Captured Ch. 09


"Do you know where you're going?" Lara shouted.

Sabine didn't answer, she was only focused on escaping, they had been followed sooner than she had suspected they would be, and although she thought they still had a chance of loosing Talos in the storm she wanted to put more distance between them, knowing if he caught her she might forget what she was doing out here in the first place. So she pushed the horses through the forests nearly all night, and it was nearly dawn by the time Sabine heard the terrifying sound of another horse, and then another. Lara heard it too and tears welled in her eyes as she looked at Sabine.

"He'll kill us!" Lara screamed.

Sabine suddenly moved off the mare and handed Lara both leads, she pointed down a path towards some tall rocks hardly visible in the oncoming morning, the rain still falling over them.

"Head for the cliffs." Sabine ordered. "Once there you should see a castle shaped rock, my people often guard it... they should be now."

Sabine remembered her letter to her brothers, and she knew that with her hidden messages and any luck they would know to find her here. She didn't wait for Lara to argue, she gave the horses a pat and sent Lara off on her own. Sabine gripped Talos's sword and waited for the oncoming attack. She wasn't surprised to see Talos first, his visible eye dangerously on her as he pulled his horse to a halt and motioned for the six men with him to do the same.

"Sabine!" Talos shouted.

Sabine quickly used the sword to cut a slit down the leg of the red gown she wore, making it easier to move before she fled him.

"Find Lara." Talos ordered his men before he went after Sabine on his own. He caught up with her easily because she was on foot, and unable to outrun him, she reluctantly turned to face him as he jumped from his animal. A gut wrenching feeling overcame him as he was forced to draw his sword.

"Don't do this Sabine, hear me out." He insisted, but at this point a skirmish was unavoidable, and they fought, Talos's graceful skill as a swordsman flawed now because of his opponent, he had no desire to harm her in any way. When he finally realized that there was no way to control her like this, and he wouldn't kill her, he let her knock the sword from his hands and defeat him, and he attentively watched her as she stood over him as if she were going to strike, waiting to see what she would decide for his fate.

"Sabine, you can't kill me."

"You shouldn't have come." She frowned, "You have one chance to turn back now."

She gripped her sword tightly as he came to his feet and cautiously moved towards her. It felt dangerously like the time she had taken his eye, his friendly movement, and the soft look on his face, but this time Sabine wasn't nearly as calm. She felt unwanted tears dwelling, and her hand was shaking against the sword.

"Don't." she said, so softly he could hardly hear her.

"You can't leave me Sabine, you belong to me, you always have."

"You're wrong."

He suddenly lunged towards her, catching her by surprise and wrestling the sword from her hands as she struggled against him until he forced her down onto the muddy floor of the forest. She was pinned under his weight and couldn't move. Talos had no interest in struggling with her now and he forcefully kissed her mouth.

"Stop!" she demanded, "You cant!"

"What will you do?" he retorted, "Take my other eye? I will not be able to look upon you but I will still know you Sabine!"

She gasped at the sudden intrusion of his erection pushing into her vagina. She had not even realized her dress was lifted and he had the perfect positioning, pushing into her in one movement, and as he thrust with a fierce pounding she felt little control, feeling the invasion and the way his hands began to move carefully over her.

"No!" She screamed, more to herself, fighting her own body as it reacted to his touch.

"Listen to me." He whispered, "You're wrong Sabine, you're wrong about everything. I told you that your brothers stole from me, remember? What they stole, it was you."

Sabine tried to concentrate on his words, they didn't make any sense to her as her body gave in and she began lifting her hips, meeting him as he thrust into her harder, their bodies creating a splashing sound as they met, and all the while he continued to speak softly into her ear, his calm smooth voice contradicting the pace of his actions.

"When our fathers began to work together, taking over the provinces your mother became afraid of them, they were tearing up the lands and she worried the people would begin to revolt. She began going against your father and mine, sending her own orders to stop the fighting and when they discovered what she had done she came to me asking for refuge. Your brothers knew about it Sabine, the plan was to put an end to your father and mine. I offered your mother safety and in return she offered a treaty to take effect the moment we put an end to our fathers, you and I were to be married."

He caught her eyes, she was trying to remember anything that validated his words but she could think of nothing, if it were true why didn't her mother mention it? Why hadn't her brothers? And then she remembered how she had attacked Talos's keep on her father's orders.

"That night you attacked," He said, "That same night I killed my own father, and your brothers were the ones who took yours."

All Sabine could do at this point was shake her head stupidly.

"It's true." Talos stated, "Ask them Sabine, ask them what really happened. When I went to your family castle to settle on the treaty and claim you your brothers had already sent you and your mother away. They heard how you had attacked me and feared if they made good on our bargain I might seek revenge. They were right of course, I did want to hurt you, but after we met everything changed. I should have told you all of this before, I was going to, but when I heard your mother was dead I knew there was no one who would support my story."

Sabine gasped as his hand moved down and massaged her clit as he continued to thrust into her, not missing a single rhythm while he spoke, and even if she wanted to respond he cut her off first, kissing her mouth again until her eyes closed and she relaxed in his arms, letting him hold her possessively until he felt the ripples of her orgasm as she gently poured pleasure over his organ with her body.

In this moment she didn't care, she didn't care about anything he had said to her, and she didn't care that she was half naked lying on the muddy floor of the woods entwined with Talos like they were animals. She only cared that he had come after her. It seemed strange really, not long before this she had been desperately fighting him, trying to escape, but as he touched her now she realized, had he not caught her, she may have never felt him this way again, and the idea of that now seemed frightening to her. Damn, what was wrong with her?

Talos felt her becoming relaxed beneath him again, and he released his seed within her tight walls before realizing her head was against a rather rough looking rock. He gently lifted her neck, hoping she hadn't been hurt and then smiled gently when he noticed she was still staring at him silently with a look he didn't recognize. She seemed almost welcoming towards him, as if the ice had faded from her olive eyes. He decided to test her hospitality and gently lifted her up to his chest as his organ slipped out of her, and surely enough her arms slowly went around his shoulders, holding him in an uncertain matter.

"You see Sabine, you were always mine, and now that I have decided to keep you, I couldn't possibly let you go." Talos gently grazed her cheek with his lips, but just as he did he felt her grow tense and she let out a gasp of surprise against him.

There was a chill as the hairs of his neck stood on end and before he could think he was being pulled off of her from behind. He got a good glimpse of several soldiers, not his own, and one of Sabine's brothers he recognized, safely holding Lara on a horse, and then her second and eldest brother, he also recognized, the entire family had the same olive eyes. It was her second brother who suddenly threw a fist in Talos's direction.

Talos was dizzy, he knew he was falling, but he could stay conscious, he was sure of it. Wrong.

A blunt force hit the back of his head and just before things began to go dark he saw the eldest brother over him bringing down the sharp end of a sword, and Sabine just behind him, with a terribly shocked expression on her face.


Sabine wondered why she had never taken the time to take a good look at Talos before. She had seen him naked, but felt she never fully appreciated his masculine form, not like now. His arms stretched high over his head and his wrists bound in shackles, locked over the top beams a familiar bed. She thought this suited him. She made certain he had enough room to drop to his knees, where he was now; his body was thrown forward and his head down. She wondered how much longer it would be until he woke up. She was looking forward to that.

She smiled to herself as she coated his body with the scented oils; she had been doing this for quite some while, making every curving muscle in his body glow against the soft light. She had been slow and careful, paying close attention the cloth gag and blindfold she had placed tight over his eyes and mouth, looking for any sign of his awakening. It was difficult to tell how conscious he was. His body seemed so limp but all her rubbing had aroused his male appendage and it amused her to watch it grow as she continued.

After she finished oiling his feet she went to his hands, reaching up as she kneeled in front of him, allowing his head to sink into her breasts as she interlocked her fingers with his and spent the rest of the silky oil on his hands. She smiled as his hands gave a soft squeeze to her touch, like he was reaching for something in his dreams.

Sabine curiously ran her hands down his chest, down to his groin and she brought both hands around his erection, pulling it to her belly each time she stroked it, feeling his hardness grow under her hands, coating it with the small dribbles of his leeking seed. She brought her fingers under his balls and stroked them upwards until she heard a desirable moan escape him through his gag. His head began to twitch and she continued stroking the erect appendage as she watched him wake.

Talos was in utter confusion, wondering why he couldn't open his eyes. He could feel the pulling at his groin and the strong tingle in his thighs, knowing he was entirely erect. He remembered the mountain, and if he wasn't dead he must be a prisoner somewhere, but what kind of prisoner? He didn't realize that a small amount of seed had dripped from his appendage, but he was completely aware when his captor ran her wet tongue over the head of his dick. It sent him snapping to attention as he began to thrust around in his chains, attempting to shout crude profanities through his gag, at least, Sabine imagined that was what he was trying to shout. She could already see the red anger in the visible parts of his face. His body suddenly became tense as she moved her fingers around him and took hold of his muscular flanks, leaning forward so he could feel her breath on his ear.

"Shh." She insisted.

Talos remained quite still for a moment, trying to determine exactly what was happening. The only thing he was sure of was that Sabine was near. He would recognize her sweet scents anywhere. Was he her prisoner now? He couldn't have that, he was prisoner to no one, but then again, he could be in worse company.

He tried to speak again, being cut off by the obnoxious gag. Sabine ignored his frustrated grunts and kissed his neck, bringing him to be still again as his head tried to lean into her, wanting to touch her any way he could.

"You must be very confused." She whispered, "That's alright love, I will be glad to explain everything, but first I thought we could play a little game."

Talos felt his heart race. He knew it was Sabine's voice in his ear, and her touch on his flanks, but what Sabine was this? Definitely not one he had met unless... was she getting even? Was he in her home now? The panic seemed to rush through him and his breathing became heavy as she held him against her.

"Would you like to play a game?" she asked, "I would be disappointed if you didn't, but I can always come back later when you're ready. I could leave you hear like this."

He felt her hand on his organ again and knew he couldn't handle being caught here with no way to relive himself, and he desperately began to shake his head, hearing her soft chuckle against his ear. He had never heard her laugh before, and despite his current predicament the sound was sweet in his ear.

"Do you want to play a game then?" she asked.

He quickly nodded, if anything to please her. She kissed his cheek and he felt her absence for a moment, and then sensed her behind him, carefully unbinding the blindfold.

"I'm going to let you see now." She said, "But for now I don't think you should talk."

He waited for a moment and as the blindfold dropped he let his eyes adjust to the light. He looked around one moment, and was suddenly thrashing in his chains the next, realizing he could stand, but he could not leave the bed. Damn it all to hell! He was in his own damn fortress, in his own room no less, not an unknown dungeon or unfamiliar territory, damn her! His Sabine had trapped him in his own room and now he was demanding she set him free, thrusting around like an animal as she retreated from the bed and watched him silently in his tantrum.

She began to shake her head as she walked to where there were chains leading from the bed, hooked on a frame that would allow her to adjust them. He watched in anguish as her small body used its strength to pull the chains tight, and he didn't realize why until his arms were stretched again and he was trapped on his feet, still thrusting against the chains.

"I said I don't want you to talk yet." Sabine frowned, "You know what this means, don't you darling?"

His visible eye narrowed at her as she came towards him again, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling her bare feet up. It was the first time he had actually stopped to look at her. She was wearing one of the soft gowns he had chosen for her, olive like her eyes, and he couldn't help looking down the low neck of it where her breasts rested and... what the hell? She was wearing the clamps beneath, the ones he loved to tease her nipples with. Her skin was shining with oil, much like his own and she wore her hair pinned behind her ears, the way he liked it. Damn her, the simple sight was causing him to feel his needy organ all the way through his legs. He had been the one to teach her, and all to well it seemed, now that he was the one bound and gagged.

"It means I'm going to have to punish you." She sighed.

He peered down at her as she crawled towards him, making certain she was leaned over enough so he could get a good look as her hands went to his feet. She moved them lightly up his legs and gripped his hips as her tongue stopped to slide over his organ again, and he groaned against her and the heat she was providing. It was almost torture when she suddenly left his organ unattended and began to stand up against him, pulling his organ against her belly while she looked up into his face.

"You see love," she sighed, "I really cant have you interrupting me, because I feel that there are a few lessons you need to learn, and if I cannot humble you, how can I ever keep you?"

Talos listened to her voice carefully, trying not to let his body or hers distract him. She was calling him love, and he pondered over whether or not she meant it while he was becoming hotter so close to her teasing body.

She smiled as she noticed him leaning into her, trying to touch, and she decided to allow it for now. A soft smile drifted over her lips as she reached for his face again. He watched her as she ran her hand over his smooth mask, and the moment she began to pry the mask from his face his eyes clammed shut and he was now trying to avoid her hand.

"Shh." Sabine insisted, "First things first."

She could feel him shaking against her as she removed the mask, and he flinched as she ran her finger over his scar. His eyes were open now, but they refused to meet hers, as her breath grew closer to his face. She pulled his chin and forced him to look at her, so he could see her sincerity as she spoke.

"My brothers told me." She said, "They told me everything."

She suddenly moved away from him looking depressed, he moved to reach for her but remembered he couldn't.

"I'm sorry." She said, "I truly am, but you are going to have to forgive me, like I have forgiven you... at least I will once we're finished here."

She looked at him again, her smile returning and he pulled back on the shackles again, watching her come closer. His Sabine was suddenly intimidating. He felt her lips over his maimed left eye as she kissed him. He had not let anyone touch him there in years and he was suddenly leaning into her face, bringing his nose against hers, wanting her lips and frustrated over the gag in his mouth.

"This is a beautiful face." She breathed against him, "And you are never to hide it from me, understand?"

She felt him nod against her and smiled again as she stepped back.

"Good, now, what should I do with you..."

Talos was suddenly aware again, curious over what she intended to do. He stared intently into her face and then his gaze drifted down as she began to remove her gown, letting it drop at her feet before she gently kicked it off the bed and turned slowly, letting him get a good look at her. His breathing was heavy and he was desperately trying to will himself free from the chains so he could grab hold of her again. She brought her hand to his organ and began to stroke it, pleased by the way he groaned under her touch. She moved closer against him, letting the cold clamps on her breasts brush against his warm chest and he began to shift his hips, trying to reach her. He was nearly ecstatic when his Sabine wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled herself up, wrapping her legs around him and sinking down the full length of his organ, an organ grateful to be surrounded by her wetness.

Talos eagerly strained against the chains and groaned as she slowly began to ride him. He heard her moans echoing his and his strain grew to more excitement until she suddenly stopped and dropped down, while he thoroughly objected through his gag. She smiled at his pleas and brought a finger to her lips, motioning for his silence and he gave it to her.

He watched in anticipation, as she looked him over with such pride, like he was a new piece of art she wanted to explore every inch of, and he liked the possessive look in her eyes. Until this moment he had forgotten that he was hers, as much as she was his. Sabine was simply reminding him now, and discovering this fact for herself.

He shivered when her hand moved down his chest and abdomen, he longed for her to touch the searing organ he humiliatingly displayed in the air with no control of his own, but instead she stopped and began to walk around him until he felt her nails gently tickling the muscle of his flanks. He sensed her kneeling behind him as he curiously tried to look with no avail. But then he let out a groan of mixed pleasure and pain as he felt her teeth, biting into the skin of his ass, causing him to flex his cheeks and tolerate it. It was a strong sharp bite, but she didn't brake skin, and he was nowhere willing to complain as she gave him what he wanted, reaching around to stroke his male appendage a few times before she abruptly got up again. He watched with a frustrated scowl as she went back to the chains and glanced at him over her shoulder.

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