tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCar Trouble = Double Trouble

Car Trouble = Double Trouble


When the bang and flip flap sounds exploded under the hood both Carmen and Sharon screamed. Pulling to the roadside berm both asked, "What the hell was that?" After shutting off the car they decided to have a look. Neither was mechanically minded so just opening the hood was an effort. The pouring rain made the task almost humorous. Flashlight in hand it showed a belt had shredded and broken, down with the hood and back to the car they went.

After a few laughs Sharon says: "Carmen you win... the wet T-shirt contest!" Her cropped tee fit snuggly to her ample breasts.

Carmen replies " You should talk! Your nipples alone would win for you" True it was that Sharon had prominent nipples for her smallish tits. So much for being braless in the rain!

The cell phones said No Signal so they felt helpless. Just as the decided to walk for help a pick-up truck stopped & relief was a possibility. Grabbing purses and their jean jackets they took his offer of a ride. He said he knew of NO service places open this late but there was a grill/bar about he had passed a few times on this road about 5 miles ahead. Carmen said, "Great we can phone from there!" He pulled into the parking lot of the Bear Grill, fitting name for this out-of-the way mountain place. He told them he had never been in there but they felt comfortable in having him drop them nonetheless.

Busting through the door after their sprint in pouring rain across the parking lot, they got the attention of everyone in the place.

'Damsels in Distress' they were; but to all the guys in there they were not just 'hot young girls', rather cold, wet & 'women' for sure!!! Sharon was wearing daisy duke shorts, a buttoned shirt tied @ the waist with cowboy boots. Carmen was in a short cropped tee and very low rider jeans and flip flops. Both had their Levi jackets on & that gave them a false sense of modesty. Scanning the place they soon realized they were in a 'NO' star restaurant & bar.

"You got a telephone in this dump?" yelled out Sharon. The bartender motioned down the back hallway. She then asked Carmen to get her a shot of Jose Cuervo and a Budweiser. Bartender didn't like Sharon calling his place a dump & he told Carmen just that. Carmen laughed and said that she also thought the place was pretty rundown and very dirty looking. Her comments were overheard by ole Joe. Now ole Joe was not the biggest guy there but he commanded respect by all who knew him. He walked toward Carmen and told her she was disrespectful for calling the place a dump.

She told him: "Piss off " which went over not so well with Joe. He grabbed her elbow and swung her around. Carmen was almost 5'9" and athletic enough to handle herself so she swung her arm to lose Joe's grip and in the process landed her hand squarely on Joe's cheek.

"Don't touch me you dirty old man!" and with that Carmen turned back to the bar to take her shot. As she threw back her shot she felt her head jerked back by Joe's grip on her hair, She lost her balance and tumbled to the floor. She got up swearing and raised her leg to kick Joe. He expected it and grabbed her leg and twisted her around. His grip on her pantleg pulled her low riders even lower, exposing her red thong.

"Tell me that this place is not a dump!" demanded Joe.

About this time Sharon was cussing from the hallway. "God damned phone is out of order you asshole! Why didn't you tell me?" Bartender said she had not asked, only where the phone was. She saw Carmen in Joe's grasp and ran to her aid. She started swearing at Joe and took a swing. He blocked it and told Sharon she need to mind her manners as much as Carmen. As he let go of Carmen's leg they both spewed profanities and turned to the bar.

Joe approached again, this time with 4-5 other guys behind him. "Girls you need to apologize to the bartender and me & maybe we can help you." More profanities from the girls and a sudden kick from Sharon landed square in Joe's groin. Bad move for the girls as things were about to take a turn for the worse for them. They were each grabbed from behind and held by the elbows. Joe recovered and announced it was time for a little lesson on manners for these two!

"Back to the pool room. Jimmy you got any rags we can tear into strips to tie these little hussies?" Kicking and swearing Carmen and Sharon were dragged to the back room where the pool table sat.

"Off with their jackets and tie them tight."

The girls had each of their legs tied to one of the pool table legs. Then their wrists were bound in front and pulled back behind their heads. A gag was put into their mouths and tied around their necks to their wrists. They were facing each other from opposite ends of the table and the look of fear had crept into each of their faces. Joe blindfolded Sharon and smiled at Carmen knowing she would watch. He pulled out a knife from his belt and laid the cold steel blade on Sharon's cheek.

Carmen was trying to make noises to tell Sharon to stop protesting but to no avail. Joe's knife tip was drawn down Sharon's neck to her chest. She could tell now that he had something sharp and stopped squirming. He slid the back of the blade across her breasts and nipples. They were still cold and firm but now became more rigid from his blade. He drew the tip of the blade down her cleavage and her stomach to the top of her shorts. He leaned forward till his face was an inch from hers and with a sudden quick move he cut the button at her waistband, laying her jeans apart to the zipper. She shuddered and protested thru her gag. He whispered to her that if she would apologize he would stop.

Her muffled "Fuck off' was apparant.

"Suit yourself honey" as his blade came up her stomach and toyed with her navel piercing. The tip of the blade hooked the jewelry and pulled it hard. As she moaned from slight pain he brought the blade tip up her stomach to the knotted shirt tails. "Let's free you of this knot shall we?" with which he cut the knot allowing her top to fall apart, exposing her breasts.

He got into her face again and whispered " If you squirm too much you could get hurt." With that he began to scrape all around her left nipple causing it to become very hard. The skin was soon scraped away and the pink nipple was soon raw flesh. He then did the same to her right nipple.

"How about a shot of tequila & don't forget the lemon and salt." While he waited he looked at Carmen who had terror all over her face. Sharon's left nipple got a squirt of lemon that sent Sharon jumping. He put salt on her right nipple with the same result. Joe licked her salted nipple. After taking his shot he sucked hard on her left nipple biting while pulling away causing her to cringe.

"Sharon if you apologize then I stop. Is that what you want?"

Another 'Fuck off' was heard to which Joe announces that all in the bar should enjoy a shot 'on Sharon'! By the time the 8th guy had abused her nipples she had tears streaming down her cheek. He used his knife to cut her blouse off completely so she was now topless with hard red nipples. He removed her blindfold and walked to Carmen.

They exchanged terrorize looks before Carmen's eyes were covered. Joe was fascinated by Carmen's low rider jeans and ran his blade along the waistband Reaching down the front of her jeans he paused to ask her if she wanted to apologize. Her muffled response was a yes but he persisted anyhow. One by one he cut the four buttons at her fly revealing a micro thong as red as could be. He then tugged on her jeans and they slid down. Running the blade tip up her leg in the back, across her buttocks and down her crack. Then he drew it up her inner thigh and down the other leg causing her to shudder. Around to the front he followed the top of the thong and then pushed it down with the blade.

"Well well this girl has a little fur here guys, come see!" They all converged and one complained the thong blocked his view. Joe whispers to Carmen that he would have to cut her thong & hoped she didn't mind too terribly. One asks Joe if her lips were furry too.

"Bend her forward and let's have a look see". He offers for the guy to check & he reaches between her legs causing her to try to stand up.

"No fur but there is stubble, so maybe she didn't shave this morning".

Another tells Joe he should shave her with his knife since she must like it bald. "Great idea don't you think Honey?" He proceeds to scrape her labia with his knife in an attempt to shave her. The attention to her lips caused them to swell and though she did not want to, she became wet. Joe noticed and asked each guy to check her out & see if they thought she was wet.

"I am going to enjoy another shot of tequila with Sharon here so take your time & be thorough!" Sharon tried to protest knowing the pain salt and lemon was going to have on her raw sore nipples. Instead of that he got behind her and rached around to cup each breast. Just as the bartender brought his tequila he pinched and pulled hard on both of her nipples causing a muffled scream and intense squirming from Sharon. He spilled a little tequila on each nipple and sucked it off wile biting down. Then he leans in to Sharon and asks "Should we give a little shave to your girlfriend's pussy or shall we cut off her top first? Her fate is in your hands"

Sharon tried to decide how to respond since she was learning that protests led to pain and Carmen is in danger anyway she decides. Each of the bar crowd fingered Carmen & just about then was when the last guy confirmed that Carmen's pussy was indeed getting wetter...

...To Be Continued in the next chapter.

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