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Car Wash

byThe Scrumptious One©

It's about 4 o'clock on a hot summer's day. You are home alone & there's a knock at the door. Not expecting anyone & knowing I wouldn't be home for at least 2 hours you think its probably kids selling something.

You open the door & see a blonde, very attractive 18 year old girl dressed in her school uniform standing there with a bucket & sponge in her hand.

"I'm raising money to go overseas with my friends at the end of the school year & was wondering if I could wash your car for $10" she says in a husky voice.

All for giving to charity you say yes & offer to fill her bucket for her.

You come back with the filled bucket & see her waiting with the sponge - she has tied her shirt up under her nicely sized breasts so you can see her flat tanned stomach & you also notice she has very tanned shapely legs under her short skirt.

You give her the bucket & ask if she would like a drink. She says yes & you go inside to grab a coke for her & bourbon for you.

When you return she has started on the bonnet & she is leaning right over with her skirt riding up & you can just see her round cheeks poking out (from what you can tell she either isn't wearing any underwear or has a very tiny g on.

You clear your throat & she turns around. The front of her shirt is soaked & you can see she is wearing a pale pink bra through the thin white material. She catches you staring & smiles shyly.

You hold out the coke & she asks, "May I have a bourbon too? I'm old enough & I'm not driving."

"Sure" You reply & head back inside to get one, grateful for the exit as you could feel yourself becoming aroused.

You give yourself a minute or two, splash some cold water on your face & head back outside. She has done half the car & is now pretty much soaked all over. You pass her the bourbon & she takes a sip & then runs the cold can down her chest towards her breasts. You see her nipples harden as she does & feel yourself doing the same.

You know you should go back inside to let her finish and also so you don't give yourself away but instead you sit on the step & watch her work.

You make chit chat, asking her about her trip, trying to take your mind off the wonderful site in front of you.

Each time she reaches up to get a spot on the roof or bends down to rinse her sponge you get a nice view of her arse & before long your cock is straining in your pants.

When she is finished you are in a way happy & sad, sad because your show is over & happy because you can finally go & relieve yourself.

"I'll just go & get the money" you tell her.

"Would you mind if I came inside & cleaned myself up before I go? I wouldn't want to go home like this my mum would kill me" she asked.

"Uh...of course" you reply.

You show her to the bathroom & then go & find her a towel. Not being able to find any in the linen cupboard you go out to the clothesline to get one. When you walk back in you find her sitting on the edge of the bath, shirt & bra hanging on the empty towel rail & her skirt ridden up high & there was now no mistaking the lack of underwear.

She looks up slowly - eyes stopping on your obvious arousal for a moment & then up to your eyes.

"I hope you don't mind," she says "I was trying to dry them a bit" glancing at her wet shirt.

As she is speaking her finger is running up her thigh & she starts to touch her nicely shaved pussy. She runs her fingers over her rather wet pussy lips. She closes her eyes & continues to play with herself right in front of you. You just stand there unable to think of what to say & then suddenly you pipe up with "Perhaps I should put your clothes in the dryer for you"

"That would be great thanks" with that she undoes her skirt & passes them all to you.

You go into the laundry & put the clothes in the dryer. Once done you stand with you head against the wall trying to think what you will do & then you hear her moan softly in the other room. Your already hard cock responds instantly & your first thought is to rush in there & fuck her over the basin. But you can't.

So you stand there listening to her moans becoming louder & louder. You can't control yourself any longer - you are stroking your cock through your pants but decide you really need to see this, it's an opportunity that will never arise again.

You sneak up to the door & look around. She is still perched on the edge of the bath, eyes closed, one hand pinching her right nipple & the other rubbing furiously at her clit.

Her moans become faster & faster until she gasps & she squirts a small amount of cum out of her pussy. You have never seen that in real life before & you almost cum yourself at the sight.

She opens her eyes & sees you there. A wicked smile comes across her face & she licks her lips.

"I hope you didn't mind but I just can't control myself sometimes, especially around attractive guys like you."

You stammer "That's ok I didn't mind the show."

You are sweating furiously & want to fuck her so badly but know you can't break the rules that we have - both partners have to be there.

"Would it be ok if I have a shower & clean myself up while my clothes dry?"

"Yeah ok" you shake yourself out of your trance & say "I'll just turn it on for you, it's a bit sticky"

You walk in & open the door of the double shower up & reach in to turn the tap on. You think to yourself ok I can do this, she'll be out of here shortly & I'll tell Tania all about it when she gets home & we'll have fantastic sex.

Then you feel her behind you. You freeze, wanting it so badly but knowing you couldn't, shouldn't. She reaches around & undoes the buttons on your jeans & pulls them down along with your undies. You feel you must stop her but you're unable to move.

Her naked thigh is rubbing against yours & she lifts your top over your head & pushes you into the shower. You turn around to object but she is already on her knees in front of you & is taking your extremely hard cock into her mouth. With one last attempt to stop this before it goes to far you say "Please, I cant...my wife"

She looks up & nods her head but doesn't stop her exquisite work on your cock. That's it you can't resist anymore. You give in to it fully & close your eyes leaning back thinking to yourself as long as you give me all the details I will forgive you.

You can feel yourself about to cum & feel her finger pushing against your anus & that's it for you. You explode into her mouth & it feels like heaven.

You lean back, eyes still shut, cock still amazingly hard & feel her stand up in front of you. You feel incredibly satisfied but awfully guilty too. Just as you are about to tell her that's it you can't keep going my voice sounds in your head.

"Well what's going on here!!!"

Your eyes spring open when you realise it's really me & your cock suddenly starts to droop. You see me standing in the doorway & your heart drops to the floor.

You stare into my eyes trying to find the words to explain.

"Couldn't wait for me hey, well you'll pay for that later" I say. You suddenly realise I'm naked & smiling. "May I join in?" I say.

You open the door wondering what the hell is going on, you figure that I must have been watching & got so horny decided to get naked & come & play too.

I get in & press her between us as I kiss you long & hard. She turns around & I kiss her too. She then gets back down on her knees & makes me move facing the wall so she can access from behind.

She starts tonguing my arse & finger fucking me. You are standing there in complete awe unable to get your head around what is happening but loving every second. Its not like we've never had a threesome but you thought if I ever caught you with another woman by yourself, I'd kill you. You start to think that maybe I think you planned it for me to catch you as a surprise & you start to relax a little & enjoy it more.

You whisper in her ear & she moves in front of me starting to work on my pussy while you move in from behind & grab a little soap to lubricate my arse.

I'm moaning quite heavily now & I'm about to cum as she works on my clit with her tongue & lips, sucking & licking. "Oh fuck" I cry as my first orgasm rips through me & as I do you push your cock into my arse & I cum again.

She continues her attack on my clit & you are pumping me so hard I'm in absolute orgasmic heaven. You start to pinch my nipples & whisper in my ear how much you love me as you cum again - this time filling my arse.

You pull out & suggest we clean up a bit & head to the bedroom. Before we do I let her clean your cum from my arse. We grab some towels & dry off a bit before getting on the bed.

I tell her to lie on the bed with her arms & legs spread. You know what I'm thinking & grab some scarves to tie her up with & blindfold her.

You tie her up & I settle myself between her legs & return the favour. You work on her breasts & nipples with your teeth & mouth. It's not long before she is cumming & I taste her sweet juices as she squirts into my mouth. I continue sucking her & get you to pass me the love balls, which I soak with her juices & push into her arse. She cums again, more than last time & starts to beg to be fucked.

You grab a condom & kneel between her thighs. I straddle myself above her face, facing you so I can watch & play with her nipples.

You lift her arse off the bed & slide yourself in her very wet pussy. She moans instantly & shoves her tongue in my pussy causing me to do the same.

As you fuck her hard I start to pinch her nipples. Then I lean over & 69 her while you are fucking her so I can lick her clit & massage your balls at the same time. I push down on her face again & she eagerly licks up my juices as I cum in her mouth.

I can feel your balls tighten & you cum for the third time. I give her clit one last sucking giving her a mind-blowing orgasm.

We untie her & both kiss her & she head off to clean up & grab her clothes.

I lie on the bed in your arms. You start to say something but I kiss you, silencing you.

She pokes her head around the door.

"I have the money, thanks, this will really help towards my trip."

I reply "No problems Candy, pleasure doing business with you"

You look at both of us realising it was all a set up.

"Now Baby" I say "You're a bad boy for starting without me, time for your punishment."

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