tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCan I Borrow Her?

Can I Borrow Her?


Deep in thought, Alan started applying the breaks to his corolla before coming to a stop at the light just blocks from his home of the past year.

He was new to this Midwestern town, leaving his home on the west coast for a better job as the CFO of a new start-up business, taking nothing but his beat-up sedan and his wife of 3 years. He firmly believed this was the next step in his ambitious career plan. He had been stressed with all of the new changes but more so by the self-placed pressure he placed on himself which had always helped him succeed in the past. He was doing well at his job, but allowing himself to relax wasn't an option. He was a driven man and not achieving his goals was unfathomable.

"you need to chill out, get more balance in your life, " he could hear Jenny consoling in his head as she had so many times. She was always so devoted and supportive, but he was afraid his stress was putting some strain on their marriage. They had talked about maybe starting a family after they got settled in their new life. But at this moment it all just seemed like added burden...'a family..hell, what about just having sex again?'. His thoughts drifted to his wife's piercing blue eyes atop her full luscious lips, the swell of her busty chest as her fingers unfastened each shirt button lower and lower...

The horns behind him snapped him back to reality as he realized the light had been green.

He turned onto his street, smiling has he saw the neighborhood boys tossing the pigskin. He continued past, admiring the wholesome simple feel of the block, filled with simple but friendly and hard-working citizens. Turning into his driveway, he was surprised to find his garage door open. He pulled is car in next to their minivan but noticed an empty space that his new riding lawnmower normally occupied.

Frustrated, Alan walked out onto the street and immediately turned his gaze toward the old Fenke house. He walked towards the ashen gray home that stood out like a stain on the otherwise model neighborhood. Similarly the home's sole occupant, Raymond Fenke didn't seem to belong. He lived there alone after the passing of his mother some years ago and both he and the house had seemed to deteriorate. Ray was in his mid-forties but always struck Alan as child-like, maybe even developmentally delayed. Unemployed, Ray survived on his inheritance. In truth, Alan pitied Ray; it must be so lonely to be alone with no job, no family.

As he approached he could hear a sputtering engine he feared was his mower. He walked through the homes side-fence into the back yard where the 42 year old Ray Fenke sat atop the mower trying in vein to start the engine while his pants where sliding down his waist.

"Ray, what the hell are you doing? I have told you not to go by my home to borrow things without asking me!", Alan confronted, getting angrier by the second while staring into the vacant look of the balding fat man.

"c'mon Al, you wasn't home yet and I needed it. Jus' cool yer horses there hoss." He was so non-chalant, no concern that he broke into another man's garage and took, then broke his mower.

Again, Alan thought of his wife and cooled off. With just a warning glare, he walked over and started steering his mower out of the yard. Turning back he chastised Ray in parting, "Just stay away from my home."

Once home, Alan was relieved to find that Ray had simply run the mower out of fuel. But he was still upset, tired from work and annoyed with his dolt of a neighbor. Unfortunately again he couldn't help but stay upset as he greeted his loving wife.

He confronted Jenny about the mower and why she hadn't heard Ray force open their garage and drive the mower out. Alan started to feel bad after she explained that she had probably been in the shower during that time, cleaning off after doing some yard work.

In truth, Jenny was aware of every second of it but she was too afraid to go down and confront him. He repulsed her in every way...from his few strands of graying hair combed across his balding head, to the large gut that bulged out under his stained tank top, to his fetid rotting scent. Worst of all was his adolescent shit-eating grin plastered to his face each time he saw her and the way he would stare at her chest as if he could see her naked.

She was disgusted by Ray and chose to deal with her husband's foul mood rather than come face to face with the creature.

Ray stood in his lawn still seething with anger and hurt feelings. He hated Alan the way he hated most people -- he hated the way others looked down at him, like he was stupid.

"I'll borrow anything I want!" he told himself, wiping hateful tears away.

He told himself he would show Alan who was stupid.

After another day at work, Alan Chambers made the drive back home with fatigue. He parked his car again and stared in disbelief at the space ..."did that dolt really take it again?!"

He stomped over to the decrepit house with nothing short of fire in his veins. This time the side door was locked...Alan could hear his mower running in the yard and fueled by hatrid he scaled the door. As he turned the corner his anger turned to disbelief...

Like a king atop his throne, Ray Fenke sat riding the mower...naked. But Ray's hands weren't on the steering wheel. To alan's horror, there sat Jenny on the fat man's lap, topless, wearing nothing but her Victoria's secret thong. The beautiful blonde wife steered the mower as Fenke fondled her large round breasts, rolling her nipples in between his fingers as tears streamed from he young wife's eyes. His other oversized hand moving roughly between inside her thong between her tan toned legs.

The rest of the events were a blur to Alan. He recalls running towards them and next thing he remembers is the vision of Ray Fenke on the ground with a bloody face as he grabs his wife and pulls her away from the scene.

Once home, Jenny tearfully recants the events of the day -- of Ray Fenke knocking on the door and wrestling her to the floor before tying her up and dragging her into his car. She revealed the rest of the gruesome details of how he got her out of her clothes and onto the mower with him, but Alan just stared vacantly hearing only little.


At the local police station, Alan Chambers felt the nightmare continue.

"No case?? How is that possible?!", he felt like he was going insane. "Breaking and entering, theft...rape of my wife!!"

Jonathan Myers, chief of police tried to settle him down. "Look Mr. Chambers, you have been a model citizen for the short time you've been here. But there's no evidence to prove that Raymond Fenke committed any of the crimes that you have spoken of. We cannot prove rape without evidence of physical struggle or even semen analysis.

"And further, he has denied taking your mower and there are no witnesses to back up your story. Mr. Fenke is an odd one, but he has no criminal record, not even an unpaid parking ticket.

Look, I hate to be the one to say this..." the chief lowered his voice, " but there was no sign of breaking and entering...no broken windows, no damage to your garage door... have you considered that maybe your wife has been having a consensual affair?"

"Fuck this, Jon...and frankly fuck you for saying such a thing." Alan stormed out realizing he would receive no help from the law.

Alan changed all of the locks at his home and placed a new lock on his lawnmower. He asked Jenny if she still felt safe at home or if she wanted to move. Despite her trepidation, she felt it too selfish to ask for such a thing while Alan was so busy with work.

Life for the couple seemed to calm down over the next several weeks. Alan immersed himself at work, and there was no further mention from either of them about what had transpired.

It all seemed a distant nightmare until a warm Tuesday afternoon...

Jenny ran downstairs to answer the banging door to see the disgusting Ray Fenke with arms crossed.

"hey bitch, I know your prick husband is mad because of what he saw us doing but now he's gone too far. You better come with me," Fenke grabbed her arm and dragged her outside where he pointed at his house. In his driveway sat the Chamber's lawnmower, crashed into garage door which now lay in several pieces.

Jenny knew that Alan would never do this but she knew she had to somehow deal with this monster.

"look, Ray, I'm not sure what you want but I won't press charges if you just leave me alone now and walk away."

Ray pulled her in closer so her tits rested against his stomach and growled, "listen to me slut, I will be the one pressing charges if you don't find a way to make this ok. Do you really think I'm afraid of you going to the police again?," Ray was now grinning ear to ear. "The Fenke family has owned the police for decades! In fact, you will be hearing soon from them regarding your attack on my property! That is...unless you will find a way to satisfy my anger."

Ray began running his hands down her back to her ass as Jenny struggled to break away.

The gorgeous blond wife new this was ludicrous and that his plan was juvenile at best. But she didn't know how deep his connections really were in this small town and after her rape charges were dismissed so easily, she was worried that his threats may not be as empty as his intillect.

Fear now clearly setting in, Jenny stammered," uhm..uh...ok, Ray...fine, let's talk, but that is all, and I will keep my cellphone with me at all times in case you try to assault me. Let's just go inside."

"haha, whatever you want. I won't make you do anything...didn't take much force last time, did it?"...Ray sneered,"now let's go bitch."

Jenny was led to Fenke's home, he kept her in front the whole way eyes locked on her perfect ass covered by her short white shorts.

Once inside, Fenke immediately turned and fastened the several bolts on his door as Jenny gulped in fear. Like a sheep, she was led over to his musty couch in the poorly lit living room where the stagnant air felt like it had been there for decades.

"Ok, Ray, what do you want? How can we settle this?" Jenny tried to assert herself to hide her fear, all the while clutching to her phone.

"you probly think I'm stupid or something, I know. You and your dumb ass hubby think yur better than me. I tried to be nice but he had to pick on me," whined Fenke, truly reaching deeply into his emotions.

'He is really like a child!', thought Jenny. He just needs a friend.

"I'm sorry Ray, I didn't realize how we made you feel and I really am sorry. Will you please forgive me? We can pretend like none of this ever happened...even the other day in your yard, I will forget it all, ok?" Jenny thought she was getting through to him.

Ray smiled and whipped away a tear with his yellow-stained tank top. "Ok, I forgive you..".

Jenny sighed heavily in relief.

..."but your stupid-ass husband, I will never forgive him or the way he looks down at me! I don't have a lot of friends and I tried to be his friend but he doesn't want anything to do with me!"

"...Ray I'm sorry, what can I do to show we are both sorry?" jenny tactfully inquired.

"well you can be my friend then...", his smile turning mischievous as his eyes squinted and eyebrows furrowed. "just come over on the couch and watch a movie with me"

It was only 2pm and Alan wouldn't be home until at least 5:30, she knew she had to deal with this on her own. She took a deep breath, and then acquiesced to joining him on the foul-smelling aged couch beside her disgusting neighbor after he popped in an old tape into an ancient VCR.

After only a few minutes into the movie, Fenke suddenly reached over and lifted the blonde wife onto his lap, his arms encircling her holding him to his chest. Jenny squeals and pleads with him, still acting as if they are friends, but he insists. Her skin starts to crawl as she feels the long curly hairs on his arms rubbing against her bare skin and the gritty feel of his sweat pants on the back of her thighs....but she could not deny the power she felt from the large man clutching her to his lap.

"fine, Ray...we can sit like this, but no other funny business or the movie is over," Jenny tried to reassume control.

The pudgy badling man agrees, giving his best innocent child look.

Only several moments later, Fenke's hands begin to roam as he starts caressing her arms with his large paws. She moves his arms down to the side but he continues undeterred. Gradually the hands fine their way along her thighs...jenny grabs his hands with hers but quickly realizes he is far too strong to stop so she reluctantly allows him to continue.

'he is so repulsive', she thinks, 'but I guess this is harmless and if it will make this all end then so be it."

The sexy wife finds herself paying attention to the movie to try to forget the disgusting beast under her until suddenly she notices that her button up shirt is now unfastened at several of the lower buttons and his hands now caressing her stomach. The hands then move under her shirt onto her tits and suddenly the fear returns, giving her flashbacks of when she was stuck on the lawn mower.

She struggles and tries to jump off of his lap all the while scolding him and threatening to call the police. His hands continue to roam, no concern for her threats. Realizing the gravity of the situation, she lifts her phone and starts to dial 9-1-1.

But Fenke quickly grabs the phone out of her small phone, now laughing smugly.

"Just relax you little slut...we are friends now." Fenke continues his assault on her body and Jenny's struggles start to die as she loses the strength to keep fighting. She stares at the clock...only 3:30...she's all alone here.

The movie ends but the tape continues and another film immediately pops up...this one starts with an attractive blonde with huge fake tits undressing....Jenny can't believe she is going to have to watch a porno with this foul creature who is trying to get busy like a horny adolescent...

Jenny again tries to struggle and threatens to scream, but Fenke cooly secures her arms with one of his large paws. He then lifts her phone up to her mouth and starts to shove it into mouth, jamming it into her lips and against her teeth until she finally opens and allows him to violate her. Gradually she relinquishes the fight and allows him to slide the object in and out.

Seeing the fight go out of her, he leaves the phone in her mouth and resumes his attentions on the rest of her.

His pudgy sausage fingers roughly pull open the remaining buttons on her blouse exposing her perfect tanned round tits threatening to break loose from the shear lacy white bra as her chest heaved with each breath.

Confused and flustered, the beautiful faithful blonde wife was unaware that she was now sucking on the phone of her own volition as Fenke's hands now pawed her tits. However, she became acutely aware of the power beneath her as the mountainous growing bulge beneath her rubbed her ass and made her squirm.

She hoped in vain that the grotesquely flabby man would be content with getting to second base as she felt his hands struggle to unbutton her small white shorts. After a minute of fighting with the zipper, Fenke reaches down and simply tears the thin shorts and rips them off of her as if it were a sheet of paper.

She could now feel his obscenely large bulge rubbing against her pussy lips through his sweatpants which were clearly stained with urine over his crotch.

As he continued to paw her succulent tits, she unknowingly started to move instinctively over his crotch until she was lewdly grinding her pussy into him. Seeing his victory, the fat man wasted no time in snaking his claw under the front of her lacy thong.

"oh, yea, you slut.," Fenke chuckled, "your bald pussy is gettin' wet for me...you're such a whore."

'Can I possibly be aroused by this foul creature???', the blond wife wondered in disgust before Fenke began to plunge his thick fingers deep into her sex, banishing all thoughts in her head.

He fingered her roughly as Jenny moaned around the metal and plastic still between her lips. Fenke removes the phone and quickly stuffs his pussy-juice soaked fingers deep in her mouth while working her clit with his other paw.

Jenny's eyes suddenly lock onto the face of the busty blond on the TV screen as she sucks a large cock and she realizes that her situation is just as hopeless.

As Fenke rolls her clit between his large fingers she finds herself writhing on his hand and now participating in the violation of her mouth by sucking on his fingers as they work their way all the way to the back of her mouth, tempting to suffocate her.

Reveling in his victory, Fenke feels the young wife start to shake and suddenly moans around his hand. "MMMMMmmmm" she spits out his hand," NOO, I'm commminggg!, MMMMmmmmmmmnn!!!!"

Exhausted she falls back on his chest, not realizing that now her face his dangerously close to his. Suddenly she tastes the putrid tongue of Raymond Fenke as it struggles to taste every inch of her mouth. Fenke continues to make out with the young wife as his hands return to her perfect tits.

"Rayy...mmph...ray...mmphh, please, ray.....", Jenny pleads between smacks from his crusting lips, "haven't I made up ..mmph, for everything? Mmphh...can I go now, Ray?"

"you better ask me nicer, you filthy slut!", Fenke now commands, fully relishing his upper hand. "call me Daddy Fenke, hahaha"

"Plleeaseee Daddy Fenke...mmph,....can I go??" She squeels.

"Ok...first get on your knees and beg like the whore you are"

Jenny gets up on wabbly legs and lowers herself between his large thighs. Little does she know, this brings her face to face with his huge tool, tenting his urine-stained pants...her eyes are glued, she remains speechless.

Fenke grabs her thin wrist and places her hand on his bulge. "Take it out you slut, wife", coldly Fenke commands. With glossy eyes, jenny pulls down the sweatpants over his huge fat ass, releasing a strong foul musk. She continues to his shit-stained underwear, her hands touching his sweaty hairy ass as she struggles to pull them down to his ankles.

Without asking, jenny reaches out and grabs his firm manhood with her small hand...suddenly she feels as if she is the child here.

Her eyes now adjusted to the dim lighting, she sees the most disgusting cock -- covered with veins and lined with verrocous warts. Worse yet was the foul smell that reminded her of a public restroom...but nevertheless, she found her small hand working its way up and down, amazed by how hard it was on such a flabby man....and how BIG it was

'..i'm speechless...it's huge...maybe Alan is the child'

The obese man, stands up, his huge cock now resting on her nose, bobbing up and down her face, painting it with his precum. "you want to suck it don't you, you cheating slut?", Fenke chuckles.

Unsure to this day why she responded as she did, Jenny stares up at her fat neighbor and whisper, "Yes please, Daddy Fenke." Before she can take back her answer, the head of the beast penetrates her lips, the smell and putrid taste nearly making her gag.

"Not yet, my blond barby slut...you'll choke soon enough," Fenke mocked.

Sensing her reluctance return, he moves his cock back into her mouth as she starts to open her mouth to talk and starts rocking back in forth. Suddenly he plunges deeper, tickling her throat with the tip of his monster cock, and as she tries to move back he holds her head in place, forcing her to deepthroat him.

She urgently yanks her head back, partly because she couldn't breath but more out of horror of what was happening. She inhaled deeply, but instead of sweet air she inhaled the pungent aroma from his cock deeper into her lungs and tasted every bit of him deep in her throat.

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