tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptured and Conquered Ch. 03

Captured and Conquered Ch. 03


I flopped back onto the down mattress, utterly exhausted. Alex laid on top me breathing heavy. My pussy still had spasms from the last over powering orgasm I had just suffered through. He brought me so many times that I lost count. My entire body ached, and pulsed. Now that he was lying still on top of me, I hoped that Alex had finally gotten tired. He lifted his head, his emerald eyes piercing the darkness. A small smirk spread across his face.

"Was it good for you, love?"

I glared at him disgusted with his smirk, arrogant attitude and his inhuman ability to seem completely recovered from the hours of sex he forced me to endure. I couldn't move, my body was stiff and I felt a harsh ache between my legs, even though his cock was no longer sheathed deep within my pussy. He, on the other hand, appeared to have energy to spare. His unfathomable stamina irritated me to extreme levels. I opened my mouth to tell him exactly what I thought about his little escapade, but his hand ran over my mouth, smothering any icy remark I might have made.

"Shhhh. You're tired, love. Don't answer. I could tell by your moaning that it was a more than satisfying experience." His eyes danced with mischief and his smirk widened. As much as I hated him, hated what he was doing to me, I could not deny that I screamed in satisfaction the entire time. At first I tried to fight it, but soon I lost the will power. I hated that too. Why couldn't I stop him from pleasuring me? Why wouldn't my body listen to my mind's shrieks of protest?

A tear slipped out of my eye. That sign of weakness angered me. I didn't want him to know I felt defeated. Alex had a slight look of concern cover his face as he used his thumb to wipe away the tear.

"Don't cry love."

He leaned forward and softly kissed my nose. He then got up off of me and picked up his discarded pants. Walking towards the door he turned and looked at me.

"I shall leave for now. I have a few matters to take care of. Oh, and I must think about what I want my "anything" from you to be." Alex chuckled at my shocked expression, "Don't tell me you thought that what just happened would fulfill your promise? Aw, poor little Jules. That was a just a little something for your pleasure. When I think of what you owe me, it will be for my pleasure, though you might enjoy it too. Good-bye for now, love." With that he turned and walked through the door, shutting it softly behind him, leaving me alone in the dim room to think about what he said. I sighed. Damn it! That bastard already knows what he is going to make me do. Why the hell did I promise him anything in that freaking bathroom? I can't believe he coerced me into saying I'd do anything for him to stop. It's not like what he was doing was even that bad anyways. Now, I'll have to suffer through something much worse and I won't be able to promise my way out of this one. Stupid, Julia. That was real stupid.

Tears threatened to slip out of my eyes, I blinked them back. I was tired of crying. Forcing myself up I crawled to the center of the bed and curled up, finally letting my exhausted body sleep.


Alex traveled down the hallway and entered his study. He sat back in his chair and sighed. His eyes shifted to the drawer of his mahogany desk that held his photographs of Julia.

"Beautiful. She is simply beautiful." He murmured to himself. For a few moments he sat lost in thought about his captive, but soon his thoughts drifted to what he wanted her to do for him the most. A smile crept across his face as a plan slowly constructed itself in his head.

"Twisted, but fitting." With that Alex went to his book case, shifted some of its contents and entered the door that appeared behind it.

****** My eyes fluttered open. Gasping I sat up and looked around wildly. Good. He isn't here. I could have sworn I saw him. I shook my head.

"Geez, I must really be terrified of him." I let out a half-hearted laugh. Shifting I got up, and instantly sat back down. My legs couldn't support my weight; they were just too fatigued from the past hours of sex.

I crossed my arms over my chest. I desperately wanted to cover myself up. I never sat around naked, not even in the privacy of my own room. My eyes shifted to the open bathroom door.

"Could there be a towel or robe in there?" I asked myself. Grunting I slid off the bed on to my exhausted legs. Gritting my teeth I forced them to walk, well shuffle, to the bathroom. My desire for clothes greatly over-powered the burning ache in my legs. Making it to the door I surveyed the scene. My eyes settled on a black button down shirt lying near the bathtub. My memory told me that was the very shirt that an uninvited Alex had discarded before joining me in the tub.

"No way in hell. I can't do it. No freaking way."

Resolved not to wear his shirt I went back to looking for another article of clothing suitable for covering myself up. Nothing. Not even a freaking towel. There was absolutely nothing even resembling a piece of cloth in the bathroom. Once again my eyes settled on his shirt.

"Don't do it Julia." I told myself as I slogged towards the shirt. "Don't you dare put on that rapist pervert's shirt!" I snarked. I froze in front of the black wad. Wrestling with my need to have clothes, and my repulsion of him I talked out what actions could be taken.

"Okay. You have two choices. You can put on the shirt, be covered up from Alex's piercing eyes, but have to deal with his ridiculous arrogant smirk when he sees you. I hate that smirk... That definitely leaves choice b, not putting on the shirt, dealing with being naked and that you walked over here for nothing, AND allowing Alex's beautiful green eyes roam freely over your body. Yup choice two is the way to go."

Content with that fact, I suddenly paled. My stomach twisted into a knot and I thought I was going to be sick. "Wait. What the hell? I so did NOT just say beautiful green eyes. Oh god, I did. His eyes are not beautiful. I just slipped, that was all. I totally DO NOT find anything attractive about him at all. Especially his eyes."

Snarling at my mistake, I dipped down and grabbed the shirt and jammed my arms into the sleeves. Just as forcefully I buttoned the shirt up as I muttered furiously that I did not think Alex was attractive in any way. Ignoring the fact that I could smell his cologne and that I liked the scent, I whipped around intent on crawling back into bed and feeling miserable but instead slammed straight into Alex, who once again was wearing his trademark smirk.

I gasped and my cheeks instantly turned red. Had he heard? Please, please tell me he didn't hear me say his eyes were beautiful.

Alex looked down at me. He moved closer to me and brought his hand to the top of his shirt and rest his finger under the collar. My breath caught in my throat.

"You don't think I have beautiful green eyes, Love? You don't find anything attractive about me? Nothing at all? I'm hurt, Love." He said softly, giving me a fake pout.

The words adorable and cute came to my mind, only to be shoved irately away and replaced with "Oh shit he heard."

Alex took his finger out of the shirt I was wearing and moved it to the top button. Lust and desire was plainly seen on his face as he started to unbutton it. I squeaked in anger, quickly smacked his hand away, and backed up.

"I didn't put on this shirt just so you could take it off again." I spat out in his direction. I realized that most of my anger wasn't over the fact that he tried to unbutton the shirt. I was attempting to cover up my embarrassment that he heard me call him beautiful. Alex shot me a patronizing look of arrogance.

"Than perhaps you shouldn't have put it on? Or did you miss me so much that you needed to be close to something of mine? If that is the case, Love, I'll try not to leave you without my beautiful green eyes for long." He whispered smugly.

I was floored. He had heard everything. Dammit, dammit, dammit. I didn't trust myself to speak, so I remained silent and backed up a couple more feet.

Alex chuckled softly and followed me further into the bathroom. I wanted distance between us so I continued to back up, unfortunately for me, I hit the bathroom wall. With no where else to go, Alex caught up with me quickly. I attempted to dart away to the left but he was faster. Alex put his hands on the wall next to my shoulders, trapping me in between his arms. I whimpered in defeat, looking into his emerald eyes. He gave me a lazy smile before dipping his head down to kiss me. His lips caressed mine, sending sparks down my spine and straight to my pussy. I started feeling heat where should have been none. What was happening to me?

Alex's tongue snaked into my mouth as he deepened the kiss, I moaned into his, and to my disgust I could feel him smile against my lips. My breath started coming faster and I knew I had to end this before I let him see how turned on he had made me by just kissing me. I quickly broke the kiss and sank to the floor in an attempt to get away from him. Quick as lightening he grabbed the back of my shirt and jerked me to my feet. When I was back against the wall he pressed his body against mine. Slowly he began grinding his groin into mine, enabling me to feel his erection.

"It would be much easier on you if you cooperated. Besides, Love, you can't say you're not enjoying this. Relax, and indulge." He murmured into my ear before nibbling the lobe.

I wrenched my head away from his lips. "I can too say I'm not enjoying this you bastard! Let go of me."

He drew his face back from mine, eyes wide with mock disbelief.

"You're not enjoying this? Really. Well, are you wet, Love?"

"Of course not. Let go of me." I demanded, struggling against him. His arrogance infuriated me, and as much as I didn't want him to touch me, I really didn't want him to touch me and find out that I was completely wet and ready for him.

Alex removed one of his hands from the wall and placed it on my chest, moving it slowly between my breasts and down towards my throbbing pussy.

"I'm not sure if I believe you, Love. Perhaps I should check for myself?" He cooed, kissing my neck. His hand traveled further down my stomach, and to my pussy lips. Stopping at the entrance he looked me in the eye as he brushed his thumb over my clit. I bite my lip, making his lips curl into a haughty smile.

"Ready or not."

At this point I saw my chance. I shoved him away and dashed from the wall. I rushed to the door not sure what I would do when I got out, but running none the less. However what I would have done didn't matter, as I felt Alex's hands grab my hips. He lifted me off the ground and thrust me over his shoulder. I went limp, afraid of what he was going to do next, and thinking vaguely that last time should have taught me that he moved faster than I did, so perhaps I should think of another way to escape him.

Alex moved swiftly through the room and dropped me on to the bed. Before I had time to scramble back he grabbed my arms and pushed me on to my back. I struggled beneath him, desperate to get away, but he was far stronger than I was. He produced the same cloth that he had tied me down with twice before and wrapped it around my wrists, successfully binding me to the headboard. I tugged wildly at my restraints attempting to get loose. I didn't want to submit to him again; for once I wanted to win the fight.

Alex slid off of me and turned his attention to my flailing legs. He grabbed hold of one of my ankles and held it still while he tied it to the nearest post on the bed.

"Three limbs down, Love. One to go." He chuckled wickedly. This remark frustrated the hell out of me. Determined to hurt him before he tied me completely down, I aimed a kick at his groin. Before I made contact he caught my foot and held my leg still. Wrenching my leg to the right, he spread me almost painfully wide. After tying down my leg, he got back up on the bed and crawled in between my legs. He brushed his hand across my inner thigh, bringing it closer and closer to my pussy. I continued to struggle wildly, desperate to get away from his touch.

Alex looked up at me and threw another trademark smirk my way. The look in his eyes stilled my struggles.

"So, Love, now that I know there will be no more interruptions, let's find out if you are wet."

I already knew the answer, and closed my eyes, utterly defeated.

Alex's hand brushed the lips of my pussy, teasing my clit and eliciting a low moan from me. From the way he was breathing, I knew that he was enjoying himself. Bastard. Alex continued to slide his finger back and forth across my slit. Suddenly he moved he finger slightly and thrust it into my pussy. It slid in with ease, accompanied with a wet slurping sound. I arched my back and held in a moan, while my cheeks burned in shame. Alex withdrew his finger and placed it on my lip. Brushing it across both my lips, he dropped down and kissed me. The kiss was rough and demanding, and eventually he probed my mouth open, forcing me to taste my own wetness. Alex backed off my bruised mouth, and gently kissed my nose. He then sat back up and looked down at me.

With a wink he said, "It's hard to deny you're wet when you've tasted yourself isn't it Love?"

I stared angrily at him, disgusted with his actions, but more disgusted with myself. Why did he make me wet? Why did my body enjoy what he was doing? And why in the hell did I think he had beautiful green eyes?!?! I swallowed hard, attempting to think of some frigid remark to throw at him, however I couldn't think of anything that would top what he had just done.

"You're twisted."

Alex thrust his finger back inside my pussy, making me shudder.

"Clearly you like it that way."

I turned my head away. I didn't want to look him in the eye; however his satisfied sigh made me curious enough to look back at him.

"You have a lovely ass, Jules. Something I will very much enjoy conquering."

My head flew up and my eyes widened. I renewed my struggles.

"Please, oh no. Please no. I can't. Don't do it. Please. Please don't." I whimpered.

Alex's finger traveled down from my pussy to my ass, he stopped at its entrance and began stroking it.

"But Love, it's my favorite."

My eyes began welling up again. This violation was something I knew I couldn't take.

"Please, I swear I'll do anything else, just don't take my ass."

"I believe we already played that game Love. You lost, and this is my prize." Alex sighed with content. "However there is another option. Though you may like that idea even less."

Without thinking I answered. "Fine, I'll do it." The thought of him leaving my ass alone was enough for me to agree. Afterwards I thought my uninformed agreement would lead to a worse fate. Unfortunately I was correct.

Alex chuckled to himself. I watched him slide off the bed and after discarding his clothes he walked to the only bureau in the room. Squinting in the dim light I saw he take something out of a bowl. He turned and walked back to me, the item concealed in his hand. I gulped. This wasn't going to be fun. Alex settled himself back between my legs and began stroking my clit.

"Have you ever heard of figging, Love?'

I shook my head no. Alex stopped rubbing my clit and trailed his finger back to my ass. Suddenly I felt something cool, wet and significantly smaller than his cock slip into my ass, though it was still uncomfortable. I shifted unsure of what was happening, when I felt a slight tingle where the object was. That tingle quickly turned into an escalating burning sensation. I started to buck wildly clenching and unclenching my ass, attempting to push the foreign object out and make the pain go away. The burning flared into an inferno and I screamed.


"Ginger, Love. I take it you feel its bite?"

I writhed, and twisted, but couldn't get the ginger out of me. I felt pain that I didn't think was possible to feel. I wanted that ginger out of me. I clenched my ass again hoping to work it out, but the action just made the burning inflate. I screamed again.

"Please... Take it out. I can't take this." I whined hoping he would relent. He didn't.

"You refused my cock, Love. Beg me for it and I may consider it."

My eyes widened in shock. Beg? He wanted me to beg him to shove his cock in my ass? That damn bastard! I resolved to deal with the awful burning. I would never beg him for anything. At my silence Alex chuckled.

"Stubborn. But this wouldn't be as much fun it you weren't."

I screamed again as the ginger seemed to grow even hotter, but soon after that the sensations died down. I stopped bucking and sighed. It was over. I felt Alex pull the ginger out of my ass, and smiled to myself. I had finally won. However my smile evaporated quickly because I felt a familiar cool bit of ginger slide back into my ass. At first I didn't feel its bite, but in a second it was back again, only much worse.

"I figured the sensations had left you, Love. So I decided I'd renew it. Still want to refuse my cock? I have a large stash of ginger here. This could go on for hours Love."

I let out another scream as the ginger grew hotter. I couldn't take this another time, much less a time after that. But I couldn't beg him to take my ass. Could I? Again I was faced with two choices. A lose, lose situation. I hated him. I choked back a scream and let my head fall back.

"Please take me."

Alex gave me a doubtful look and then grinned. "You're going to have to better than that Love. I don't think I believe you want me."

I screamed in pain and frustration. Lifting my head I looked him straight in the eye. I felt angry and defeated, but pressed on.

"Please, please. Oh god I need you. I want to feel you inside me, thrusting hard. I need you to make me moan in satisfaction. Please take me. I want you inside me. I want to know how it feels to have you pounding into my ass over and over until we both find release. I am hot and tight and completely ready for you. Please, please take me."

Alex groaned and leaned over me, claiming my lips. He pushed his tongue into my mouth. I arched against him, still writhing from the pain of the ginger. I felt his hand on my ass, venturing towards the ginger. I sighed into his mouth as he pulled it out of me, ending the horrible burning. Alex looked down at the black shirt I still had on. He frowned slightly and started to unbutton the shirt.

"Please don't." I cried, hoping that he would at least let me keep some of myself covered.

Alex put his finger to my lips. "Shhhhh. It's much better this way, Love. I can't have anything obstructing your beauty, even if I do enjoy seeing you in my shirt."

He unbuttoned the rest of the shirt and leisurely pealed it back, bringing my breasts slowly into view. When I was fully exposed he sighed and bent down to capture a nipple. Pulling it upwards, he suddenly let go and moved to my neck. He then started kissing my neck, moving back to my breasts. When he reached them, he again took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked on it. Nipping it lightly he moved to the other, doing the same thing making me shudder involuntarily. He traveled on down towards my pussy. Reaching it he licked my clit, causing me to shudder and moan. He looked up at me and winked. I blushed crimson, and burned with anger. He continued licking and occasionally nipping my clit. This was driving me wild. I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning, but eventually I couldn't hold it in anymore. I groaned and writhed in ecstasy.

Alex shifted and I felt his cock on my pussy. A bit of hope flared in me. Perhaps he wasn't going to claim my ass? These thoughts were lost quickly as he thrust in sharply. I drew in a quick breath, and tried not to enjoy the sensation. He thrust a couple more times and then pulled out. I was shocked to find out I felt disappointed. Before I could think that one over I felt Alex's cock at my ass. I went rigid.

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