tagLoving WivesCancun Vacation: A Hat Trick

Cancun Vacation: A Hat Trick

byThe Style Guy©

Note: I would like to thank Angle Love for her encouragement and editing skills. She truly is an Angel.

I added this story to the Loving Wife section, although it could easily fit into Mature or Erotic Couples. Enjoy!


Christopher toasted Bill, as they sat at the pool side bar. "Thanks again, for a great round of golf."

"I've been reading about Cancun's Golf Club at Pok-Ta-Pok for years. It was an even better round than I thought it would be. Thank you," Bill responded. Their Corona bottles clinked and they each took a long pull of their beers.

Christopher had met Bill a few hours earlier. They had been paired together at the golf club, competed for eighteen holes and shared a few beers at the club's bar, after the round. Christopher had to pay for the beer, as Bill had birdied the last hole to win by one stroke. As the men were staying at the same hotel, they shared a cab back to the Intercontinental-Cancun.

Bill was on vacation with his wife, Kate, their daughter Betsy and his mother-in-law Jodi. Bill spent his days playing golf, while the girls treated themselves to the Intercontinental spa, pools and beaches.

After arriving back at the hotel, Christopher and Bill showered, changed into their swimwear and met at the bar in the middle of the pool.

As the golf partners re-played and bragged about their round of golf, an attractive redhead in a modest bikini swam up to the bar, poked Bill in the back and climbed into the barstool to his left.

"Hey sweetheart," Bill said as he leaned over and gave the woman a kiss on the cheek. "Christopher, this is my mother-in-law, Jodi. Jodi, this is Christopher. I kicked his ass in golf today."

Christopher shook Jodi's hand and laughed. "I don't know if Bill is luckier in golf or to have such an attractive mother-in-law. It's nice to meet you, Jodi."

Jodi grinned as she shook Christopher's hand. He was a bit confused. Jodi seemed to be in her mid to late fifties, the same age as Bill. She was very athletic looking with red hair, green eyes and a big smile. Her black bikini top completely covered her C-Cup breasts and the bottom highlighted a flat stomach and slim runners legs.

"Since Bill kicked my ass today, I'm buying. What would you like to drink, Jodi?"

"Those Corona's look delicious, I'll have one," she said to the bartender.

"Make it three," they heard from a few feet away.

Jodi and the men turned to see two younger women swimming to them. They stood in the water next to Bill and each gave him a peck. "Christopher, I'd like you to meet my wife Kate and my daughter Betsy. Girls, say hello to Christopher."

As Christopher shook their hands, the men offered their seats to the pair. Christopher watched with interest as the women climbed onto the stools. Kate was a younger version of her mother. She was about forty, had shoulder length red hair and the same sparking green eyes. Her red bikini was a bit smaller. Her C-Cup breast overflowed her top and her snug g-string bottom looked perfect, covering her heart shaped ass.

Betsy had just graduated high school and would be attending the University of Louisville in the fall. She was also stunning, with the same red hair, although her eyes were brown. Betsy was wearing an emerald green bikini. Her breasts were a firm B-Cup and the small bikini bottom disappeared into the crack of her teenage ass.

Christopher had a delightful afternoon drinking beer with the Harris family. All three women were flirts and teased Christopher about being alone in Cancun. He liked the way the woman watched him. Christopher was 44 years old. He stood 5'10" and weighed 175 lbs. He was in great shape after a life time of running, weight lifting and martial arts.

As the afternoon progressed, Christopher excused himself. He had plans for the evening and wanted to take a nap first.


At 9:30pm, Christopher woke from a long nap, showered and changed into a golf shirt and khaki shorts.

As he exited the elevator in the lobby, he noticed nineteen year old Betsy looking through the lobby window to the pool and beach. She was dressed in a sexy thigh length sundress. Christopher approached her from behind.

When he was within a few feet he asked, "Hi Betsy, what are your plans for tonight?"

"Oh, Hi Christopher," she said while turning. "I'm afraid it's going to be a quiet night. Mom, Dad and Grand Mom had too much to drink. They're all in bed. I'm thinking about getting something to eat. What are you doing?"

"I'm heading over to Senior Frog's. It's a local bar and club. I'm starved and want some dinner."

Christopher had a sinking feeling as he watched Betsy's eyes light up, "Oh please, can I come? I don't want to be stuck here all night."

Christopher wasn't in the mood for babysitting. In fact, he was horny and wanted to find an attractive divorced woman on vacation. He was looking forward to a night of hard loving.

"Betsy, I don't think your parents would be happy if we went out together. Why don't we plan to go out as a group tomorrow?"

Betsy's eyes started to water.

"First, you're right, my parents wouldn't be happy if I went out alone with you. So, we won't tell them. Second, neither of us has had dinner. We have to eat, so why not go together? Third, I got an email from home. My so called, son of a bitch boyfriend is cheating on me. I don't want to sit around alone all night and think about the asshole. Please take me out with you!"

"If you promise not to say anything to your parents and grandmother..."

Before he could finish his proposition, Betsy flung her arms around Christopher's neck. "Thank you...thank you so much." And she kissed his cheek.

They had dinner at a small intimate downtown restaurant. Christopher had to admit that Betsy was great company. She was attractive, fun loving and showed a maturity far beyond her nineteen years.

After dinner, they walked across the street to a very crowded, Senior Frogs. The bar was hopping. Christopher, with his hand around Betsy's waist, guided her across the room. The young woman was having an effect on him. He could feel the string of her thong, through her sundress, and it was turning him on.

Half way across the room, Betsy stopped in her tracks. Christopher was embarrassed when his semi hard cock wedged itself into the crack of her ass. Betsy looked over her shoulder with a flirtatious smile and then nodded to a couple by the bar. A man was drinking a shot from between the breasts of a well endowed woman.

"What are they doing?" Betsy shouted above the sound of the music.

"Body shots," he shouted back.

Betsy smiled, backed her cute little butt into his crotch, ground it against him, and headed off to the bar.

Over the next hour, they laughed and drank a lot of Corona's. Betsy was a great dancer. He loved the feel of her hard teenage body against his.

She was a great tease and at one point, got on her tip toes and whispered into his ear, "you've got a killer body, for such an old man." She kissed his cheek and laughed.

The next time the bartender was within shouting distance she yelled, "Two Corona's and two tequila shots."

When the drinks were served, Betsy yelled, "I owe you." She took one of the shot glasses and put it between her breasts. Pushing her breasts together, she held it there and smiled.

"Want a body shot, old man?" she asked.

"Only if you want to do it right," he answered.

When Betsy looked at him questioningly, he reached for a container of salt on the bar. She had a very surprised look when he sprinkled the salt over the top of one breast. He then took a wedge of lime and squeezed the juice onto the top of her other breast.

"Ready," he asked?

Betsy shot him a wicked smile, bit her lower lip and nodded.

Christopher looked at her young breasts. Betsy's sundress barely covered her nipple. He bent over and stuck out his tongue. Starting at the edge of her dress, he licked the salt from her left breast. Opening his mouth wide, he grabbed the tequila shot from her cleavage, threw his head back and swallowed the fire water. He dropped the shot glass from his mouth into his hand, bent over and licked the lime juice from her right breast.

When he finished, a cheer rang out from the people around them. They were both out of breath. Christopher leaned forward and whispered, "your turn."

Betsy looked a bit confused, until she saw him wet his neck with some beer and sprinkle on some salt. He took a wedge of lime and put it in his mouth and finally slipped the shot glass of tequila into the waist band of his shorts.

The crowd started to hoot and holler, "Drink...drink...drink."

Betsy pressed her body against his, rose up on her toes and licked the salt and beer from his neck. When she got to his ear, she gave his lobe a playful bite. Then she dropped to her knees and with her mouth, pulled the shot glass from his waist band and drank it, in one motion.

She got back on her feet and with her mouth took the lime from between his lips. The crowd continued to chant. Instead of pulling away, Betsy ground against Christopher. Their tongues explored each others mouths and they traded the lime wedge back and forth.

Christopher was very horny at this point and wanted to see how far he could push his young friend. As they kissed, he let his hands slide to her ass. Except for the microscopic thong he could feel through her sundress, her ass was bare. With a hand on each globe of her butt, he pulled her tight against him. Betsy spread her legs slightly as he worked her pussy against his rock hard dick.

They broke their kiss and Christopher said, "We need to go somewhere more private."

All Betsy could do was nod.

They kissed and touched on the cab ride back to the hotel and on the elevator ride to his 16th floor room.

Once the door closed and locked behind the couple, Christopher reached down, took hold of the hem of her dress, pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. Betsy was naked except for a tiny, white lace thong. Her breasts were high and firm and her half inch, red nipples stood erect.

Betsy struggled to pull his golf shirt from his pants and then tore it over his head. She unbuckled his belt and popped the button on his shorts. They easily dropped to the floor.

Christopher pressed Betsy against the wall and kissed her hard. As their tongues swapped spit, he reached for her perfect ass and pulled her against him. With her back pressed into the wall, Betsy raised her legs and wrapped them around his firm waist.

They continued the passionate kiss as Christopher carried her to his bed and laid her in the middle of the king size mattress. After minutes of heavy kissing and breathing, Christopher started to kiss and lick down her neck and shoulders.

His tongue tasted beer, salt, lime and sweat. He finally made his way to her B-Cup breasts. Christopher took his time sucking, licking and fondling her breasts.

As he took a nipple between his teeth, Betsy groaned, "Oh God that feels so fucking good. Please don't stop."

He worked on her breasts as she ran her fingers through his hair. At one point as he tried to suck her entire breast into his mouth, she grabbed the back of his head, held him tight and panted, "I'm Cumming, don't stop, Oh, Oh, I'm cuuummming."

As Betsy settled down, Christopher kissed his way over her stomach and between her legs. She smelled delicious. He pulled her lace thong to one side and saw her bare, wet teenage pussy for the first time.

Since Betsy was recovering from her first cum, he started slowly. He kissed her inner thighs and the swollen lips of her pussy. Slowly his kisses turned to tiny licks, until he was licking and sucking her from her clit to her anus.

Betsy was in another world. Sounds and words were coming out of her mouth, but they didn't make any sense. Christopher didn't care, as long as she was enjoying his attention.

When Christopher sensed that Betsy was getting close to a second orgasm, he pushed one and then two fingers into her soaked, tight hole. He clamped his lips over her clit and sucked, while he banged her with his fingers.

The poor teenager went off like a firecracker. She screamed into a pillow as Christopher ate her through her second climax.

Deciding he wanted some action, Christopher slid off his boxers as he pushed his way up her body.

This was a delicate moment. Christopher was proud of the size of his cock. Although he wasn't hung like a porn star freak, he did have a fat nine inch cock.

Betsy was breathing slowly with her eyes closed as he lined his cock up to her pussy. She smiled as he slid his dick along her slick lips and over her clit.

"Oh Jesus," she squealed as he pushed the first three inches into her. "You're so fucking big. Please go slow." When half his cock was in her, he started to slowly fuck her.

"Rub your clit for me baby. I want to watch you cum."

Betsy slid her hand between their bodies and slowly rubbed her clit. As she worked herself to orgasm, Christopher fucked deeper into her tight snatch. After twenty minutes he was buried to the base.

"Wrap your legs around me. I'm going to turn over." Betsy did as instructed and Christopher rolled them over.

With Betsy straddling him, she started a slow deep fuck. Christopher pulled a nipple to his mouth and sucked her breast as she fucked him. He was glad he had jerked off before his nap. He was going to be able to last for a while with his hot young lover.

As he worked from nipple to nipple, his right hand slid to her ass. Her ass crack was slick with her juice as his finger explored her back hole. When she didn't protest, he slid a finger into her tight asshole.

"OOOOOHHHHH....YYYYYEEEESSSS," she exploded again.

"Get on your hands and knees, baby."

Betsy was exhausted, but rolled off Christopher and climbed to her knees. She buried her head in a pillow as he entered her from behind. Christopher held on to her waist and started pounding nine inches of fat cock into her.

Betsy started to cum on the second stroke and continued one cum after another for the next twenty minutes.

"Play with my balls baby."

Betsy reached between her legs and grabbed his swinging sack. She teased them with her hand and fingers while he continued to fuck her hard.

"I'm going to cum sweetheart, come up here and suck my cock."

Christopher lay on his back as an exhausted and satisfied Betsy crawled between his spread legs. She looked into his eyes and smiled as she wrapped a hand around his cock. Without breaking eye contact, she opened her mouth a slide his dick in.

Christopher stared wide eyed as she gulped down half his cock. This nineteen year old was a true talent. Betsy used her tongue around his dick and tried to swallow more. She could only get six inches into her throat. Betsy used one hand to play with his balls. Her other hand played with his ass as she slid her mouth up and down his cock.

"Here it comes, baby. Drink my cum."

Christopher hollowed as he exploded into her mouth. Betsy tried her best to gulp down his entire load, but some dribbled out the corner of her mouth. She scooped it up with her finger and ate the left over sperm.

The lovers snuggled for a few minutes. "Will we be able to do this again?" Betsy asked.

"I'm glad this old man didn't disappoint you. We will get together again, before the vacation is over."

It was almost 2 am when Betsy untangled herself from Christopher, dressed and left the room.


Christopher was usually a very early riser. However, after the spectacular evening with Betsy, he turned off his normal 5am alarm and slept an extra two hours.

At 7am, he woke, pulled on a tee-shirt, shorts and running shoes and headed to the beach for his morning run. As he passed through the pool area, he saw Betsy's grandmother, Jodi, stretching by the side of the pool.

Christopher waved and shouted, "Good morning."

"Well, good morning to you. Are you going for a run?"

"I am. Would you like to join me?"

Christopher was surprised when Jodi agreed.

Jodi's spandex top and shorts showed off her perfect figure. Christopher didn't see much fat, but she did have beautiful womanly curves.

The pair started a slow jog down the beach and gradually picked up speed. "You don't have to take it easy on me," Jodi said. "I run a nine minute mile pace for five miles, five days a week."

Together they picked up the pace and ran for twenty minutes, then; they turned and ran back to the hotel. Jodi had a beautiful stride and Christopher enjoyed watching her run. He was mesmerized by her long legs and tight butt.

They were exhausted when they finally reached the Intercontinental. They walked from the beach, through the pool area and into the hotel. When they got to the elevator, Jodi said, "I have a favor to ask. Betsy and I share a room and she's still sleeping. I don't want to wake her. Can I take a quick shower in your room?"

Christopher was a little unnerved. He had finished fucking her granddaughter in the same room a few hours earlier. However, not wanting to appear rude, he agreed.

Upon entering the room, Jodi thanked him again, went into the bathroom and closed the door. A few moments later he heard the shower start. He was surprised, when he heard the bathroom door open a second later. Jodi walked naked down the short hallway and into Christopher's room.

Christopher stared at the older woman's perfect body. Her breasts were full and had very little sag. She had a flat stomach and narrow hips. She had a red landing strip above her swollen snatch.

"Would you like to share my shower?" she asked. Jodi winked at him, turned and walked back to the bathroom. She didn't close the door this time.

Christopher quickly stripped. He pulled back the shower curtain and stared as Jodi soaped herself.

"You better not let the cold air in," she teased.

Christopher jumped into the shower, took the soap and started to wash Jodi's back. He continued down and washed her ass and the back of her legs. Then, turning her around, he washed up her legs and over her pussy and stomach. He spent a great deal of time soaping, and then mauling her slippery breasts.

Jodi was breathing hard as Christopher kissed her. He slide his tongue into her mouth at the same time as he slide two fingers into her cunt. Jodi growled, as they continued their kiss. He finger fucked her slow and deep.

She reached out and with a soapy hand grabbed his stiff cock. She wanked him and between kisses, said, "God, you're hung."

Her hand slid from his dick and cupped his heavy balls. Christopher groaned into her mouth as she played with him.

"I want to suck your monster," Jodi begged as she dropped to her knees in the shower.

Using just her mouth, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him deep into her throat.

"Jesus, girl. Take it all." Jodi had sucked all but an inch into her mouth on her first try. On the second try, he could feel her lips wrapped around the base of his cock.

Jodi proceeded to give Christopher a long, slow deep throat. She played with his balls and fingered his asshole. All too quickly, Christopher could feel a tingle in his balls. Deciding he didn't want to cum yet, he pulled his dick from her talented mouth.

Pushing back the shower curtain, he led a dripping wet Jodi to the vanity. He sat her on the edge and kneeled in front of her spread thighs. Her pussy was red, juicy and puffy. He dove in and ate her cunt like a wild man.

"Fuck yes...Fuck yes...yes...yes...eat me," Jodi repeated over and over.

Christopher concentrated on her clit and slid three fingers into her pussy. As he finger fucked her cunt and ate her pussy she had three screeching orgasms.

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