tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCapture the Flag

Capture the Flag


Sarah was playing capture the flag on the day he kidnapped her. It couldn't have been more perfect. Captured while playing capture the flag—only not by one of her teammates—by Tony. He had been watching Sarah from the moment he first saw her planning for this day, the day he would take her home with him. She worked at the local pizza joint in town talking orders for carryout and ringing up the checks. The first time he saw her he was picking up pizzas he had ordered for the poker game he played with his buddies that night. He remembered clearly the voice of the girl who took his order over the phone. It was slightly breathy and deep. She was efficient and asked him all the necessary questions without wasting a minute and delaying the end of their conversation. Her briskness intrigued Tony. He wanted to know who this woman was who took his order and yet paid him no attention despite his light banter.

When he walked into the restaurant and saw her standing by the registrar similarly taking another person's order, the same briskness to her voice, he was surprised by her appearance. Perhaps not her appearance but her age. He had pictured a somewhat older woman but this girl looked like she was barely in college. He guessed she was a freshman or sophomore at best. She had that youthful grace to her. Her movements were wide, fun, somewhat flirtatious.

"Hi," he had said. "I am here to pick up my pizzas."

One finger was held up in a symbol of please wait, I'm on the phone. He stared over at her bemused. Most women dropped whatever they were doing to get a chance to talk to him. He was a handsome guy with natural good looks. The tall, dark and handsome type. At 6 "2", Tony dwarfed most women and some men. His broad shoulders and thick frame added to his dominating presence. He kept his body in shape by running and regular trips to the gym. Tony was only 29, but a success case by all standards. He had gone to a top college and had a masters degree in business and finance. He was now a partner in a firm in the city. He was what his mother called every woman's dream, if only he would settle down. Well he would eventually but he just loved playing the field and for now, he was going to do just that.

On the night he first met Sarah, when she silenced him with her finger, he was intrigued by her abruptness, her blatant ignoring him and her provocative beauty. To say anything at all, Sarah was beautiful. Striking he liked to think. She had dark, liquid eyes, framed by darker eyebrows and a mane of unruly glossy black hair. Her skin had a sheen to it that only the young can retain. Her mouth was wide and expressive, breaking into a smile easily. Her body though was the most stimulating part of her. She was not tall, as he preferred his women due to his height, but just a little over five feet. She was petite with round, high breasts that accentuated the smallness of her waist. Tony wanted to frame that waist with his large hands and shake loose the phone from her grip so she would pay attention to him. Finally, she hung up and looked him right in the eye. "Can I help you?"

Tony smiled, amused by the question. That was why he was here. Inwardly he laughed thinking about the tediousness the job must have been to Sarah. "Yes, the name's Tony. I ordered two large pizzas."

"Oh, yes." She jumped off her stool, walked over to the takeout counter and retrieved his food. Despite his lingering gaze, she didn't blink once nor return his stares of obvious interest. As she took his money, he deliberately brushed his fingers over hers holding them there for longer than necessary. She abruptly pulled her hand away and glared at him. Instead of chiding him as he had hoped she would do, she picked up a book she had left by her side and continued to read effectively ignoring him.

"So, you're a reader, huh?"

Oh god, save me from inquisitive older men. Sarah sighed inwardly and looked up at the man who had just paid yet was still standing there. "Uh huh." Don't show any interest and he will leave.

"Is it for business or pleasure?"

She glanced up at him again making no attempt to hide her annoyance. She obviously did not want to be bothered. That didn't stop Tony. He was as shrewd as a business man as he was a bachelor. It amused him seeing this girl get frustrated. He wanted to know more about her. More, he wanted to pique her interest, to make those black eyes come to life and glitter with pleasure and anticipation.

"Both. I'm reading it for class but I enjoy it." She stared baldly at him daring him to ask more questions. He did.

"Oh, so you go to the school over here?"

"Uh huh."

There was only one school in the area and although it was highly prestigious academically, in Tony's opinion, the students there were a rowdy, disruptive bunch. They were what some would call enlightened and others would label weird. They worked hard and played hard. He didn't guess this girl was any exception.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Do I WHAT?" She sort of shouted the last word. "How is that any of your business?"

"I guess that's a 'no' then."

"That's a 'You have no right to ask me these questions.' You don't know me at all and you're like THIRTY." She deliberately emphasized the number, making the generational gap between them even wider.

He laughed aloud and her eyes narrowed. "Why is that funny?"

He continued laughing until finally he brought his head down and although still smiling, looked her straight in the eye and said, "It's not. You are right. I guess thirty year old guys have no right hitting on 18 year old girls"

"I am not 18 years old, but yeah, you get the gist of it."

He raised his eyebrow. "You're not? How old are you?"

"I'm 28." She lied, watching his face to see if he would believe her.

His eyes narrowed and he looked at her shrewdly. "You are not," he said suspiciously.

"I am too."

"Than you shouldn't have a problem with 30 year old men hitting on you. Anyway, if you are 28 which I seriously doubt, why are you still in college?" He egged her on.

She glanced to the left as if searching for her next lie. "I took time off."

"Oh yeah?" His eyebrows rose again but this time he had no inclination to believe her. He could smell a lie a mile away, especially such an obvious one as this. "Well, we'll see." With that suggestive comment, he winked, picked up his pizzas and walked out the door.

Sarah stared open mouthed as the door swung shut after him. "We'll see." His last phrase echoed in her head. Just what did he mean, "We'll see." Not if she had anything to do with it! Men, she thought. They all thought they could just lay on the charm and you would fall on your back. This guy although not ugly, oozed arrogance and bullshit, she thought. He was definitely handsome and she wouldn't have minded seeing him naked but his cockiness totally turned her off. He was so sure of himself. For that reason, she didn't budge an inch and let him see that she could possibly be interested.

Outside, Tony strode toward his car. His eyes were shining with exhilaration. He wanted that girl and he wanted her to feel the weight of his body as it pressed down on her and his cock pushed inside. He pictured her lying on her back; her legs spread wide, yearning for his penetration, panting beneath him, hot and shiny for more, that nonchalance she wore on her sleeve a distant dream. In short, he wanted to ravage her and show her who is boss. His mouth stretched in anticipation of the chase. He had always liked a good challenge.

She was drunk. Tony smiled inwardly. This would be easier than he thought. She was already stumbling, making exaggerated movements. Sarah, as he had learned was her name, was a very happy drunk. She shrieked, laughing as one of her friends danced around her. Tonight she looked gorgeous as always despite only wearing jeans and a tank top. The jeans were tight and fit her ass perfectly. The black tank top did nothing to hide the curves of her waist and breasts. Watching her, Tony scowled as another guy, a teenager he thought in disgust and spit, touched her on her waist and laughed with her. Sarah laughed back but moved away from the boy's grip and started talking with another person. She had been doing that all night. She was like a butterfly, flitting from one person to the next, talking to everyone. He could tell by the lingering gazes of the guys around her that she was a hot prize on campus. She seemed, however to be unaware of the attention she aroused or at least uninterested in these boys. She responded to all their behavior in that same effervescent manner, flirting innocently with everyone.

As she finished the large bottle of beer she was drinking and set it down on the pavement, the group she was with began to huddle. Tony looked at the bottle and laughed seeing that it was malt liqueur. He was no stranger to college drinking. He had gone himself and did a fair amount of partying. Although he was not in the huddle, he remained close enough to hear what was going on. He blended in well enough on the campus that his presence didn't seem suspicious at all. At 11:00 at night, there were tons of students milling around outside, drinking, talking, hanging out. He guessed most people assumed him to be an older student or a graduate. He made sure however to keep his figure hidden from Sarah's eyes. He didn't want her to recognize him and point a finger in his direction.

"Ok here's how it goes." A bigger guy in the group Sarah was with started to explain the rules of capture the flag. "Once you cross over their line," he pointed to an imaginary border in the distance, "anyone on the other team can tag you and you're in jail. Try not to get tagged. If someone sees you, which they will inevitably, just run like hell back to our side. The point of the game is to capture their flag, but you all knew that didn't you?" The guy flashed his teeth smiling and everyone laughed. It seemed like Sarah's whole team was drunk. "There are different positions that people will play. Some can be on offense and others can be on defense. The offensive players have to be able to run fast and not get tagged. Ronnie, Joanna, Kim, Mike, Aaron and I will be the offense. That means we'll be the ones who cross the border and try to capture their flag. The rest of you will be on defense."

"Hey! I wanted to be on the offense," Sarah said indignantly.

The guy explaining the rules looked at Sarah amused and bluntly said, "you can't. You're totally wasted. You would last like two seconds. Besides, we need fast people. That's why it's mostly guys. But it's ok. You're going to guard the flag. That's a really important position. If anyone gets close, which probably won't happen because our flag is so far away and in the woods, tag them so they have to go to jail.

Sarah looked at her friend skeptically but shrugged. "Ok. I accept. Where is the flag?"

The guy laughed again, amused at Sarah's commitment to the game and told her where the flag was. Tony listened to his description of the location and immediately took off running in that direction to find a place to hide before Sarah got there. Ten minutes later, Tony was in a densely wooded area. He couldn't hear the laughter and speech of the students anymore. He realized he couldn't hear anything except his own breathing. The guy wasn't lying when he said the flag was far away. He secretly grinned at his own good fortune. No one could hear Sarah scream from this distance. Taking her would be easier than he thought. She was drunk too. That meant her reflexes would be down as well as her strength. He would simply make some noise to the left of the flag, deeper into the woods. Sarah would hear it and run after him. He would let her chase him for a while until she caught up with him and he could turn around and capture her. He really couldn't wait to see the look in her eyes when she saw his face again but as a player in her game of capture the flag instead of a customer. At this thought, he heard a rustle in the leaves and looked up to see Sarah approaching the tree stump where the flag rested. She picked it up and sat on the stump waiting for the action to start. Tony crept back a little, careful not to make any noise. He watched her soundlessly. She was beautiful like this, alone and without those distracting other students. She stretched and seemed to grow bored quickly of her lonesome post. At that moment, Tony decided to make his move. He stood up far enough away that she couldn't recognize him and made some noise.

"Hey!" Sarah sprang to her feet surprised someone should be there already. She dropped the flag and leapt in his direction. He laughed at her own determination and broke into a sprint running away from her. Sarah followed running with conviction. She really wanted to tag this guy out! After a couple minutes Tony could feel her tiring and slowed his pace as well. Sarah closed the distance between them in a matter of seconds and just as she reached to touch his back and tag him, he turned abruptly around, and they collided head on. "I tagged you, I tagged you! Sarah shrieked the words even as they fell to the forest floor and Tony held onto her in a kind of bear hug, rolling until she was securely beneath him. He stared into her face, her dark eyes flashing with excitement and she suddenly recognized him. "Hey!" She said surprised, shock edging into her voice. Her eyes narrowed suddenly however and any ounce of fear she felt morphed into anger. She shoved at his shoulders and screamed, "Get off of me!"

Tony merely looked down at her and smiled. Her efforts to dislodge his weight were worthless. He didn't budge. "But why would I want to leave this position when I've been fantasizing about it for weeks. You feel so good beneath me. Think about how great it could be in bed. Me riding you hard. My cock pounding into your slick, hot pussy. Your legs riding high around my waist. I know you've thought about it like I have."

Sarah drew in a sharp breath of air and tried to suppress the intense heat that bloomed in her body and caused her cheeks to blush intensely. Despite her anger, she couldn't keep herself from responding sexually to this man's words. Desperately she fought him, determined he not see her reaction and pounded his heavy shoulders with her fists. "You asshole! Get off of me. I haven't thought about you at all and I'll NEVER have sex with you!"

"Oh yes you will and you'll enjoy it." He grabbed her wrists stretching them over her head and pinned them to the earth. Unable to move her upper torso and fight him off, Sarah looked at him with fire in her eyes. As he bent his head toward her face in an effort to kiss her, she belatedly turned her head to the side, denying him access to her mouth. Tony however, wasn't going for her mouth and instead nuzzled her neck at the sensitive spot right under her jaw bone and sucked the skin. He kissed and licked lightly biting her all along her neck. Despite herself, Sarah responded. That familiar feeling of heat flooded through her and her body stretched, arching itself against his. She pointed her toes and inadvertently let out a moan, her throat humming in delight and sensation. Tony took this opportunity to touch her breasts. Still holding both wrists above her head, he reached down with one hand and stuck his palm inside her shirt cupping her breast. He stared at her face as he flicked her nipple back and forth feeling it harden in his hand. The other breast began to tighten as well in anticipation of the same assault.

"Ahh." Sarah again couldn't control the sounds that escaped from her throat and she tossed her head back and forth, desperately trying to shake the fever-like sensation that held her body in its grip. Tony grinned down at her, enjoying her reaction. He couldn't have known she would be this sensitive to his touch but he was beyond grateful.

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