess we’ll just have to share.” She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. “Besides,” she whispered, “I saw Sue pack those purple panties you like so much. If we share a tent maybe you’ll get a peek at them again.”

Brenda slid in and scooted over toward Sue, but in my truck you could only slide over so far. Brenda settled in with one leg on each side of the gearshift and patted the seat on her left. I noticed that she had that wicked smile on her face again.

I also noticed that the short skirt she was wearing had gotten a lot shorter all of a sudden. I thought about asking about it but realized that if I did the situation would just get worse so I started to climb in.

“Now be careful with that gearshift, Bennie. I wouldn’t want your hand to slip,” she said as I backed out of the dorm parking space.

I was blushing again.

* * * * *

We got the equipment set up fairly quickly and I got the fire started while the girls went down the road a little bit to the bathroom together. By the time they came giggling back into the campsite the fire was crackling strongly and I was on my second beer. The girls grabbed a beer out of the cooler and flopped into the other two folding chairs I had set up.

“So when do we get to go see an arch?” Sue asked.

“It’s too late tonight,” I said. “Tomorrow we’ll take it easy. There are two arches not far from here called Whispering Arch and Angel Windows. We’ll go there tomorrow morning. If you’re up to it in the afternoon we can go to Princess Arch and maybe Hidden Arch,” I said as I finished my beer and grabbed another from the cooler.

“How far is the hike?” Brenda asked.

“We can drive to the other part of the Gorge for the two in the morning. There’s a trailhead parking lot and each is about a quarter mile away. After lunch we’ll hike from here to get to Princess. It’s a little more than a mile. Then we can either turn around and hike back or, if you’re not too tired, the loop goes by Hidden Arch.”

“That doesn’t sound bad at all. Only a couple of miles,” Sue said.

“A couple of miles along paths that wind up and down two ridges each with over 600 feet of elevation changes each way. If you’re not used to it your legs will be hurting tomorrow night.”

Brenda smiled again. “Well I guess you’ll just have to rub all the cramps out for us, won’t you Bennie?”

I think Brenda teases me just to see me blush.

We just sat there drinking beer and watching the fire for a while. It’s kinda cool, sitting by a campfire with two good friends. Especially when the friends look as good as Brenda and Sue do. The beer kept disappearing down our throats.

“So Bennie, do you sleep nude?” Brenda asked.

I sputtered and splashed most of the beer in my mouth down my chin and the front of my shirt. “Where did that come from?” I asked.

“Well, when Sue and I came to your room last week you said that you had to put something on. We were talking about it on our way back from the store and we decided that you were either playing with yourself or you slept in the nude. So which was it?”

I guess I should have been used to this by then. I looked at them and didn’t know what to say. I’m not usually in the habit of discussing this with women. Finally I just shook my head. “Yeah, I usually sleep in the nude. But don’t worry, I brought some shorts for the trip.”

“The same ones you put on that night?” Brenda asked.

Sue giggled and I knew that if she didn’t see me that night then Brenda had told her.

“A different pair. What about you two? What do you wear in bed?”

“That depends on who I happen to be with,” Sue said as she looked me dead in the eyes.

I corrected her automatically. “Whom,” I said. She flipped me off.

Brenda laughed. “Well, to tell you the truth, Susie usually wears a t-shirt and a pair of panties. Me, I’m just a panty type of girl.” She looked over at Sue. “What do you say, Susie? Shall we give Bennie Boy a show later?”

Sue smiled. “That depends. Do you think he’ll give us a show?”

Brenda looked over at me. “What’s it gonna be, boy? Showtime or snoring?”

I tipped the last of my beer down my throat and got up to get another one. “Anyone else need a new one?” Both girls nodded so I grabbed three from the cooler and handed them out.

“Gee, Sue, I bet Ben’s blushing again. Are you blushing, Ben?”

Of course I was. I was also beginning to get hard thinking of the two of them dressed like that.

Now my dad had told me to be careful when I went off to college. He said to remember that when the little head starts getting big it usually starts thinking for the big head. Now that had only been a problem once or twice before. Right then my little head was getting bigger by the minute.

“I don’t snore,” was all I said. Both girls giggled. I decided that right then would be a good time to go and get rid of a little used beer and excused myself to go to the bathroom.

When I got back both girls were laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” they both said at the same time.


“Nothing,” Sue said. I think I could see her blush in the glow from the fire.

“If you don’t tell me I won’t take you to any arches tomorrow. What’s so funny?”

Sue just shook her head and Brenda laughed. Finally Brenda calmed down a little and looked at me. “We were trying to figure out why you went all the way to the bathroom. I thought that guys in the woods just whipped it out and went wherever they were.” She giggled and covered her mouth with her hand for a moment. “Then Susie said that you probably needed a little time to get things back under control.” They both laughed again. “It that it, Ben? Have we been a little, uh, hard on you tonight?”

Now I knew exactly what she meant when she said that. They knew I was getting an erection thinking about the two of them dressed like that. So I did what anyone else would do. I lied. “I don’t know what you mean. I was always taught that it is impolite to go to the bathroom where other people could see.”

“You know, that’s not fair,” Sue said.

“What’s not fair?” Brenda asked.

“A guy can just unzip his pants and go wherever. A girl has to pull everything down. I mean, if Ben just went behind a tree he’d be back in a few seconds. It would be a major production for us. We’ve got to pull everything down and lean over. He can just whip it out. It’s not fair.”

By this time I was smiling and Brenda was choking and rocking in her chair with laughter. As I looked at her I noticed that her shirt had ridden up a little bit and there was something on her stomach. “Brenda,” I said, “you’ve got a bug or something that’s about to crawl up your shirt.”

She shrieked and lifted her shirt to look down. “Where?” I sighed as I caught a glimpse of the bottom of her bra. It was white. I had always pictured her in something a little more exotic. Oh well.

“Right there,” I said, pointing at her. I got up from my chair and walked over to her. About half way there I realized that it was not a bug at all. Brenda had a pierced belly button.

“I didn’t know you had a belly ring,” I said. “Sorry. It wasn’t a bug after all.”

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