Candy-Coated Damnation


... he shook himself as she completed the dance. She was teasing him; that was all. She'd probably noticed his tent back at the store and wanted to have some fun at his expense. He needed to focus on the real issue here.

"Aren't you a bit old to be trick-or-treating?" he asked, trying to infuse his voice with some sternness.

Candi paused, staring up at him. She took out a pink-and-blue stick candy—similar to the sticky-pop she'd had before, but now in a circular spiral, like a more conventional lollipop—and gave it a lick before biting her lip. "I am?"

"Yeah." He frowned, recovering some of his dignity. "Neighborhood rules. There is no way you're 'seventeen or below'."

"Heehee!" She rolled her eyes. Her hand ran down over her body, almost as though she was trying to subtly frame her curves for him. His eyes followed the hand reflexively. "Haven't you seen my costume, sweetie? I've gotta be at least a couple thousand! Demons are super old!"

"H-how have you even gotten that much candy?" he asked, pointedly staring at her bucket of candy instead of her.

"Ooh!" She put a finger to her lower lip, staring down into the bucket as if she'd forgotten it was there. "Gosh, I... I dunno! People just like giving me candy, I guess!"


"Uh-huh!" She grinned up at him, clearly quite happy with her answer. "Wouldn't you like to give me candy?"

His mouth went dry. He stared determinedly into the bucket, trying desperately to focus on the candies inside. Something was bugging him about them. They looked ordinary enough, but something seemed... off. "Um..."

"C'mon, sweetie." She giggled. "Gimme something sweet!"

That was it. He stared in confusion at the wrapper of one candy, which looked a lot like Smarties—except for the label, which seemed to read...

... Slutties. What the hell? Was that a gag candy? He squinted, certain he was misreading, and there were Venus Pieces. Creamy Ways. Miss Naughtybar. He stared blankly, unable to comprehend what he was seeing.

"U-um..." He bit his lip. "Sorry. Neighborhood rules. Seventeen or younger."

"Aw." She pouted. "Are you sure you couldn't make an exception? Pleeease?" She nibbled on her lollipop, giving long, sensuous licks.

"N-no." Warren's face was bright red, he knew, but she seemed totally oblivious to his discomfort. "Sorry."

And he slammed the door.


Shit! What the hell? What the hell? Did... is this something Thess pulled? Hired a... a prostitute to mess with me? Oh, god, I can't get implicated in anything. I'm trying to be a teacher, for god's sake!

He tried to rule out the possibility as absurd. But was it? Thess had always mocked him for being a prude. And it felt like she desperately wanted to ruin his life these days. Maybe she... maybe...

He stiffened, then let out a gasp. Oh.


Oh. Oh, fuck. Fuck!

He let out a small whimper as his pants dropped to his ankles and he shoved his underwear down after. And then his hands were running over his hard cock, stroking as fast as he could manage. Fuck. Fuck!

To say a sudden wave of lust had torn through him would be accurate, and yet... not. He'd already been horny and hard from the meeting, but now...

... it felt like a long, wet tongue was running over his cock. What the hell?

The sensation was heavenly. Overwhelming. Biting his lip to stifle his moans, he tried to step away from the door and fell back against it with a thud. His knees were buckling, but he fought desperately to stay upright. He was panting. He couldn't get Candi out of his head.

Licking that lollipop,.

Helping him unwrap the candy cane.

Licking that lollipop.

Her breasts flushed, swelling...

Licking his cock...

The sweet sugary scent of vanilla filled his head, and he felt himself sinking back onto the floor, crying out as he came. Cum shot out in globs, spattering onto his fiance's hardwood floor. He bit his lip, moaning both in shame and overwhelming pleasure as the phantom tongue seemed to savor his throbbing, sensitive head.

And then the spell passed. The licking stopped. Warren found himself sitting on the floor of his fiance's ancestral home, his hand wrapped around his cock, pants and underwear down to his ankles, and a small puddle of ejaculate on the floor in front of him.

He stared dumbly ahead.

He was... it was getting to him. The stress. Worries about Thessalia. He rationalized frantically to himself as he climbed to his feet. He wasn't being put under some horrible spell. He wasn't a pervert. He wasn't under some sort of... sex addiction. This was just stress. That was all. Stress. He hadn't gotten laid in a week. Maybe that was it. His fiance was gone and he was lonely.

It's all in your head, he thought, shivering as he went to get paper towels.

When he came back and finished cleaning, he immediately picked up the bowl of candy, half-full, and stumbled over to to the television. He numbly clicked the remote, unwrapped several chocolates at once, and popped them into his mouth as the evening report came on. Hurricanes. Flooding on the east coast. Escalating situation with... with some country. He barely registered it all. He couldn't get his minds off his total loss of control. The way he'd been unable to help but frig himself off right then and there.

The way Candi's breasts had jiggled whenever she'd giggled.

There was a delicious aftertaste to the candy he couldn't quite place.





Warren looked up numbly, then glanced down at his bucket. It was almost empty. Shit, he thought, Alicia really wasn't kidding about this place being... Halloween Central.

He got up, stumbling a little bit, and made his way over to the door. As he got closer, he began to notice a curious, pleasant scent. It was faint, though, and it wasn't until he opened the door that the knocking pattern and smell both suddenly clicked for him.

Candi beamed up at him, hands clasped around that bucket of hers—now seemingly much lighter, for some reason. "Hi!" she squealed.

He stared at her. "W-what?"

"Ooh! Sorry!" She bit her lip. "Trick-or-treat! You want me to do the dance again?"

"I... n-no." Warren blanched at how disappointed Candi looked at this answer. It somehow felt wrong to disappoint the pink-haired beauty. It wasn't her fault he was having so much trouble. It wasn't fair to be rude to her. She was clearly very sweet. "No, thank you. But it's a very nice dance."

If his refusal had made her mood darken, his compliment sent her expression into radiance. "Thank you! I practiced a lot!"

"Y-yeah." He gave a weak laugh. "So... you already came by here, Candi."

She blinked at him, wide-eyed. "Um... oh, yes! I did!' She shook the bucket. "I would like some candy!"

He grimaced. "Why do you even want candy so bad? You can just go buy it at the store. Aren't you a little old for this?"

"Hee. Aren't you a little young to be asking things like that?" Was it Warren's imagination, or did the tip of her tongue slide across her lips at that? "Anyways, I love candy! So gimme candy!" She giggled.

"Really?" He rolled his eyes. "I outgrew my sweet tooth years ago."

"Oh, really?" She smirked knowingly. "Did you?"

"Ye—why? What are you smiling at?"

She reached up and dabbed at her own lip delicately. "You've got a little something!"

"What?" Warren reached up and touched his mouth. Blushing furiously, he licked his lips and wiped his mouth clean, realizing it was a bit stained by the chocolate he'd been stress-eating. "O-oh." He had nothing to say about that.

"I love candy!" Candi said happily, bouncing up and down in place. "Everyone loves candy!" Warren's eyes were instantly reeled as though on a line to her swelling chest. "It's so sweet and yummy!"


"Don't you?" she cooed, leaning in. Warren found himself staring right at her rack. "Don't you like sweet things?"


"Sweet things," she breathed, "make me think of nice feelings. Isn't sweetness nice?"

"I-I guess."

"Everyone loves sweetness," she said sweetly. "Even you!" She poked him right in the chest. He flinched as though she was a viper who could bite him. "Sweetness feels so nice, doesn't it?"

He stared at her lush red lips. The way she seemed to savor her words made him quake inside. She kept licking her lips, and he found himself wondering... how would she taste? She clearly had some sort of flavored lipstick, the way she tasted her own lips. Sweet, definitely. The scent of vanilla hung around his head like a thick fog.

He realized he'd tuned out of what she was saying, but what did it matter? Candi wasn't saying anything he could disagree with. She was just reminding him how much he loved sweet things, how good sweet things made him feel. He smiled absently as she puckered up her lips, as though to plant a kiss, to convey how annoying sour things were compared to sweet things. "Yeah..."

"Yeah?" He drifted back into reality a little as she smiled up at him. "Were you paying attention, Mister?"

"Wh-uh?" He gave a nervous laugh. "Uh, yeah! Sure. I love sweet things. Sugar. Candy. Makes us feel nice, whatever." He was starting to feel like this was a waste of time. Candi was sweet enough, but he had things to get back to.

Like his raging hard-on.

Maybe it would be better to just give her some candy so she'd leave him to it. Make her happy. Just giving in and giving Candi what she wanted would make everything so much easier,

She licked her lips. Gods, her lips were so lush and pink.

Cocksucking lips, said a strange voice inside his head. He tried to dispel the thought, but it was like trying to grab mist with his bare hands. Cotton candy mist that stuck to his fingers, ensnared him like a cotton candy spiderweb. She's asking for it. Just look at her! Bubbly little bimbo trying to tease you. Give her something to tease, mm?

He shook his head, trying desperately to dislodge the horrid thoughts. No! It was wrong to think such things about Candi. Candi was sweet and innocent.

"Well?" she asked, and he realized she'd been speaking to the whole time. "What do you think?"

"Uh?" He stared at her lips, slack-jawed.

The lips curved up into a gleeful smile. "Someone's a bit scatterbrained!" the Devil-costumed trick-or-treater exclaimed. "Well, that makes two of us! Teehee!" She leaned in. "I was asking," she whispered, "what flavor you think my lip gloss is!"

And then, without waiting for a response, she kissed him right on the lips.

Warren was stunned. Pleasure warred with lust warred with desire to obey and please Candi warred with...

... no, he realized, his body and mind were in perfect agreement. He sank into her sweet kiss—vanilla and sugar, yes, but with a delicious aftertaste he couldn't quite place—and let the pleasure drown him. Her lips were soft and warm and pillowy, and the kiss she gave was perfect—sloppy, wet and messy, but delightful. He opened his mouth just slightly, sinking into the kiss, begging her tongue to enter him—

And she pulled away, giggling, and popped a chocolate fudge piece into his mouth

He stared at her, blinking. But as the fudge melted on his tongue, his surprise and disappointment melted into dizzy happiness, and he smiled dreamily. He'd never tasted anything so good.

She was whispering to him again, now, but he only half-understood what she was saying. Promises. Teasing remarks. And, of course, questions.

"You want more?" she cooed, caressing his cheek. He moaned and nodded as the last of the fudge dissolved into him. His head was fuzzy and warm and... gooey. Like the chocolate. He was like a bar of fudge melting on Candi's tongue, in her hot little mouth.

She gave him a smile that made his cock throb joyously as she slipped a few more little candies into his mouth—they tasted vaguely peanut buttery, but with every crunch, he felt explosions of gooey pleasure burst onto his tongue. The wrapper she was pouring the candies from read, "Venus Pieces".

She reached down as she fed him his next sweet thing—this one a candy bar of some kind—and he felt her hand running over his pants. She cooed softly in his ear. "Someone's being naughty!"

"Mm?" He blinked blearily, absently eating the candy bar from her hand, then licking her fingers clean.

He felt her other hand caress his cock through his denim jeans.

"I can tell what you want," she moaned, running her hand over his cock again. "But I bet you don't know what I want!"

"Mm!" He looked at her with dreamy adoration. She was such a nice lady, really.

"I want all your candy!" she cooed. "All your sweet, yummy-nummy candy, Mister!" She reached forward, cupped his chin, and gave him a little peck on the cheek. His skin tingled where her lips left their pink lipstick stain.

He blinked. "A... all?"

"All!" She bounced gleefully, releasing his cock once more. She took his arm and gently led him inside, reaching behind her for the doorknob. "I loooove candy, and yours is the yummiest around!"

The door closed softly, giving barely a click as she turned the lock. He stared vacantly into her deep, hot pink eyes. "Th-that... sounds like a lot..." he mumbled.

"No it's not!" She easily led him back to the TV couch. "See, I'm so sweet, you don't need anything else anymore! Right?"


"I can give you all my candy," she said, leaning in to kiss his neck. "and then you won't need any anymore! Doesn't that sound nice?"

As she laid him back onto the couch, one leg draped over his own, bounteous breasts pressed into his shoulder, he stared off into the distance and swallowed the last of the candy bar's delicious caramel filling. "That does... s-sound nice..." he slurred.

Seeming delighted, Candi planted several loving kisses on his cheek. "I know it does," she gushed. "You're such a sweetie!"


She giggled. "Wow, you're almost as big a ditzy-witzy as me. We fit!" And with one last tender kiss, she hopped up from the couch.

"C-Candi," he mumbled.

"Don't worry!" She blew him a kiss, then, smirking, took a green sucking candy out of her bag and popped it into his mouth. The wrapper seemed to say "Jilling Ranchers".

He found himself sucking vapidly at it, savoring the wonderful flavors. "I'm just gonna cook you up something special!" Candi giggled. "I know I'm not supposed to, but... well, you deserve it, cutie!" She caressed his cheek with her knuckles, almost like one might acknowledge a pet.

"Oh." He stared blankly after her retreating ass, marveling at how perky it was. And as she vanished into the kitchen, he turned back to the television. His eyes were heavy-lidded, but he had the strange sense that something was slightly off about all this.

He breathed in. The vanilla smell was slowly dispersing, thanks to an open window. He wasn't sure he remembered opening that window, come to think of it—though it had been open when he'd gotten up to answer the door just now—but the cool breeze was now a blessing.

His head slowly cleared, at least partially. He bit his lip.

Something was very wrong about all this.

I should get up, he thought, staring straight ahead at the black screen. But he was comfortable on the couch. There was candy within easy reach. He was still happily sucking on the candy she'd so sweetly given him. I should run. But he was tired and pliant, and the smell wasn't all gone. He could hear Candi humming the trick-or-treat song in the other room, and something about her high-pitched voice made him feel weak inside.

What was she? Had today not been a daydream? Had she caused the phantom tongue earlier? Could she do that do him again if she tried to run?

He needed to drown out her voice. Needed to distract himself. Literally anything would do. He reached over, fumbled with the remote, and pressed the Power button.

Loud moaning greeted his ears. Two nubile redheads were sixty-nining atop a feather comforter—a comforter that looked not unlike his fiance's upstairs, come to think of it. They were moaning in the way only porn stars could, licking and sucking hungrily at one another.

The caption below signaling the film he was watching read, "Sweet Surrender."

He stared for a long moment before changing the channel.

"Ee! Aah! Ooh!" This one was a cartoon—one of those Japanese ones. A big-eyed blonde with bunny ears was whining and writhing as she sank into what looked like cotton candy. A woman with the lower body of a pink crab spider looked down at her, laughing. The caption read, "Obedience is Pleasure".

He dimly remembered changing the channel. Now it was western animation, but still porn—a young man was on his knees in a barn stable, staring up at some sort of cow woman with enormous breasts and curled cow horns.

"Oh, baby," breathed the woman, fluttering her eyelashes, "I need to be milked. I have so much sweet milk in me. Doesn't my baby want his milk?"

"M-Mommy," whimpered the man, licking his lips. The woman's nipples were tinged with moisture, Warren realized. She was lactating.

The caption read, "Submit to Sweetness".

Warren changed the channel. A man stood atop an enormous table, staring down an oozing slime girl made of caramel. Before Warren's eyes, the man was tackled by the woman and started to scream, much to the caramel slime girl's delight. "Can't Resist."

Warren changed the channel. A young woman lay at the bottom of a strange pit, staring into the eyes of a gorgeous silver-haired woman immersed to her waist in sand. "Lose Your Heart."

It was getting harder and harder to change the channel every time, but Warren was desperately trying to resist the urge to just sit there and masturbate. He needed to get his mind off this. He skipped past several channels featuring hourglass-waisted blondes fucking each other, fucking men, fucking women, and pouring honey into their unresisting victims' open mouths.

Was there anything on on Halloween aside from goddamned porn?

Finally, he settled on a station that seemed normal. It was an ad—one of those ads paid for by non-profits. This nonprofit was called, "Humanitarian Effort on Limited Living". Generic much?

On the screen, an attractive pink-haired woman smiled at him. She stood by a bustling street corner. "Hi," she said blandly. She held up a candy bar. "You know what I love? Candy! I bet you love candy, too. Everyone loves candy!"

Well, it was boring, but boring was what he needed right now. Warren tried to will himself up, but the flavor of the sugary sucking candy still lingered in his mouth.

"And Halloween's a great time for candy!" She beamed. "But sometimes we want too much candy, don't we? We love it too much?"

Warren snorted. If the Humanitarian Effort only knew.

"Did you know that John Harvey Kellogg believed that sweetness was very harmful to you?" She held up a big lollipop and twirled it in her hand. Its swirling colors made Warren's head spin a little. "He believed that sweet things made you sinful. He believed that eating candy made people want to, well..." She giggled, giving the lollipop a meaningful kiss.

Sure. Whatever. Weird old guy stuff. Warren grimaced at the suggestiveness, though.

" And he was right!"

He blinked. Wait, really? Was this a conservative channel or something?

"It's very important to stop eating candy," the pink-haired woman said, smiling widely. "Candy makes us weak, doesn't it? We can't help but eat more. And more. And soon we'll say yes to anything!" She shrugged out of her sweater. "We just can't help ourselves. That's how sin works."

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