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At the last second, just before he erupted into her tight arse he reached for the fat black dildo lying on the side and slid it quickly and very deeply into Sharon's vacant cunt. The sensation of her cunt being filled with the thick dildo, the thick cock ramming hard into her arse and the feeling of them both rubbing together deep inside her sent Sharon immediately over the threshold of an amazing and powerful orgasm, her body bucking uncontrollably as she pushed and thrust at the twin sources of her pleasure as she shrieked out the orgasm that seemed to go on and on.

Of course slipping the dildo into the sensitive and slippery cunt had been designed to bring on this effect, so Alan's orgasm was grunted out almost in unison as he sought to pump his hot semen deep into that tasty arse, gripping the bucking hips to ensure that his hard cock stayed lodged deep in the source of his pleasure.

As they both subsided completely spent, Alan's cock withered and slipped from her body as he sunk to the wet bed. He turned Sharon over to rest on her back as they both fought to get control over their heaving chests, as their breathing slowly returned to something like normality. Re fixing her ankles with the ropes to hold her fast. In no time they both drifted off to sleep, completely, spent at least for the moment.

The Dildo still lodged firmly inside Sharon's pussy.

Alan woke several times during the middle of night and without attempting to wake the sleeping Sharon climbed between her legs, removed the fat dildo which revealed her gaping hole and slid his once again hard cock into the still very slippery pussy, he fucked her dreamily whilst taking the opportunity to suck and bite her nipples. Sharon barely woke, moaning and twisting from the sensations, but still restrained and blindfolded, available for Alan to use her but not really able to participate. After 15 minutes of enjoying the captive body Alan slipped off of her again and resumed his sleeping position, absent mindedly replacing the black cock back into Sharon's accessible cunt.

Some hours later, by now it was daylight, awake again Alan realised that both his stamina and therefore his time with Sharon was running out and he is determined to use the gorgeous body available to him to the maximum.

Waking her he positioned himself astride Sharon's stomach and chest pushing his hardening cock at her mouth getting Sharon to suck his cock whilst he amused himself plunging his fingers into her still wet cunt.

Alan rubs Sharon's firm tits roughly, pinching her bullet like nipples, already erect, since Sharon has also woken with her body demanding satisfaction from the mainly frustrating night she had spent with everybody using her body for their own satisfaction but not giving her the amount of release that she yearned.

Alan slides down Sharon's body positioning himself between her legs, manoeuvring his now very hard cock into Sharon's defenceless and gaping cunt. He fucks her hard, his body slapping into hers as he pounds away using her body for his pleasure.

Taking short rests in between, he repeats this treatment for the longest time using the sexy body as long and as often as he can, to maximise his pleasure. Sliding his cock deep into her pussy, then just easing his knob into the opening, feeling the slipperiness as Sharon's own lust rises, releasing more and more of her own juices.

Sharon is helpless as Alan keeps up his assault on her body, using her for his own pleasure, but unable to bring forward her own orgasms as he controls the force and rhythm forcing Sharon's frustration levels higher and higher.

Time and time again she is so close to an orgasm as Alan's athletic performance, slamming himself into her cunt, their bodies bouncing together hard, brings her repeatedly to the brink, but never allowing her to complete the release, she wants to get on top of him and reel of her own orgasms but the ropes prevent her from being active in this session, merely used as Alan desires.

After a long time Alan is starting to flag and knows that he will take one last pleasure as he pounds his cock into Sharon's accommodating cunt, their bodies slapping together, wet from the effort and the flow of sex juices.

Then just as he seems liable to come once again into her receptive cunt, he pulls out, grasps his thick cock in his right hand and wanks himself hard, his cum erupting in a thin stream that squirts up over Sharon's stomach, over her tits with the hard nipples and onto her face, onto the blindfold and her hair, some dropping into her gasping and open mouth, it is coating those firm tits and sliding off her stomach and chest to adds to the wetness already soaking into the bed.

Most of the night and early in the morning, Ray has been sitting patiently waiting for Alan to finish with his Sharon. The others had been elated last night, excited and satisfied, after one last drink with Ray, they congratulated him on being the luckiest man alive! They had left to go their separate ways, leaving Ray to wait out what was left of the night, alone with his imagination, listening to the noises of Sharon being used.

Ray knew the winner and his prize were awake and had been for some considerable since he could hear their activity, they had in fact been awake for hours and it was now nearly 10 o'clock. He knew also that they had fucked until very late and had been awake several times during the night fucking some more as he had never been far away, partly from the safety angle mostly for the incredible turn on that it gave him knowing and hearing his love being thoroughly used in the room he couldn't see into and also knowing that she was loving every single minute of being a complete and total slut.

Eventually Alan comes out of the room, winks slyly at Ray and leaves.

Ray entered the room, the first thing that strikes him is the incredible odour of sex, lots and lots of sex, the musky smell of two people rutting, the odour of cum, lots of cum and much more.

The curtains are still closed so the room is dim. As his eyes become accustomed to the dim light he sees Sharon lying on the bed, she is tied hand and foot, spread eagled with legs wide apart, she still has the blindfold on, a little skewed it has to be said but still on. As Ray draws near he can see the drying cum on her beautiful body, on her tits and her tummy. Ray can see the wetness of the sheets that she lies on, then he spots the bulbous end of the fat black dildo lodged in her cunt, the lips of which are so swollen trapping the implement fast.

Ray quickly undoes his trousers takes his very very hard cock out and moves towards the bed. Ray kisses Sharon gently on the lips and whispers "Baby, I have to fuck you". He moves down between her thighs, he can smell that wonderful aroma of all the sex she has had inflicted on her body, he slowly removes the dildo, it is wedged firmly into that receptive cunt that has the cum of most of the players from last night and a lot more of Alan's oozing from it. Ray bends and licks the swollen pussy lips tenderly tasting Sharon's fluids intermingled with all the other male cum that is inside her, he slides his tongue deep into the gaping and well used hole that is Sharon's pussy.

Ray cannot resist any longer, he feels that he must cum any second, so slides his aching cock into Sharon's wide open and inviting cunt, slippery from all the use it has had in the past 12 hours or so. Ray cums almost immediately, pumping hard with the pent up urges generated by Sharon's sluttish activities of the night, gushing endlessly as his cum mixes with all the cum already in that beautiful pussy.

Ray eventually subsides as his cock softens, he loosens Sharon's ropes, he removes the blindfold from her beautiful face, he kisses her passionately with all his pent up love, slowly they drift off to sleep, secure in each others arms.

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