Candy Shop


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It was nearly closing time, at the confections store and Emm was more than ready to call it a day. She hung up with what would most likely be the last call of the evening, starting to grin at the thought of closing now. She placed the CD that her sister had given her a couple of days ago into the CD player. She had listened to "The Massacre" album before, just last night actually, while she was on the treadmill at her apartment. She held the CD case in her hand, pausing to read the inside panel.

"Label: Aftermath/Shady

Song: Candy Shop

Writers: Jackson, Curtis, Storch, Scott"

She snapped the case closed and set it on the counter, then pushed the button starting with the first song. Once the song started she adjusted the music level to where she wanted it; not too loud, but loud enough. Emm got it just right and stopped that song in the middle of where it was and advanced to the song she really wanted to hear.

Emm went to grab a bucket of hot soapy water and a clean rag from the sink and brought both back to the sales floor. She'd heard a few songs by the rapper, "50 Cent" before and tried to remember if she'd heard any by the artist named "Olivia" featured with him on this song. Well, there were none she could recall right now.

She looked toward the front windows, but couldn't see out because of the darkness in the street. The plate glass stretched across the front of the building from floor to ceiling and was broken by the entrance with an awning overhead at the center. The expanse showed only her reflection on the windows looking back at her.

She wondered just what people passing by on the sidewalk could see of her inside the shop. Would they see past the eye-catching displays to where she was at the counter? Well, they could if they tried hard enough and she really hoped someone would. The candy girl was in the mood to put on a little bit of a show tonight.

The text message tone on her cell went off and she looked briefly at it recognizing the number. It was her sister again. She'd talk to her later. There was work to be done now, and she had better get to it. Emm grinned and pushed the button to start her song.

"I'll take you to the Candy Shop... I'll let you lick the lollypop... Go 'head girl, don't you stop... Keep going 'til you hit the spot... "

Dancing in time with the driving beat, she ran the warm dish cloth over the countertop and started to go through the nightly routine of cleaning. She scrubbed the sticky sugar fingerprints off the glass case from the long day of filling the customers' orders. As she continued moving seductively, she put on a show of her body by displaying her chest and ass in calculated motions, only pausing momentarily as she popped a cherry lollypop in her mouth with the stick held at the right corner of her lips.

She came around the front of the counter and paused to reach for the lollypop and draw it out of her mouth. Facing the front windows she extracted it slowly, keeping her lips tightly against it to catch the saliva that had been building up inside. Emm swirled it around, then returned it to her mouth. Her body resumed dancing where she had halted briefly, her hips moving like she was a seasoned belly dancer. She raised her arms over her head snapping in time and clicking her tongue and teeth together, mimicking the background beats in the song.

"I'll take you to the Candy Shop... Boy one taste of what I got... I'll have you spending all you got... Keep going 'til you hit the spot... "

The girl's dancing left little to the imagination and he couldn't help but stop to watch her inside the window. The chill in the air seemed to be forgotten as his thoughts and the feelings stirring within warmed him from the inside out.

The gentleman had been walking past the candy shop on his way to the parking garage as he did every night on his way home. He was much later than usual having stayed at the office working on his latest task. Having the authority as the lead engineer on the project had its rewards, but every little setback was ultimately his problem to fix. The man was glad it had all been sorted out and now he'd be able to relax since it was finished.

As if hypnotized, his eyes were transfixed on her. She was beautiful, and if what (delete he) was seen was any indicator, she was pretty uninhibited in her sexuality. Her brown hair was pulled onto the top of her head with curls spilling out over top of the visor she wore. She had a great shape, hour glass and curvy, and in the snug fitting candy striper get-up she looked awesome. Oh, God, what was she doing to that lucky lollypop?

Her body dipped and swayed. She moved her shoulders throwing her head back. Her hand dunked the rag into the bucket again and bent over forward in front of the counter, her ass still moving to the beat. He stood there mesmerized until a taxi driver brought him out of his stupor.

"Hey, buddy, need a lift?" the cabbie called out to him. He did look like he was waiting for something, but a taxi was not what he needed. He turned toward the sound of the voice that was disturbing his enjoyment of the show inside.

"No, I'm good. Thanks anyway," he answered back, but the cabbie heard nothing after the "no," and sped off down the street.

"...You got it your way, how do you want it... "

He heard the music again coming from inside, and his vision returned to the girl just in time to see her enter into the back of the store and out of his sight. Quickly glancing at the sign on the door, he checked the hours. It showed the store was open until nine tonight. He looked at his watch and nine p.m. registered in his head. His watch must be a little fast.

Then he noticed the neon sign saying "Sweets and Treats" was still on, and as it stood, the shop appeared to be open for business. "Nearly nine already, no wonder I'm hungry."

Well, he might as well go in and see what they had, right? What he wanted to do more than quiet his grumbling belly was to start a dialogue with the girl, and by grabbing something inside to curb his appetite for the drive home, his empty stomach would also be assuaged.

"...You gon' back that thing up or should I push up on it... "

He heard the song clearly now, and the bell jingled softly overhead as he opened the door. He felt the heat as he entered the shop and came in out of the cold. He looked around quickly, trying to find something he would need her help with, not wanting to settle on anything prepackaged. He was unwilling to give in that easily, and miss an opportunity to engage her in a longer conversation.

As he hunched down slightly to look in the glass case, he thought he heard her singing along to the lyrics of the song that was playing in the background, and was frozen in place trying to hear if he was correct. He never really listened to this type of music, but he certainly had a new appreciation for it with her singing along tonight. He saw her legs through the glass of the display case as she approached, and stood upright again as she came back into the room behind it. He noticed the lollypop she formerly had was gone.

"Ohh!" she exclaimed, drawing her hand and the wet cloth to her chest directly over her heart. He saw her jump as he stood up and then took in her form in front of his. They both spoke at the same time.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he apologized as she told him, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in." They looked at each other, and then both let out a nervous little laugh in spite of themselves. As she began regaining her composure, her hands smoothed down the front of her dress.

He looked away and to the items in the case in front of him. His eyelids lowered, trying to take in the selections behind the glass while still looking at her using his peripheral vision. Her hands roaming over her body were like magnets trying to pull his gaze, but he resisted as best as possible. He could feel her looking at him, and smiled unconsciously.

Emm took the opening he created when he looked away, and used it to study him further.

She was taken aback when she caught sight of him. He was so handsome! Mmmm, he was distinguished-looking, in a dark suit with a long trench coat that was open.

She loved tall, dark, and handsome, and those striking hazel eyes didn't hurt, either. He had nicely squared shoulders, and was about six or eight inches taller than her. Yes, he had all of it. He carried a few cardboard tubes that were big enough to hold blueprints, at least that's what she thought would be in them. She could feel herself start to blush when they both tried to talk at the same time.

Emm liked what she saw, especially when she realized he was smiling because he could see she was still blatantly checking him out in front of her. She felt her cheeks warming again, and desperately tried to think of what she was supposed to say next. "He's just a customer, any customer who comes in here on any given day, and wants to make a purchase," Emm thought, trying to pull it together.

"I really don't know what I want, so maybe you could help me and make a suggestion," he said, bringing his eyes back to hers.

She felt her pulse quicken, finally finding her speech. "Well, it would help to know what you are in the mood for tonight," she replied, knowing as soon as they left her mouth that those were not the right combination of words for which she had been searching.

His eyebrow raised, and she saw a sparkle of light flicker in his eyes. His smile caused the corners of his eyes to crinkle slightly, and he tilted his head to the right a little to appear as if in thought about her suggestive statement.

"Um, is that a proposition?" he asked.

Man, now she was furiously red. He laughed out loud, seeing her in a state of alarm. She realized that the situation hadn't really been that bad as he seemed amused at her slip. Emm was still at a loss for words, and he cleared the air with another question, letting her off the hook from the last one.

Gesturing toward her nametag on the front of her uniform, he asked, "Emm, is that short for something?"

"Um, yeah, it's Emmalee, actually," she answered, spelling it out for him so he'd see how her nickname was acquired.

"Okay," he said, reaching his right hand out for her to shake, "I am Johnathan T. Smythe," spelling his last name for her, "and it's nice to meet you."

Emm took his hand tentatively, and felt the warmth of it. They each held the other's hand a tad longer than necessary, just enjoying the meeting.

She snapped back into it, and said, "I'm so sorry. I usually don't have anyone in here so close to closing, so I turned on the CD player and this song was on it." Not a lie, although she failed to mention that she had deliberately put it there. "I hope you're not offended. I could easily go and turn it off..." He was a customer, after all.

He broke into her offer, saying, "No need to do that on my account, I'm rather enjoying it, and the dancing that accompanied it earlier, too." His eyes crinkled again, and there was that flash she saw before.

"...I'm tryin' to explain baby the best way that I can...I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hands... "

"Great lyrics in this song. I don't know that I have given it proper consideration before now, though," he continued. She stood there, her mouth feeling dry, and she subconsciously licked her lips. Emm wished she still had the lollypop now. If he liked what he saw earlier, she knew she could really get to him now. The chorus of the song started again.

"I'll take you to the candy shop... I'll let you lick the lollypop... Go 'head girl, don't you stop... Keep going' 'til you hit the spot... "

Seeing her lick her lips, he reached for a lollypop on the tree stand that held them at the register. He looked to her again, and after another thought, he took out a second. He held one out to her, and kept the other for himself. She took it, looking at it briefly to see the flavor.

Hmmm, she knew he had the blue raspberry from the color, and saw that he gave her the flaming cinnamon. This was going to be hot in more ways than one. They both tore off the clear cellophane wrappers and brought them to their mouths, never leaving the intense gaze they held on each other.

"I'll take you to the candy shop... Boy one taste of what I got... I'll have you spending all you got... Keep going 'til you hit the spot... "

Emm really wanted to give him a show now. She licked the candy to get it slippery and wet, and then rubbed it on her lips like she was applying lipstick. Coating the red candy over her lips she took note of the burn of the cinnamon flavoring. This batch certainly was hotter than hell. There would be no oral for him with this candy flavor. She certainly didn't want his dick to be on fire from that! Mental note: tone down cinnamon flavoring next time.

Well, no matter really, because she had other things in mind. She pressed her lips together, smoothing the candy over the entire surface of her lips, and opened them into the shape of an "O." Emm knew what it would look like to him. John just stood there in awe of her, his eyes never leaving her face.

Emm pushed the lollypop around the path of her lips again and heard him groan; no it was almost a whimper actually. He cleared his throat and loosened his tie a tiny bit. She started dancing again, getting into the music and really letting herself go. After dancing her way to the front door, Emm turned off the neon sign and locked up for the night. She was getting hotter by the second, the heat of the candy only adding to the flames burning inside of her.

"...Girl what we do... And where we do... The things we do... Is just between me and you... "

John watched her moving even more suggestively than before. He sucked on his lollypop, and, imagining it was her instead, started teasing it with the tip of his tongue. She saw his tongue darting over the candy like a hummingbird, and instinctively unbuttoned the top three buttons, giving him a good view of her breasts spilling over the top of her favorite bra. It was the one that had the conversation hearts all over it. Suggestions like, "Hug me," and "Kiss me," along with "Love me," were written all over it.

She stuck out her tongue and rubbed the candy up and down the length of it, coating it with her saliva while holding it in her fist. She was moving her hips back and forth and he stared at her absorbed, saliva starting to pool in his mouth. John was so hard right now he could barely keep from touching himself. He had to wipe his mouth so the drool wouldn't run down his chin.

Emm caught his hand wiping his face and smirked, glad to see she was getting to him. She twirled and spun being slightly bent forward, giving him a great show of her ass and tits as she did. John loved every second of it. God, she was so hot.

"Soon as I come through the door she be pullin' on my zipper... It's like a race who can get undressed quicker... "

She went over to him and grabbed his tie, turning around and dancing toward the back room, dragging him in tow. Who was he to try to resist it? Things like this didn't happen to him every day, or ever, for that matter. He stumbled along with her, dropping his blueprints and coat on the floor behind them as they went.

John dutifully followed very close behind. He brought his hands to her hips, lifting the hem of her uniform and leaned his neck back as far as he could with her holding his neckwear to check out the view. He groaned out loud as he saw what she had on under the red and white striped skirt.

She was so excited, and smiled at the thought of what he was now looking at. Emm remembered choosing the underwear, that tiny scrap of cloth that matched her bra, earlier that morning. She stopped and let his tie drop before turning to face him. Her hands went to his belt and unfastened it in record speed. She pulled his pants and shorts down to his ankles in one swift motion, making him catch his breath as the length of him sprung out to meet her, nearly hitting her in the nose as she stood back up again.

"... touch the right spot at the right time... "

Her hand wrapped around his nicely sized and very hard stick. She held on close to its base and teased him by repeatedly stroking it from base to end toward her lightly, then with more pressure back again. She continued her efforts until she he was glistening.

Emm ran her hand over the tip coating it with the sweet stickiness she found at the opening. She wouldn't be able to taste from the source with the fiery cinnamon in her mouth, but wanted to excite him a little more so she drew her hand up to her lips. She stuck out her tongue and licked the palm of her hand, purposely letting him see it enter her mouth.

He was nearly trembling at her actions. Oh, what she did to him.

"...Lights on or lights off she likes it from behind... "

She smiled and slowly turned her back on him, leaning forward with her hands resting on top of the desk. Turning her head around her eyes looked back at him and chuckled as John stood there in a state near unconsciousness, unable to move. Reaching for her skirt her hands pulled it up and over her round ass, exposing it to his eyes once again. Emm moved to the music once more.

He reached out to get a handful of each cheek, taking a step forward to her. He marveled at the warmth and smoothness. He ran his finger down the panties that barely covered her crack, causing goose bumps to appear. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes while enjoying his touch. He reached under her, palm upward, and stroked her pussy through her very wet panties, noticing the back of them said, "Eat me," and, "Now, baby."

"As long as she ain't stopping,' homey, I ain't stoppin'... "

He pulled the thong down her legs, and paused for her to step out if it. Emm turned to face him and undid the rest of her buttons before taking her dress off and dropping it on the floor. She was standing before him in nothing but her bra, which he took the luxury to read, and cute little socks and shoes.

Holding the panties in front of him with his hands he read, "Lick me," and "I'm sweet." He chuckled. "Nice. Should I follow the directions?"

She reached up and brought his face to hers by pulling his neck down. He took both lollypops and her panties and set them on the desk to free their hands. At the same time she removed his shirt and tie, and he deftly unclasped and got rid of her bra while he stepped out of his pants.

They kicked off their shoes, and remained in front of each other, kissing. His lips felt the mild sting of the heat from the cinnamon on hers and he now understood why she stopped short of licking him earlier. My, his lips were starting to burn! He was silently thankful for the first time ever that a woman had not had him in her mouth, not that he would ever admit it if asked.

"Drippin' with sweat, man it's on and poppin'... "

She spun around and bent again over the desk, presenting her backside for his view. He grabbed a hold of himself, stopping to ask, "Are you sure about this, Emm?"

Did he need an engraved invitation, she wondered? She dropped her head down toward the desk, sighing in exasperation, and reached around to grasp him.

Emm pulled his ass forward to bring his dick to rest between her thighs, and pushed backwards to meet him. He took this as a favorable sign, and worked himself in between her folds, feeling the sugary syrup he found there glazing his dick. She groaned in anticipation when he pushed forward to enter.

She gasped as he sank into her. John paused until she got accustomed to him, then withdrew slowly only to push ahead again. She encouraged him with a moan and by turning her head back around to him, bringing her lollypop back to her lips. Her mouth sucked on it so that he could see her cheeks hollow while swirling it around and around.

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