Normally I hated these types of business trips but I was looking forward to this one. There was a $6,000 bonus on the line if the sale could be closed within a week. All we had to do was to convince our customer that our software was the best. The boss decided he would send me, and our youngest sales executive Sara. Sara was a 34-year-old divorcee. She was very quiet and shy, and wasn't much for the sales game but she was good at bringing in the numbers mostly because she was gorgeous. She was nearly 6 feet tall, slender, with long blond hair that fell in gentle curls down to the middle of her back. She had a flawless, fair complexion with ice blue eyes. She would have a very difficult time denying her Scandinavian heritage. Whenever I went to a meeting with her and one of our customers she was able to help seal the deal just by talking sweet and shooting them a toothy white smile. We were not romantically involved. I had thought about maybe asking her out once or twice but knew it might cause problems at the office coupled with the fact that she was a woman's woman and seemed to be sort of indifferent to men even though I knew she wasn't a lesbian. The destination this time was Miami and I was planning to make sort of a vacation out of the weeklong trip. The meetings would only last a couple of days and I planned on staying the rest of the week to get some much needed R and R. Sara had said she was going to fly back as soon as the sale closed. On the evening before we left I caught her in her office just before 5. She was on the phone as I walked in.

"Yes", she said. "Oh, hold on a minute. Jim could you give me just a couple of minutes I need to finish up with this call. I think it's a pretty hot customer."


I stepped back outside her office door. From my position I couldn't help but hear that she was giggling with the person on the phone. This was not like her at all when it came to dealing with a customer. I could hear her again from behind the door.

"OK I'll see you then, I can't wait, thanks, bye". She said as she hung up the phone. I thought the end of the conversation was a little odd but paid little attention to it as I re-entered the threshold to her office door.

"Jim", she said. "What can I do for you?"

"Well I was just curious if there was anything else you thought we should take with us in the morning. I have all the product manuals. Do you want me to get you any extra stuff?"

"Uhh..I was thinking maybe we should take one of these." She got up from her desk and retrieved some documents from the shelf and began to scan through them. While she stood there I couldn't help but admire her. She was wearing a thigh length yellow dress and her perfect body filled out the attire perfectly. I looked down from her ass all the way to her thin yet muscular, smooth legs. She turned around and I collected myself. I couldn't help but take a quick glance at her ample breasts as she approached me.

"Here you go. Do you think we should take some of these old service manuals?" "Good idea I said. I'll put in a requisition and then I'll stop by here in the morning and pick them up. Do you want to ride to the airport together?"

"No, I have some things to do in the morning, but I'll meet you at the coffee shop in front of the American terminal, OK?"

"Yeah, I'll see you there."

"Bye, Jim." She said with a little grin.

"See you in the morning Sara." I said as I left her office.

I put in a quick requisition for the documents Sara wanted and then headed home.

6am dawned much too early. I went through all the morning rituals a little faster this morning, as I needed to be at the airport by 8. I stopped by the office to pick up Sara's manuals and headed off on route 9 to the airport. I made it there right at 7:30. I made my way to the American Airlines terminal to check in and then sat down at a small table in front of the coffee shop. Sara had not yet arrived and I scanned the terminal to see if she was there. There weren't many people to be seen and I could vaguely see a tall figure in the distance walking toward my location. I could tell as she approached it was Sara. She was dressed very casual in a white T-shirt with sweat pants. She had already checked in at the curb and had only a small carry on. God, did she look sexy. Her hair was so silky and soft looking. She waved as she saw me.

"I thought I was going to be late." She said as she sat down across from me. I caught the sweet scent of her as a gentle breeze carried her fragrance to me as she sat down.

"You have plenty of time. Do you want some coffee or anything?"

"No I'm pretty wired. Did you have anything?"

"Just a little hot chocolate. I'm not much for the coffee here." I replied.

"Hey, I got this email late last night." She said, retrieving a paper from her carry on. "I was wondering if you got it too."

"I checked my mail at the office this morning but the server was down."

"Well here you need to read this." She handed me the paper.

"This is strange." I said.

"I thought so too." She said. The document was from our boss telling us that the company account at the hotel chain we always used was maxed this year because of greater than normal business and that the company had reserved a bungalow for us closer to our customers headquarters.

"A bungalow," I said. "I hope it has all the appointments we need. Some of those places are dumps."

"I'm sure it will be fine." She said. "As long as it has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom we'll be OK. You don't mind having to share the bathroom do you?"

"No, of course not. It's just that I've worked here for 15 years and I've been all over the world for the company. This has never happened to me before."

"It's OK. It might give us the chance to strategize a little better." She said.

"Yeah, who cares? It's OK with me."

I couldn't help but think about being alone with her in a bungalow. What would we do? Now my fantasies began but I knew I had to belay them. Sara had no interest in me and besides I didn't want to be burdened with this. I just wanted to close the sale and have a little break in the Florida sun. As we were talking our flight was called and we boarded the aircraft. The flight was uneventful except for a few good looks I got at Sara's hot body as she slept next to me on the plane. Would I be able to stay in the same house with this woman for 2 to 3 days without hitting on her? I had to get control of myself.

When we got to Miami it was very busy as usual. I let Sara stay at the pick up area while I got the rental car. I returned with a nice Cadillac. She got in and we made our way out to find our accommodations. She read the map the boss had sent her while I drove. We must have driven 50 miles looking for this place but finally we found it. It was a very small but nice 2-story house close to the beach, but a little more remote than I thought it would be. We pulled in, grabbed our baggage and headed inside. Sitting our stuff down we looked around. The place was very clean and well appointed. There were 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. It was set up like 2 connected apartments, one upstairs and one down. We had entered through the lower apartment since the upper didn't have an outside door of it's own.

"I'm taking this one", Sara said with a little smile. "I like the bottom floor, plus the access to the beach is excellent."

I wasn't unhappy. I just wanted to get this over with.

"OK, I'm gonna take my stuff upstairs."

"OK, I'm just going to check things out a bit." She said.

I took my stuff upstairs. I liked the place. It was quaint and very clean as I said before. I was putting some things away when I heard a voice coming from downstairs through my A/C register.

"It's great", she said. "Better than I thought."

The voice was Sara's and she was talking with someone on her cell phone. It was difficult to make out the entire conversation but I tried to listen. There was a lot of giggling and some hushed speaking. Soon she said goodbye and hung up. I went back downstairs. Sara was putting away a few changes of clothes.

"Wanna go grab some food?" She said.

With all the delays evening had already come and I was famished.

"Sure." I said. "But you pick though".

"No problem", she said. "Let's go."

Sara picked a nice seafood restaurant for us. She had put on some shorts and a tank top. Casual was just her style. She looked so damned sexy. Her legs were so long and flawlessly smooth and her breasts were almost falling out of her tank top. I couldn't help but stare at her most of the night. Every time I stood up I had to adjust my hard cock so she wouldn't see. We had a couple drinks after dinner and then headed out back to our little section of the beach. It was late and she looked very tired.

"I think I'm gonna go ahead and hit the sack." She said.

"OK. Well if you need anything I'm right upstairs." I said.

"No problem. I'll see you bright and early, OK."

"Yeah. We're gonna knock 'em dead tomorrow", she said raising her fist.

"You go girl", I said with a laugh. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight Jim."

I made my way up through the dim light to my living quarters. It was going on 10pm but I had a little paperwork I needed to do. I grabbed my briefcase and headed to the bedroom. I stripped down to my boxers and began to write some things down. The next thing I knew I was waking up at 11. I was just too tired to do anything else tonight. I put my stuff away and switched off the light.

A loud thud pierced the darkness from my room and I heard a shriek from downstairs. The clock said 3am. I kept listening and could hear what sounded like a struggle. My heart was thumping in my chest and I got up and opened the door. There was silence now. I walked down the hall to the stairs leading to Sara's rooms. I could vaguely hear what sounded like loud breathing and I started down the stairs.

"Sara", I said loudly. "You OK?"

"Jim, don't come down", I heard her say with a quivering terrified voice, "He's going to hurt you if...."


I turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs to see Sara standing there at the door to her bedroom. To my horror and complete surprised standing next to her was a man with a very large pistol trained right on her head. My heart almost stopped. Sara was crying and shaking. The man had a sickening grin on his face. He looked strangely just a little familiar to me. He had a dirty brown goatee and long curly hair that was pulled into a pony tail at the back. He was dressed in black leather pants with a matching jacket.

"Well hello there cowboy", the man said gruffly, "well, well, another bird in the nest."

"What do you want?" I said.

"Oh, don't worry, you'll know what I want soon enough you dumb fuckball. Now get your ass in here NOW!"

I thought I was going to die right there. The man took Sara and I into her room and closed the door. He told me to sit down and he stood Sara up about 3 feet in front of me. The sickening, psychotic grin on his face became a devilish smile.

"OK you two, my name is Rob. Sara already knows my name don't you honey?"

"Yes." Sara said quivering.

"Rob wants a little action and I'm gonna get it. Hey prick, what's your fucking name?" Rob said to me.

"Jim." I said.

"Jimbo, jimeroo, alright. Listen up Jim. This is how this game works". He turned and grabbed Sara. He put the gun into his pants and pulled out a long knife. He squeezed Sara's cheeks and turned her toward me. "Goddamit man have you ever seen a fucking finer face than that. Jesus Christ what I wouldn't give to rub my hard cock all over that smooth skin of hers. What about you Jim?"

"I, uhhh, ummm. I dunno."

"Oh you best fucking answer all my questions cumstain or you're fucking history. Now tell me, wouldn't you love to rub your cock all over her face and then shoot a huge cum load into that mouth..mmmm...wouldn't you, Jim?"

"uh, yes." I said

"Right answer Jim. Damn you're good at this."

Sara was so scared she looked as if she was going to pass out. Rob took the knife and cut the shoulder straps of Sara's gown and pulled it to the floor around her. She was there in front of me completely naked, and even though I was scared as hell it was very hard not to admire her. She was gorgeous. Her large breasts were tipped with long pale nipples. Her tummy was flat and muscular. Her bush was as blond as the hair on her head and I could see what looked like a dark swatch of hair right at her slit. It looked a little wet. I thought that to be kind of strange. Rob began to smile more and breathe harder. He traced the outline of Sara's breasts and nipples with the knife.

"Holy fuckin' shit Jim would you look at this fuckin' body? My God I think I just came right in my drawers. What about you buddy?"

I didn't reply.

"OK, Jimbo. Off with your clothes." Rob said.

"What?" I replied.

Rob pulled out the gun and pointed it directly at my head.

"What the fuck did you just say? Did you ask me a fuckin' question? I said take off your clothes NOW!"

"We have money if you want it."

"I don't want your fuckin' money asshole. Get your fuckin' clothes off or she gets it." He said pointing the gun at Sara's head.

"OK. Just take it easy."

"Don't tell me what to do goddammit! I'll put a fuckin' cap right through your head. Understand?"

I stood up and put my hands up before I began to disrobe. I took off the T-shirt I had put on before I came down and then pulled down my boxers. I looked at Sara and noticed her looking at my cock and her eyes grew wide.

"Would you fucking look at that". Said Rob. "Damn it Jim how in the fuck do you fit that monster in your pants?"

My cock was big, about 8.5 inches hard, and now it was becoming the butt of this animals cruel jokes.

"Well, well. Now that we have Jim down to no clothes with that monster cock of his between his legs we can begin. I want to play a game. Jim—you are going to fuck Sara for me and you are going to fuck her the way I say to fuck her and guess what, you're going to enjoy it or-POP-POP. And Sara, you have to enjoy it too. You have to cum or---POP-POP. And don't think I can't tell when you cum so don't try to fake it you little cum whore or I'll kill your ass right now!"

Sara began to cry. I was, well, I'm not sure what I was. I was scared as hell but I wasn't turned off totally to the idea of fucking Sara for Rob and I thought that if we just did what he said we would be OK. I noticed that Sara's nipples were hard and it wasn't cold in here. I figured she was just scared. I looked at her and smiled.

"It'll be OK Sara." I said.

"Did I say you could talk to her asshole?" Replied Rob. "I said to fuck her. Now you two get started. Sara I want you to get on your knees and swallow that cock of Jim's now. Do it you little bitch!"

Sara looked a little bewildered but she fell to her knees in front of me. She looked at my cock and even though the moment was tense I was starting to get hard. She grabbed the base of my cock and pulled it to her mouth. She looked up at me teary eyed but at the same time she looked somewhat hungry for it. Rob stood over us and watched as Sara put the head of my cock between her full succulent lips and began to suck. I hate to admit but God her mouth felt good. She sucked it well too, given the circumstances and my cock quickly grew to full length.

"Jesus Christ Jim that's some fucking tool." Rob said.

Sara had about half of it in her mouth and was sucking vigorously. I couldn't help it and started to moan. I could just vaguely feel Sara making moaning noises in her throat. The vibrations of which were driving me crazy.

"I said to swallow that cock you whore!" Rob yelled. "Now take it all, bitch!"

Sara slowly took all of my cock into her throat and now I could definitely feel that Sara was kind of enjoying this and I began not to care too much about Rob. If I died like this it would be fine with me. Sara began to quicken her pace on my cock and fondled my balls with her free hand, under Rob's orders of course.

"Damn Jim. I can't believe you haven't filled this bitch's throat with cum yet. Do it Jim! Cum right down her gut."

I was starting to feel the orgasm wash over me as Sara continued to swallow my cock. I let out a long moan and began spurting hot jizz into Sara's mouth. Surprisingly she lapped it up hungrily and swallowed every drop. I could tell she was still a little scared, but she moaned gently as my last drop entered her mouth. My orgasmic spasms continued and I could hardly stand as the last small spurt left my body.

"Oh, yes, sports fans that was a good one." Said Rob. "You guys are good at this. Now Jim, it wouldn't be fair for poor little Sara to do all the work so now you get to go at her a little. I want you to seductively eat this little whore's love box like it's never been eaten before. And Sara..No fake cumming or it's over for you."

Sara shook her head a little and teared up but looked at me.

"Can I put her on the bed?" I asked Rob.

"Put her up your ass for all I care. Put her wherever, just do what I say."

I gently helped Sara up and pushed her back onto the bed. She went willingly. I looked back and saw Rob take a seat and undo his pants. I figured he was gonna stroke himself while I did Sara. He still had the gun trained right on us so I went right to work. I gently kissed Sara on the mouth. She reciprocated. Our tongues probed long and deep. She was breathing hard and pressing her tits against my chest. I moved from her mouth and gently down her neck, licking, nibbling and kissing every inch of her beautiful flesh. Rob seemed like a dream now that I was here with her. I put a little saliva on my finger and traced the outline of both her nipples. She moaned very softly and looked over at Rob. He had his cock out and was going about his business but was still very intently watching us. I continued down Sara's abdomen paying special attention to her navel. I stopped right at her hairline and let my tongue do a little playing there. Slowly and carefully I moved lower through her blond bush to her pussy. She was soaking wet. She was actually enjoying this. We might die before the night's over but she is really enjoying this! She might be crying but she was turned on because she was dripping wet. I blew on her swollen lips and she let out a little groan. I pushed forward with my tongue gently lapping away at her flowing juices while intermittently flicking her swollen clit with the tip of my tongue.

"How's that pussy Jimbo?" Rob bellowed. "Are you doin' anything for that bitch? Is she wet? Is she about to come? Sara, you let me know when you're gonna come cause I wanna watch and you'd better come you little alley whore!"

I could tell that Sara was on the brink of coming but since this might be her last orgasm I wanted to prolong it so that she would be sure to enjoy it. I teased her with short strokes to her inner lips and light touches on her clit. Before long she reached down and grabbed my head and rammed her pussy into my mouth. She was quivering all over and I took her clit between my lips and I sucked and nibbled her love button. She was on the brink and was moaning loudly.

"Oh, God Jim I'm gonna cum! Please don't stop. Oh my God!"

"Are you cumming now you little slut?" Rob said standing up. "Let me see Jimbo. Rob looked underneath me as the spasms hit Sara. She was practically screaming now and her whole body convulsed and she flooded my face and the sheets with hot pussy juices. She continued writhing under me but began to relax some, whimpering slightly with bated breath.

"Holy Shit!" Screamed Rob. "You actually got the bitch off. I didn't think you had it in you Jimbo."

I looked up at Rob. He had the most devilish grin I've ever seen but I still felt as if I had seen this man somewhere before. Maybe on TV. Obviously that had to be it since he was clearly some deranged criminal.

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