Can I Borrow Her?


She looked up into his cold eyes, down to his weak chin housed by his open laughing mouth which was showering her with drops of foul spit. Her gaze continuing over his hairy chest down to his fat ass stomach defined only by his impossibly deep umbilicus, his fat hanging well over wherever his waistline should be (did he ever clean underneath? does he ever see his pe.n...i...)

Her thoughts ended abruptly as she tracked the thick angry cock pointing straight at her face. (oh yes, there it is, I cant believe this is happening). Purple veins coursing along its entire length, covered in her thick saliva with strands dripping down to her chest.

"suck it sa'more ya dumb bitch" he snickered as ran his cock all over her face, painting her.

He gathered up the respectful wife's hair in his hands and plunged his cock straight through her lips into her throat. She couldn't believe what was happening but didn't know what to do to make it end. He guided her up and down his massive pole in a slow steady rhythm each time filling her throat until she was making gagging sounds then gliding back out until his putrid mushroom head was flesh with her full lips. His cock was growing harder by the minute as the building saliva was making gurgling and smacking sounds with each violation of her face.

At one point he yanks her head back and commands her to keep her mouth open as he lets a train of saliva drip from his tongue through her lips.

He held her head in place while fucking her face rhythmically, but not too fast ...he was going to take his time to really enjoy this.

Soon the blond wife was bobbing up and down on his cock without coaxing, losing herself in the lewd act, occasionally spitting on his cock while staring mesmerized.

Even Fenke was surprised when the wife reaches around undoes her bra, giving Fenke full access to her bare tits as saliva continues to drip off of her cock and down to her nipples.

"how big're ya my sexy slut?" Fenke stared in wonder

"ghmmph,...I'm...slrrrp... 32 C....mpph", she responded over his cock, never letting it slip from her mouth.

It's Fenke's turn to be speechless as he throws his head back in pure pleasure...

A sexy blond wife on her knees in front of him, deepthroating his cock as her wet tits bob up and down... his hidden camcorder tapes the whole thing...


Alan Chambers felt triumphant on his ritual drive home today, reveling in his productive day at work. Again he pulled the corolla into the garage, but when he went to open the door into the house, it was uncharacteristically locked.

That's when he again noticed the space where his lawnmower should be, but this time instead set-up was a card table holding an old TV and VCR. A tape sat on the table labeled, "play me."

Obediently, he started the tape and in seconds, the nightmare returned...

There on the screen was his beautiful blond wife with the man he most loathed...and as her sexy lips slid up and down his pole, he knew this wasn't rape. He couldn't turn his eyes away as his wife kept her mouth open for Raymond Fenke as he shot horse loads of cum into her mouth, coating her face, hair, and tits....nor could he look away as she bent her head under his cock to catch a remaining strand of jizz.

He stared blankly as she stood and slid her lacy thong down her thighs and climbed aboard the blob of a man, guiding his monster cock into her wet pussy...

Mercifully the tape stopped and snow filled the screen. A confused and defeated man, he opened the door to his house and made his way to the living room....

...he stopped at the entrance to the room where he saw a naked Raymond Fenke on his couch. His wife wearing her sexiest thong and highest heels, make-up done up like a whore, her huge tits fully exposed. He watched as she crawled over to where he sat and struggled to swallow as much of his cock as she could, coating his putrid cock with her saliva mixed with lipstick, her eyes watering with the struggle causing mascara to run down her cheeks. at one time he held her arms above her head so he could fuck her face while she knelt helpless.

...he watched as she slid her thong down her perfect legs and climbed onto his wide hairy lap. He stuck his thick tongue out at her and she began sucking on it like a baby. In horror, Alan watched the fat man penetrate her ass with his finger while they made out. He removed his finger and lifted her onto his cock...slowly penetrating her asshole as she whined..."oh...ooohh, please be gentle, Daddy Fenke..."

They fucked for what seemed hours as the blond slut whined. Alan's ears burned with the sounds of his huge cock plunging her hole mixed with her pleads for more over multiple orgasms, in between the sounds of their kissing.

Fenke threw the blond off of him and onto her knees where again he painted her face with his foul cum. Obediently, Jenny cleaned off his cock, even deepthroating him several times, unable to hide the look of lust on her face.

Fenke suddenly turns the blond wife's face toward the entrance, cock still deep in her throat until her eyes connect with the vacant look of her husband.

"you know what Alan, sorry for not asking but I borrowed your wife...hope she's not broken too."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/24/18

Part 2 please.

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by Anonymous02/15/18

loved it but ...

you have great ideas and tell it well but you really need to have someone edit your story ... don't get me wrong, I got very aroused reading it ... and the really dirty old man is a rare subject here ...more...

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by Anonymous01/18/18

needs part two so husband can get revenge.

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by Anonymous11/25/17

... and now?

Nicely written and creative variation on popular Ds abuse by bully theme ... but how does the story resolve?

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by 1WiseSage08/24/17

Ahh! True submissives!

They are what makes rape possible with no jail time or criminal offense.

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