Candy Loving


Candy Loving took her usual seat in English One just as Professor Smith walked into the classroom. She sighed with boredom at the prospect of yet another class period discussing some book she found completely uninteresting. She hated the fact that she had to even take this class for her degree in communications at the University of Oklahoma. But it was part of the curriculum, so that was that. Even worse, communications majors like her were expected to do well in this class. Candy really needed an A in this class.

She looked up at the front of the room where the professor was starting his lecture, her brain tuning out his words while she went searching for a place to escape inside her mind. The only thing that did make this class bearable was the fact that Professor Smith was actually a pretty good looking guy and she could occasionally find a way to tease him. This was in fact something that she had been doing for a few years, all through high school and now in her first year of college. Whenever she had a male teacher she would help to pass her time in their classes by finding little, subtle ways of flirting or teasing them. Her antics ranged from being as mild as sipping seductively on a straw or licking a lollipop to as bold as not wearing any panties under a skirt and flashing them by uncrossing and re-crossing her legs.

Candy had what could best be described as a formidable body. Her anatomy was a perfect concoction of curves and flesh and light to elicit the most erotic fantasies out of any man and most women too.

Her thick brown hair cascaded around her angelic face in streams of soft waves and curls. Each strand would catch the light of the room and make a halo highlighting her flawless skin and her full red lips. Her eyes were dark but sparkling and expressive.

Her breasts were massive but just right on her lush body. They offered themselves as dreamy pillows or delicious treats; they were velvet and warmth and cream. The tan lines accentuated the large inviting nipples that looked so kissable.

Her waist was narrow adding to the delight of her round plump bottom and flaring hips and thighs that promised plenty of fun and lively action. Her legs were long and smooth and tan and seemed designed to be caressed by a hand traveling up towards her treasures.

Her belly was flat and drew attention to her dark thick bush beyond which those scrumptious lips lay ready to part at your touch.

Over the years she had gotten pretty good at making the right eye contact to ensure they would be looking her way so they could see whatever she was about to do. Of course none of them ever said anything or did anything about it since that would put the spotlight on them, especially back in high school when she was a minor.

Toward the end of this day's class Mr. Smith reminded them about the paper that was coming due. Candy cursed under her breath as she realized that she had completely forgotten about it and therefore hadn't even started. They were all instructed to sign up for a scheduled one-on-one meeting time during the next week with him to go over their outlines or rough drafts. A sheet was passed around and when it got to her she choose one of the later slots.

When the day of her meeting arrived she dressed herself with the idea of flirting her way out of trouble and into an extension on the paper. Knowing some of the ways men think, especially those ten or more years her senior, she chose a generic school girl uniform outfit, complete with the pleated, checkered skirt, plain white button up blouse, black shoes and frilly Barbie-socks. Before leaving she brushed her thick brown hair and checked herself in the mirror. She felt a wave of pride as she looked at herself, but paused just long enough to remove her bra thinking that she may consider herself an old pro at this game but she was actually new to the college scene and might need a little extra advantage. She admired the luxurious curves of her full breasts straining against tight fabric stretched across them. Her nipples could be seen underneath, shadowy circles hinting at the creamy delights of her body; the tips poked out just so, looking inviting and innocent at the same time.

She found Professor Smith in his office. When she walked in and he looked up she knew that her attire received the initial response she was after. She stood in the doorway and watched his eyes roam down then back up her body, pausing at her chest where her nipples were poking at the blouse even more due to a chilly breeze that was blowing from the air conditioner. A strange thought crossed her mind; was she getting excited by his attention?

When his eyes made it back up to hers she felt a shiver run down her spine as the expression in his drilled deep into her. Suddenly she started to have second thoughts about her approach but knew it was too late. So, drumming up what courage she could she bounced into the room and took a seat in front of his desk.

"Afternoon Miss Loving," he greeted her finally, breaking the silence that she just noticed had been lingering. "How are you today?"

"Umm, well..." she started, trying to remember the line she had planned to use as her excuse.

"I see you didn't bring your paper with you," he interrupted her.

"Umm, no... See..." She felt his eyes burning into hers, effectively derailing her train of thought.

"Have you even started it?" He cut to the chase.

She watched him stand up and walk around his desk to the door which he swung shut. She heard the knob latch in place and felt her heart jump in her chest as she watched him turn toward her. He stepped back to the desk, this time on her side of it, and sat down on the corner of it.

Sitting in her chair she looked up at him, at his stern expression and his piercing eyes. She felt her breathing growing shallow as his presence filled the room and his aura overpowered her thoughts.

"Ummm... Pro- Professor Smi- Smith..." She stammered, trying to find her courage again.

"Miss Loving," he cut her off. "I've been watching you. I've seen you in class, licking your lips and tossing your hair. I've even caught you flashing yourself at me when you've crossed your legs. I know your game; I've seen it before. You've probably been doing this for years, driving some of your high school teachers crazy with your antics, sending them home to their Playboy magazines and bottle of baby oil."

Candy blushed at the crudeness of this remark but the pinkness on her cheeks and chest made her look more delicious.

"But you're not in high school anymore Candy. You're in college now. You're an adult. And those two things come with certain responsibilities. See, back in high school, if you teased a teacher there wasn't really anything he could do because, well, you were underage. Even an eighteen year old high school senior is classified as a kid when you're a teacher. But, here at college, we understand that you're an adult. We respect that... And we expect you to respect it as well."

In the silence that followed his words he slid off of the desk and stepped over to the chair she was sitting in. He stood over her looking down into her eyes and his hand reached out to touched her cheek. The feel of his gently caressing fingers sent shivers racing through her body. They brushed back and forth a few times before cupping her chin. He applied a little bit of pressure indicating that she should stand up. Slowly she rose to her feet, her eyes never leaving his. Once standing she still tilted her head back to gaze up at him.

"Now," he whispered. "You come prancing in here with your hot little body all decked out for show like this, after all the teasing you've done, and, as an adult, you have to expect that something might happen. Clearly you want me to do something." He ran his eyes up and down her curvaceous body, lingering on the lush breasts which were heaving up and down, almost bursting at the buttons. "Yes, it's clear what you want from me. You know what you want don't you Candy."

The beautiful young girl stared at him and trembled. A tingle went up her spine and almost against her will she felt her chin drop for the slightest nod of assent. But that nod seemed to fill the room with heat as the air around them thickened. The two seem to be wrapped in a sensual haze that could only lead to one thing.

More than seeing it she sensed his other hand moving. She swallowed hard and blinked in an attempt to break contact with his probing eyes. She felt his hand close over her large, soft round breast, rubbing at her body through the blouse. Electrical currents shot through her body at the contact, her nipple hardening further. Her mind raced with what was happening, she searched for some way to stop him but stopped herself from finding an answer. She sighed as she pushed her chest to his hand.

Candy writhed a bit under his touch savoring the fingers digging into her succulent flesh. Her nipple was rock hard against the fabric.

"Umm... Pro- Profes..sor Smi- Smith," she stammered in a soft, weak voice. "Sho- should we be..."

"Should we be what Candy?" He smiled. "Should we be touching like this? Should I be rubbing your nipple?"

"N- No..." she stammered again. "I me- mean, ye- yes. I me- mean... Wha- What are you gonna do?"

"Now Candy," he smiled wider. "Do you really think I'm going to stop at your lovely breasts?"

He leaned in at that moment and pressed his lips against hers. The hand that was cupping her chin slid around to grasp the back of her head and he held her in place so that she couldn't back away. His lips pushed against hers and she felt herself returning the kiss, felt her mouth opening as his tongue pushed its way inside. She felt his tongue swirl over hers and washed her own against his. She felt his hand massage her breast, felt it squeezing and kneading her delicious flesh through the material.

Her mind told her to do something, to stop him, but she ignored the instructions and instead kissed him deeply as she pushed her chest into his hand; she stood up on her toes and trembled in his arms. They kissed for several minutes while that hand massaged and kneaded her lush mounds. She felt it rubbing her, felt her nipples growing more swollen and hungry under its attention.

When he broke the kiss and pulled his face back from hers she looked up at him through heavy lids, her completion flush. Her bottom lip hung open just a little and quivered as she stood there waiting for his next kiss. Instead she felt his hand drift from the back of her head to the front of her blouse where it joined the other in undoing the buttons.

"Oh, M- Mr. Smi- Smith... Pl- Please," she whispered her request.

She made clear her desire by lightly caressing his hands as he undid the buttons. The tiny buttons seemed to fly open as her creamy moist flesh poured out of her blouse.

His eyes moved down from her face as his hands pulled her top open to expose her breasts. She followed his gaze and she saw her swollen and red nipples inside the open blouse. She watched his hands descend upon her breasts, saw them cover her flesh, his fingers encircling her the swollen nubs. He rolled them, squeezed and massaged her fleshy mounds. She felt the heat of his attentions scorching through her body, felt other parts of her body becoming aroused.

"Oh, no, oh oh, n... Oh yess! Oh ...Pl- Please Mr. Smith," she whispered as she watched him playing with her breasts. "Please, yes."

"Shhhh, Candy," he replied. "Just let me look at these beautiful, beautiful globes."

She raised her face slowly to his, her eyes yielding and pleading. Her breasts were tingling from his touch and she was rocking slowly on her hips. She stared in his eyes.

All she saw was his hungry eyes staring back at her. She felt his fingers twist her nipples, felt them pull on the hard little nubs. A shock wave of both pain and pleasure coursed through her body.

"Uuuugghh," she whimpered.

"You're a little turned on, aren't you Candy?" He asked her, his tone growing forceful.

She looked up into his face from under her heavy lids, felt her bottom lip quiver more as his fingers pulled and twisted at her nipples harder. She looked again with an innocence as she jutted her chest into his hands. She wanted him to have her completely.

His smile had turned to a mischievous smirk and his eyes, filled with hunger and cruelty, were boring into hers. Unable to pull her eyes from his she stood there, her arms hanging at her sides while he mauled her breasts, and let a tear roll down her cheek.

"Don't you want this, Candy?" He asked again.

Her failure to answer him the first time caused him to be more demanding this time. Gradually her eyes dropped, her vision filled again with the sight of his hands working her fleshy mounds as she felt the fire in her loins growing.

Again they kissed; she poured her entire pink tongue hot and hungry into his eager mouth. The tongue writhed inside him, surrendering her completely.

Then she broke away with a groan. "We shouldn't be doing this," she sobbed, "No...don't stop. That feels so good. Yes."

His pawing and mauling of her awesome bosom continued to make her squirm as he leaned in close.

He pushed her soft brown hair to the side with his face, swooning in its sweet scent; he whispered in her ear. "I want you to suck me."

The phrase sent bolts of dread and trepidation to Candy's brain. She immediately understood what he was saying, understood where he would go with it. Her eyes rolled to his crotch where she could see a bulge pressing at his slacks. She thought about that bulge, the cock that it hid, thought about what he had said and how she already knew what she was going to do; in her mind's eye she saw the carnal pleasures overtaking them and she let out an audible gasp. Involuntarily her tongue flickered out to moisten her lips.

"Yes, I want you to do that," he moaned; he too could already see those luscious lips engulfing him.

Although her tongue had only poked out a little he hadn't failed to see it. She knew this when she returned her gaze to his face and yet another tear ran down her cheek. His hands left her breasts and came up to rest on her shoulders, applying pressure.

"Get on you knees," he instructed her. "Get down there and suck my cock."

Candy licked her lips brazenly but still she hesitated. "Oh, Mr. Smith, I want to but, but....Do you think it's OK?," her voice pled now.

"Get on your knees, Candy," he demanded, his hands pressing harder.

She felt her already weak legs give in under the pressure and dropped slowly to her assigned position. Once there her hands reached out of their own accord toward the belt and zipper between her and his cock. Candy struggled to understand what was happening, why she was doing this when she thought she didn't want to. From another place she watched her hands undoing the fastenings to his slacks, saw them tugging on the waistband, pulling his pants down. She tried to stop herself but her body was acting without her brain.

When his pants lowered, exposing his under wear and the outline of his cock she heard herself murmur softly, felt her tongue once again moisten her lips. Again, on their own, her hands reached back up, they covered that outline and stroked it gently through the material.

"Take it out," he instructed her.

Candy raised her eyes from where they were staring at his cock. He was standing over her, his hands on her head now, staring down with his malicious grin. She returned her eyes to his crotch and pulled down on his shorts. She watched his hard cock slip into view, saw it drop forward to bounce before her face.

Gingerly she reached up to it, her fingers wrapping around it and giving it a couple of gentle strokes. Again she looked up to him, her hand pulling at his fleshy member.

"Pl- Please," she pled again, more tears flowing out. "It looks so good."

She could see in his eyes that he was not going to back off now; she felt her own jaw slowly dropping as the irresistible urge took over her body. His hands pressed forward at her head. Her eyes locked onto his she leaned forward and pressed her lips against the tip of his cock. Very slowly she pressed harder, allowing the shape of his cock to part her lips gradually as she slipped part of it into her mouth.

"Ooohhhh yeah," he sighed as the first inches slipped into her wet mouth. "Suck it, Candy."

Candy felt the head of the cock slip into her mouth, felt it sliding across the sensitive nerves of her lips. She swirled her tongue over it, tasting the fleshy sweat fill her mouth. She watched his expression as his smile grew wider, pleasure mixing with the mischief.

Still looking up at him she worked more and more of his cock into her mouth, sliding her lips across the flesh tightly. She swirled her tongue and started the actual sucking process. Soon she had the top few inches of his cock sliding in and out of her suctioning mouth while her hand pumped the base of it. She felt his hands holding firmly to her head, saw his hips starting to pump in unison with her sliding mouth.

"Yeah, suck it," he coached her. "Suck my cock girl. Feel it in your mouth, feel me fucking your sweet mouth."

His hands were now holding onto her head firmly as he proceeded to push and pull it into a rhythmic pace with his own pumping hips. Gradually he forced more of his cock into her mouth until her lips were bouncing off of the fingers she had wrapped wound it. She felt his member sliding over her lips, she swirled her tongue over it and sucked harder with her mouth.

"Suck it baby," he moaned. "Suck it while I fuck your mouth with my cock. While I fuck your sweet mouth."

On her knees, her blouse hanging open, her huge breasts bouncing and swaying with the way he was jerking her body, she could do nothing except continue to accept his flesh into her mouth again and again. Alternately she would look up at him then look forward at his pumping hips and abs as he pushed himself into her mouth. She realized that he was actually fucking her face, fucking her mouth.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm," she whimpered around his assaulting cock, her tongue swirling around and tasting his salty sweetness, tears streaming down from soft wide open eyes.

She felt his cock twitch at her noise, felt it grow a little more rigid in her mouth.

"You're gonna swallow my seed baby," he informed her. "You ever swallow a man's load? Yeah, I bet you have, baby."

Candy's eyes flashed upwards as she desperately tried to get him deeper insider her throat. She knew he was going to come now and she also knew that there probably wasn't anything she could do to stop him. Her mind wrestled with the idea as she tried to determine whether she wanted him to or not. He was staring back down at her, his eyes filled with a powerful need that she recognized and understood.

"Mmmmmmm," she whimpered again.

"I bet you've swallowed a lot of loads. You're a little hotty, you know that. A beautiful little cock sucking hotty. And now you're gonna swallow my load. I'm gonna come in your pretty mouth so you can swallow it like a good little girl."

His hips and hands were pumping her mouth over his cock at a rapid pace now as the head of it bounced off the back of her mouth, a small bit of it even slipping into her throat. She closed her eyes as she felt his cock swelling in her mouth, felt it growing stiffer with each pump forward. Instinctively she sucked harder on it, she swallowed the seed oozing from it and waited for the spray that was coming. Professor Smith was grunting now as he humped her face urgently. A moment later she sensed his entire body tensing, felt him freeze as he buried his cock deep into her mouth. She felt and tasted his first spray of semen as it washed the back of her throat and she swallowed quickly. She gulped and sucked on his cock as spray after spray of his load pumped into her mouth, his cock twitching and jerking as it unloaded his juices.

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