tagLoving WivesCanadian Beef Jerky

Canadian Beef Jerky

bychamp wilson©

It all started one night when my wife and I of 11 years were fooling around in our bedroom and we were talking dirty to each other. My wife is real cute, 34 years old, at 5'4" with curly brunette hair and a great figure at only 125lbs. She doesn't have large breast and after 3 kids there're kind of a little deflated from breast feeding. Her ass is killer with no cellulite and very shapely, with the perfect bubble butt.

Anyways, we were fooling around talking and I mentioned something like, "You ever think about fooling around with another guy?"

She jerked her head back a little and said, "What? What do you mean, like fuck someone else or something?"

I was now back pedaling since she seemed to be annoyed with the thought. It might break the mood and push into an argument so I quickly kissed her again and said as I was kissing her, "Nothing, it was nothing."

She started to kiss me again, then stopped and said, "What would make you think of something like that? I'm happy with you and don't need or want to fuck anyone else."

I then said, "I didn't mean fuck anyone!"

"Then what did you mean by fooling around?" she questioned.

"It really wasn't anything. I just wanted to talk dirty and the thought of you possibly giving someone else a blowjob really turns me on. Not that I really want you to do it, but just to have you talk dirty like that is hot!" I explained.

She then gave me a kiss and said, "Well you don't have to even think about it because it will never happen, and I don't even like thinking about cheating on you!"

"Cheating?" I said, "It wouldn't be cheating, I give you permission to blow anyone you want right now and forever you just have to tell me all the details, but you can't fuck them!"

She then says with a chuckle in her voice, "Oh come on, you would be so jealous, and by the way I don't want to it anyways and that's final!"

So that was the end of it and we did fuck that night, but I it was a little forced because she wasn't as aroused after our little conversation.

Here is a little information about my wife that may help you understand this story. She and I have been together from just after high-school. She went to college and I told her to do whatever she wanted with other guys, since I had already had other girlfriends before her and experimented sexually. She wasn't into that as I've been the only guy she has ever been with and she is very inhibited. Up until the last few years she has loosened up in the bedroom trying a few new things and mild role playing.

On the other hand, I love sex and I am a major closeted pervert. I love looking at porn, and wishing that my wife is the one performing. I search endlessly online just for pictures of curly brunettes blowing guys hoping to find one of a girl that looks just like my wife. I have found a few, but there always seems to be something that breaks my fantasy such as a tattoo, or they don't have the shapely hips and ass.

Anyways a few days after our first little talk that irritated my wife, she told me that she was going to Canada with a couple of her girlfriends shopping , as we live in upstate NY close to the border. The prices are real good and you can find decent deals so I told her to have fun, and not to break our bank account. She kissed me goodbye and said that she would be back later that night and have the kids take showers as they would most likely be in bed when she got home.

So I went through the day working outside, and clearing up the lawn. The kids took showers and I later put them to bed. It was around 9pm, and I was lying in my bed looking at porn on the laptop waiting for my wife to come home.

I then heard the door unlock and I quickly deleted all the browsing activities I had been browsing, since my wife doesn't like that I look at porn.

She came in the bedroom, and I was horny from looking at porn and hoping she would want to fool around, but she wasn't in the mood, and started to put away all the items she bought in Canada. I was trying to talk to her but she was preoccupied with putting all the stuff away so I managed to grab a quick kiss from her and she jumped away saying "I'm tired, real tired!"

I had a funny taste from her lips and smell on her breath and I ask her what she ate.

She just rolled her eyes and said, "Canadian Beef Jerky!"

I said, "Wow, that stuff is salty I could smell it and taste it on your lips."

She looked up and said quietly, "Yeah, real salty."

Then she went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth and took a quick shower and put on her pajama shorts and tank top. She came back into the bedroom and turned on the TV to watch "House Hunters." I thought I could try again to get a little action, but she just said, "If you really have to go, just go as quickly as possible."

She just laid there watching TV as I proceeded to J/O next to her thinking about the porn I was looking at earlier. It didn't take long for me to cum, and she looked at me and said, "Thank you, I love you, I'm just worn out tonight from my trip, I'll make it up to you, I promise."

About a week later, we were in the bedroom again and I was trying to get her to talk dirty. This time she was a little more in the mood and I could tell I could get her talking a little more this time just from the tone in her voice. I put my hand on her ass, but I could feel a pad, and thought, "Oh Shit, that time of the month!"

She giggled and said, "I'm sorry Honey!"

I said, "Not funny, and you owe me one from last week, and since you got me all hot and horny!"

Reluctantly she said, "Well, you're right, what do you want?"

"How about a good Blowjob?" I said quickly.

"How about NOT!" she said even quicker. "But I will tell you a story if you want, and I think you will like it." She said, knowing it would get her out of giving me a BJ.

I said, "Alright, but it better be a good one!"

She had a devilish smile and said, "Oh, I think I have a good one that you will really like."

So she started the story by saying, "Remember, this is just a story! Not real, OK?"

"Yeah, yeah just start!" I said quickly not to kill my mood.

"Well, remember about a month ago when I went to Canada?" she said.

I said, "Yeah, closer to two weeks ago, but who's counting!"

She said, "Well this is a story about what happened on the trip. The girls picked me up here and we were on our way to Canada, but let's say I forgot my birth certificate to get back into the United States."

I kind of had an idea what type of story this was going to be and I started to get a hard on.

She continued, "Well, anyways the girls and I did our shopping and we were on our way back to the border to go through Customs with all of our purchases to make sure that we didn't have anything that wasn't suppose to cross the border. The border officers asked us for our passports or birth certificates, which the two other girls whipped out, but I didn't have mine.

The officers asked us to drive over to the interrogation station to go through some questioning as they explained this was procedure since 9-11 for anyone that doesn't have the correct crossing papers."

"I told them that I was a U.S citizen, I just forgot my birth certificate." as she looked me over to see if I was getting harder.

She paused for a moment, and then continued, "Well, they didn't like that I didn't have any proof of citizenship and asked me to go into this separate room with three of the other officers. I was led into a room, which had four security cameras in each corner and was told to sit down on a little bench located in the middle of the room.

I tried to plead with the officers once again. Then one of officers said that he believed me, but he also said what would I be willing to do to prove my patriotism to the U.S. "

Hearing my wife say these word started to send me over the edge and I was certainly getting hard now.

My wife looked into my eyes went on with the story, "I asked them what I needed to do to prove my patriotism, and then the officer started to pull on his crotch. I just nodded as we both understood what he meant. He walked over and stood directly in front of me and said, salute the flag! I then reached out and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and started to stoke it. It was so big, warm and heavy in my small hand as the two other officers secured the door, and then walked over next to me waiting for me to prove my patriotism to them as well. I then started to put the tip of the cock into my mouth and could taste the salty sweat....Owweeee."

That was all I needed to hear, as I blew a huge load all over my belly, and some even hit my wife in the leg as I was pumping frantically with the images of the story she was telling me.

"Wow that was a big one, honey! You do know this was just a story, right?" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, yeah, it was great, too bad it wasn't true. That would be so hot to hear all the details." I said panting.

My wife just rolled over and said, "Goodnight freak, I love you!"

About a week later I was cruising the internet searching for anything that looked like my wife as usual and I came across this website called "Security Camera XXX." I thought of my wives story and kind of chuckled thinking I should take a look to see if there were any girls that resembled my wife blowing security guards to put a visual with my wife's words that echoed in my mind.

I looked at about 20 or 30 video clips, most of them were stupid, with very poor video that looked like it was shot in the early 80's.

I was about to quit when I saw a tab that read, "Newest Clips This Week!" I thought, what the hell, might as well take a quick look.

I was into the third clip which was tagged "Brunette MILF Sucks for Freedom" I thought, "Wow that sounds perfect!"

I clicked on the link and popped up a window that said, "All the videos in this section are completely real, there are no actors, and enter at your own risk if local laws prohibit such viewings in your locality. Click OK to view."

I went this far, so I wasn't going to have a little pop up window dissuade me now from viewing this video.

I was getting hard just hoping the girl in the video looked like my wife. I clicked "OK" and the video window started to load. It seemed like an hour but it probably was only like a 30 seconds to load the 10 minute video.

Then it started. The video quality was quite good, maybe that is why it took so long to load, I thought in the back of my head.

Peering at my screen, I could see an empty small room with a wooden bench in the middle, and could actually hear audio. It was like dead air, but I could hear faint sounds of someone arguing in the background until it became louder as the door in the picture opened and a guard walked in. I was getting so excited; this looked exactly as my wife described her fictional story.

Then between the guard and the door was a female with curly brown hair about shoulder length (perfect this was just like my wife's hair), and then two other guards. "Wow!" I said out loud as this is exactly as my wife told her story. I pulled out my cock and started to stroke it, but I didn't want to go to fast, as this was a 10 minute clip.

I couldn't see the girls face, just the back of her head and her body was perfect, nothing blowing the fantasy yet as I kept my eyes glued to the screen. I could hear them discussing something but it was muffled, until I clearly heard the words spoken one of the guards, "Salute the flag!"

I was now panicked, as I started to realize that this could actually be my wife. I couldn't tell if I was having a heart attack or one of the hardest hard-on's I have ever had. I watched the video intently as I saw the girl unzip the guards' pants and pull out a huge cock. She moved slowly at first then suddenly engulfed the cock in her mouth sucking like a pro. It was like she had made a decision to make this guy cum as quickly as possible and get it over with kind of like she does with me sometimes.

She did all that, as I can see in the video clip, the guard shooting a huge load into the girls mouth. That's when she turned for the first time facing the camera and swallowed as she grabbed the other guards cock and frantically started sucking and licking to make him also cum as quickly as possible. This girl certainly looked like my wife but I wasn't 100% certain yet.

She finished off the second within three minutes and then turned again and grabbed the last cock in the room that still had cum in it. I was in a daze supposedly watching my wife service three guys from start to finish and swallowing load after load.

I wanted to make sure that it was my wife, so I keep rewinding the clip over and over and finally I knew it was indeed my wife as I could make out her watch that I bought her for her birthday three years ago. I could see it clearly when I paused the video right when she was moving and grabbing for the second cock.

I was it total shock, and totally aroused to a point that I never have been. I started thinking to myself, "what else has she done that she hasn't told me?"

I listened carefully to the audio at the very end of the clip as the guard, who was certainly a border officer, said "Now next time you come to Canada you might want to bring your Birth Certificate!"

The second guard muttered in, "I don't think she will; I think she liked all the cock!"

She just stood up just like nothing had happened and didn't even wipe her mouth or face from all that sucking and walked out of the secured room. They told her she was free to go back to the United States now as she walked past them. This is where the clip ended.

I thought about the evening that she came home after her Canadian shopping trip, and how aloof she acted. Then I remembered kissing her and having that taste and smell on her lips and breath. That was cock breath, and I bet she still had cum on her lips, as we only live 30 minutes from the border.

Wow, it really happened! Should I tell her she's on the internet? Should I confront her about it? Should I be pissed? I had a million questions running though my mind. I did tell her she had permission to suck all the cock she wanted, just not to fuck anyone. She even kept her side of the deal by trying to tell me the details, but I came too fast the other night.

I guess in the mean time, I will definitely try and get her to tell me more stories about her Canadian trip and see how she really felt about sucking herself to freedom. I certainly will have to restrain myself this time so I can get through the whole story this time.

May be continued...

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