Captive Hearts


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is based off the hit soap One Life to Live, yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story. I'd like to note that I do not own ABC's One Life to Live or the characters and I will NOT be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

This story is AU.

*~*Captive Hearts : Chapter One*~*

It began long ago on a dark starry night. Victor Lord II rode his magnificient stallion upon a worn cobblestone path through the forest. His destination was DelGado castle which belonged to Tomas Delgado. For many days now, Victor had longed for Tomas's younger sister. She was beautiful and intelligent and everything Victor had ever wanted in a woman. Victor had met her at a ball one month ago at the DelGago castle. He knew when he had first gazed upon her that she was the woman he had been searching for all of his life. He immediately approached her brother for permission to dance with her.

Grudgingly, Tomas had agreed, for he did not trust Victor and he was VERY protective of his younger sister. Tomas said, "You may have one dance with my sister. But I am warning you, do not hold her too closely, or I'll-."

Victor did not stay to hear the rest of the threat. He approached the woman of his dreams across the crowded room and asked, "Do you wish to dance?"

Tea looked up into his deep blue eyes with her tawny brown ones. Her long dark hair cascaded down her slender back. Her gown was made of soft ivory silk and adorned with delicate rose lace.

"Yes, I would," she replied softly.

He led her toward the immense dance floor and brought her into the circle of his strong embrace. Suddenly all the elegant dancers seemed to have faded into the background.

"My name is Victor," he said in a whisper. "I live in a nearby castle."

"I am Tea. My brother is Tomas DelGado,' she responded as her soft hands brushed against the dark-blond hair at his nape.

Their eyes clung together, and Victor was compelled to kiss her soft, sweet mouth. Ever so softly, his lips brushed against hers. Tea closed her dark eyes in willingness, lost in the rush of emotion that suddenly overwhelmed her.

Abruptly they were torn apart when her brother pulled Victor from Tea's embrace forcefully. "How dare you take such liberties with my sister?" Tomas confronted Victor. Tomas then forced Victor to leave the ball and threatened him with death if he should ever see Tea again. Victor had been escorted from the ball by Tomas's knights.

For weeks now, Victor had longed for and dreamed of Tea. He remembered that short, sweet second when their lips had met and how tightly she had clung to him. That is when he formed his plan to kidnap her.

He stole into DelGado castle and found her bedchamber. She lay sleeping upon a light yellow canopy bed upon her stomach. She wore only a sheer, see-through nightie of filmy white material which came only to her creamy upper thighs.

Victor's eyes widened at the sight before him, causing his cock to stir from wanting her. A slight breeze came through the open window, making her nightie move up to uncover her bare bottom.

He feasted his eyes upon her tanned buttocks, amazed at the fact that she wore no panties. He longed to caress her silky flesh. He then bent to lift her into his arms, turning her over to gaze into her lovely face. He was awed at her exquistite beauty. Her dark eyelashes curled against her face as her long dark hair tumbled over his arm in a soft caress. He gazed at her as he pulled her tightly against his broad chest, but not too tightly so not to awaken her. He was fortunate that she slept so deeply.

She lay against the muscular expanse of his chest for he wore no other clothing except a pair of black trousers made of leather. At that moment, the crotch of those trousers was tightly stretched. "Ohhh Tea," Victor moaned softly as he looked down upon her serene face while carrying her down the stone staircase of the castle and outside to his waiting stallion. She still had not awakened from her peaceful slumber.

He mounted the stallion and road away , holding her in his arms all the way to his castle. When they arrived, Tea was yet asleep, and Victor thought of all the pleasurable things he could do to awaken her.

Victor's stallion rode through the gates of the majestic Lord Castle, taking it's passengers to the front door of the immense structure. Victor carried Tea inside and up each steep step which lead to the room at the top of the tower.

He alit several white candles within their golden sconces upon the walls after placing Tea upon the huge white canopy bed. See-through white lace curtains draped the large bed as a fire slowly crackled within the nearby fireplace to give the room it's warmth.

The walls of the tower had been constructed with immense stone bricks and the moonstone floor was covered in a feather-soft white fur rug. Two small windows were closed with white tiny shutters on either side of the room.

Tea's hair lay like shimmering dark curtain across Victor's white silken pillows trimmed in delicate light-blue lace. Her lithe body lay sprawled upon hisvelvet ivory coverlet.

Victor strode to the side of the bed, pulling the filmy curtains aside to gaze at Tea. He watched her chest rise and fall as she dozed, her breasts straining against the thin material of her nightie. Her loveliness took his breath away.

He bent to unlace the ties that held the bodice of her nightie together. He then carefully parted the material to expose her lovely, honey-colored breasts. They were medium in size and possessed dusky-rose peaks and tiny nipples. At that moment, the nipples were unaroused, but Victor imagined the many ways he could make them come alive. As he gazed at her loveliness, he felt another wild stirring in his groin. He knew she was innocent and he longed to make her his.

Ever so slowly, Victor slid Tea's nightie over her hips and then down to her knees. He carefully pulled it off her body and then discarded it onto the floor. She now lay totally nude before him, her body of rare beauty and perfection. Victor's eyes moved slowly over every curve, devouring her nakedness with his eyes.

He drew her legs slightly apart, allowing himself his first glimpse of her feminine center. She looked so sweet, pink, and untouched. He lay a large hand over the dark curls between her thighs, and then sensuously ran his thumb over her tiny clitorus. Tea suppressed a startled moan and smiled in her sleep. As Victor's determined fingers found their way to her slit below, she quivered at his scalding touch.

Searchingly, Victor dared to penetrate her slick interior with one long, thick finger. Tea had never before experienced such an intrusion, and her brown eyes snapped open in alarm. Quickly then, Victor covered her lips with his big hand as he sensed she had been about to scream loudly. Her brown eyes remained widened in fear and desperate alarm.

"Do not fear, my heart," Victor soothed her as his finger slowly withdrew from the tiny crease between her legs.

She bit down sharply on Victor's palm and attempted to escape him, but Victor grasped her hands tightly within his own and held them firmly. "Let me go!" Tea yelled bitterly. "My brother will kill you!"

Tenderly Victor soothed her, holding her close and kissing her silky dark hair. "Hush, Tea. I shan't hurt you. I promise," he whispered in comfort.

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