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Can You Resist?


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I've seen you looking at me while I dance. I've seen you eyeing my breast as I bounce them for my audience, for you. You sit in a dark, damp corner, nursing a drink. I know you're pretending to be disinterested. It's ok; I'll let you pretend. Hiding behind the lights and the music, I let my body control my mood, my function. I turn a quick half turn and start dancing for you. Slowly I slide my foot up and down the pole, caressing it, giving you a peek into my wet pussy. I look at you, yeah you! Mmmm, you want this don't you? I turn my ass to you, arching it for you. Do you see? Do you see my wet pussy dripping down my thighs? God, this gets me so hot. I know you're watching me. You sit there, dispassionate...or you try to seem dispassionate. But, that's not the case, is it?

You want me. I bend at the waist for you, sliding the little thong panties out of the way, showing you my full wetness. God this makes me hot, it's making you hot too. I can see you breathe. It's fast, hard, you know I'm doing this for you. Getting daring, I crawl on my knees and crawl towards you. "Come here, hotness. I say with my eyes." With a finger, I signal you closer to me, will you come over? Of course you will. You want this. You need this badly. Having you so close to me makes me all the wetter, and soon my chest is heaving up and yours is too. You're trying to keep your breath under control but your cock is interfering. I slide my fingers in my mouth, sucking them noisily, suggesting this is what I might do to you, if I had the chance. By chance or fate, my song ends.

I snap out of my reverie and quickly pick up my clothes. I know I must tend to my regular customers, but I don't want to. You're a temptation, waiting patiently in the corner. You do nothing, why don't you say anything? Why don't you at least come up to me and ask for a dance. I'd do it for free. No, instead you just sit there, watching me. Yeah, you have me. Damn it, I want you; but I want to make you want me. I'll play the bitch if I have to. This isn't going to come easy for you. As I saunter away I tell myself: Yes, get what you want, Mina. Take him as yours, but make him beg. With renewed determination I make my way to you. The seat beside you isn't taken, so I make myself comfortable.


Would you like to see more of me? I've noticed you watching me dance. I see I make you excited. I like you excited. I want you hot and hard for me. But, more so, I want to see your face buried deep in my pussy. I'm going to take you and play with you. I'm going to tease you and use you for my pleasure. Well for your pleasure too. If you think you can handle that follow me into the back room.


I bring my finger up over your pants, up your shirt and trace your lips with it. Looking in your eyes, I bite my lower lip giving you a look of both hunger and longing. Then I take my sweet little body and walk away, hoping, praying you'll follow. Of course, you follow.


I saw you watching me. Yeah, you can pretend to be nonchalant, but I know you want me. You need me, don't you? It's all right; I want you to need me. I want you to beg for me. You are going to beg for me if you want to lick my sweet little pussy. Mmm, it tastes great. Do you want a taste? Here, you want to lick my finger? It's ok, have a taste. Yeah, you like that. Do you want more? Want to lick my pussy for me; I'm all wet and it's getting a bit distracting. Want to clean me up a bit? Yes, come closer. Come, smell me. Inhale my aroma. That's right your nose right up against my clit. Ooh, yes rub it against my clit a bit. Do you want to lick my pussy? Do you want to shove your face deep in my pussy and lap up all of my wetness? Hmm, my cunt is so damn wet. Beg for me...I want to hear you moan for me. Don't you fucking even think about licking me yet. No, I want to hear you beg first.

Yeah, look at those pretty brown eyes; goddamn, you look so hot when you beg like that. Yes, yes... That's it say it, "Please, please let me lick your pussy." Why? Why do you want to lick it? Tell me; look up at me. I want to see it in your eyes. Here, come further down. Yeah, right at my ass. Mmm, I'll turn around for you. You want to take a good look at my ass, don't you? That's it; I arch my back up at you and shove my ass right in your face. Do you want to lick it? Do you want to bury your face in my ass? I bet that would feel awsome. I love to feel a nice warm tongue on my ass and pussy. Look at my nice firm ass. Do you like the way my ass molds into my legs? Do you like the way my thigh high's frame my ass and pussy?

It's nice, isnt it? Yeah, I know you're an ass man. I wear these skirts for men like you, the ones that like to get a peek up a skirt, catch a glimpse of a nice tight ass. Here, come closer...rest your face, nose and all, on my ass. That's it, right under my skirt. Is that what you came to see? Now, are you ready to beg for me yet? I would love to hear those dirty filthy words coming out of those sweet lips of yours. Come; come...be quick about it. Kneel in front of me. God, you look hot. Look at you, wearing entirely too many clothes. It's ok; I can fix that later. Right now just kneel in front of me. Mmm, look at those sweet lips. I know they would feel awsome on my pussy. Now, tell me, what do you want to do to me? Aww, come on, don't be shy now. Tell me, what do you want to do with this pussy...or these tits or, if your lucky, this ass? Mmm, yes that would feel nice, burying your face in my cunt. You say you can lick pussy well, but I wonder just how well.

Maybe I'll be nice, maybe I'll let you suck on my clit. Here, come kneel in between my legs. Place your mouth on my clit. Clasp your hands behind your back, now look up at me while you suck on my clit. Oof! You look hot! There you go, keep on sucking on it. No tongue yet. Mmmm, you like me draping my legs around your shoulders, don't ya? You like me pulling you in close to me. Now, go down and lick my pussy well. That's it fast. Oh, God yes! Can you hear how wet you're making me? Moreso, can you taste it? Do you like what you taste? God, I could stay here forever. You weren't lying. Damn, you can lick pussy. Oh fuck...how do you get your tongue so damn deep?

God, I could lose myself there. But that's not what we are here for, is it? Nope, you want to fuck this don't ya? You'd love to slide your cock deep in my pussy. How about if I rode your cock, would you like that? Tell me; tell me how badly you want to fuck me. Wow, is that so? You'd do anything for it. Now, don't say you'd do anything without knowing what "anything" could include. That is just plain dangerous. You don't know the way my mind works. You don't know what I might want from boys like you! Look at way you beg. Goddamn, you look nice. Do you want to fuck me? Say 'please'. Beg please! You want it that badly, huh? I'll take you up on it, then. You can slide that cock in my pussy in exchange for a night of "anything" I want. Oh God, yes. That's it! Fuck!

Oh my God, that's tight! Wow, you're big. Mmm, you like shoving your cock in me, don't you? I love feeling your thick cock pounding my pussy. It feels so damn good, stretching me, filling me up. Oh fuck that's it. Fuck me like you need it. Yes, yes pound me. Oh God yes, harder! Ohh, oh oh, fuck yes! Oh you little devil you, sliding a finger in my ass. But oh, how it feels great. Can you feel yourself? Can you feel your cock through my ass? Oh shit, that drives me crazy. Yes, fuck me. Fuck me nice and hard. I want to cum. Make me cum. Yes, yes, yes, fuck me harder...so close now. Please, please fuck me like a little slut. That's what I need to be. Please, call me a little whore.


I buck on your cock rapidly, shoving myself on your member. It's me fucking you now, bouncing up and down on your thick cock. I want to hear the dirty, flithy profanities slew from your mouth. I want to hear all those nasty things that play into my fantasies. When I feel your hands pinch down on my nipples, I can do nothing but release the flood of pent-up passion that is bridled in me. I allow my body to reign itself, giving in to the rush of feelings, the torrent of emotions. I fall forward on your chest and look up into your eyes. My smile says it all. If I could thank you a million different ways, I would. But, instead I lean my face into your chest and breathe in your scent.

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