tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptives in Colombia Ch. 04

Captives in Colombia Ch. 04


Anatoli Krezich was a doctor by trade, but not the kind who made house calls or appointments with mundane patients. No, his clientele was somewhat more specialized, and the Russian FSB was certainly more discreet in its handling of him than any normal employer in the medical profession. He had fixed many a wound, saved many an FSB agent's life. Here in Colombia though, he hadn't seen any action. That is, until he'd been awoken abruptly out of a sound sleep, blindfolded, and rushed to this undisclosed location. When he was finally led into what looked like a horrific dungeon chamber he wanted to gasp.

A beautiful blond woman was hanging by her wrists, her pussy impaled on a long iron rod with a rubberized sheath hooked over the tip. There was a long red smear on the front of the girl's limp torso.

The big Russian who called himself Igor motioned for Krezich to sit. "You are here in case any of our agents or the hostages need medical assistance when they arrive. Our team is procuring the targets now.

Krezich gave the blond a steady look. Slowly it dawned on him.

"She's not dead."

Igor guffawed, his big Russian smile reminding Krezich of a demonic bear.

"Very good. Yes, sometimes Dmitri likes to play mind games with his toys. He fired a modified round at her, point blank range -- much like a paintball. The dye was red, as you can see."

Slowly Krezich nodded. "So she fainted from the shock of it?"

Igor gave another grin of wry amusement. "Not only that, my friend, but her companion nearly died of shock and then spilled her guts. It was quite entertaining. I believe Dmitri has a soft spot for the brunette. He may even let her live. They are upstairs in his personal quarters. Dmitri is probably fucking her silly as we speak."

Krezich noticed a lack of any comfortable furniture. There were 'horses' and 'chairs' strewn about the room, all of them made of hardened steel and many of them dotted with spikes or uncomfortable devices of torture.

"Is there someplace else I can wait?"

Igor shrugged. "Does this place make you feel uncomfortable, Comrade? Ah well, suit yourself." For a long moment Igor looked Krezich up and down. Though the man's craft was medicine, even Krezich had to admit that he was tall and handsome, with more than a little muscle. At 34 years of age and with daily workouts in his private gym, the wealthy doctor was more than in-shape.

"Perhaps you would like to take possession of this one, yes? We are finished with her. It seems a waste, what our orders will be to do with her."

Dr. Krezich gave Igor a startled look. This wasn't something he'd ever even considered. Women usually came to him more than willingly. He was not used to seeing a naked captive dangling helplessly in any dungeon. But even Dr. Krezich had to admit, despite the veneer of respectability that surrounded his chosen profession, that he did have certain...urges. The idea of dominating a helpless woman had always fired his fantasies. He'd never thought to ever act on them, though, and women of the wealthy elite he usually cavorted with were too proud and full of themselves to consider something so lowly as a nasty roleplay. Of course this 'roleplay' would be all too real, but who knew...perhaps in taking possession of this blond girl he could save her life?

Krezich nodded, licking lips gone suddenly dry. "I would very much like that, Comrade."

"Good. I was hoping for another show and I'm exhausted. Actually we have another slut in the back room. We're done with her too. I think I'll leave them both with you and let you get familiar."

The tall doctor had been hustled out of bed in nothing more than boxers and an undershirt. He allowed himself to be led down twisting corridors. Two guards took the unconscious blond down from her listless, hanging position and carried her behind Igor and Krezich. At last they came to a small interrogation room with a mattress thrown in one corner and a bright bank of lights covering the ceiling.

A Japanese girl sat, her wrists chained above her, completely naked. Krezich could see the obvious signs of abuse -- cigarette burns above her carefully shaven pussy and across her supple, melon-shaped breasts. Her raspberry-dyed hair hung lushly framing her delicate Asian face. The eyes were squeezed shut and the head hung backward. She seemed to be enjoying the hiatus from this nightmare that only the reprieve of sleep could bring.

"Hey wake up slut! Awake!" Igor growled. Yumi's eyes snapped open and her head came forward. She saw the doctor. She quietly watched the guards lay Trisha on the mattress.

"Agent, forgive me if I ask too much, but could you arrange for a hot bath for the three of us? I'm feeling very grimy, and these girls look like they could use a good cleaning."

A spark of hope kindled somewhere in Yumi's eyes, and Krezich saw it. He then took critical note of the fish hooks looped painfully through Yumi's nipples. He then called to one of the departing guards.

"Also, if you would, please get me antiseptic and something to remove those fish hooks." The guard gave him a dark look but left without protest.

Dr. Krezich sat in the chair next to the Japanese girl. "You can call me Master Krezich. What's your name?" he asked gently.

"Y-y-Yumi," the girl said reluctantly, eyes downcast.

"That's a beautiful name. Slave Yumi, tell me, how long have you been here?"

The girl's gaze grew distant and unfocused. "I cannot remember."

"You will always address me as Master," Krezich reminded.

"Yes, forgive me...I-I do not remember Master."

"Where are you from?"

"Osaka, Master."

"Interesting...I remember visiting Osaka. Its shrines are gorgeous. Hokoku Shrine is my favorite. I have always admired Shinto, in all its guises, but its architecture has a special place in my heart. Perhaps we shall talk of it while we bathe."

As the doctor said this, two guards walked in and told them that their bath had been prepared. They splashed a bucket of ice-cold water in Trisha's face to revive her and slowly hustled her along with Yumi to the new chamber. This one had a large screen with a nature scene and ambient sound with speakers in the wall. Though the atmosphere was soothing, the artificiality of it somewhat spoiled the effect.

A large hot tub had been installed in the middle of a concrete floor. It now burbled and steamed. As Anatoli Krezich swept off his boxers and nightshirt, his lithe muscles glistened impressively under the bright light. He slowly eased one leg, then the other in the deliciously heated water.

It was like a river of perfection embracing his veins wherever skin touched wetness. "Mmm. Aren't you going to join me, ladies?"

First Yumi carefully joined in. The water came up to just below her breasts. Then Trisha got in on the far side of the hot tub, staying as far away from this unknown man as she could. The doctor idly held out a hand while the guard handed him the implements he'd asked for.

He gestured for Yumi to sit a little closer. The naked girl edged close to him. Reluctantly she straightened her back and thrust out her breasts. Anatoli made casual conversation to distract her, if only a little, as he carefully bent each hook straight and then used a heavy-duty wire cutter to snap off the fish hook barbs so that the remaining sliver of metal could slide harmlessly through the swollen nipple to be discarded. Then he took two swabs of cotton, dipped them in the antiseptic the soldiers had supplied, and applied them to Yumi's wounds.

The naked captive groaned in pain at the sting.

"Ohh sshhhh. You're a brave girl. That wasn't so bad, now, was it?" Anatoli wondered if he could have BOTH girls. He had admired the blond's physique but with Yumi there was this instant attraction. He more than liked her. Perhaps he could give her a test?

He hopped up on the side of the tub with only his legs dangling in. Yumi seemed to notice then, for the first time, his raging erection.

It was amazing what a brief, unspoken exchange of glances could accomplish. She caught his desire. Slowly, ever so gently, she cupped his manhood with both hands and brought her mouth swooping tenderly over his penis.

"Mmmmm. Now that's the best thank you I've ever received, Yumi. Ohhh, yes. That will do nicely." As the Japanese girl sucked up and down his cock, he felt the lust building in him. Not just lust but something even more primal and shocking. The minutes dragged by and the wet suction of Yumi's mouth stroking up and down his cock finally gave way to pre-cum dancing and glistening on her lips as she withdrew. Yumi smiled at him fawningly and then proceeded to lick long, graceful strokes up to the tip of his cock-head and then back down to the hairy base above his scrotum.

He saw the blond looking at him fearfully, as if that huge, erect penis was meant for her pussy instead of the beautiful Asian girl's.

"What's your name?" Anatoli demanded. The blond girl furtively met his gaze.


"Have you enjoyed the warm water Trisha?"

"Yes Master."

"Good. Then come show me your appreciation. Join your friend over here. Come a little closer."

Trisha waded across the tub, her shining breasts and pert nipples sticking out like enticing candy. Anatoli took one in his mouth, sucking hard, while his one hand dipped between her legs, gently pinching her clit as she gasped.

"Ohh yes, nice and sensitive. Just the way I like it. Why don't you share with your friend Yumi?"

Yumi withdrew her mouth once more from Anatoli's cock. The cum glistened on her lips as she pumped his cock firmly in her teasing hand. She pointed the cock towards Trisha obligingly, and the blond began to tentatively lick him.

The sudden fury that came from his voice surprised all three of them.

"Is that the best you can suck? In that case you'll take this cock deep in your tight pussy. Climb aboard you lazy cunt!" Anatoli was getting the feel of the dominating Master role, and now he grabbed one of the pairs of handcuffs that the soldiers had left him in case the girls got too frisky. He snapped one pair around Trisha's wrists after forcing them behind her back.

"On second thought, lie back. I'll give it to you hard on the floor." Trisha laid back, helpless with her legs splayed wide and her wrists painfully cuffed underneath her own body weight, as Anatoli positioned his bulbous cock-head at her precious hole.

"Ooohhh yes, sweetie...we're going in!" he exclaimed happily as his cock sank in. Deep. So deep. He could see Slave Trisha's eyes widen and then settle in a dazed look of shock as he plowed her depths. He crushed her mouth with his own, their tongues tussling, as he cupped the nape of her neck and lanced his cock into her moist depths.

Then, out of his peripheral vision he saw something amazing and arousing. The Japanese slave knelt beside them, one hand between her legs. Her quick, graceful fingers were plying her own slit, rubbing her clit as her face took on a look of hunger. Anatoli couldn't believe it. This Yumi bitch was actually going to get off on what he was doing to the blond slave.

He slowly pulled out of the blond and presented his now-slimy cock. Grasping Yumi's neck he forced her lips to his cock and urged her: "Taste it, bitch. Lick the blond's juice off my dick and get me wet for another go at her." Yumi meekly complied, her mouth slurping dutifully until more strings of cum drifted from her gorgeous lips as she drew back. He couldn't take it anymore. The doctor slammed his needy cock back into Trisha's snatch, listening intently to the girl's moans as he plied her sexy snatch.

Trisha's mind flashed with too many thoughts. What had happened to her friend Gabriella? Her sister Carly? But she was too dazed and shocked by the onrushing course of events. She merely tried to blot out the brutal fucking she was receiving.

Anatoli wouldn't let her. He finally pulled out, then shoved his fingers into her cunt, pressing in rhythmic circles near her pussy lips and joy nub. The girl's clit awoke like a resurrected phoenix, stoking a fire that soon had her writhing and biting her lip. Frantically the blond shook her head, but Anatoli knew better. Her quickened heart rate told the same revealing story. He pushed and battered harder against her tiny bundle of nerves until her clit was as hard as his angry cock. He looked down at his prick now, bulging with too many veins and needing a pussy to embed itself in. He turned to the beautiful Asian captive beside him.

"Lick your friend's clit and finish the job I've begun. I want to fuck you."

Yumi's expression froze for a moment...as if for the first time she put together the enormous dick hanging from her benefactor's loins and the realization that he was going to put that huge thing inside HER. Carefully she pressed her mouth to Trisha's snatch and began to slurp and suck louder than a whore in a lesbian porno film. Meanwhile she raised her gorgeous butt high, exposing her perfect pussy for good penetration.

Anatoli brutally shoved his whole cock inward with one thrust. He felt Yumi stiffen and wiggle, her gasp audible between licks of the blond woman's snatch. But admirably Yumi didn't complain, merely licked and sucked pussy as Anatoli's Russian cock had its way with her Japanese cunt.

The doctor reveled in the odd feel of knowing that even as his cock was raping a tight young woman's pussy, that same woman's mouth was preoccupied in pleasuring another equally helpless and nubile young woman...both under his complete power. That kind of knowledge was the best aphrodisiac Anatoli had ever known, and the good doctor soon found himself straining to fuck Yumi harder and more viciously.

His cock rammed into her again and again, the squelching sounds even echoing above the bubbling in the hot tub. At last he saw the blond shudder. Yumi's face came away from Trisha's crotch glistening with the blond beauty's juices. It was so perfect. It made Anatoli smile as he came. His arm wrapped around Yumi's neck, pulling her backward, crushing her against his chest as he felt his stickiness shoot towards her fertile womb. He wondered idly whether these girls could be impregnated, or did the FSB agents have them on birth control?

Yumi collapsed malleably in the Russian doctor's arms, her breathing ragged. "Such spirit," Anatoli murmured, stroking Yumi's cheek. "Let's see if your friend fucks as nicely."

Minutes later his cock was reawakened. After Yumi licked his shaft clean of her own juices, Anatoli instructed her to undo the handcuffs and let Trisha freely straddle him. He laid back, watching contentedly as Trisha reluctantly lined up his cock and eased her tight little twat onto his enormous manhood.

"Oohhh, you feel me fill you, don't you girl? Would you like to be my personal slave, your pussy mine to fill each night? Would you prefer that to death and torture in this secret FSB installation?" The blond girl's face seemed to twitch at the mention of the FSB. Maybe she knew more than he assumed, but Anatoli didn't care. He just enjoyed the feel of her young cunt gripping his iron-hard prick.

As she rode him dutifully Yumi knelt behind her. The Japanese girl's hands gently massaged the blond woman's breasts, even having the audacity to cup and squeeze them firmly. Yumi's dutiful urges were designed to please her newest patron. She whispered into Trisha's ears. "Fuck our Master joyfully so that he can cum deep inside you. Our fate is in his hands. Do not forget this." Yumi's not-so-hidden warning and fear didn't seem to bother the good doctor. To the contrary, it set his loins further alight, the idea of these two girls frightened of what might happen to them if they did not please him. The domination and power he enjoyed heightened now above all else. That was the biggest turn-on in all his 34-years despite all the high class women he had dined and fucked to orgasm in places much more comfortable than this.

Dr. Anatoli Krezich finally cried out -- a guttural, orgasm-striving groan of ecstasy -- as the blond slave ground and humped his agonized cock. He managed to just barely stave off the release of his eager seed. The blond saw how close he was though, and Yumi saw it too. Yumi reached down, cupping his testicles, and she had the gall then to shout "Cum in her Master, NOW, or I squeeze your fucking balls and make you scream!" Anatoli couldn't believe her boldness! That fucking bitch! That audacity! Instead he found his turn-on raging into an inferno of fulfilled lust. He came right then and there -- the hardest orgasm of his relatively young life. His seed surged upward into the blond's tight twat, overfilling and rushing back downward to ensconce equally in her golden thatch and his darker pubic curls.

As he looked in awe at both women he saw a wicked smile light Yumi's eyes. She began to slurp and tongue up the mingled juices on his deflated penis as soon as it slipped free of Trisha's snatch. He wanted to punish this disobedient Japanese slave for her impertinence, but the glorious feel of her tongue on his cock made him mute.

Working as an asset for the FSB had never been so perfect as it was just now. He had found paradise in an FSB interrogation dungeon. Fate had a way with irony, oh yes it did. Anatoli sighed and lay back as Trisha curled against his chest, her cheek soft against his shoulder.

"Did you like my pussy, Master? I hope I pleased you." Anatoli could sense the fear in her voice, the charade she put on for his benefit. It thrilled him. It even made his cock hard, despite the two recent orgasms. He smiled.

"You have done well, slave. You may actually come out of this smelling like a rose." He gasped again, seeing Yumi's lips all the way bottoming out near the base of his cock. Her gagging, slurping symphony combined with her heavenly tongue as her obedient eyes seemed to wordlessly plead 'Please forgive me for threatening to squeeze your balls! Have mercy Master!'

As the horny Jap bitch actually sucked his cock to new hardness and then beyond, he decided he would show leniency. When she made him cum, his last vestige of seed spurting into her mouth, he couldn't believe it as his toes curled and his whole body went taut, totally spent and satisfied. A Little While Later...

Gabriella awoke with the cum of multiple partners congealed and sticky between her legs. Not a soul stirred in the small, dimly lit dungeon suite. The bed beneath her felt blissfully soft underneath her naked and battered femininity.

She slowly opened her eyes, aware of the peaceful rise and fall of Dmitri's chest underneath her face. Her right wrist had been chained to an iron brace protruding from the wall near where the bed's headboard should have been...but of course the bed was like everything else in this forsaken hellhole...Spartan and minimalist. It was hardly more than a mattress, though to that bastard Dmitri it probably served well enough, she thought icily.

The brunette captive looked down on her rapist's sleeping form. She could grab his balls with her free hand and squeeze. She could knee him hard with her leg; there was nothing constricting her movement elsewise. Yet she did not. She thought, 'Why? Why does part of me feel gratitude to this horrific beast of a man?' She remembered him shooting her friend...that had burned into her retinas and her brain beyond. But she had no time for those emotions now.

This was her reality now, and she had to live with it.

The lithesome Russian opened his eyes then, a smile cracking his face.

"Good morning slave. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes Master!" Gabriella chirped.

"Good. I have encouraging news. While you were sleeping I received word that President Kane's daughters have been captured. Your information was genuine, and for that I have a reward planned for you. Let's get that filthy cunt of yours washed out. You would like that, wouldn't you?"

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