tagInterracial LoveCara Finally Feels

Cara Finally Feels


It was all about supporting her husband's career but she was nervous. Cara Quinn wasn't used to big fancy parties, especially not with famous basketball players. But now that her husband, Jared, was part of the legal team for the NBA, Cara feared many of these functions would be in their future.

She wanted to make a good impression, to make Jared and his bosses proud that she was his. Cara didn't experience much pride in her life. She didn't work because Jared liked the idea of her devoting all of her time and attention to him and his career. She hadn't been able to get pregnant even though she and Jared had been married for three years and had been trying. She felt it was a failing of hers because though he came inside her almost every other night, she had never been able to get into it. Sometimes she wondered if there was something wrong with her since she wasn't able to enjoy sex with her husband.

Cara married Jared because he romanced her sweetly and promised her a good life where she would be taken care of. She liked the idea of that and just hoped love - and lust - would develop over time. She was still waiting.

At least she looked pretty tonight, she thought, studying her reflection. Cara was born in China but adopted by American parents. Her black hair, dark eyes, pale skin, and tiny body made everyone who met her want to take care of her. Her dress tonight was a soft blue hauler that pulled her surprisingly generous breasts up. The skirt flared out past her narrow waist and fell down to her knees. She put her hair up in a fancy twist, hoping to look more like her twenty-six years than she normally did. Often, she resembled a teenager much to her disappointment.

Jared was distracted on the way to the party. Obviously he was just as nervous about the social event as Cara was but they both sat quietly instead of sharing their anxieties. Cara sighed. She just wanted to be good enough for him.

Everything was so fancy and Cara thought all the men looked so handsome in their tuxes. She felt intimidated by the wives and girlfriends, especially the ones belonging to the players. Those women were tall and stunning, clothed in expensive designer dresses. Cara swallowed nervously and avoided eye contact.

Jared introduced her around and she concentrated on smiling and making small talk but mostly she tried to be invisible. All she wanted was to get through this night and get back home to hide.

"Cara," Jared suddenly said in an impatient tone. No wonder since she had been daydreaming about slipping into a warm bath.

"I'm sorry. What did you say?" She smiled shyly at him.

"I said you need to come meet James Walker. He's the star player."

"O-okay," she stammered, following Jared across the hall. She concentrated on walking carefully since she wasn't used to the high heels she wore. As she stopped at Jared's elbow he was already shaking hands with the tux-clad man. Cara's eyes rose up and up and up and up some more to focus on the face of James Walker.

He was gorgeous. Huge. Intimidating. And smiling kindly at her. "Mrs. Quinn. It's lovely to meet you."

She put her tiny hand in his outstretched one. Her first surprise was when both of his dark, meaty paws closed over her pale delicate hand. Her second surprise came from the current of electricity that shot through her, which felt shockingly like desire.

Finally, while he still held her hand, she found her voice. "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Walker." Her smile was shaky but she met his dark, sensual eyes with her own.

He squeezed her hand gently but unmistakably. "The pleasure is mine. Jared," his eyes seemed to hesitate to leave her but they did to focus on her husband. "Sinclair was looking for you. Something about a draft of a contract. Why don't you go find him?" His eyes shot back to Cara's. "I'll make sure your little wife avoids the boredom of that and entertain her somehow."

Cara could hardly breathe as Jared, focused on his job and nothing else, mumbled an apology and left them alone in the crowded hall.

"There's a terrace through there," he indicated with a nod. "Join me?"

Cara could only nod and allow him to lead her there. Though she was disappointed when he released her hand, she shivered a bit when he settled his large hand at her lower back. It thrilled her that his fingers were able to span the entire width of her, his long fingers even curling slightly at her waist.

Once outside, he didn't move his hand. They stood together at the railing and looked over the city. She was too nervous and aware of his hand on her to speak. But inside she ordered herself to calm down. He was only being polite and her reaction was ridiculous.

"It's nice to step away from it all. Isn't it, Mrs. Quinn?"

Her throat was dry but she answered, "I suppose so. But, please, call me Cara."

He turned her so that they faced each other and he smiled down at her. "Cara. And you can call me James." Slowly, he moved closer. "I'm trying to be a gentleman here but it's difficult."

Her heart was beating loudly but she felt positive she heard him correctly. "A gentleman? About what?"

He lowered his head and quietly said, "About how badly I want to fuck you."

She should have gasped. Her mouth did fall opened. But she was so excited by his words, by his very presence, that she couldn't even feign shock.

He backed her up until a wall blocked them from the glass doors of the hall. Once her back was against the railing on that side, he brought his body up against hers. Then, his mouth was at her ear. "I want you," he breathed against her. "I want you so badly it's difficult to stand here and not simply take you."

Cara's breathing was erratic and somehow her hands had settled at his waist and dug in there. "I-I'm married," she stammered.

"So?" His tongue darted out and licked her neck. When she moaned, he wrapped his arms around her and crushed her against him. "Your husband has nothing to do with this. I want my dick in your pussy. Don't you?"

She couldn't think, couldn't answer him when he was surrounding her like this. She felt his erection against her stomach and it thrilled her.

"Yes," she breathed, burying her face in his neck.

"Say it, baby," he hissed.

Desire shot through her. "I want your dick in my pussy." She had never said either of those illicit words before but would say them anytime he asked. Especially since it caused him to growl and devour her lips with his own.

No kiss Cara had ever experienced compared to the one James gave her then. It was all consuming. His lips barely explored one angle before he was adjusting them to another. And the whole time his hands rubbed and gripped her back before traveling down to grasp her backside.

Cara moaned which caused James to grab her tighter, pushing her sensitive private areas against him. Then she starting thinking the way he talked. Her pussy was grinding against the hardness of his thighs.

Though this was the most erotic and sexually satisfying encounter of her entire life, it wasn't enough. Cara found herself whimpering against him, straining to get closer. As if he read her mind, James no more than flicked his wrists to lift her up. His hands slid along the back of her thighs, encouraging her legs to wrap around him. Then, he worked her dress up to her waist so that his hands could settle at the near-naked globes of her ass.

Once his erection met the juncture of her thighs, they both lost control. They humped against each other wildly, his hands pulling her ass tightly against him. She threw her head back with a gasp and his lips immediately attached to her neck, licking and sucking any area he had access to.

"I want to be inside you," he growled against her.

She was the closest she had ever been to an orgasm. She knew if they kept this up she would finally accomplish what she never had before. "Please," she begged him. "I just need. . ."

But he knew before she finished the sentence. He worked his hand between them, easily holding her with his other arm. His fingers deftly found her soaked pussy and entered her. She gasped and dropped her face into the crock of his neck, her arms tight around his neck.

Cara could hardly breathe as he inserted first one finger and then two, stretching out her tight pussy.

"Jesus Christ!" he breathed. "You're so fucking tight! Have you ever been truly fucked?"

She could only shake her head against him. She hadn't. Not like this. Cara was finding more pleasure in the arms of this gorgeous stranger in the last ten minutes than she ever had with her husband in their three years together. Distantly, because she was on the brink of her first orgasm, she realized James had fingers longer and thicker than her husband's tiny penis. With a wild roll of her eyes, Cara came violently while wondering just how big the cock, that was currently inches from her drenched pussy, truly was.

James moaned as she shook against him, finding and devouring her lips with his own. When he pulled away, he leaned his forehead against hers. "That was so fucking hot, baby." He still moved his fingers lazily inside her and her pussy continued to spasm around them. "I'd love nothing more than to drive my dick inside your tight little twat right now. But I'm afraid I'll hurt you because I'm in too much of a hurry. Plus I'm thinking we'll be missed soon if we haven't been already."

She nodded, her breathing so erratic she didn't trust her voice. And as she came down from her orgasm, she began to feel shy and embarrassed.

"Hey," he whispered, noticing her withdrawal. "Don't pull away from me. Come here." He dislodged his fingers and wrapped both of his arms around her, squeezing her against him. "Cara . . ." His lips fluttered against her ear. "I want to see you again. Soon."

She tightened her arms around him and breathed, "I'm so scared."

"No one saw us, baby. I promise."

"No. I . . . I've never felt like this before," she admitted.

James had a laugh that vibrated through her. "I don't suppose you'd believe me if I said neither have I." Now he sighed and pulled back to meet her eyes. "This isn't over, okay?"

She nodded but wasn't really sure. Though she would have gone home with him right then and there, even if it meant walking out together in front of everyone, she knew the flush of this would wear off for both of them soon enough. Especially since as he slowly lowered her to the ground, she had never felt so cold and alone in her life.

James pulled out his phone. "What's your number?"

Cara gave it to him and while he put it into his contacts, she adjusted herself and tried unsuccessfully to keep her eyes from his body. He looked even bigger now as she stood so close to him. She could hardly believe that she had moments ago been wrapped around his large frame, clinging to him while he drove her mad with desire.

Shortly after that, they reentered the party. James escorted her back to her husband, who glanced at her with a small smile. Cara realized he had barely noticed she was gone.

James spoke briefly to Jared and told them both he hoped to see them again soon. Cara watched him walk away but he turned and gave her a wink over his shoulder. Her sigh vibrated through her shaky legs.

Turning back to Jared, she stood dutifully by his side knowing two things for sure. One, her life had just been changed forever and two, she would probably never seen James Walker look at her with such desire ever again.

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