tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Ch. 01

Captive Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Caught

Kira O'Donnell ran as fast as her young legs could carry her, down the street and towards her home. Under the glow of the street lights the girl shone like an angel. In her high heeled shoes, and her knee length white skirt. Her top half included a white V-neck shirt with four buttons down the front, three of which were undone; over her shoulders Kira wore a soft white sweater that kept her warm from the chill of the cool April air.

Kira continued to rush, her shoes clicking and clacking as she ran, echoing on the deserted street, twenty minutes late already and still four blocks from home. Like this, on any Saturday night, Kira had a very strict curfew which she had now broken for the third week in a row. Though, what more can be expected from an 18 year old. As she got closer and closer to her home she began to think up excuses that would justify her lateness again. She knew that the classic, "the movie ran late, and we lost track of time," wouldn't cut it. She also knew that she couldn't tell her over protective father the truth, that being that she had spent the night on the couch with Brad Stevens, in his empty house making out while some movie, she couldn't even remember the title, played in the background. She certainly couldn't tell her father of how the star forward on the basketball team's hand found its way up her shirt to fondle her tit through her silky white bra for over an hour.

A chill ran through her, and Kira found herself chewing on her bottom lip as she remembered the soft feel of Brad's touch through the thin fabric of her bra. Kira felt her nipples tighten and poke through her bra, clearly becoming visible through the white shirt. Kira forced herself back into the present moment as she looked at her surroundings, and then at the silver watch wrapped around her left wrist, she really needed to hurry or she would be grounded next weekend and her date with Brad would be off.

In a moment of what seemed like sheer genius, the young girl decided to take a short cut through the park that would lead her to a street less than one block from her home. She was certain it would save time and possibly even save her upcoming date with Brad. She quickly darted into the park, noting that her shoes no longer made a sound on the over grown grass. The young girl was also quick to note that what lighting did exist in the park was either inadequate or broken as she could barely see what dips and peaks were ahead in the landscape as she rushed towards home.

Kira was so focused on getting home that she didn't take note of the sound of breaking twigs behind her, she didn't hear the heavy breathing as it got closer, and she didn't even feel the hot breathe on the back of her neck, that is, not until she felt the strong masculine arm wrapping around her waist and the second hand cupping her mouth, preventing her from making any sound louder than a muffled scream.

The attacker, a man hidden in the shadows of the dark park, carried the young girl a few feet to her right into an area where they would be hidden even more so by a group of over grown shrubs. When he reached what he determined to be a perfect spot he threw her to the ground and listened as her light body hit the unforgiving grass with a thud. A small yelp escaped Kira's mouth as she traveled through the air. As soon as she hit the ground her eyes immediately closed, part in fear and part in pain due to the strike she suffered to the back of her head. Although she didn't see it, she felt the man get on top of her, quickly covering her mouth before she could call out for help.

The man's hand dripped with sweat as he held down the young girl, finally speaking as she opened her blue eyes to find a pair of dark green eyes staring back at her, "This will all be over soon, stay quiet. Understand?"

Kira couldn't move her head, the man was holding her too tight to allow that, but her eyes showed the man fear, enough fear that he knew she understood. Next, Kira heard the sound of duct tape being pulled from the roll, the sound echoed in the secluded park and Kira lay still under her attacker as he removed his hand from her mouth and replaced it with a large piece of duct tape.

Next the man's sweaty hands found hers and raised them high above her head. He tightly grabbed her small wrists in one hand and using the duct tape, he began to tie her wrists together with the silvery adhesive. A small chuckle escaped the man's lips as he admired his handy work. In response Kira looked up at him, tears welling in her young eyes, begging for release. In the darkness of the park Kira could see very little of the man, it seemed as if he was a shadow, the only parts of him she could see clearly were his emerald green eyes and the short brownish hair atop his head.

Kira kept her eyes closed the majority of the time, almost as if silently wishing she was some place else, anywhere else. It was because her eyes were closed that she didn't see the knife as the man pulled it from his pants, she didn't see the silver handle, or the shining steel blade as he opened it, and she only felt its cold unforgiving touch as he pressed it to her neck. "Stay still and you won't get hurt," he said simply, his voice calm and even.

The young girl felt as though her body was on fire as she felt the knife against her neck, she couldn't explain why, but it was like a rush of adrenaline through her veins despite the fact that she had never been so scared in her life. The blade moved slowly across Kira's neck, not cutting, just playing and teasing the skin. The blade moved to her throat and slowly began to venture downward, towards her cleavage. Ignoring the sweater that hung over her shoulders the man cut a single, long thin line down the front of Kira's shirt, slicing it slowly into two pieces.

The duct tape muffled Kira's screams as she felt the knife against her chest; it also restrained her arms, which the man still held above her head. As she struggled against him, he kissed her softly on the forehead and pulled the shirt off in pieces tossing them aside into the shrubs. Kira felt the cool night air against her stomach and chest, and began to panic some more, struggling unsuccessfully against the tape and the man, "Shhhh," he calmed her, "relax... shhh." Kira didn't know why but strangely, she felt calmed by the man's voice and she stopped struggling and remained frozen under him, her eyes closed. She could hear the man's heavy breathing as he sat over her, and then she felt the touch of the knife again, this time teasing her cleavage slowly, and nipples through the bra she wore. Kira was horrified when she felt her nipples harden, much like they did when Brad touched them. She lay silent, her face burning red in the darkness as she felt a hand teasing her sensitive tips. It wasn't long before the man put his whole hand on Kira's right breast and began to fondle it more lewdly. Slowly he squeezed and molded the creamy flesh with his fingers; this lasted several long minutes before the hand switched to the left breast and gave it the same treatment.

It was only after all this that the man slide the sharp edge of the knife down the front of Kira's bra splitting it like a ripe piece of fruit into two pieces, exposing her hot young C-cups to the man. Still with her eyes closed, she heard the audible moan of the man as he exposed her breasts. By this time she had stopped struggling against him, letting him hold her wrists. She had resigned herself to the fact that she could not escape, because of this she lay frozen with her eyes closed, waiting for it to be over.

With his free hand the man tweaked and pulled on Kira's nipples, each in turn, he teased them and rolled them against his callused fingers for long moments, which caused Kira to cry out against the tape. It embarrassed Kira that the touch actually felt good but she tried to ignore it as she lay motionless in the grass. Her mind was in another place, keeping her safe from what was happening to her, that is until she felt the man's warm mouth against her right breast kissing and sucking at her erect nipple. Kira had never before let a man suck her nipples and her face reddened as she realized this man, this stranger in the dark, would be her first.

The man feasted on her breasts in a manner that seemed more tender than his previous contacts. His kisses were light and his mouth was hot as he used his tongue against her left nipple, feeling it throb as he surrounded it with his lips and saliva. The whole time the man kissed and mouthed her breasts Kira's eyes were wide, staring at the brown haired man as he worked, she even lifted her head off the grass to get a better view of him, but saw very little other than the top of his head.

The man stopped his oral assault and looked at the girl, her face was flushed, the look in her eyes was mixed as she looked back at him, he leaned close to her right ear and whispered, "Lay back and enjoy..."

Kira laid her head back against the grass but kept her eyes open now, looking up at the pitch black sky, she did not struggle against the man as she felt his free hand reach the hem of her skirt and hike it up. He pulled the white fabric up high to her waist and bunched it up there, showing off the barely-there white thong that Kira had chosen to wear for her date with Brad. The Victoria Secret creation hardly covered Kira's young hairless twat. Again, the man chuckled to himself and licked his lips as he held Kira's wrists in one hand and the knife in the other, he slowly slide the flat side of the knife against her pussy and watched the girl shiver in response. The thong was made of very little material so it only took a moment for him to cut the band holding it all together. He watched as they fell away from the girl's body putting her bald pussy on display.

Kira's face burned fire engine red as she realized what had happened, no one outside her family and the girl's locker room had ever seen her naked and now this man had exposed her in public. She felt a surge in her body she couldn't explain, it ran from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes and back again, she wasn't sure what it was, but she was certain she had never felt it before.

With her eyes closed again, Kira silently scolded herself as she felt her tight nipples and slightly leaking pussy. The man moved slowly, keeping his right hand on Kira's wrists to prevent her from trying to escape, with his free hand the man began to open his pants, in the silence of the night Kira clearly heard the popping of the button and the lowering of the zipper, in a strange way she had to admit, it aroused her.

The man fidgeted slowly and lowered his pants, groaning as he took his cock in his free hand and stroked it twice, feeling it's hardness before pressing the throbbing purple head against the lips of Kira's young damp opening. The man laughed out loud more openly now as he felt the smoothness and wetness of the young girl, he spoke clearly and softly, kissing Kira's neck as he said, "You like this don't you baby doll." He laughed as she tried to answer, the tape muffling her reply.

It was at this time that the man decided to take what he wanted; he pressed his cock against Kira's opening, and slipped it inside. It was the tightest he had ever felt. He felt her moist hole wrapping around his girth. He groaned lewdly and put his hands on Kira's tight ass as he held her off the grass slightly groping and scratching her ass as he inched himself in further. As the man buried each inch into Kira he rocked his hips slightly and savored the feeling before going deeper.

As for Kira she was divided about how she felt, while on one hand she was disgusted by the man atop her, using her body for his own pleasure and stealing her innocence, on the other hand she felt pleasure from the way the man touched her, and used her. It was the first cock she had ever felt, and this man was the first to ever touch her pussy. She lifted her head to try and see what was happening but was only able to see the man between her legs his cock slowly sliding into her, his head thrown back in some sort of perverted ecstasy as he took her body.

It was at this time that the man felt Kira's virginity pressing against the head of his cock, her cherry still intact. He looked down at the young girl, his green eyes sparkling with possibility, "Are you a virgin?"

Kira nodded as best she could given her situation and looked up at the man, "Yes," she clearly mumbled against the tape.

The man rocked his hips a few more times, lightly and gently before withdrawing his throbbing shaft completely. He looked down at Kira and spoke in a normal tone now, "The park is no place for a young girl to lose her virginity. Let's go home."

Kira was stunned by the man's comments and watched as he kept his right hand on her wrists and then used his left to pull up his pants and fastened them. With his pants in place and a throbbing bulge clearly visible in his pants he released Kira's wrists for the first time since he taped them. Despite the freedom to move her arms, she lay still. The man pulled more duct tape from the roll and used it to fasten Kira's ankles together much the same way he had fastened her wrists. With her legs bound together, he took one last fleeting look at the young virgin cunt and pulled her skirt down, covering her once again.

The man stood his legs on either side of his victim; he reached down and picked up his knife tucking it back into his pocket. Then he picked up young Kira, carrying her in his arms like a newly wed. Ignoring the scraps of clothes and the remainder of the tape he was leaving behind the man quickly walked with the half nude girl in his arms, through the park, away from her house and towards his waiting car.

Kira still did not know what to think as the man took her away, he spoke to her calmly as they got closer to the road on the far side of the park, "It was going to be a one time thing baby girl, but you are too good for that. I'm going to take you home," there was a pause before he added, "and keep you."

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