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Xzibar had brought back a captive to the Forest of Hell. The trees were like none on earth. Thick and twisting up to the black ruby sky. The leaves were a deep black, almost like onyx.

While his war price was unconscious he had taken the precaution to bind a large leather collar around her throat secured to a long steel chain with a lock. Angels aren't aggressive by nature but once cornered they can be ruthless. He looks her over. A sleek young 'Warrior of Heaven'. He has laid her spread eagle on the grass with her wrists and ankles bound by chains secured to stakes in the ground. He wants so badly to rip off her fine silk robe but wants her to be awake for that. He bends down and brushes his knuckles across her cheek. He is almost throw backward as her eyes fly open and she lets out a warriors' call, trying to warn her other clansmen.

"No one can hear you. Your in Hell now." Xzibar says soothingly. He's said it a hundred times before this and still enjoys saying it.

"The light of God will destroy you Demon!" She hisses out. His penis strains against the armour of his suit. She is sexy in that position. Looking fail and helpless.

"Maybe some day but not now. Now, I'm going to enjoy your beautiful body." He says smiling. She growls at him, causing the swelling in his prick to increase. He uses his keen claws to slash open her robe and ultimately rips it to shreds. He almost doubles over as he examines her bare body. Her breasts are small and perky, the way he likes them. Her skin is smooth and flawless as all angels are unlike the rough, scared skin of the demons. He feels his penis push against his armour. He must take it off now or he will loose circulation in his testicles.

It takes him 20 minutes to remove all of his black armour and his large specially crafted sword. The whole time she looks at him, surely wishing a thousand deaths upon him.

"What are you going to do to me?" She finally asks. He is naked now and kneels between her spread legs.

"Oh, I'm sure you've heard stories of us haven't you? Pulling your pretty little wings off, skinning you and feeding you to all the little goblins...but that only happens to those who don't obey." Xzibar smiles his charming demon smile at her and winks. "And what is your name sweetie?"

She debuts on whether or not to be obedient and decides it best. "Zsush," she says weakly.

"Very pretty yourself. You're a warrior so I don't guess you were ever taught in the ways of mating were you?" he asks her.

"No, no I was not." She says lowering her eyes. It was forbidden for warriors to engage in acts of mating unless instructed to do so. Suddenly her train of thought snapped as Xzibar buried his face into her smooth hairless womanhood. She screamed. It was a mix between pleasure and pain she'd never felt before as his long pointy tongue darted over her most sacred place.

He ran his tongue along her vertical lips, making them moist. She gasped again as his finger traced the same path.

"I never understood why to explore such beauty as this was forbidden." He said as he breathed her scent in deeply. He rolled her clit between his finger and thumb drawing more gasps from her. She arched her back and seemed to be convulsing.

"Are you okay, I'm not hurting you am I?" He asked, honestly concerned.

"No...doesn't hurt...or maybe it does...I don't know...I just...oh, yes..." she mumbles out as he licks her clit. This time her gasp is followed by a moan.

"Everyone should have the pleasure to taste such beauty as this." He continued as his tongue dipped into her honey thick wetness. She arched and spread her knees a bit wider. He smiles to himself. He starts to lick her dripping flesh with the board side of his tongue. His prick is becoming painfully uncomfortable. Xzibar spreads her outer lips wide apart so he can get to her sweet pink insides. This time she can't control the moan of ecstasy that escapes her lips. His dick pulses with desire and he drinks in her moans. His head is filled with her voice. A throat taught to give warrior calls across hundreds of miles was now filling the air with the sweetest noises he'd ever heard. He stopped his assault on her pink ocean long enough to untie her ankles. She quickly wrapped them around his head, pushing her dipping virgin flesh into his mouth.

"You like what I'm doing Zsush?" He asks, panting as he drives his tongue deep into her tight wet cave.

"Ooooh...yes, very much so..." she moans as he flicks her clit with one of his fingers. "I don't know happening to me...I feel strange...oh..." She screams as Xzibar digs his claws into her hips and crushes her tight pussy against the non-stop flicking of his tongue. Zsush feels her skin burning, she feels as if she might burn up. Her little cunt feels so wet and slippery now. She can't breathe as fierce pressure builds between her legs. And suddenly she screams as something happens and all that pressure erupts, she feels thick juice flowing down her legs.

Xzibar cannot stand it any longer. His dick is rock hard now dripping already with sticky goo. He rips her free from the collar and wrists bounds. He doesn't give her time to recover from her first ever orgasm before his large, rough skinned shaft is spreading her cum soaked pussy lips. She pushes him up off her. At first he thinks she is trying to escape but then she is on him flapping her snow white wings. He understands and together they embrace, both pairs of wings, snow white and onyx, flapping up to the blackened sky. He draws her legs around his waist and pushes his thick flesh into her softness again. She squeals as pain overflows her senses.

"It hurts..." she cries between clenched teeth, tears swelling in her solid blue eyes. Xzibar kisses her deeply on the mouth.

"It will...but will feel nothing you've ever felt..."he groans out as his cock sinks into her ocean. She is so wet, warm and tight. So tight her flesh grips around his prick painfully. He grabs her hips fiercely and thrusts into her. She shrieks in his ear and they both feel her virgin wall tear. He almost cums right then as she melts around him. He knows she must be bleeding now.

He feels bad because she's crying. Her wings have stopped flapping and he is the one supporting them both in the air. He holds her to him and flies downward not removing his cock from its tight cave. Once they are back on the ground and he has her pushed on her back he gently eases more hard flesh into her. She screams again and arches her back. Her breasts in full lovely view for him. He takes the chance to suck on her perky little tits as he pushes and pulls his dick into her.

"you' tight..."he mumbles to her as he thrusts all of the rock hard shaft into her. She squeals but pushes her hips up. He growls and now looses his control. His pelvis is grinding against her soft curves as he fucks her. Her wetness soaks his balls and runs down both their thighs as she cums over and over. His cock swells inside her, threatening to rip open his skin. H

e grabs her hair and pulls her lips against his as he thrusts his hot sperm into her. It seems as if he cums forever. His nuts twitch as the sticky goo spurts out of the hole in his cock tip to soak the inside of the little wet cave. He collapses on top of her, after shocks still rocking though his prick long after cumming.

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