tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCanoe Trip Nightmare Ch. 03

Canoe Trip Nightmare Ch. 03


I must have fallen asleep. I don't know how much time had passed as I was stirred awake by Murline. She was kissing me and caressing me. As I awoke, I realized I was tied to the bed, my arms over my head and my legs tied together and to the end of the bed.

I looked around the room for my wife and saw her lying at the feet of Elmer. She appeared to be asleep or unconscious. Elmer looked at me and bellowed at his daughter.

"Daughter! Quick fucking playing around, and get his fucking dick hard. You fucking ignorant slut!"

Murline obeyed immediately and moved down and began to fellate me. I tried not to respond, but the young woman knew what she was doing. Elmer continued to stare at me while his daughter sucked my cock. When I was fully hard, he reached down and grabbed my wife by the hair and pulled her up, turning her head towards mine.

"Look at your fucking husband. My daughters got his cock nice and hard. You need to do the same to me girlie!" He ordered.

He grabbed my wife's head and began to fuck her mouth. His cock began to grow instantly as he used my wife's mouth as a fuck toy. She neither resisted nor seemed enthusiastic about what was happening. She just let Elmer do as he pleased.

Elmer stared into my eyes as he fucked my wife's face. He looked maniacal. His eyes were bulged out and cheeks flush as he pumped him huge cock in and out of her mouth. Slowly he stood up and grabbed my wife's head with his two gigantic hands and began fuck her face forcefully while he stared at me.

My wife appeared to be like a rag doll. She was on her knees, her arms resting by her side. Her eyes had a glassy, glazed over look. And she alternated between soft moans and gagging sounds as Elmer used her.

He suddenly walked over and grabbed Murline by the hair and pulled her off me. He dragged my wife and placed her on top of me. Her body was limp and she did not resist as Elmer sat her down on my erect cock.

Her pussy felt loose and wetter than I've ever felt it before. She collapsed on top of me, her head resting on my shoulder. I wasn't sure if she was aware of what was happening. And then she whispered into my ear weakly.

"Please. No more."

I felt horrible and helpless to stop what was happening. I felt the bed sag and I saw Elmer climbing on behind her, holding his huge cock in his hand. He looked wild and out of control.

"I'm going to fuck her ass raw buddy. Now you're going to see your whore get off!" He sneered.

I felt his hand rubbing the outside of my wife's pussy. I assumed getting some lubrication and rubbing it on his cock and into my wife's ass. She began to moan and pump against me as he fingered her ass.

"You ready for some ass fucking cunt?" He bellowed.

He didn't wait for an answer and began to push his huge hard cock into her ass. My wife's body jumped as he pushed into her. Her loose pussy suddenly tightened around me as she began to hump back against Elmer.

"Oh. Oh. Oh." She began to moan as she slowly raised her head.

"That's it girlie. You liking this?" Asked Elmer.

"Oh God. Oh. Oh. Oh." Was all she could say in a voice that began to rise in intensity.

Elmer pushed deeper and I could now feel his huge hard cock sliding in and out of her ass. It felt like there was only a thin membrane separating our two cocks. As he pushed deeper and deeper, I felt my wife's body respond more and more as she pumped back against us.

My wife raised her head of my shoulder and her body up on her hands as she began to pump actively against Elmer and I. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as she moaned as her body shook in pleasure.

I looked over to see Junior stroking his cock, watching the degrading scene before him. His cock grew hard and he slowly approached my wife. He grabbed her head and turned it towards him and pushed his cock into her mouth.

My wife groaned loudly and began to pump her mouth on Juniors cock and then pump back against his father and I. It was a surreal scene.

"Look at your cock loving whore boy! She's our fucking slut now!" He yelled as he began to pound her ass deeper.

My wife squealed and began to thrash about as Junior pumped his cock into her face.

"Suck it you married bitch. Suck my cock dry!" He yelled as he pushed deep and orgasmed into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed as Junior pumped and pumped into her mouth, then withdrew. Cum dripped from her open mouth onto my chest.

Fred then approached and stuffed his cock into her waiting mouth. She accepted his cock and sucked it greedily, like an out of control whore. Fred soon joined our rhythm as the three of us fucked my wife mercilessly.

My wife moaned and screamed from her cock filled mouth as she fucked back against Elmer and I in a frantic motion. Fred groaned and shot his load into her mouth, and she drank it until her released her head. She quickly lowered her head to my shoulder. She opened her mouth and began to moan into my ear. I could feel her coating the outside of my ear with her cum coated mouth.

"Oh fuck. Fuck me. Fuck me harder." She whispered.

I began to push up against her and she moaned. "That's it baby. Give it to me."

Elmer began to pump her ass hard and deep and I felt my own cock stiffen as my own orgasm approached. Elmer grabbed my wife by the hair and lifted her face until it was right in mine. Her face was twisted in pleasure. She leaned forward and kissed me deeply as she shook in orgasm, screaming and squealing as she shoved her tongue into my mouth.

I tasted the salty cum residue from the two brothers who had just unloaded into her mouth. Elmer grabbed her head by the hair and pulled it hard as he shoved deep and exploded into her ass.

My wife screamed and I felt her pussy spasm in delight as Elmer coated the inside of her rectum with his load. I added my own to her pussy seconds later. She collapsed on top of me, her body still shuddering as Elmer withdrew from her ass.

I must have passed out again. I awoke and found myself by the river where our canoe was. My wife was lying beside me, her eyes open, but looking off in the distance.

I quickly looked around and saw we were alone. I carried my wife to the river and splashed her face with cold water. She seemed to slowly come around. I put her in the canoe and quickly packed our supplies.

As I was about to push off, I noticed a note nailed to the tree. I tore it off and read it.

"Don't come by here again boy. Unless you want worse to happen to you and your slut wife."

I shook in anger as the memories of what happened came rushing back. I crumpled the note and quickly pushed off. I paddled for a time until I was certain we were safe. I gently washed my wife's face and she seemed to come around this time. She sobbed as I held her.

We reached town and got taken back to our car. We both agreed to never discuss what happened to us again. And so far we haven't. But it's still something I'm sure I'll never forget.

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