tagBDSMCan't Control Herself

Can't Control Herself


Just as he was about to leave he turned back to his wife. "I forgot to tell you, my friend is dropping off some papers for me at some point tonight. I'll see you later!" The door closed behind him as she took in what he'd said. It wasn't just any friend dropping by. It was the one man who made her feel like a woman. Even more so than her husband. This man had something about him that could leave her dripping wet from little more than eye contact and a well timed phrase. She'd had to excuse herself in his presence before to regain composure. And he knew it. He knew the power he had over her. And tonight he was coming here, while her husband was away.

A quick turn in the mirror as she surveyed her petite frame. Shoulder length dark golden hair, gray eyes, her butt was firm and round, she was well toned thanks to yoga. She considered changing her outfit, but remained in her yoga pants and form fitting light blue tee. There was a knock on the door.

She opened the door to see him, standing there. His blue eyes locked on hers, she could feel her insides starting to melt already. "I brought these papers," he said, indicating a file folder under his arm. "Can I come in?"

Nodding, she opened the door wider. He walked past her to the kitchen and a whiff of his scent swirled into her nostrils. A deep, musky odor that permeated through to her nether regions. He'd done little more than walk past and she was already feeling his power.

He placed the folder on the counter. "Well," he said, "what are you waiting for? Take your clothes off." She stared for a moment, disoriented, but inexplicably felt compelled to obey. She started with the pants, slipping them down to the floor. Her shirt she shimmied up over her shoulders and past her head. "Now turn around" he said. She, almost out of body, felt herself turning as he looked her up and down. The lust in his eyes had her tightening her lips together, and not the ones on her face. She could feel herself more turned on than ever before, and he'd yet to even touch her.

"Now, remove your undergarments" she knew she shouldn't, she was married, hell, he was too...but she couldn't stop herself. She stood, fully nude in front of him. Slowly, he circled around her. "Yes, you have a very nice body. You know what I'd like to do to it?" She did not, but she sure wanted to know. She managed a whimper and a nod. "First, I want you to touch your breasts, make your nipples erect." She did as she was told. Rubbing her fingertips in circles around her nipples until they stood, fully erect on her C cups.

"Now, take those finger tips and trace your inner lips...when you reach your clit, rub it until you feel yourself getting wet." She wanted to tell him she already did but remained silent and did as she was told. She loved the feel of her soft lips, her fingers eagerly explored herself, as she had so many times. When she reached her clit, she used the very tip of her pointer finger to gently caress the end of it until juices were almost running down her leg.

He stepped forward. "I want to smell you" he said, taking her hand in his. The feel of her hand in his was electric; he brought her finger first to his nose, then to his mouth where he licked the tip softly. He stepped back.

"Go into the living room and lay on the couch." Again she followed her orders. "I want you to make yourself come. I'm going to watch." He sat by her feet, looking hungrily towards her hands. She moved her right hand slowly to her wet opening. She slid in two fingers, rubbing them against her clit and inside her vagina. "mmmm," she moaned, putting pressure upwards on her fingers. "Silence," he said. She bit her bottom lip to keep from making more noise, as she continued to run her fingers inside her wet vagina. She looked at him, sitting by her feet, watching her in her most intimate moment. "Now come," he said. The orgasm started inside her middle, radiating throughout her legs, down to her feet and back up again. She could no longer contain her moan as she brought herself over that final cliff.

Her body tingling, she lay, heaving, as he waited as her breath slowed. "Next time," he said, "I'm going to make you come." He stood abruptly, turned and walked out the door.

Naked, on her couch, she lay silent, trying to remember every last detail. She found herself again bringing herself to orgasm, the second one always easier than the first, then a third. She could see his eyes watching her come, again and again, even though he was long gone.

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