tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive at Home

Captive at Home


In a dimly light living room, draped over a over-stuffed chair. Her long red hair pools on one side. While her feet brush the floor on the other. A steamy cup of hot coco & a empty plate, that once held her supper.

Her wide blue eyes were totally engrossed in a fantasy novel. In the back ground played some old rock & roll from a small radio. The glass patio doors were opened letting in a gentle breeze.

She was so lost in the pages. That it took her to another world. One we're she could be any one, some one who was no longer alone. She was so involved in her book that she didn't hear the patio screen door open. He was standing between two black silk curtains, dressed in all black. From the top of his leather trench, wearing no shirt, to his black biker boots, below a pair of skin tight black jeans.

His eyes were hidden by a pair of black biker shades. His long hair was just another shadow blowing with the curtains. Behind him, gleaming in the full moon light, was a sparkling black chopper.

With a graceful but, masculine stride. He ate up the few short feet to stand above her blocking her light. Causing her to look up& gasp at the sight of him. Before she could scream, he taped her mouth closed with duck tape.

Quicker than her mind could comprehend, he threw her over his shoulder & carried her into her bedroom. He tossed her onto the bed so hard it knocked her breath away. As she fought to regain her breath. She found herself tied spread eagle to her own bed. When she could breath again he was nowhere in sight. But, she could hear him banging around in the kitchen. Doing gods know what.

She knew she was a prisoner in her own house & for the first time she cursed the fact that she lived at least two miles away from anyone. Her eyes closed in despair.

Seconds ticked into minutes. Then an hour latter he came back. With a large tray covered with a cloth. But, she could see it was over loaded. He set the tray on her night stand. Then went around & lit all 21 candles around the room. Turning off the over head light. An incense was burning. A flavor she had never smelled before. It began to relax her against her will. She found that even the thought of fight back was gone.

He leaned over her. She could see his face now for the first time. He had a strong handsome face. One she could love if things where different. With that thought she shook her head in shock, this man had intruded on her life with out a word to her, how could she look at him with anything but hated.

With a sudden movement he ripped the tape from her mouth & lifted her head. He put a cup to her lips forcing he to swallowed or not breath again. She opened her mouth & he poured two full cups down her through. The liquid was sweet & tangy.

He then left her alone again. Going into her bathroom. She could hear the shower running. She moaned& closed her eyes. Wishing that this was all a dream.

About the time the shower turned off , she felt a strange tingling throughout her whole body. Her eyes flew open to see him standing over her. He was naked. Her eyes drank in his body as if she was dieing of thrust. & he was the last water anywhere. Strange swirls of color formed before her eyes. She knew it was the drink he had made her drink. It was some kind of drug. His wicked smile told her that he knew what she was feeling. She could feel her thong underwear was getting soaked with her own juices.

As if by magic he suddenly had a small sharp looking knife in his hand. With slow jerky movements he began cutting her jeans off. After what seemed like forever to her, she knew she was only wearing her bright green thong . Which was soaking wet.

He uncovered the tray revealing a large assortment of covered bowls. He picked up one that still had frost covering it. Then with a frozen spoon, he began creating an ice cream Sunday with her tits as the dish.

Her nipples quickly became hard as rocks. He had three different kinds of ice cream smeared as if to cover every inch of her large breasts. He dumped hot fudge & caramel over that. Adding whip cream & a cherry on top of each. Using his fingers & mouth he licked, sucked, & bit her clean. After he used a hot soapy wash rag to clean up any sticky residue. Leaving her nipples just as hard but, for a different reason

He then forced more of the same liquid down her throat. He even drank a sip himself. After just standing there & watching her for a good 10 minutes. He produced a large fluffy feather & a long thin metal wand, that was rounded at both ends. So lightly he traced up & down her body, he avoided her nipples, coming so close that she felt she was imagining the feathery touch. While each tickle sent her more strange sensations. She felt moisture flowing from her felling the room with a her musky sent. Only getting her hotter then she had ever been.

With a little more pressure he traced all over, missing not an inch, even her wettest spot. She fought her bonds. Only to find them unbending. Suddenly he pulled her thong up. Sliding it between her lower lips of her pussy. Rubbing hard against her clit. Causing her to explode with a wild & swift orgasm that left her seeing colorful explosion before her eyes.

Coming back down to earth. She felt his fingers thrust savagely & deeply inside her hot pussy. Her body reacted on it's own. Causing her to tighten her inner muscles on the wiggling intruders. A lusty moan escaped from her lips. & some how she knew her thong was history

He withdrew the same way he had entered. His fingers were dripping with her cum. He painted her lips with its wetness. Then he thrust them deep in her mouth. The taste was like ambrosia to her, shocking she sucked , licked, & cleaned his fingers off. Savoring every drop. & craving more.

While she was doing this. He was busy. Now laying between her wide spread legs. With his face inches from her wet slit. A scream erupted from her as he flicked his hot tongue touched her swollen clit. He repeated that action over & over, until she had screamed her self raw.

Then he traced around that raw nerve of pleasure. Finally sucking it into his mouth. Between his swirling tongue & gently biting teeth. She felt her self climbing toward another climax.

Her breathing became panting the closer she got. She was so involved in every wave that was carried her higher. Then before, that she didn't hear the vibrator turn on. Then he pressed against her opening & clit at the same time causing her to scream again.

His tongue never stopped it's attack on her clit as he inched the vibrating dick into her. Just when she thought she had reached the top of her savage orgasm, he roughly buried the entire vibrator with in her, along with this fingers.

He moved it around slowly keeping it deep & trying to go deeper. As she tighten trying to push it out.

Suddenly a new & different kinds of climax swept her up in to it's waves of passion as she reached the top of the first orgasm. Soaking his hand & face with fluid.

He gave a quick thrust going as deep as he could. Hitting her g-spot further causing her to float over the crest of this savage climax. The most intense & violent pleasure she had every felt.

Darkness closed all around her. As she passed out from the most erotic sensations she had ever felt

When her eyes opened again, she was hoping to find it had been a dream, only to another cup of the drug going down her parched throat. As she woke up completely. He washed all traces of her orgasm from her body & he's. The cloth felt wonderfully cool against her fevered skin.

Once the drug had taken a hold of her again. He knelt across her chest with his cock in her face. Wonder & fear could be seen in her eyes.

He took a bowl from the tray, that now contained only two more bowls, & dipped his cock into it. Then he spilled the rest of the warm caramel on his balls & her.

A hunger began to grow with in her. She lifted her head trying to take his huge cock between her teeth to her waiting tongue. Only to find it just out of reach. Drops of caramel fell on her waiting lips. The tip of her tongue was instantly there to lick it away.

He slowly lowered himself to feed her the head of his still growing cock. At the same time he reached around & rubbed the still going vibrator across her clit & pussy lips. Without her knowing it he turned over into a 69, so he could see what he was doing. & he pushed himself a little deeper into her mouth. Until he reached the back of her throat.

He then began to move slowly in & out. Her tongue swirled around it leaving not a spot untouched. As he feels her building up another climax, he intensifies the strokes of the vibrator keeping it always touching her clit.

As her orgasm explodes. He tilts her head back, holds it there. He thrusts his swollen cock deep down her throat. Burying himself to his balls. She gags some, then relaxes as he begins to pull out. Only to thrust back in just as deep. He keeps the vibrator going at her clit. Causing her to get off over & over. As he pumps her mouth demanding that she suck him to his own climax. Finally he begins to explode, with drawing enough to spill his seed just inside her mouth on her tongue. She chokes but finds that if she has no chose but to swallow every drop of his salty cum.

Once he is limp he feeds her one more cup of the drug. Her eyes go wide as he drinks a full cup himself.

Then tells to suck him hard again. As he reaches for the last two bowls. When he is rock hard & at his full 10 inches. He pulls him self out of her warm mouth. To kneel between her legs. He then pours the first bowl over her. Covering her from breast to crotch with hot oil. He uses the other bowl of hot oil on himself. He lays down on top of her sliding around. Causing the hot oil to make every nerve in her body to stir wake.

He then straddles her belly & places his cock between her breasts. With a hand on each one he pushes them together around it. Keeping her breasts in place with his palms while he tweaks each nipple using his fore finger & thumb. He begins to slide his cock with its encasement. Slowly at first then faster, till he is moaning. He pinches her nipples hard with each stroke. Causing her no pleasure but, pain instead.

He brings himself to a stroke of climaxing but, stops. He then moves up to rub the head against the lips of her wet & oily pussy. Teasingly he moves up to her clit then back to tease her again. Up & back down he moves. Till she is grasping for breath. Then suddenly & savagely he buries his cock deep with in her till she screams with both pain & pleasure.

Then he is gone. She opens her eyes but, he has left the room. She just stares at the door. He returns with a glass in his hand. He then blindfolds her. Sending her into a world of darkness. She feels him climb back on the bed between her legs.

He once more teases her with just the tip of his cock. While the his fingers pull part her lower lips. Exposing even her clit. Then for a few seconds he just lets the cool air caress her exposed flesh.

She suddenly feels some thing ice cold brush her clit, then move lower. It slowly enter her. Inch by slow inch. As another ice cold item circles around her hard little nib. The first item with draws & thrusts back in over & over. Making her climb wave after wave towards a climax. Only to stop just before she cums & with draw completely. She feels more hot oil poured over that chilled area. His fingers expertly rub it every where including over her virgin ass hole.

When she is covered completely she feels his warm cock brush her pussy lips only to move lower. Then stop. He thrust one finger into her ass hole slowly. The first is followed by a second easing it's way in deep, then a 3rd & 4th stretching her wide & causing her to scream in pain. He then stretches her even wider by forcing his buried fingers apart. Using his thumbs he pushes an ice cube between his fingers. Followed by the head of his cock. With the head of cock inside the hole he pulls out his finger.

They move to her clit. Causing her forgotten orgasm to surprise her by flooding her with hot juices. As she cums he inches his cock in farther. But, stops when she cums down. He then pushes ice cube after ice cube into her pussy. Felling her to the point of overflow. With the vibrator he flicks her hard clit building her to yet another climax. While at the same time he inches his cock deeper into her ass hole. When she cums again he is buried to the hilt in her tightest hole.

Once more he pushes ice cubes into her pussy only this time he follows them with the other hard, thick ice cold item. Felling both hole more then she thought possible. She hears a snap. Then he pulls his cock slowly out, the other item , which she now knows as another vibrator because it has began to vibrator too, also with draws. Once he is almost out he thrusts hard back in. Her ass hole is so wet & oily he has no trouble. He begins to pump her in & out building up speed slowly. With each thrust the icy vibrator hits her g-spot. This builds her up to a new & intense climax. Which sends her to see wonderful colors before her eyes. She doesn't get a chance to come down before the next orgasm hits. Till finally he gives one last thrust sinking so deep that she cums harder then ever before. Sending her into darkness as she passes out for the 2nd time that night.

When she finally wakes back up she finds her self untied & no traces left behind. She is under her covers. But, next to the lamp on the night stand is a note:
Thank you, see you soon I hope!

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