tagNonHumanCantar's Chaos Ch. 03

Cantar's Chaos Ch. 03



Welcome back to my world of werewolves and vampire. This is the fifth story in the She Wolf series. I hope you all enjoy it. This is the very last chapter. I hope you enjoy it. So sit back, read and then relax. This chapter continues the story line from Ivanovs chapter seven.

Thanks to Overstar for editing and revising. Any errors found are not a reflection on this gentleman.



The demise of Johannes Gallo spread throughout the vampire community. The message was clear. Fuck with the Ivanovs and die. Gernick arrived at home, and saw Corliss embracing his kid sister, before he could protest. Nicky came to him and hugged him. She was thanking him for bringing Cantar home. The sight of his wife crying took his mind off of his sister. He vaguely remembered Krill speaking to the young man, as he noticed both Kale and Garrick were holding their wives as well.

He turned to face Cantar, but she was watching the young man. That wasn't what made him pause. It was the look of reverence on the man's face as he stared at his sister. His love for Cantar was obvious. Who was he to deny her that? Gernick paused and looked at his brothers. The other two nodded their acceptance of this. For now, they'd leave them be. But in a few days, they were vetting that young man. "I knew you would get it. I'm proud of you." A voice said behind him. Claus was there. Amerie was checking Nicky and his Dad hugged him.

Amerie was extremely upset when she learned of this latest attack. She came to her daughter as soon as she could. She was relieved that Cantar had been returned, but mainly concerned about Nicolette. Nicky was pregnant and having gone through a difficult pregnancy with her first child, she didn't need this stress. So as Claus was checking on Gernick, Amerie checked on her daughter.

"Momma, I'm fine. The baby is fine. How are you?" Nicky asked. She missed her Mom, but since she'd moved to Asia, Nicky was standing more on her own. She realized that she had grown even more. Amerie answered. "I am fine. I'm looking forward to visiting for a few weeks when Janine gets here." She smiled. I was worried about you though. Stress is not good." She pointed out.

Nicky nodded, and answered truthfully. "I'll admit I was so scared for her. I know what being taken feels like, but she's OK. And from the looks of things she has a husband. I'm sure they will join in the next week. I'm relieved and happy for her Momma." Then she chuckled. "I feel bad for her brothers though."

Amerie was confused, "Why?" Brenwan joined them. "Her brothers picked Thomas Macavi to be her husband, and they hate being wrong. I like Corliss, and we will have to stick up for him." Amerie nodded, and smiled as understanding dawned.

"Ladies, believe me Cantar will straighten out her brothers. From what I have seen of her, she can get all three under control when she has too." She added. They grinned.

"Hey, where's Krill?" Kale asked Garrick. As he was holding Shari. "He left. I hope everything is OK."Garrick answered


Meanwhile Krill was standing in the hallway at Samaria's apartment. She just slammed the door in his face and locked it. Hell, she's mad as hell, anyway, he thought. I might as well go in. He reappeared in her apartment.

"What in the hell are you doing? You can't just barge into my home. Get out Krill. You made yourself clear to me earlier." Samaria screamed, as her favorite mug struck the wall behind him. The mug was followed by a saucer, coaster, her shoe, just anything she could get her hands on.

Krill ducked and dodged each and every item she flung at him. He actually smiled. This was the woman he loved. Samaria was glorious when she lost her temper, and he looked forward to making her go off at him for the rest of their lives. All he had to do was convince her to take him back.

She walked away from him, and his wolf heritage rose. His wolf heritage rarely asserted itself, but he wanted to claim his mate. This revelation confirmed his belief that they belonged together. She was still screaming and throwing things at him, and he realized he needed to stop her tirade. With inhuman speed he moved to her side. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. She resisted. "Let go of me. Krill let me go." She struggled.

"I'm sorry. Samaria, if I could change things I would go back and do things differently. I hate that you got hurt, but I am here to ask for another chance." Krill explained. Her struggles lessened. Then she remembered the pain, humiliation she suffered because of him. She was young, but not as cultured or slender as other girls. However, he spent hours talking to her. She fell for him, but then he joined his friends and she heard the fat jokes. She saw him laugh with them, and knew they were talking about her. He looked right at her, and not once did he apologize. He acted as if she was invisible. He chose to be like them.

"I have loved you since I first saw you over a century ago. You made fun of me. You had a choice and you chose the vampire council. I would have done any and everything for you Krill, and you knew it. I don't understand why you treated me that way. And after all these years, you show up at my job yesterday to threaten me. Why? I didn't deserve that. You think "I'm sorry "erases over a century of pain and humiliation. No. I wish you the best. I'm glad Ms. Ivanov is safe. She is the one that's important, right. Now, please leave my home." She ordered.

Krill took a breath and sat down. "No, I'm not going. I fucked up, and I admit that. I should have waited and approached you when I was in a better space. I was out fighting and defending my family. No one knew that my brothers were werewolves. I had to protect them. So when I met you, I was at a bad time."

He had to get through to her. She had to listen. "I had just found mother and learned that she'd been severely abused. I learned that my Aunt was the one that hurt her. Her husband was on the council, and she was actively involved with it. I needed to get close to her to make her pay."

He inhaled, and looked at her. "Samaria, I was three when Momma was taken. She hid me and I saw them beat her. Then they vanished. I searched for my mother for centuries. She was so dejected when I found her. Those men did... I don't want to recall that, but my mother was severely damaged, and I had to care for her. In my mind, back then, I was focused on making Aunt Essie pay. I came to see you when I could get away from them, but I couldn't explain everything then. I thought-," Samaria stopped him. Her heart broke for him, but she held strong. She had to resist the urge to comfort him.

"You lie. You could have told me this then. I would never have exposed your secret. That wasn't the problem. The one night we went out, I heard the remarks. I heard what people said to you. You were ashamed to be seen with me, and that's alright. I know I'm not a beauty queen, but I won't allow anyone to treat me the way you did." She walked away from him. "So, Krill, thank you, but no thanks. You know your way out."

She turned and faced him; he could not say anything. She was right. His actions over a century ago were uncalled for. " Sammie, you are right. I am sorry, but I ask that you give me a chance to show you that I have changed. The way I have treated you is abominable, but I ask that you reconsider. Just don't say no. I don't have the right to ask, but give me a chance. Give me a chance to prove to you that I care and we can have a life together. That's all I ask, unless you are afraid. Are you?" He whispered.

She turned and glared at him. "You hurt me." Closing her eyes and turning away she whispered, "I'd be a fool to let you hurt me again."

"If you give me a chance, I will never treat you the way I did before." Krill vowed.

Samaria shook her head, "No, burn me once, and you won't get a second chance. Good bye Krill. Please, just go." She whispered.

Krill nodded. "I'll leave, but this is not over." He vanished back to his home. Alone in his home, he cried. He hurt her and she had the right to refuse him, but it didn't lessen the pain. He recalled the time. He had found his mother, and she had a hard time adjusting. He learned of Esmeralda's connection to the council. He had to join the council. He'd also just met her. She captivated him, but the council members were cruel and he wanted to fit in. So when they made those hateful remarks, he laughed. He began to court council members, and began to earn a name amongst them. They went out one night and they saw some of the members. He knew what they thought of her, so he spoke to them and pretended she was not his date. When the other men left, he tried to apologize, but she just wanted to go home. She vanished. Manson learned of her, and was appalled at him for how he treated her that night. They actually came to blows. Ma broke up the fight. Manson called him an idiot, and told him he'd regret that decision. He was right, but right then he had to push her out of his thoughts. Overtime he and Manson talked. They reunited and he loved his brother.

He was sitting in his living room, when Lars and the twins popped in. "Krill, we sensed something is wrong. What is it?" Lars asked.

Krill stood and walked away, wiping away his tears. "It's fine. Cantar is safe and everything worked out." He answered. His brothers were there when he hurt Sammie all those year ago. But he wasn't ready then, so he was right to let her go.

"Who is it? Who has hurt you?" It didn't matter. They would find the culprit. "Don't lie to us, Krill." Terse stated.

"It's who I hurt. I saw Sammie. She refuses to forgive me." Krill whispered.

His brothers were silent. They knew how Krill felt about that woman, and they understood how he felt. "Is there anything we can do?" Phillip asked.

"No, I'll be alright. Thanks guys." Krill answered. "I just need some time that's all."


The women were so glad Cantar was back. They each held her and cried. Eventually, they let go and she spent the rest of her time being held by Corliss. She talked with the council members about her ordeal, and then her brothers and cousin returned. Krill checked on her and Corliss and then he had to leave suddenly. He was gone quite a while and everyone was tired and about to go home.

As soon as Brenwan was ready to leave, Nicky moaned. Gernick was instantly alerted. "Baby, are you hurting?" he asked.

At first Nicky denied that she was hurting, and dismissed it as lack of rest. Brenwan and Kale postponed leaving and asked Petra to watch Kalen a bit longer. Garrick and Shari did the same. They kept talking, when Nicky gasped loudly. That was all Gernick needed to hear. Gernick lifted his wife and they rushed to the compound. Everyone followed, and waited anxiously for their niece to arrive. Nicky's labor was intense but three hours later, Janie Amerie Ivanov was welcomed into the world by her overanxious father and exhausted mother. Her birth was so different from Jonathan's and Gernick never left her side. A part of him recalled his fear of losing his wife and child, but today counteracted those feelings.

Soon, everyone came in to see Nicky and the baby. They congratulated the new daddy. As Nicky was talking with family, Gernick vanished back home. Jonathan was with Petra, and he needed to hold his son. He described his daughter to their nanny, Petra. She congratulated him as he chattered on and on about his daughter. She was watching the other babies, but he took Jonathan to the hospital to meet his new sister. Jonathan didn't like the new baby and complained that she was too little to play with. He wanted Theo. Everyone laughed and Gernick hugged him tighter. Nina took him home and he and Theo had fun playing all night.

Cantar visited with her family, but soon she wanted to go home. She wanted time with Corliss. She told Brenwan they were leaving and she'd check in later in the week. They vanished back to her home in Nashville.

Corliss was quiet. She was his wife, but he had nothing to give her. He was a servant in her home. For her to agree to be with him would cause her to be humiliated. He needed to think. "Cantar, I am glad you are safe. I will go now and let you-." Cantar caught his arm. "What is wrong? Corliss, I don't get it?" He dropped his head.

"I have waited my whole life for you. But I can't take care of you. You should have a husband that can provide for you and any children that are born. I am a servant. I will always be that. I know your brothers do not approve, and they are right." He exhaled. "I told them if you came back safely, I would go. I will keep my word to them."

"What about what I need?" Cantar asked. "Corliss, do I get a say in what I want? You are mine, and I can't let you walk out of my life. Be with me, love me, and after if you still want to go, I won't stop you."

"Cantar, I love you, but I'm not good enough." He exhaled. "Your friends will ridicule you. I hate the thought of women like the ones before saying..." he stopped.

Cantar was done talking. He was hers, and tonight she was making love to him. "Corliss, stop, kiss me." She whispered as she moved to stand before him, and he lost himself in her taste.

"Corliss, I'm yours, make me yours she whispered. His resistance was gone, and he carried her to her bedroom. Slowly they undressed before each other, marveling at the sight of each other. Soon they were naked. Cantar took in every sinewy inch of her mate. His broad chest, strong thighs, cut abdomen, and the thick member that extended from a thick patch if dark hair made Cantar's body yearn for him. Corliss admired her beauty as well, and then shyly he kissed her, taking time to taste her skin.

"Corliss, baby, um, it's been a while and we can go slow the next time. I promise." Cantar whispered, as he chuckled.

"Quiet wife, I have no desire to hear of any other man." He griped, biting her neck. Cantar's pussy was drenched and swollen waiting to be filled, and it seemed her husband wanted to take his time. Soon he was kissing her stomach. Soon he was at her hot, molten center. Spreading her legs, Corliss used his tongue and teased her love button endlessly. He moaned as he tasted her, and wondered how he would walk away. Soon he dipped his tongue into her honeypot and her juices coated his tongue. Cantar was awashed in sensation and completed captured under his spell. He licked her pussy and drank the nectar of her flower. She came all over his tongue and he lapped the juices freely. Cantar cried out, begging him to stop and then begging him to not stop.

Soon she needed him. She needed him inside and she told him so. "Corliss, I want you to love me. Come inside me please," she whimpered.

He stopped, because he realized that when he made love to her, he loved her he would mark her, she would become his wife." Cantar noticed his hesitation.

"What?" she asked.

He was honest, "If we do this, I will mark you. I will take you as my wife. Cantar, if you don't want this, we need-? She was kissing him and pushing him onto his back, as she straddled his body. Sliding her hot sheath over his hardened mass, Cantar groaned. And then she rode her mate, Corliss forgot to think. He forgot his protest or his reasons. He could only feel. He was so close and she was riding him fiercely, "Corliss, I need to, please let me mark you she whimpered, and he could not refuse her. She bit him and he roared, within seconds, he reversed their positing and found himself riding her hard between her thighs. He needed to taste her, "Cantar, please don't regret this, and he gave in and marked his wife. Cantar came, her pussy massaging his cock, pushing him into a glorious climax at the end.

"Mmmmm, well wife, are you OK, I didn't hurt you, did I?" Corliss asked, concerned.

"I am fine, Husband. Then she sighed, my husband, my life, Corliss, this is good. This is right." She whispered.

He held her then, "I hope your brothers agree." He joked, but she knew he was really concerned.

"Corliss, I chose you. This is what matters." She explained as she caressed his cheek.

"The guy, the scientist, he has everything I don't. They chose him for you." He explained. Cantar laughed and he was startled. "Yes, my brothers love Thomas, but I love you. You Corliss Darksky are mine, my husband."

He smiled and hugged her tightly. "Well wife, your husband has needs." She giggled as she took care of her amorous spouse. The next morning, they awoke together, and Corliss realized he had no clothes. He quickly dressed and was about to vanish back to his apartment. As he was leaving, Cantar grabbed his arm and said, I'm going too."

Within seconds they were at his small home. However, he had a very agitated guest waiting. "Well, little brother, I guess congratulations are in order."

Corliss quickly moved to stand between his wife and his brother. "Christophe, why are you here?" he demanded.

"We were worried about you. Mother and father want you to come home. However, since you've taken the b-" Corliss growled, "Watch it, brother."

"I'm sorry, the girl, I will inform them." He stated but before he vanished she spoke.

Corliss was so tense, Cantar wrapped her arms around his waist. "I don't want to give you up. Since Mother hurt all these people, I have paid. For once I want a little piece of happiness for myself. Do you need me to stay a secret from them?"

Christophe froze, "This girl loved his brother. He could hear it in her tone. See it in her body language. She was willing to hide from his family if that was what he needed her to do. He watched for a moment.

Corliss held his wife and said. "Cantar, you are my wife. No one is more important to me than you. No you will not hide."

"Christophe if you cannot accept her, then I will walk away. But I will not abandon my wife." He declared.

"Corliss, I won't come between you and your family. I love you, and I won't be the reason they shove you away." She whispered, as she held him. Her body trembled, and Christophe noticed.

Mother, he has joined with her. She is his wife. Can you and father accept her? Christophe sent.

Did she manipulate him, trick him? Mother demanded.

No mother, she did not, he answered.

"Brother, you need to bring your bride home to meet our parents." Christophe informed him.

Corliss was scared. He didn't want to take her there. He couldn't protect her if it was a trap, so they'd both be hurt, because he'd die defending her.

"Corliss, I know I've been dishonest in the past. I swear on all we hold dear that no one will come against your wife, but you know you need to present her to our parents." Christophe explained.

Corliss held her close. "We will come, but not today. I will be in touch, alright." He explained.

Cantar spoke, "Can your parents come here? They are welcomed in my home and that way you can rest assure that I am safe."

"OK, I will tell them. Corliss despite everything I have done, I am happy for you." Christophe stated and then he left.

Cantar hugged him and promised it would be alright. "Hey, it will be OK. Look, let's plan the party for your parents. I can call Kyra to help." But Corliss was silent.

He wanted to reconcile with his parents but not at the cost of his wife. He kissed her, and she stopped talking. "Cantar, we will set the time for the meeting. Not them. My mother said some things, and I won't forget..., but out of respect I will honor them. However, they will not disrespect you, or our union."

Cantar smiled, and placed her arms around his neck. "Love, you are my husband. You set the tone, OK. I want you to remember that when you deal with my brothers alright," she laughed. "Now, Mr. Darksky, Mrs. Darksky needs a tour of your bedroom." She turned seductively and whispered, "Race you." And dashed off. Corliss quickly forgot why he'd come home and took off after his wife.

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