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Car Shopping


"Shit! Not again!" Steam was billowing over the hood of my car. I pulled over to the side of the freeway and got out. I kicked the front tire and spewed out every curse word in a sailor's vocabulary.

I got on the phone and called who was quickly becoming my new best friend; the tow truck driver at my mechanic's shop. "Yeah, Joe, it's Sandra again. I am stuck at mile marker 113 west bound I-40." I had only called him 3 times this month.

He told me it would be about 30 minutes but he was on his way. I got back in my car and waited. Two state troopers and five good Samaritans later he finally pulled up and loaded my piece of crap onto his truck again.

"This is the last time, Joe. You won't have to come save me again; I am getting a new car today!"

"I think that's a good idea. Not that I mind the business but I think you are starting to hate seeing me pull up!" Joe laughed. He was a very handsome young man and I must admit I, being the flirt I am, had flirted shamelessly with him for as long as he had been towing me.

"Never! Just hate the broke down car part!" I placed my hand on his thigh as he drove us to the shop. "How could a lady ever dislike seeing your handsome face?"

He actually blushed. One of the joys of flirting with 20 year old boys is getting that reaction from such a simple action. At his age he is still embarrassed that his body can react to a woman the age of his mother but horny enough to fantasize about it every night.

I smiled and stroked the length of his muscular thigh before getting myself under control and stop teasing the boy. "So, your Dad is going to miss all the money he's been making off of this heap. You might actually get a weekend off now." We laughed.

After dropping my car at the shop, I had Joe take me to the auto mall and drop me off. The auto mall has just about all makes of car dealer in one big area and as I wasn't sure what I wanted yet it seemed like the best place to start. Joe dropped me off in front of the BMW dealership because he says that is the kind of car I would look great in. Silly boy, but it made me smile.

"Call me if you don't find a car and I'll be glad to pick you back up."

"Thank you but I have got to find one; I can't take it any longer." I wave goodbye to him as he drives away.

I start to look around at the cars. I like the style but as I look at the sticker I start to shake my head. Mmm maybe I need to head toward another lot. I look around toward the other lots and just as I'm about to start walking away I see a salesman headed toward me.

"Hello, Ma'am, how are you today? Can I interest you in a new car?"

It barely registers what he has said because I am stunned by his rugged good looks. I run my eyes up his body and over his face. I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This guy looks like he just stepped off the front of a magazine. Tall, muscular, broad shoulders, and chiseled facial features. Oh and black, just the way I like my men.

"Well, I am looking." I bat my eye's at him.

"Let me get some keys and we will go for a spin. What model are you looking at?"

I shrug my shoulders. "Which do you recommend?"

He chuckles. "I would be wrong to try to push the most expensive model down your throat, wouldn't I? I think I got the one for you, trust me?"

I nod and think it's not a car I want shoved down my throat. I blush at my own nasty thoughts. I check out his ass as he walks away. "Dam!"

I see him coming back toward me and let my gaze travel down to his crotch. I can clearly see the outline of his oversized cock resting down his right thigh. I look back to his face just as my tongue darts out to moisten my lips. My gaze did not go unnoticed as the smirk on his gorgeous face told me.

"By the way, my name is Trent." His hand extended toward me.

"Sandra." I took his hand and felt the roughness against my smooth palm. It was enough to make my pussy moist; the thought of their roughness caressing my entire body. A shiver ran though my arm to his and he knew I was aroused.

"Nice to meet you, Sandra. I have just the car for you, come with me." He took me by the elbow and guided me to a white convertible 500 series.

He opened the driver's door for me and still guiding me by the elbow placed me into the driver's seat. When he moved his hand from my elbow I felt a sense of loss and nearly gasped at the feeling. He went around the car and got in the passenger's side.

He reached across me to grab my seat belt with one hand and put the keys in the ignition with the other. His hand brushed my left breast as he slid the seat belt over my body. My nipple instantly jumped to attention behind the thin material of my dress and Trent's eyes went to it.

Mine go to his right thigh where his cock is laying. I notice it jump under my gaze. I look back at his face and our eyes lock. My pussy aches against my panties and my clit begins to throb. I look away quickly.

"OK! Let's go!" Trent says eagerly.

I pull out of the lot and head for the freeway. I feel the power of the sports car engulf my body as I push on the gas. The engine purrs with every shift of the transmission. I take the next exit and find I am now in a rural area. I slow down and enjoy the feel of the quite ride.

"Pull over and we will put the top down." Trent motions to a side road.

I pull over and stop. "How does it come down?" I ask looking around.

Trent reaches over my head and pushes a button at the top of the windshield. I watch his thick long fingers as they go past my face and think how good they would feel inside of me. The top glides down and folds into the back seat.

"Wow that is easy!" I turn to watch the top disappear into the seat and as I turn I place my hand on his thigh. Seemingly innocently I slide my hand up his thigh wishing that it was the right thigh where his cock lays.

I look him in the eyes and smile. "It's a wonderful car. I just don't know if it's the car for me."

Trent gets a disappointed look on his face. "Well what is it you're not sure about?"

"I don't know. I just don't know if it fits me." I look at his crotch again.

"What will it take to get you to buy this car?" His eyes follow mine and his cock is definitely growing under my stare.

"Well, I guess you could start by showing me that massive dick." I moved my hand to his right thigh and my eyes to his.

His cock jumped under my touch and I could tell it was going to be a good 11 inches hard and was as thick as my wrist.

"I don't have a problem with that. Let's just drive on up this road a little farther, there's an old factory that is abandoned at the end."

I didn't have to be told again. I slammed the car into gear and flew to the end of the road. There was indeed an old factory and a large parking lot in front of it. Off to the one side there was even an old picnic table that must have been for the workers break time. I pulled to the side where the tables were up under a shade tree. I put the car in park, shut off the engine and turned in my seat toward Trent.

He slowly unfastened his pants and slid them down to his knees. He had on boxer briefs and they fit tightly over his bulging member. I traced the cock with my index finger as I licked my lips. It grew thicker and longer as I stroked it with one finger. My breathing was becoming labored and I squirmed in my seat.

"Take the boxers down." My voice sounded so demanding, which is unlike me.

He hooked his thumbs in his waistband and pulled them down exposing himself to me completely. I gasped at the beauty of it. It was pitch black and shiny as a new penny. The head was huge like a horses cock head. The shaft was covered in thick veins that bulged out at me. My mouth watered at the sight of it.

"That's quite a cock you have." He took it in his hand and stroked it softly for me. It looked so soft and yet rigidly hard!

I rubbed my hard nipples as I watched him stroke it up and down slowly. "Mmmmm" I moaned out loud.

Trent reached out and pinched one of my stiff nipples between his fingers. I arched my back and he twisted the nipple. My lips parted in pleasure.

I watched the cock in his hand as it just continued to grow and grow. I wanted nothing more than to taste that dark meat and feel it filling my throat.

He suddenly grasped the back of my head and guided my mouth toward his massive stick. I slowly licked it from base to tip and back again. I eased the huge head into my mouth and tried to swallow all of him. The smoothness against my tongue was like a drug to me and I began to bob up and down on it. Faster and deeper with every stroke I suckled him.

Trent was sliding his hand up my thigh to feel my moistness under my dress and I spread my legs to welcome him. As his fingers came up against my panties they found wetness. He expertly slid his finger inside me from the side of the panties.

At first he slid his knuckle against my swollen clit and make to my wet lips. Then he shoved his middle finger all the way inside causing me to rise up off the seat.

I pulled my mouth away from his dick and leaned back as he fingered my hot slit. My juices soaking his large hand. He pulled his hand out and licked my juices from his fingers.

"Get out of the car." We both quickly got out and Trent picked me up and carried me to the picnic table. He sat me on the edge and pulled my panties off. He buried his face in my pussy and licked from bottom to top. I raised my self into his mouth and let him have full access to my wet slit. He expertly licked and sucked my clit. Pulling on it with his teeth and twirling his tongue around it. My God it was wonderful!

He stood up and rubbed his bulging dick against my slit and clit. My juices flowed all over it as he teased me with that huge fucking cock! He grabbed it by the base and slapped it against my tender pussy causing me to thrash against him. He placed a hand on my abdomen to hold me down and continued his assault.

I screamed out in anguish when he refused over and over to give me that cock the way I wanted it, needed it. "Please! Oh God please fuck me!" I begged him over and over. My pussy getting wetter and wetter with every slap of his massive cock my juices now soaking the crack of my ass and my inner thighs.

"You want this black dick?" he taunted me knowing the answer as he watched me squirming under him.

"I need that black dick, please give it to me! I want to feel you rip this white pussy wide open!" I tried to grab his cock and shove it inside me but he refused to give me it.

"Mmmm smell that pussy juice. Your cunt is so wet and hot! I hope there are no male dogs around here, they will catch a whiff and think you are a bitch in heat."

I moaned out loud thinking about dogs catching wind of my pussy juices. Fighting over my pussy as Trent teases me, refusing to finish me off.

"Please I beg of you! I will burst if you don't give me that dick!" tears were now running down my face in frustration.

I lay my head back in defeat and suddenly he slams the full length of his monster inside me; the force of it lifting me six inches off the table. My entire body spasming against his massive black meat in wondrous release. I wrapped my legs around his waist and held him imprisoned inside me. He lifted me from the table and holding me by my hips thrust into me. My arms wrapped around his neck and I bucked against him.

"Fuck yes! Tear this white pussy up! Give me all that black cock! Give me it, harder, harder!" I screamed out as I rode that glorious cock though orgasm after orgasm.

Trent fucked like a mad man. He pounded like he had unlimited strength and stamina.

I began to milk his cock with my pussy muscles and words. "Yes baby. Yes Trent. That's it fuck that tight white pussy! Picture your huge black cock inside my little pink pussy. Rape this little white pussy with that massive cock! Rape it, take it all!"

"Arrrgggh" He screamed out in release and his body jerked over and over as his hot thick cum filled my pussy.

I felt it hit the back of my womb spurt after spurt causing me to cum one last time all over his cock as he began to pull out of me. He placed me back on the picnic table and as I sat there his hot thick cum oozed out of my stretched out pussy.

I scooped it up with my fingers and licked it off as Trent watched me. He gripped my face in his hand "You are sooo nasty! Just the way I like!" then kissed my mouth tasting us on my tongue.

We got cleaned up the best we could and headed back to the showroom. As we sat in front of the finance officer and worked out the deal I told them I had changed my mind. I thought Trent was about to fall out of his chair.

"I want black instead of white."

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