tagMind ControlCaleb Woke Up Ch. 01

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 01


This is a harem fantasy exploring a naive teen's evolution after finding a magical necklace.

It is going to be sci-fi, first time, loving wives, mature, Asian, mind control, incest, reluctance, group sex, anal. Not expecting too much BDSM, and any cuckolding will be on the mild side. There will be some Protestant religion woven into the mix.

Everyone will be over 18.

This first installment is focused on the first half of day 1, and mostly covers setup and character development.

The sex starts on page 2 in the section entitled "GETTING THE DEPOSIT".

My personal criticisms of this work are many, but I think a major flaw is that there isn't any bacon references. I plan to fix that in future chapters.

I will edit and resubmit chapters to fix errors and improve story line.

This is the 2nd rev of chapter 1. Thanks for the comments.

*** Good Morning ***

Caleb woke up, rubbed his eyes, and looked at the clock.

Geez. I overslept, he thought.

It was 7:30am, and he wanted to be at the auction by eight.

Caleb had recently got caught up with the storage locker auction fever. He had been watching the shows on cable where they buy lockers and sell the valuable items in them to make money. It was like a mystery box waiting to be unwrapped. Tell him what he's won Don Pardo. And today was the day. The day of his first live auction.

Caleb pulled on some jeans and a plain green t-shirt, and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Walking through the kitchen, Caleb bumped into his mom. She was situated near the entryway, bending over at the waist to pick up some coins that had fallen on the floor. His pelvis and morning wood pressed gently into her rear end threatened to knock her forward onto her knees.

"Caleb!" she exclaimed, as she attempted to keep from tipping over.

Caleb grabbed her hips to prevent her tumbling which caused them to bump nether regions once again.

Caleb's eyes bored into her curvaceous ass. Ever since Caleb had started noticing girls, he had had to work hard not to notice how pretty his mom was. He was raised in a conservatively religious family, and he knew this was breaking some serious rules, but he couldn't help it. It felt euphorically good, but he really didn't want to go to hell. So he bounced between hormone induced highs followed by guilt fueled lows. At some level, he had started associating guilt with the pleasure in a way that enhanced the sweetness of it.

"Oh, sorry Mom. I'm in a bit of a hurry, and I didn't see you there."

She stood up quickly and turned to greet him with a red face. "It's OK. I'm fine."

The situation was really awkward for both mother and son. Darcy, the mother, tried to collect herself so she could deliver the speech she had been preparing all morning.

"You're up early for a Saturday. Does that mean you still plan to go to that auction?"

And now as Caleb faced his mom, he had to work hard not to let his eyes lower to his mother's disturbingly tempting breasts. When he bumped into her, it caused her breasts to readjust themselves so they were sitting higher in her bra, and it caused some cleavage which was very uncharacteristic for his mother. She dressed feminine, but definitely not sexy in any way.

He caught himself from staring and replied, "Yes, but I'm a little late. I'm just going to grab a cheese stick and a glass of milk. Can I have the keys to the truck?"

"Just a second Caleb, I've been giving this some thought."

Whatever it was, Caleb knew he didn't like it already. Caleb's mom was always worrying about something, and it seemed like it was usually about him.

"I don't want you going there on your own. Since your dad thinks it is such a great idea to try and do something that shows some gumption, I think he should go with you to keep you out of trouble."

"But Mom," Caleb whined.

"I have already discussed it with him, and he seems more than happy to go. Your dad is out in the garage right now futzing around wondering when you are going to get up." Caleb had lived a very sheltered life, and he had built up a reserve of passive aggressive resentment for the lack of freedom. The smothering from his mother was starting to get to him.

Caleb whined, "Mom, I'm eighteen and I can take care of myself. Please don't make Dad go with me. I wanted to do this on my own."

"Caleb, I don't want to hear about it. Either he takes you, or you can stay home."

Mom's word was final. She was the family matriarch, and she largely ruled the roost.

"Fine," Caleb said with a harrumph.

"And give me a call when you're done, Caleb. Remember we have a potluck supper at church, and your sister has to get there early for choir practice. I was hoping you could drive her." His sister was nineteen, but she didn't have her license yet. She didn't really need one. Their parents doted on her, and her boyfriend, Brad, would drive her where ever she liked. She had them all wrapped around her finger. Actually, she also had Caleb wrapped around her finger, he just wouldn't admit it.

"What about Brad?"

"I guess that Brad's family is visiting his grandparents this week end."

"OK, I can take her. I should be back by four."

"And have you started studying for your history test on Tuesday?"

"Yes Mom. I put in a couple of hours last night."

"Well, I'd like to see you study for at least a couple of more hours this week end. You can't start letting your grades slip. Otherwise, we'll need to get you a tutor."

"Sure Mom."

He would say anything to get out of there at this point. He just wanted to get to the auction. So after pounding a glass of milk, he grabbed a stick of string cheese, and headed out to the garage to meet up with his dad.

His dad greeted him, "Good morning sleepy head. Ready for the auction? I have a few suggestions. We can go over them on the drive over."

Caleb sighed, gritted his teeth, and got into the passenger seat of the red Ford pickup truck.

Caleb's dad had a lot of suggestions about strategy for the auction. It made for a long fifteen minute car ride. He wanted to be a good son so he pretended to listen and nodded and mostly zoned out. His dad seemed more excited than he did.

His dad was always supportive, but Caleb felt like he went over the top. He didn't really give him a chance to do things on his own.

*** Auction ***

When they got to the auction, there was a pretty good amount of people there, certainly more than Caleb was used to seeing on the TV shows. He had five hundred bucks burning a hole in his pocket, and he was worried that his limited bank roll would mean that he would go home empty handed. He really didn't want that to happen. But, he had been coached into a game plan by his dad. "Take it easy. Watch for an opening. Don't get caught in a bidding war. Watch and learn. Live to fight another day."

Of course, with the best of intentions, Caleb got his ass handed to him on the first unit. He started bidding because no one else would. He thought he could get this one cheap. The unit had some boxes and plastic bags. It didn't look that promising. The unit had a bad smell to it. But Caleb just wanted to get a unit.

Caleb got caught up in the excitement despite his dad's efforts to reel him in. The veteran buyers bid him up to his limit. Caleb was pretty easy to read.

The auctioneer said, "SOLD for five hundred to the young buck!"

Caleb then realized that he had spent all of his money on a unit with nothing of value in sight. His dad seemed disconcerted and uncomfortable. He felt a little embarrassed for his son, and he wished Caleb had remembered some of the strategies they had discussed. His dad was always over coaching, and somehow made Caleb feel inferior, rather than helping him find his own legs and build his own confidence. He was a good person, but he had a hard time letting Caleb figure things out on his own.

"Hey Caleb, so what do you think?"

A veteran walking over to the next auction site yelled out "NOOB!" Some of the other veteran guys chuckled and shook their heads.

Caleb was visibly unhappy.

"Dad, I would rather not talk about it."

His dad respected his wishes, put his hands in his pockets, looked down at his shoes, and sighed.

Caleb sulked over to the office.

*** Office ***

The girl behind the counter was pretty cute. She had shoulder length raven hair pulled back in a pony tail. This hairstyle featured her freckled, pixie face. She wore more make-up and less clothing than Caleb was used to. She wasn't much over five feet tall, and she wasn't much older than Caleb.

She was wearing a black spaghetti tank top that put her shelf and accompanying cleavage on display. Caleb was always tongue tied around pretty girls (even his family). He thought it would be best to avoid the temptation, so he tended to avoid looking at pretty girls when he could.

She reached for Caleb's auction slip, looked at it, and smirked.

"Ah, the noob," she chuckled, at his expense.

Caleb grimaced. "Oh, you heard that?"

She nodded and responded "Yeah, seems like we have been getting more 'noobs' lately because of the shows on cable. Don't take it personal. The guys just try to discourage them from coming back."

Caleb just wanted to forget about it. He took out a wad of bills from his pocket and handed it to her.

She counted it up, and said, "You're fifty short."

Caleb thought there must be a mistake. "It's five hundred, right?"

"No, it's five-fifty. There's a fifty dollar deposit until you finish cleaning the unit."

"How much time do I have to clean it out?"

"Seventy-two hours, so Tuesday morning."

"OK, uh, just a minute. I need to get some money from my dad." This caused the mocking smirk to return to the buxom pixie.

His dad gave Caleb the money. He was a bit uptight about handing it over because they didn't have a lot of discretionary income, but he always had his son's back.

Caleb went in and paid and got his receipt.

The counter girl handled the transaction with complete disinterest which afforded Caleb a couple of glances at her tantalizing bosom. Her breasts looked really alluring in that tank. He was hoping his erection wouldn't be too noticeable, but he needn't have bothered to worry. Caleb, with his timid disposition and lack of self esteem, had the type of personality that served as a form of an invisibility cloak. It was quite easy for folks to forget he was there.

When Caleb opened the unit door, there was no reprieve from his earlier misgivings. He wondered what he ever saw in this unit that made him place a bid. He and his dad sorted through the plastic bags full of dirty and moldy clothes, boxes full of receipts from ten years ago, and a moldy old mattress which seemed to be source of the smell.

"Dad, why the heck would anyone bother to pay to store this stuff?"

"I don't know Caleb. People can be funny sometimes. But keep looking. Maybe there is a hidden gem in here somewhere."

There really wasn't anything salvageable yet, and they were more than half way through the storage unit. His dad noticed that Caleb looked a little worn out.

"Caleb, are you getting hungry?"

"Yeah, I could eat," his son responded.

"Let's bring this load to the dump, and head home for lunch. We can finish up after."

They called home to let his mom, Darcy, know they were coming.

"Hi Mom."

"Hi Caleb. How'd it go?"

"Yeah, well, I bought a unit. We still have some more stuff to look at, but nothing so far."

"So what's up?

"We are going to make a trip to the dump, and then come home for lunch. We'll need to head back for a bit, but there isn't too much left to do."

"Is your Dad there?"

"You want to talk to Dad? OK, sure. I am handing it over to him."

"Hi Dar. Oh, Meals on Wheels? That's today? Thanks for reminding me. Right. We will see you in about an hour. Can you have some food ready?"

After hearing his wife's reply he said his good bye, hung up and handed the cell phone back to his son.

His dad volunteered a lot at church, and one of the things he did was deliver hot meals to "shut ins", people identified by social services as needing a little extra help. His parents were the salt of the earth, and as nice as daisies.

"Geez Caleb, I forgot I have Meals on Wheels today so I guess I won't be able to help this afternoon. Do you think you'll be all right without me, or do you want to wait until tomorrow? Maybe I can help out after church."

"No, that's OK Dad. I'll be fine. There isn't that much left to go through, just the books really."

When they got home, his mom and sister were in the kitchen making some chicken noodle soup and tuna fish sandwiches. Caleb mostly succeeded in avoiding taking peeks at the two women, and kept his lustful thoughts in check.

His sister grabbed a bowl of soup and put it on a plate next to her sandwich and said, "I am going to take my food up to my room so I can study, OK? I have a mid-term in English Lit next week." She attended the local university.

"Sure honey. Just make sure not to spill," his mom replied.

Caleb looked up to catch his sister taking a big sip of milk so it wouldn't spill so easily. It left a milk mustache on her lip. Caleb liked that look on his sister. He thought about what it would be like to lick it off. Then he mentally chastised himself, and went back to his soup while his sister exited stage right.

His mom asked her husband about how the auction went. Caleb groaned and stared into his soup.

Caleb's dad responded, "Well, Caleb bought a unit with his own money. I don't think we have found anything worth selling yet, but Caleb has a bit more to go through before calling it a loss. Even if he doesn't make a monetary profit, I think he just got some great life experience."

Caleb's mom looked a bit worried which was quite normal for her. "I just don't like this whole idea very much. The thought of preying on someone else's misfortune doesn't feel right. Where did the stuff in the unit come from? Did they fall on hard times? Did someone die? What family keep sakes are lost forever?"

Caleb responded, "Trust me Mom; there isn't anything worthwhile in this unit. The clothes were frayed, smelly and moldy. There might be a couple of interesting books to read, but I really wonder why anyone would bother to store any of this stuff."

His mom didn't let go, "Well, I'm not a big fan of this, Caleb. I hope you can think about getting another hobby that's a little more productive, OK?"

Caleb just nodded while thinking, If you would just let me get a job, I wouldn't be doing this.

So after lunch, Caleb's headed back to the unit by himself.

*** Like the Dickens ***

Caleb's last hope was that some of the books would be salvageable. The books were mostly hard cover, and one looked leather bound. Maybe there was a first edition in there. He sorted through the books looking for anything interesting. The leather bound book looked like it had some weird looking writing on it that he didn't understand. It looked Egyptian, Russian or Hebrew or something, but it was partially covered by another hard cover book, Great Expectations.

He picked up Great Expectations to move it out of the way, but the Dickens tome seemed to jump out of his hand. He tried to grab it, and succeeded in juggling it for a bit, but it fell to the ground. His lack of coordination all but guaranteed this result.

When the book hit the floor, it landed on its pages end, and slid open for the floor to read. As it slid open, a necklace spilled out from carved out pages with in the book.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" Caleb exclaimed.

Caleb picked up the necklace and inspected it. It had a simple silver style chain with a silver ball pendant with sort of an ornamental weave. The ball was encrusted with little purple glass or gem stones. Maybe he could take this to a pawn shop or jewelry store to get it appraised. He tried to contain his enthusiasm, but started to think the unit wasn't a total loss.

Caleb suddenly noticed that his finger was hurting, and was a little wet and sticky. Apparently his finger had suffered a nasty paper cut while trying to catch the book.

Unbeknownst to Caleb, some blood had smeared onto the pendant of the necklace when he picked it up to examine it. If he had noticed, he would have been freaked out to see the blood absorbed into the pendant, leaving no trace. But Caleb was too focused on the cut on his hand to notice the spooky blood sucking necklace.

His mother had instilled a more than healthy fear of germs in the boy. She usually made him bring a first aid kit with him when he went on any sort of outing. These acts of smothering bothered him a lot, but he was wishing she had pushed for it today.

He was almost done with the unit, so he sucked on his finger a bit and went back to work. Caleb inspected the other books to see if other treasures might drop out of them as well, but that was it for jewelry.

He started to think about what his mom had said about taking advantage of other people's misfortune. He couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for the poor owner who had let this possibly priceless pendant go. But, if somebody stored it here in the first place, maybe it wasn't all that valuable. Why wouldn't they put it in a safety deposit box or something? On the other hand, why would someone go to the trouble of hiding the necklace in a hollowed out book?

Caleb put the pendant in his pocket, and then put the leather book with strange writing, the hollowed out Dickens book, and the other hard cover books into a banker's box to bring home or closer inspection later.

In order to help assuage his guilt, Caleb thought it might be best to keep something that could help him find the previous owner if the item turned out to be too valuable. There were still a small shoe box of receipts and paper work hanging around that Caleb hadn't thrown away yet, so he collected it to sort through later if the appraisal proved out that the necklace was worth something.

The unit now emptied, he headed over to the office to get back his Dad's deposit.

*** An Unexpected Kindness ***

"I think I'm cleared out. Can I get my deposit back now, please?"

The counter girl, Mel, looked up from her computer screen where she was engrossed in the latest happenings on her social media site. She looked a bit irked, and then smirked when she saw who it was.

"Hey noob. So did you find any treasures today?"

Caleb was thinking he might want to keep his find a secret, but his urge to show up the smirky little vixen won out. He fished in his pocket and pulled out his prize.

"Don't know what it's worth, but I think it's kind of neat."

A wave of sexual electricity rolled over her, and brought her to a strong level of arousal. Her nipples hardened under her tank top. Her face flushed. She felt herself becoming moist. The necklace captivated her attention. She couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Caleb saw the counter girl stare at the pendant. She stood up from her metal stool and leaned over the counter, giving Caleb a better vantage point to admire her womanly wares.

Caleb got erections all of the time for no reason at all, but this was just about the most exciting thing he had ever seen. His penis wanted to burst right out of his pants.

"Wow. That looks so amazing. Do you mind if I try it on?" she asked.

He was a little dumbfounded by her tank top encased breasts on display. He picked up his jaw from the floor and held the necklace out for her.

As she grasped the chain, she quickly flashed through a series of fantasies she had been thinking about over the last couple of days while working this boring job. One in particular was a recurring fantasy about having sex with a cute, sexy customer.

She held up the necklace to look at it more closely and said, "Your girlfriend is going to love this."

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