tagMatureCandy For The Professor

Candy For The Professor


Candy was working all afternoon and evening studying for an exam in one of her classes the next day. She needed to get an A in this class and her last 2 test grades were not looking good. She still didn't understand all the concepts very well and decided to see if her professor could give her some one-on-one tutoring. She went up to her professor's office, hoping to find him in there at such a late hour. She had just gotten back from watching a play and was looking rather sharp with her bold, red sweater over fitted khaki pants that clung to her body just fine, emphasizing her firm thighs and luscious, tight ass.

She was in luck. She found her professor scowling at the dull computer screen, trying to mess with the paper-clip guy on Microsoft Excel. "Argh! What have I done?!" He exclaims to himself, as he frustratingly fingers the keyboard. Candy knew this professor was definitely NOT good with computers, but perhaps better with other things....

She knocked on the half-open door softly and briefly as she made her way into his half unpacked office. She knew this was his first year at her university and that he probably had a lot of unpacking to do. He turned her head at the sound of her entrance and gave her a frenzied smile, asking her what was up.

She goes over to the side of his L-shaped desk, and gives him a little help with his animated Microsoft "assistant." She had to lean forward across his body so that she could place her right hand on his mouse (computer mouse, that is). And she got rid of the paper-clip guy in an instant. "There! He's out of your way for good, but now it seems I'm sort of in yours..." Candy says reassuringly but fully realizing how close to his body she was.... Candy sometimes had her spontaneous moods where she would do something without thinking. And in this situation, she found her body sprawled over her professor's in his office. Woops.

She immediately regained composure and backed away from her flushed-looking professor.

"Thanks, Candy..." he replies shortly, rather speechless.

Candy reached over and lay some papers onto the desk so that she could ask him questions about it. She placed it on the surface at an angle so that they were both hovering over desk somewhat, trying to peruse it together.

Candy says, "I just don't get it..." and explains her dilemma with deciphering "relevant costs versus irrelevant costs" on her worksheet.... As he is explaining the solution to her, Candy can't help but look down, next to the desk, at her professor's pants. She saw a bulge there and was quite shocked that she was actually daring to look there.

She quickly turned her attention back to his explanation, her head starting to feel warm. Just in time to hear "... and that's why you only look at the contribution margin when you are figuring out the foregone costs," the professor finishes.

"Thanks, professor, I think I'm getting a better feel of this stuff," she says, trying to sound somewhat convincing.

"Well, if you just look at it at a certain angle and give it the right touch, the problem will be solved in no time," the professor reassures her with a pleasant smile.

Candy feels an awkward pause between them, although the professor is probably oblivious of her thoughts. She still wondered if the bond and atmosphere of whenever they were together was just a friendly, purely professional feeling, or rather a somewhat heated atmosphere. She always thought he was cute for an older gentleman. Rather sweet and helpful, especially with her and her class. She often found herself coming to his office or calling him for help with her assignments. Often times it was later evening time when she would unexpectingly find him still at work.

Today, she noticed he looked rather tired. He was stretching back, taking off his glasses to wipe his weary eyes.

Candy, observant of his late nights working and seeing the picture of his children on his desk, wondered if he ever had time to see his children. "You're working late today. You seem to do that just about every day, don't you? You're the only one left working in this building. Why is that?" Candy asked, trying not to pry but sounding innocently curious about it all.

"I don't know. I just have a lot of work to do, that's all. I'm never at home," he replied, sort of vague and distant.

Candy sensed something was up and her curious instinct decided to press further. After all, she always had a thing about how important it is for parents to be with their children as they are growing up. And she knew how it felt for parents to be at work all day and to not spend much time with the children at night. "I'm sure your kids never get to see you, since you're always working so late...." she said in a sympathetic sort of way.

"No... they don't. But that's because they don't stay with me..." he replied back, not looking her in the eyes.

"Oh really? I'm so sorry.... I didn't realize," Candy replies, half-surprised, half-not surprised. Pause. She always thought he was a really nice and sweet and MARRIED man, but it didn't prevent her from thinking about it from time to time while in class. A few weeks ago, she even woke up one morning after having a dream about her professor! It shocked her at first, but then again, she knew that she obviously found him somewhat attractive and friendly, in an odd way. She didn't remember the details of the dream sequence, but she was oddly feeling a sense of de je vous at this very moment, in his quiet office.

She walks around and sits down on the chair across his desk, facing him, and gives her condolences, "Divorce is a bitch, but sometimes it's worth it."

"Yeah, especially if SHE's a bitch," he says contemptuously. He turns to look back on the computer screen.

She could feel the resentment in his voice as well as the anger of not being able to see his children all the time. She felt bad for him. She wanted to make him feel better. She had always been a good listener and did not mind giving advice. Hmmmm...

Suddenly, Candy knew that her small-time fantasy of her professor was actually becoming bigger now and more realistic. She knew that the professor liked her as well, as a student at least, because they would sometimes argue with each other in a playful manner, just like she did when she was flirting with her latest older boyfriend. The fact that her boyfriend lived out of town, posed a small threat to her loneliness in her small apartment. She wondered if the professor felt the pangs of loneliness that a recent divorce forces onto a newly individual. She could tell he wasn't dating anyone since he's always working. And she bet he missed having a female companion around once in a while. "I bet I can rejuvinate his mood," she thinks to herself in a naughty manner.

During this time, the professor had been slowly leaking out parts of his private life. He knew that Candy came into his office often, asking him all sorts of questions pertaining to the difficult course material, but he didn't mind. He actually looked forward to her pleasant visits, and he particularly loved the sweet perfume she always wears. He immediately drew a liking to his young lady the first time he saw her speak out in class, with such vibrant pussy, I mean pose. He found her to be a rather attractive young lady but knew he had to keep their relationship purely professor/student and nothing more (or so he kept trying to tell himself). He, too, had a dream with Candy in it not too long ago. He was about to start thinking of that hot scene they shared, but then his bulge starting aching down there in his untouched trousers. He was already growing a stiff prick, and he was glad that Candy was on the other side of his desk and couldn't see. Perspiration started to form on his upper forehead. "It's going to be a long night," he thinks to himself....

Candy, meanwhile, saw that the professor, too, was starting to look rather uncomfortable. She wondered if she pressed to hard... into his private life. She wondered if she went too far. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to impose on your private life. I was just wondering, since you seem to be so proud of your children. Sometimes I think too much." (pause) "Sometimes it can get me into trouble," she adds on slyly but not necessarily seductively. She didn't know what to say and what was really going on. She half felt she was in another dream. Dam, she always has vivid dreams!

"Oh. It's perfectly all right, Candy. In fact, I have not told many people this. But you are ... quite a special young lady. I figured that I could trust you and not have to feel embarassed about it. Yes. It's been rather rough on me and the kids. In fact, I am hoping to gain custody of them eventually. I really miss seeing them so often..." he says trying not to sound pathetic.

Candy knew he had a soft heart. She had a soft one as well, AND she was a big hugger. She thought he could really use a huge right now. She got up and went around the side of the desk to give him a hug. And for those few seconds, time stood suspended in air. As they both pulled away, looking at each other in the eye, neither of them said anything.

The professor knew what had just happened and was quite shocked of his reciprocated response to her spontaneous hug. He actually liked it. It had been a while since he last held another woman, nevertheless a young nubile nymphette, I mean student. He was starting to get confused. "Ahem.... Um... thanks. That felt nice, Candy," he tried to say professionally and calmly.

Candy, too, felt the electricity that was shared between the 2 warm bodies as they hugged for the very first time. It was rather surreal, but Candy knew that he felt a spark too.

Candy decided it was time to leave and quickly gathers her things and mutters, "Uh... I have to get going. I haven't eaten, and I'm getting hungry." She was confused as well but also scared that he too was feeling the same emotions as she. If so, then she knew things would get complicating. She wasn't sure what she wanted to get herself into, but then again.... maybe a little fun with the professor wouldn't hurt. After all, they both didn't have anyone at that time to go home to. But it was true-- Candy's 6-pack covered tummy was signaling to her "I need food", and she knew how she cranky she got when she waits too long to fulfill it.

The professor, feeling apologetic for her, also found himself hungry. But then again, he was in the mood for several things at this time, but it was probably the wrong person at the wrong time. But, what the hell, this is FSU (Fantasy Sex University), where anything can happen. He offered to buy her some dinner, "Would you like to get some dinner together? I was about to grab a bite to eat anyways. I know this great Chinese place in town." The professor was finally starting to pick up on the signals and wanted to get some action in tonight. It had been a while. Besides, even if he didn't get any action, he still didn't mind her fun company.

Candy hesitated and figured "what the hell" and accepted his offer, "Sure. I'd like that. Should we take your car or mine?" He said, "Why don't you bring your car as well and just follow me. This way, no one will see us together."

"Good idea," Candy replied.


At the Chinese Lotus Blossum restaurant, the hostess seated the professor and Candy at a booth with one of those dim, umbrella-shaped lamps hovering above the table. The professor had to duck his head in order not to hit the big lump of luminosity.

As they were getting situated on the cheap vinyl seats, the professor starts up conversation. They hadn't said a word since they entered the restaurant. "By the way, Candy, you can call me Lance," the professor says as a friendly gesture.

"I like your name, Lance. It has a nice ring to it," Candy says with a big smile.

Lance and Candy ordered their food and conversed some more. When they were starting their eggrolls, Candy started drifting off into la-la land at the smell of the sweet n sour sauce. Mmmmm, that pungent sweetness caught her nostrils as she remembered that time she and her boyfriend had some fun with the leftover sweet n sour sauce.

Meanwhile, Candy was so absorbed with her daydreaming that she unknowingly started sucking on her eggroll like a medium-sized dick. Lance immediately noticed this and was trying hard not to choke on his piece of eggroll. His eyes bulged, as well as his cock down below, as he watched this hot female slowly shove an eggroll down her throat, I mean into her mouth. She sure seemed out of it and really didn't seem to be cognizant of how she looked right now.

Hmmm... there's an idea, she thinks to herself. Mental note to self-- don't forget to take some sweet n sour sauce to go.

While they are waiting for the server to return with Lance's platinum credit card, Lance excuses himself to take care of some business in the john.

Meanwhile, Candy asks the server to bring her some takeout sweet n sour sauce so she can take back with her, just in case they go somewhere after this.

When Lance returns to the table, he asks Candy, "Do you have to be somewhere tonight? There is something I'd like to show you back at my place. It relates to our class discussion earlier today...." Lance tries his hard to be persuasive, but not too eager.

Candy wonders why in the hell her professor, I mean Lance, wants to discuss classwork when she wants to get down to real, more hardcore business. But she figured she could warm him up and make him forget his numbers and calculations.

After Candy followed Lance back to his apartment complex, Lance showed her up to his place. Meanwhile, Candy still had the sweet n sour sauce kept in her purse....

After Lance and Candy were in his apartment, he sat his briefcase down to the side, and led Candy to the living room. The living room was rather messy and full of books, rather messy for an accounting professor.

Candy sat down on the brown sofa, and Lance followed her and sat on the other end of it. Candy placed her purse on the table, but must have been distracted for it fell over towards Lance, with the sweet n sour sauce rolling out in its little container. Lance immediately bends over to help her pick her things up, and they bump heads. Lance immediately puts his hands on Candy's head as she rubs her forehead with her hand. "Ouch," she says. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bump you. I was just ....", Lance starts to explain while looking down at the mess. But then his eyes stumble upon the sweet n sour container on the rug right by his right foot. "Hey, what's this? You must really like their sweet n sour sauce," Lance says jokingly.

Candy, meanwhile, forgets about the bruise on her head and smiles and says with a blush, "Oh that... well... I like to use sweet n sour sauce in emergencies... in tight situations. It's actually a rather good lubricant, you know."

Lance, finally catching on, "Oh really? I did not know that. You will have to demonstrate how it works."

Candy knew now that they were NOT going to be discussing course work, but rather other technical projects. Without another word, she slowly begins taking off her red sweater. Lance watches as he sees her erect nipples shining through her thin bra.

Candy then takes off her shoes and pants, and stands up and moves toward Lance, with her feet right by his. She helps him take off his button-up workshirt, and bends down on her knees in front of him to help with his trousers.

Before they are finished undressing, they are already start kissing each other like mad dogs in heat. Lance hungrily kisses up and down her neck, while taking off her bra at the same time. He then ducks his head lower so he can take a good look at her twin brown aureolas on her chest. He starts sucking on her left nipple, sucking it like a nursing baby. After a minute, he moves to her other nipple and moans in pleasure. Even though she didn't have big breasts, the sight of the small breasts reminded him of his youth. He couldn't wait to see her ripe, young pussy.

Meanwhile, Candy leans over to get her container of sweet n sour sauce and pulls Lance off of her gently. Without a word, she slowly dips three pressed fingers into the container and then moves her wet fingertips across her chest and around her nipples. She glazes her smooth skin with the red sauce and rubs all around. She then takes another dip with her fingers and starts rubbing down her stomach, towards her almost bare mound, right above her ripe pussy. By this time, Lance had already taken her Victoria Secret lacy undies off of her and was captivated by the beautiful pussy waiting in front of him. Lance's mouth and Candy's pussy start salivating at the same time, but Candy makes sure he does not taste down there just yet. With a motion of her other hand, she tells him to stay put. Meanwhile, she guides her wet, sweet n sour-dipped fingers over her pussy and rubs slowly, "Mmmmmm.... That feels soooo good... Soooo tight but wet," she says with her held tilted back in pleasure.

Further prolonging Lance's taste-test, she then puts that same hand up to her mouth to taste both the sweetness and sourness of her pussy juices mixed with the sauce. It tasted very sweet and very tasty. She knew Lance was dying to get a taste of it too. He was trying his hardest to hold back. She sucked the rest of the juices off and then begins focusing on Lance.

Candy puts her free hand behind Lance's head and pulls him in towards her pussy. Lance obeyingly licks it up and down like an ice cream cone, and licks up her juices rapidly. Lance moans once more, and uses his hands to wrap around Candy's ass, so he can dig his face deeper into her sweetspot. Oh, it tasted so good. Very sweet. Sweet as candy. Her juices were leaking out of her tight pussy and her clit was on fire.

After a few minutes, Lance starts licking up her stomach and towards her breasts, chasing after traces of more sweet n sour sauce. He licked up every bit of sauce left on her body and looked up at Candy with a devouring look.

"Why don't we get on the floor, so there is more room," Lance suggests. Candy follows his suggestion and looks at him questionably. "Get on your hands and knees this time, Candy. Let's try some more tricks with that sweet n sour sauce. I've already tasted your mighty sweet pussy, now we must moisten another part of your sexy body."

Candy knew exactly what he was referring to, and obediently got down on her hands and knees as Lance reaches over to dip his own fingers into the sweet n sour sauce. Then, Lance applied the sauce over her tight asshole and even stuck a finger to get it to loosen up. Candy was right. The sweet n sour sauce was a good lubricant, and his finger was going in rather smoothly. He starts fucking her ass hole with his finger, preparing it for the final course. "Oh, Candy. You have such a lovely ass. That is one tight ass. Mmm... It feels VERY tight... Oh, you must have a virgin ass," Lance says with a sexy, approving tone.

"Oh... That feels so good, Lance. Oh yeah. I want more. Harder. Harder! Yes, my virgin ass needs the expertise of a stud like you. Only real men like to fuck girls in the ass."

"Ah ah ah... not just yet, Candy. Just like you made me wait in anticipation, I must make you wait as well."

Lance bends over and licks her ass and moistens it some more with his saliva. He starts fucking her ass with his tongue, and he feels her body flinch at his pleasureable touch. "OH....OH.... oh yeah... That feels good, baby."

"Oh yeah? Well, it's just the first part, Candy. I've got a treat for you."

Lance dips for another handful of sauce and this time applies the sauce around his 8-inch cock, standing alert and ready for duty. He then walks over to in front of Candy so that she can put her mouth on it.

Candy gets up onto her knees so she can grip his cock. She puts the whole thing in her mouth as once, as though it were a huge eggroll. She then pulls it in and out of her mouth, savoring every bit of salty precum and sweet n sour sauce. They could hear the swishy sounds, as her mouth and tongue worked overtime, trying to lick up every bit of sauce.

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