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Career Advancement


Pamela walked into Mr. Smith's office as instructed. She had only been working for Smith Brothers Accounting for a few months when Mr. Smith asked her for a meeting this past Friday. Here she walked in Monday morning at eight as she was asked. She wore her hair up as she usually did with bobby pins holding it up. Her makeup was conservative as possible, not a contrasting shade showing. Her black business suit showed a slight amount of cleavage, but not so much as to be considered slutty. Her modest heels accented her legs clad in flesh colored hose that moved under her slightly short black skirt. As she walked in, she was offered Mr. Smith's hand as she shook it daintily. Then she sat, looking forward to what this part owner had to offer.

As Mr. Smith sat down, Pamela noticed that his face was more frown than smile. Mr Smith was only a few years older than Pamela was and had been brought in by the senior partner as a cost saving measure. In this town, there was no accountant more accurate and more ruthless than he and his management style helped bring his company back to black for the first time in years. So when he dropped a memo asking Pamela to be there, it was a no brainer to her that her job may be on the line or that he would have a different offer for her.

Mr. Smith then coughed a bit to clear his throat before speaking. "Mrs. Wilkins, do you know why I have brought you here this early?"

Pamela began to speak,"No...."

He interrupted."I forgot to mention that was a rhetorical question. " Pam's lips were silenced. She was offended, but held her tongue as he looked at her, a slight smirk crossing his face.

"I forgot to mention to you Ms. Wilkins that I have a proposition for you that may be worth your while. After I present this offer to you, you have the option of taking it and starting today, or being reassigned to a different department where your skills would be just as used, but at a slightly lower salary. Are you interested? "Pamela was about to speak when remembering what happened earlier, she nodded her head .

"I see you are a fast learner," he said, his smirk growing slightly as he looked her over once again."So rather than bore you with tons of details, I will just be brief. My present assistant will be departing shortly for maternity leave and I need someone to replace her. This isn't a temporary fill as she has expressed an interest in taking us up on my early retirement offer. So this will be a full time position with a salary to match."

Pamela's mind started reeling as she thought about her student loans and her desires for her future flashing before her eyes. The thought of a promotion this quickly quickly replaced itself with a sudden thought. Perhaps Mr Smith didn't have the most honorable of intentions. As Pamela weighed her options, he continued.

"There is more to my assistant than just keeping my appointments and taking letters."Mr Smith moved closer to Pamela as he talked, his voice getting quieter as he spoke."You could say I expect nothing less from my assistant than their absolute devotion, absolute obedience. Absolute submission. If you choose to take the position, you will do exactly as I say whenever I say so. I will demand much from you, but much will be rewarded if you do. Are you the least bit interested? Answer me."

It was a slight pause. Pamela's eyes looked down to the carpet and replied,"Yes."

It was less than enthusiastic, but Mr. Smith expected as much. Pamela had always been soft spoken and this was a demonstration of what she was willing to do to get ahead. He selected her based on the advice of his previous advisor who went through the file they made for her. She was perfect. Her body was similiar to his ex assistant when she first took the offer and her credentials were stellar as well. Pamela was known for being a loner, rarely socializing with anyone at work in her off hours. Yet, Mr. Smith wanted proof that she would be his perfect assistant.

"Ms. Wilkins," he asked in his low voice."would you be up for a demonstration of what my requirements are?"

Pamela looked up at him and paused before answering."Yes."

Mr. Smith was pleased. He thought he should start off slow in case she showed some resistance. Then at least he could deny parts of it if brought up in an investigation. So he looked at her inquisitively.

"If you will do as I say, then my first command would be easy for you. Remove your shirt."

Pamela paused for a moment, then slowly she started unbuttoning her jacket and letting it fall to the chair she sat on. Her blouse then soon followed til she sat there, eyes forward wearing only her sheer bra and her skirt. Mr. Smith looked at her smiling. '

"Now, please stand and remove your skirt. From now on, your attire will not include pantyhose, but will be stockings. Panties will be selected by me daily in here rather than those you have at home. Now, remove your skirt and the hose you have worn, but replace your shoes when you finish."Pamela was quicker to comply this time, her hands moving faster as she removed her shoes, then removed her panty hose and replaced her shoes until she sat there in only her undergarments.

Mr Smith looked on, a sly smile crossing his face again. He weighed heavily in his mind wondering what his next move should be. As he looked over her within her undergarments, he saw her nipples through the bra as they tensed up. He could hear her breathing become shallower and her eyes dilated slightly as she pondered in her mind what he would have her do next. It was then his mind registered an idea.

He slowly removes the tie he was wearing, a silken purple tie that contrasts with his white crisp starched shirt and his deeper black jacket. He slowly untied the knot that held it under his neck, his collar upwards unintentionally. As he saw her hands the way they rested in her lap hiding any tell tale signs of her arousal from his view, he slowly slipped the tie under them around the wrists and began to tie them semi tightly. Her eyes looked forward, feeling the binding of her wrists with a fabric so smooth and pleasurable. Yet she dared not say a thing, dared not smile. It was then that he looked up at her face as his nose detected the scent, a scent he wasn't prepared for yet.

"You didn't get turned on simply by the removal of your clothing, did you?" his eyes looking into hers as she suddenly looked down. She felt as if she committed an unforgivable act when she involuntarily felt herself moisten not at the thought of her removal of clothing, but by the slight chance she would get to worship the very tool hidden not so conspicuously inside Mr. Smith's pants. Her nose detected a scent as well, his own seminal fluid leaked a bit inside his expensive Armani suit as he was tying her wrists together.

"You may answer."

"Yes, master." She said it. The first step of getting her to submit to him. His former assistant didn't even comply that quickly. With her it took a few days of just this activity, just getting her to disrobe before him and sit there before she found a clue what he desired. This one was already willing. He slowly unbuckled the belt around his waist. He found himself ill prepared for this development as he had an appointment in approximately forty five minutes. He would have to work fast. He slowly looked at Pamela.

"I want you to turn yourself over in your chair and present yourself for my inspection." Pamela quickly managed to flip herself over, her stomach bent over the back of her chair as her face looked forward at the mirror. She was surprised at what she saw before her. Her cleavage was dotted with sweat as was her forehead. She was enjoying this immensely. After all, she always dreamed of being dominated by a powerful man and Mr. Smith was as close as she would get for a while.

Mr. Smith then slowly placed his fingers under her waist band and slid it down softly. He then spied an infraction. Yet he knew Pamela didn't know his preferences yet, but it gave him the excuse he needed to perform the next act. He slowly raised his hand up and swatted her bottom sharply. Pamela wisely kept her mouth quiet, but Mr. Smith had another idea in mind.

"Ms. Wilkins," he began. "This is our first time together, so I must tell you a few things. First of all, whenever I spank you, you are to repeat the number after every hit. So you would say one after that one. Nod if you understand me."

She nodded. He swatted her again and she wisely said,"two."

Her bottom was red just from the hand striking her rear. As she endured another five hits, Mr. Smith cleared his throat again.

"I spanked you Ms. Wilkins for two reasons. One you have already figured out when you achieved arousal so early. The other concerns your hygiene since you chose to trim your area instead of shaving it fully. This will be fixed by tomorrow. Nod if you understand."

Pamela again nodded her head in agreement. Then Mr. Smith took the belt and wrapped it around his hand before letting go one more smack on her reddened ass. Pamela repeated the number before Mr. Smith undid the belt and slowly unzipped his pants.

"Ms. Wilkins, since this is our first session, I will expect you to bring me to climax. However seeing that we only have fifteen minutes to accomplish this, there is but one way to do this. " Pamela could feel Mr. Smith's member slowly running it's way up and down her slit as he slowly allowed just the head of his tool inside her. The sparks went through her head as she attempted to hold back her natural desire to climax herself now. Mr. Smith smiled more wickedly than before. He then allowed himself the pleasure of sliding in slowly, having Pamela feel every vein and inch of him. It wasn't long before he was all the way inside her before he gave his command.


This simple three letter word coated his tool with her essence as she let herself go. It only took a second to do the same for him as his control wasn't that exact either. He allowed himself a minute to shrink before releasing himself from the prison that was her privacy and slowly readjusted his zipper. The belt was rethreaded before he walked to the front and removed his tie from Pamela's wrists. As he retied it, she sat there, still in the same position, waiting for her new master to release her.

"Ms. Wilkins, please take the rest of the day off. You are to go home and prepare yourself for tomorrow. We will be training you more before I allow you to serve me. Nod your head if you understand."

Pamela nodded once again, then waited until her release to gather her clothing and redress, allowing herself to leave off the panty hose.She then stood there dressed before Mr. Smith released her. She walked away out of his office and drove home excited for her promotion.

Meanwhile, Mr. Smith was preparing himself for his 9:30 appointment. As his client walked in, one could notice the slight bulge from the pregnancy he caused. As he quietly looked down at the floor, his client spoke softly.

"How was she, Jefferson? Did she comply? Answer please."

"Yes, mistress. She not only called me master, but I was able to spank her as instructed and even was able to deposit my seed within her." This woman stood slowly before yelling.

"You were suppose to wait until I told you to before you deposited your seed. You have displeased me, Jefferson. Please assume the position for your punishment." As Mr. Smith dropped his trousers and leaned against the desk, this woman pulled out a leather riding crop to discipline her submissive. It was originally her thought to give him his own sub, but now she realized that maybe this was too much latitude. After all, as she spanked him and he kept track of the number, he was still hers.

Meanwhile at home, Pamela was touching herself as she thought about his member inside of her and how she came on command like that. She was going to enjoy this new position as she heard the water fill in the bathtub. After all, she had instructions to follow.

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