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Cannibal City


Two things you should know about me before you read: 1, I work at my own pace so forgive me if it takes a while for me to update and what not.

2, This is my first time posting on Literotica so please be nice to me. Um...criticism so long as it is constructive is always welcome. I suck at punctuation so feel free to help me out if you see any glaring mistakes. Other than that I hope you like my story and thanks for reading!

The train station was abandoned save for the two of them and a half empty Jack Daniels bottle.

He ran his fangs against the side of her neck drawing a ruby red line of blood before slowly licking the wound clean. She shivered involuntarily at the contact clutching him closer to her body. He lowered his blood stained lips to hers for a kiss that was equal parts lust and disdain all wrapped into one. Such was the state of their relationship at that particular moment. She didn't fight him for control as she usually did; instead she gave into him for once too tired to fight him for dominance. His fingers played at the hem of her dress daring to go further but for now content to graze at the silkiness of her thighs. She was sure things would have gone further had they not been interrupted by a very impatient Halfling who had chosen that moment to interrupt them.

"We have to leave," Isabella said impatiently to the lovers draped over the train bench lost in their own little world.

"Where's Azrael?" Mahoghany asked pushing Randy off her and straightening up; her eyes flashed gold as she searched the secluded darkness for the rebellious youngest member of their group.

"Topside," Isabella replied lighting a cigarette and tossing her fiery red hair over her shoulder.

"Maybe you should go make sure he's still up there," Randy said laying his head in Mahoghany's lap, "you know how he likes to wander off."

Isabella looked at him annoyed for a moment to be taking orders from him but she did as she was told before Mahoghany had the chance to chime in.

"You know I'm starting to think she doesn't like me," Randy said watching her disappear up the stone steps before lighting a cigarette of his own.

"It's nothing personal," Mahoghany laughed "it's becoz of Aegean not you"

"Why does that not surprise me? Randy replied taking a long drag off his cigarette before passing it to her.

"It shouldn't," she replied stroking his hair "but like I told her you can't help who you're related too."

Isabella was like a sister to her and somewhat jealous when it came to others taking up her time. They had met after the outbreak and along with a few others made up a ragtag band of Night Walkers just trying to making it in the world.

Isabella and her twin brother Azrael weren't true night walkers although their skin did blister in the sun if exposed for too long without protection. Their pregnant mother had been attacked like many others on her way home from work one night. She had barely stepped foot out of her car before she was descended upon by a starving mad pack. She was found by a neighbor and soon rushed to a hospital where she died but not before giving birth to Azrael and Isabella. They had been raised for a time by their grandmother but she had died 2 years ago when they were 14. It was also when Mahoghany had ended her exile from the states and had come back.

They finished the cigarette in silence not wanting to leave the train station but knowing it wasn't safe to stay for too much longer. Randy sat up reluctantly and dropped the cigarette butt onto the ground and stomped it out as he stretched his arms out wide working the kinks out of his body.

Patiently Mahoghany waited for him before taking his hand and walking back up to the surface together where Isabella and Azrael were keeping watch.

"Took you long enough," Isabella said hopping off the rusted out hood of an abandoned Honda Civic that had definitely seen better days.

"What's the matter you?" Mahoghany asked the younger girl teasingly poking her in the side before pulling her down into a headlock and messing up her carefully styled curly red locks.

"Stop it," Isabella said trying in vain to break free from Mahoghany's clutches.

Randy and Azrael looked on in amusement at the two of them more than accustomed to their antics by now.

They stopped when they heard a trashcan tip over putting everyone on high alert.

Randy sniffed the air noting an ever so slight change in smells around them and if he wasn't mistaken he knew who had been the coz of the disturbance.

Mahoghany and the other two faded into the darkness as Randy turned to face their unannounced guest not sure exactly what he wanted.

"Well wasn't that touching," Aegean, said making his presence known, "it almost reminded me of the times we spent together as kids Randall."

Aegean and Randall were brothers even though at first glance they looked nothing alike. Aegean was tall with an unruly mane of golden blonde hair fair skin piercing blue eyes and a wide toothy grin. Randy on the other hand was just as tall but with naturally golden tan skin silver blue eyes with hair shorn close to his scalp and he very rarely smiled. He had tattoos up both arms and across his back while Aegean had only one: their family-crest on his shoulder and nothing more.

"What do you want Aegean?" Mahoghany asked annoyance in her voice as she came to stand next to Randy. She had gotten the two younglings out of dodge before she came to Randy's side sure that whatever Aegean was there for it was to be of good to no one but himself.

"Ouch sweetheart I was expecting you to be a little bit nicer seeing as we spent almost a quarter century together playing." He smiled lasciviously soaking up her embarrassment as she remembered the time they spent together in Russia as lovers and members of the Vampire rock group "La Dolce Vida".

"Agee," Randy growled his eyes flashed gold in annoyance.

"I'm here for her," he said motioning towards Mahoghany "but I suggest we go somewhere safe before I tell you. There was a pack of jackals headed this way less than 10 minutes ago and they are sure to be upon us soon."

Jackals were the most feared of all night creatures and the reason why most that still walked in the sun double bolted their doors and windows and kept their shot guns handy in case anything tried to come in that was not invited. They were a demon breed. They weren't quite vampire and not quite monster but all trouble. They lurked in the shadows and ran in packs searching for the scraps of victims left behind by night walkers. If there were enough of them they'd attack the unsuspecting night walker but it was a somewhat rare occurrence becoz it was more dangerous than attacking the unsuspecting human. They came to be from desperation feeding upon their own flesh and when they couldn't find another food source.

"Where are the younglings," Randy asked turning to Mahoghany?

"At Emma's," Mahoghany informed him as she pulled out her 9mm semi automatic Glock and looked to see how many shots she had left and then checked her pockets for extra ammo. Along with the gun she had a hunting knife with a 7 inch blade that could cut through human tissue like it was nothing at all.

"If we leave now we should make it out of dodge," Aegean said he too checking his own weaponry.

"Stay behind us," Randy said to Mahoghany thankful for once she did as she was told.

From the wind she could tell there were at least half a dozen on the prowl headed straight towards them and they were hungry. They stuck to well lit portions of the street but save for Emma's place there was no where safe they could go for another 2 miles and the jackals would be upon them soon.

She whipped around when she heard a noise to her left her pistol aimed and ready to shoot at the first thing that moved.

"Relax," Randy said it's just a raccoon and last time I checked those were still normal."

"Not all of them," Aegean said "you should've seen what these jackals did to an opossum. Fucking sickest shit I've seen in my life. I didn't feel bad blowing that things head off."

"I bet not," Mahoghany replied shuddering at the thought of something as repulsive as a turned opossum.

The real fun began when they got to the park and found the group of jackals feeding on a dead dog.

It took all she had not to vomit at the rancid smell of death and decay that permeated the air. The pack turned their yellowed bloodshot eyes towards them blood running down their chins with bits of flesh and fur caught in their crooked teeth.

"You, good?" Randy asked Mahoghany.

"Peachy," she replied cocking the gun at her waist shooting twice before the jackal she hit knew what was going on his mouth still stuffed with dog so his cry of surprise was muffled.

The remaining five were up and running at them before their dead buddies' body hit the cold wet pavement.

Blood stained teeth flashed maniacally bright in the gloom. One of them speared Mahoghany to the ground knocking the breath out of her lungs and leaving her dazed from where her head hit the concrete. She managed to get hold of her knife and stab at the foul breathed beast before its lips could get any closer to her skin than it already was but even still its drool and blood from the dog it had been eating got into her mouth. She felt someone hurl the body off her and looked up to see Aegean smiling at her as he held his hand out. She spat violently when she stood up and fired two shots into the head of the jackal that attacked her. Then she and Aegean turned their attention towards the other three, two of whom were trying to get away and one attacking Randy. Mahoghany helped Randy dispatch the one jackal attacking him while Aegean took care of the two trying to escape. One clutched the dead dogs' body in his arms as he tried to make his getaway, his friend not too far behind leaving a trail of blood in its wake from his arm hanging limply by his side attached by just a few tendons.

She was covered from head to foot in the blood of a dog and a jackal so she figured she had every right to toss her cookies.

"Well that was disgusting," Aegean said looking at her as he came back from taking out the last two jackals.

"Do you not see what I'm covered in," she asked him sarcastically. "While you two are sitting pretty over there I'm covered in the blood of two different highly atrocious animals not to mention some of it got into MY MOUTH!!!! And my fucking dress is ruined!"

"Yeah with you smelling like that we won't make it very far at all," Randy said looking at Aegean, "where's your place at? I can never keep up with your whereabouts anymore."

"Let's hot-wire a ride and I'll take you guys there, besides we got company to keep," he told the two of them."

"Oh yeah and who might that be?" Mahoghany asked lighting a cigarette and taking a long drag.

"The Supreme Council of Elders," Aegean replied smiling wide.

"You're kidding me right," she scoffed in disbelief "and what the hell do those wart frogs want."

"I'm not at liberty to divulge that information at this present time," Aegean said as he spotted a black Mercedes he liked and crossed the street.

"Since when did you begin playing by the rules? Randy asked skeptically as he followed behind Aegean hand in hand with Mahoghany.

"Since I became a member of the Watchers Council," Aegean replied easily enough as he popped the front door lock and slid in the car.

"A watcher Aegean I'd never thought I'd see the day when you were on the somewhat straight and narrow," Randy quipped cuffing his brother on the back of the head before walking around and getting in the front seat.

Mahoghany leaned against the passenger side door once she got into the sedan. Her body was on fire from the adrenaline rushing through her veins and it seemed for a moment she couldn't get enough air in her lungs.

"You all right back there," Aegean asked concerned looking at her through the rearview mirror.

"Peachy," she replied tho she felt anything but, she dug her hands into her eyes as a sharp pain imploded in her brain and she fought the urge to vomit again finally deciding to lay down in the backseat hoping she would feel better. Instead she passed out cold her body suddenly weak and her mind lethargic.

Aegean drove through the city streets like a bat out of hell on his way to the council hoping she'd keep it together for the sake of the Mercedes he had just stolen. He really kind of liked it seeing as it was damn near impossible to find a luxury sedan abandoned on the streets not stripped of everything valuable.

Randy turned to look into the backseat at Mahoghany and for a moment wished he had climbed back there with her. Whether it was the energy exerted fighting the jackals or the fact that she was covered in blood she didn't look so good and her passing out did nothing to ease his mind.

An eternity later or so it seemed to Randy, Aegean pulled up outside a grey nondescript building near the city docks. The smell of grease salt water and rotting garbage floated on the air as Randy got out and opened the back door and helped Mahoghany out curious as to what exactly the Council of Elders wanted from them. She came too and dry heaved a few times as Aegean knocked twice on the door and when it was opened slightly he said something in Latin and they were ushered in and up a flight of stairs.

"Aegean we told you to watch over her," an older woman acknowledged the blonde sharply as she took in the trio of vampires standing before her. Randy knew her as Roswell the healer of the council and also the unofficial voice of reason when things got heated.

"I did watch her," he said indignantly "I watched her as she took out two jackals and got bled on by one of them."

"Get her over here," Roswell said dismissing his statement as she ushered them towards the middle of the room where there were ancient markings carved onto the floor. They were for protection from outside forces and also to aid in the healing of the sick.

"I'm pretty sure blood got into her mouth," Randy said as she went to a shelf in the corner of the room and began to look through the different vials that sat there before she picked what she needed and began mixing different herbs and powders with a mortar and pestle.

"I hope it's not too late," she murmured "lift her up."

"Too late for what?" Randy asked suddenly alarmed as he helped Aegean lift her up from the floor.

"For the child she carries," Roswell said as she parted Mahoghany's lips and poured the mixture down her throat and began to speak in Latin.

Child? Randy spluttered completely thrown off guard by her words. "She can't be pregnant!"

"And why not child?" William the council historian said from his position in the corner. Randy had not noticed the hunchbacked old man when he first came in.

"Becoz night walkers can't have a child that's why," he replied tersely glaring at the old man as if he had lost his marbles.

Before William could challenge Randy's assertion Mahoghany gave a devastating cough her body lurched upwards hovering in the air a moment before she fell down on the floor again her body deathly still.

"We won't know till morning how she truly is," Roswell said looking over the young woman lying on the floor.

"Randy take her to the bedroom down the hall and make sure she's comfortable," Roswell said. Then come back here on the double so we can talk."

His head was spinning with all that had just transpired in less than ten minutes. He prayed to whatever deity that was currently accepting his prayers that she was okay becoz even though he was loathed admitting it to her face, he liked having her around.

When he was sure she was okay he made his way back to the sitting room where Roswell was now sitting at a short circular table flanked by four chairs. He took a seat in from of her before asking what the hell was going on.

"I still don't understand," he said to Roswell for what seemed like the millionth time. "She's pregnant with my child and why are we or should I say I just now finding this out?"

"It is the way of the gods," Roswell said waving her hands over the table top which suddenly came alive. It was marked with constellations and reflected the night sky perfectly on its aged surface. "The stars predicted it many moons ago we just weren't sure as too who they spoke of."

"And you are definitely sure it's her, yea?" Aegean cut in.

"The stars have been wrong before," she said mysteriously "but what I felt when I touched her told me the truth."

"Bloody hell," he said cradling his head in his hands "this can't be happening."

"It is my son," she said and "you must soon tell her the truth as to who you really are."

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