Car Trouble


"This year, I guess that would be you!"

Lisa just sat there and stared incredulously at the man as the told his tale.

She wasn't buying this for a moment. How could Amy possibly be dead? Assuming for the sake of argument that she believed for even a moment in ghosts, nothing that could walk through walls could be solid and she could clearly remember how firm and intact the girl's body had felt as she ran her hands over every inch of it. She also remembered the heat Amy's body had generated as they had sex and couldn't quite reconcile that with a cold corpse.

She couldn't imagine why this weirdo might want to play such a sick practical joke on her, but she could feel her anger rising and her hands clenching into fists. She was just about to rise from her stool and teach this guy a lesson he would never forget when something suddenly popped into her mind.

She could remember asking Amy where she had come from and that the girl had just seemed to point behind her vaguely and say she had come from "back there." Could Amy have actually been pointing out the spot where she had lost her life, where her spirit had been brutally torn from her body in a senseless automobile accident?

Lisa didn't want to believe that this old man could possibly be telling the truth, but something deep inside her was trying to tell her that maybe he was. She thought back to when Amy had looked under the hood of her car and said that the engine was a lot more complicated than the ones she was familiar with. Could the engine's Amy was familiar with have been built way back in the fifties?

The old man had mentioned that most people saw a strange fog when Amy appeared and that she seemed to be glowing and Lisa could certainly remember seeing both of those things happen tonight. There was also the little matter of how she had been naked and lying in the middle of the road and a mere eye blink later was fully dressed and sitting behind the wheel of her car, not to mention how that entire interlude between the two girls had apparently only taken a few seconds from beginning to end!

No, she told herself firmly. She was not going to believe that anything that this man was saying might possibly be true.

Lisa looked up and into deep and still vibrantly blue eyes that were so much like Amy's, eyes that held nothing but compassion and sincerity, and she somehow knew in that shattering instant that everything he was saying was absolutely true. The girl she had just had such fantastic sex with out in the heart of the woods had been the ghost of a girl who died about half a century ago. All the fight left Lisa in a rush and she sagged weakly against the counter.

Cal just sat there and waited for a few long moments as he watched this pretty young girl tried to cope with everything she had just learned. He couldn't be absolutely sure what had happened between this young lady and his sister's shade, but he could make a couple of educated guesses.

Amy had always been a bit of a tomboy, just as interested in cars and sports as any of the boys around her. To the great regret of all of those boys who so desperately wanted to date her anyway, she also shared the young men's interest in girls! In fact, Amy had always had a thing for blondes and here was a blonde teenaged girl wearing the old leather jacket Amy had been buried with.

Knowing all of that, it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess that Amy had somehow managed to stop this girl's car and have her wicked way with her. Considering that the most contact anyone else had ever had with her before was to share a few words, he was dying to hear whatever this young lady was prepared to tell him about what had happened between her and Amy tonight.

In a small, frail voice, Lisa looked deeply into the man's eyes and begged, "Would you please tell me all about Amy?"

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