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Campsite Cuisine



We have decided to camp out near a river, one that seems to lazily drift by, but flows enough so the mosquitoes aren't attracted to it like they would be to a pond. It is the early part of September, when the weather is still warm during the day, but deliciously cool at night--just right for our outdoor tryst! There are pine trees around, just enough for privacy, but not so many that we can't watch the sun as it dips lower in the sky, settling beneath a blanket of green, blue and pink. As the sun goes to bed we build a fire to keep away wild animals (no luck here, you brought ME on this camping trip, remember?). Looking around for suitable firewood, I am turned on by the smell of pine (also the flowers that I find sprinkled here and there). I look up and notice the full moon coming up from its nest in the eastern horizon; there is not a cloud in the sky, and I'm thinking it is going to be an eventfull night. I come back to the campfire and find some pretty flowers in an empty beverage bottle (filled with water from the river) placed near our sleeping bag. I place the firewood somewhere safe, but accessible for use, then carefully pluck one of the flowers from the bottle. I smell it, luxuriating in its nearly intoxicating fragrance, and gently run the blossom slowly down my neck, onto my chest, between my breasts. I hear you coming back to the campsite, bringing more firewood; you're smiling because you caught me at a very erotic moment--and I'm smiling because the woods, the flowers, and the river put me in heat faster than any animal...But I am biding my time before I seduce you into my little mating dance!

As luck would have it, there are a few blackberries around, so I pick as many as I can carry--and as many as my bare legs will allow, since my silky skin is sensitive and easily scratched. I eat a couple berries; they are so ripe that the juice has squirted on my fingers and I am sucking it off. I glance around and see you watching me as I do so--smiling, knowing what my mouth is capable of and just a tad jealous of my fingers! We bring the berries back to the campsite to add to our evening repast: some hot dogs, potato salad, soda and marshmallows--basically whatever we could fit in a cooler and a picnic basket (Hey, Boo-boo!) We managed to find a couple of flat-sided rocks to sit on, and some long, thin green sticks on which to roast our hot dogs and marshmallows; so we settle down by the fire to roast. The moon is climbing steadily higher, and as we sit together waiting for the hot dogs to cook, our own temperatures are rising, but not because of the fire's heat. The moon shining down on your hair seems to give your hair a slight silvery hue; the fire is giving your face and almost devilish glow, your eyes seem to dance in the light, as they look at me.

My cheeks burn with the fire of my thoughts as I look at you. The hot dogs snap and pop a bit as they drip a little in the fire; we are startled from our musing to find that they are cooked. We are hungry, but being hot, we need to eat the hot dogs slowly. I start blowing on the end of mine and manage to get my teeth on it, and take a bite. You ask, "How is it?" I'm still chewing, but manage to say "Mmmmm--it's good!" I hold out my stick so you can have a bite (yours is still cooling). You snag it off the stick and stick it in your mouth; I move toward you and go to bite off the end that would not fit in your mouth. We laugh as we munch down the length of the hot dog, till our lips meet. We gently kiss, then part to finish chewing, you look at me, and touching my face you say, "You have some juice from the hot dog on you. Here..." and draw me close so you can suck it off of my lips, and lick it off my chin, then move to my lips again to give me a deep passionate kiss. I feel my own lusty juices moving inside me; feeling warm, I break away slowly and remove my light jacket. You can tell that I'm not wearing a bra because the stimulus of the kiss combined with cool night air have made my nipples hard, and you can see them through my shirt...

I stand up and stretch, so that my ample breasts strain against the fabric of my shirt. On impulse, I decide to pull it up and over my head, removing it. As I undo my snug jeans, you look on, a little shocked as I say, "I think I'll take a little dip in the river!" As I wade in, I find it chilly, but nipples are rock-hard and protrude seductively. You have stripped down---now we are both naked and skinny-dipping in the river. As I float on my back, you can see my voluptuous body glistening in the moonlight. My skin is luminous, the color of pale silk; my breasts appear to be like snow-covered mountains, floating on the water. You wade into the water up to your waist, then plunge underwater. When you come up, you exclaim, "Holy fuck, that water's cold!"

"But it feels good, doesn't it?" I call out.. You wade over to where I am and look down at me, watching my breasts gently bobbing around with the current; my lovely nipples look like hard berries in the moonlight, taunting you, daring you to venture a nibble. You reach out and touch them with your fingertips, gently flicking them. My pussy feels a rather intriguing combination of cold and hot, with the river and the river of my lust flowing toward it. Seeing you all wet from your dunk makes me hotter and seeing YOUR nipples as hard as mine makes me lose my concentration as I am floating. I gain my footing and with a little gleam in my eye, I say "Let's go back to the fire!" So I walk out first, you watch my milky body swaying in the luminous glow of the moon as I walk toward our spot; despite the coldness of the water,I can see your dick responding as you walk toward me and see me sitting on a rock, still naked. I grab my roasting stick and reach for the marshmallow, commenting "that little swim sure made me hungry!" I slide the marshmallows on the stick and start roasting them in the fire.

"Girl, you MUST be hungry," you say, indicating the FIVE mallows on my stick. "Mm-hmmm", I muse as I watch them catch on fire. You follow suit and soon are also roasting. I blow the flames out, and blow on the mallows to cool them a bit; taking a bite, I smile as I come up with a decadently sweet idea. I pull the mallows, now soft and sticky, off my stick--and smear them on my breasts. You are watching your mallows as they roast, when you hear me say, "Ooooh-hey, this feels nice!" You look up to see melted marshmallow all over my chest, even my nipples, and extending down my belly. You hear a "Wuf-f-f-f-f-" sound and see YOUR mallows have caught on fire. You blow it out, then take THEM off the stick and rub those also on my body. I smile mischievously at my little prank; you smile back--and then rub some of that melted mallow on my PUSSY! "Hey, what are you doing.." I exclaim as I feel the warm stickiness on my crotch. "You'll see," you respond mysteriously. You lead me over to our sleeping bag, helping me lie down without getting the sweet goo all over, and half lie down next to me...

The coolness of the air is causing the mallow to solidify a little, so you say "Here let me lick some of this off!" Then employing the full surface of your hot and hungry tongue, you start licking--slowly. You begin just above the cleavage of my breasts, and lick your way down and around. You point your tongue, then using just the tip, you lick from the fullness of my breasts near my body out to my nipples. You lick around and around the areolas then suck my nipples, one at a time, into your mouth, and suck hungrily on them to get every last bit of mallow off. You kiss me with your sweet sticky mouth, and I feel my pussy building a fire of its own for the mallo that is covering it. For all the chill in the air, your body against mine is astoundingly warm; then I feel your glorious erection rubbing against my hip, as we are kissing, sharing the mallow that you have licked from my milky mounds. "Aren't you forgetting something?" I purr seductively. "Oh....HOW could I forget that soft sticky kitty of yours?" you say as if you are scolding yourself for being naughty. You ease yourself down between my creamy thighs so you can munch on the treat that's waiting for you. You take one of your sticky fingers, lick on it then carefully insert it into my sweet hole, thinking that the cold may have it a little dry. Your dick throbs almost joyously when you find that my juices are not only there, but VERY plentiful, for all the licking you did, and in anticipation for what will happen next.

You pull out your finger, and suck on it. Intrigued by the flavor created by the combination of the marshmallow and my delicous nectar, you dive in for more. As your hot eager tongue probes and licks my sugar-coated mound, I squirm and moan. I lick my hands then wipe them on the grass to remove the stickiness from them; I reach down and run my fingers through you hair..As I do so, my juices are made to flow even faster from my pussy; you grunt with pleasure as you taste it mixed with the mallow that you're working hard to lick up. From between my smooth thighs, you reach up your hands to my nipples and twist and turn them, driving me out of my mind with desire with the double-play. You are alternately sucking my little clit, dipping your sexy tongue into my honey-pot, then withdrawing it, and licking around the edges. I am no longer feeling chilly, but as hot as the campfire. After what seems like an eternity, I feel you gently kissing, licking and nibbling the inside of my thighs. I spot the dish of berries nearby, and say "Now it's MY turn to have dessert!" I pull you down next to me; then reaching for the berries, I dip my hand into the bowl and come up with a handful. My hands cupping the berries, I bring them down to your crotch; smiling wickedly, I smoosh them on your rock-hard dick. As I do so, the juice drizzles down over you balls. You laugh a little because the juice is cool, the berries having been exposed to the night air. Your dick seems to enjoy this stimulation and gives a throb---thus enticing me to put my face close so I can lick and eat the berries off, slowly and deliberately, one by one. After consuming them, I lick my able talented tongue along your long hard shaft, tasting the sweetness of the berries, smelling the lust that you exude from every pore. I work my way down to your balls and gently lick the juice from them, sucking carefully at the skin underneath the juice, tickling the hard area behind your balls with my fingertips. Getting up on my hands and knees, I crawl over beside you and give you a deep, passionate kiss. "Mmmmmm--"

I hear you groan (almost a growl) as you taste the juice that I have been enjoying off of your equally tasty cock...Wrapping your arms around me, you ease me onto my back as you maneuver to be above, but next to me. Looking down at me, with hair spread out on the sleeping bag, the moon and the stars shining down onto my face and hair, caressing my body you say "You are so beautiful--I want to make love to you like no one has ever done before!" Bending down, you kiss me softly and tenderly. Your dick is against my leg, waiting to be introduced to my very swollen and very WET pussy, but despite your intense desire to bury it deep inside me, you take you time kissing me, touching me. My skin is as smooth as satin, my hair as soft as a kitten, shiny as silk. Looking in my eyes, you notice that the moonlight makes them a light blue. You hear me whisper, "I love you--I want you!", and see just a little moisture around my eyes. The beauty of the night, the warmth of your body, the tenderness of you touch and the intensity of your passion and mine have created an emotion, brought a response that you never expected. You cover my mouth with yours and kiss me deeper; you move so that now you body is covering me. the coolness of my breasts and thighs bring another throb from your long-suffering dick. I part my thighs and invite you to nestle against the delicate petals of my passion flowers.

I wrap my arms around you and lightly graze my fingernails down your back, and onto your gorgeous ass, working little circles around on your cheeks. This sends a shiver through you, and my pussy sends out more juice in delight of your response. You kiss my face and around my neck just under my chin and around my ears; I hear you whisper, "I need you--I love you..." I guide my hand between us down to your eager member; lifting my hips slightly, I slide it inside me. I am so aroused that the coolness of it makes me come. I arch my back in reflex, pressing my breasts against you, my head back, my throat exposed. You kiss along down my neck; I grab your ass to push you into me. I feel you tighten your cheeks, as you gear up to thrust into me ----slowly, deliberately, and unendingly. I run my hands through your hair, relishing in its softness... I'm lifting and grinding my hips to the rhythm of your powerful thrusts, feeling your thickness inside me; the moon shining behind your head and the flames of our campfire shining, dancing on your incredibly sexy body makes me fell like I'm on another planet. As I am enjoying the view, another climax, more powerful, more intense, rips through me. You throw your head back as you feel my pussy squeeze you, caressing you into ecstasy. You keep stroking, and my pussy is so wet, so hot, we are like parts of a well-oiled machine (but we are far from mechanical!) The more you stroke, the more I build up as I reach another orgasm. This time, my whole body shakes, while my pussy is milking your hot cock. My earth-shaking climax has the effect of a vibrator on you, and the heat of my pussy and my kisses on you neck and shoulders, send you over the edge. You come so hard with your last deep thrust that I feel light-headed, drunk with your lust and teary-eyed with my release. Resting on your elbows above me you look into my eyes, glistening in the moonlight, you whisper, "I never knew it would be like this with you!" As I touch your face, I can see tears in your eyes....

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