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Careful What You Wish For


A short, little story to serve as a warning to some of us who might frequent this site. No sex scenes. No background and the whole story takes place in not much more time than it will take to read it.


Sue let out a sigh as at last her husband John rolled off her, sated, and fully satisfied. She hoped it sounded like a sigh of pleasure rather than the relief that she felt, but knew deep down that John was beyond worrying about such things.

"That was something wasn't it, honey?" he managed to grin at her, fighting to regain his breath. "I told you it would be good for us."

"Yes, sure John," Sue replied quietly. Wondering how long she should wait till she rolled over and tried to fall back to sleep.

"Come on what's up honey?" John demanded.

"Nothing," she answered shortly, keeping her anger in check.

"Come on Sue," he pushed her. "That was great wasn't it? What's up?"

"Nothing's up," his wife reaffirmed.

"Come on," he goaded her. "Am I too much for you then? Can't you keep up with me?"

"Shut up and go back to sleep John," Sue pleaded, even though she knew that she wouldn't be able to, not with the guilt she was feeling. Not knowing what she was going to have to admit to some time very soon.

"Don't be so bloody miserable woman," John continued to antagonise her. "You had an orgasm. What more do you expect?"

"I didn't," Sue snapped, biting her tongue with regret at what she just admitted to.

"Course you did," he sneered at her. "I heard you groan."

"I faked it John," Sue all but sobbed, having had enough of the farce she felt she was living. "I'm so sorry honey but I faked it to keep you happy."


"I'm sorry John, but I faked my orgasm, just like I've been doing for some time now."

"But .... But ..." John babbled. "Why Sue? What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing's wrong with me John," Sue continued to sob. "It's you John. It's all your damn fault."

"My fault," he cried back at her. "How can it be my fault for Christ's sake?"

"You're no damn good in bed John," Sue shouted at him, no longer able to contain her emotions in check. "You're hopeless. Zero! I'm sorry John, but you're a lousy lover, and your prick is hardly big enough to qualify as a real cock."

"What? But how ....? How could you ....?" John started to whine. "Everything was fine for so long."

"Yes it was John," Sue assured him, regaining control of her emotions, not wanting to hurt him further. "You were my first and only lover and I was perfectly happy. Then you started to try to persuade me to go with other men. You damn well knew that I hated the idea, but you wouldn't give up, would you?"

"But you agreed Sue," John replied weakly. "You went along with it."

"That's not how I remember it John," Sue retorted with sadness. "You got me drunk one night and then virtually tricked me into having sex with that awful friend of yours, Mike. You know I've never liked him. Why him for God's sake?"

"He's got a reputation with the ladies Sue," John mumbled pathetically. "I thought if you tried him out first, then you might do it again if you enjoyed it."

"Well I did enjoy it you stupid bloody man," Sue shot back at him. "It was fantastic and I absolutely loved it. I just hated him. I hate him even more than I used to."

"But why Sue?"

"Because he showed me what I was missing John," she replied, trying her best not to shout at her husband. "It was him who showed me how fantastic sex could be John, and just ...... Just how inadequate you were............ I'm sorry."

"So why did you agree to go with Tim the following week if you were hurting so bad honey?"

"I'm not sure John," she answered thoughtfully. "I'd like to pretend it was just to please you, but being honest, I was tempted. You know how well Tim and I have always got on. We both know he's always fancied me and I was tempted."

The two of them looked at one another for some moments, both wondering where to go next.

"Tempted enough to fuck him that first night though."

"We didn't," Sue whispered.

"But you did Sue, you said you did," John pointed out. "You said it wasn't anything special."

"I lied John," she admitted with reluctance. "I'm sorry honey, but I lied, to please you. I went to the bar with him as you'd arranged, and we had a drink together before going back to his place. When he told me how surprised he was that I'd agreed to what you wanted, I broke down and cried. The next thing I remember is being back at his apartment and crying my eyes out while he cuddled me and consoled me. We stayed like that all night. We never even took any clothes off."

"You mean you didn't have sex with him?" John exclaimed in surprise.

"No we didn't," his wife confirmed.

"So you've never had sex with Tim then?" John queried shaking his head in some weird form of disappointment.

"I didn't say that John," Sue claimed, choosing her words carefully.

"Well you did or you didn't," John pressed her. "Which is it?"

"I didn't that first night John, but we have since ------ I'm sorry."

"Since? What do you mean since?"

"I met him a couple of afternoons later John. He said he'd talk it through with me and try to explain how a husband could still love his wife but want her to have sex with other men. It was that, that I couldn't understand John."

"So what happened?" John almost choked on.

"We got talking and then I started to cry again so he cuddled me to comfort me. He wiped some of my tears away and somehow he ended up kissing me. Before either of us knew it, I was kissing him back and we were soon tearing one another's clothes off. Then he slid his cock inside me. It was huge John, absolutely bloody huge. It must have been at least seven inches long, maybe more. I'd never felt anything like it before and it was so much better than I'd ever experienced before. Never mind about you, it was better than with Mike even. He fucked me for three or four hours till I had to get dressed to come home and make your dinner."

"You've been with him behind my back Sue?" John asked in disbelief.

"Several times I'm afraid John because I didn't think you'd mind," she agreed, giving him a sympathetic look. "And it gets better each time, but if you hadn't encouraged me, then I would never have known."

"I can't believe that you've had sex with him several times Sue."

"Well, strictly speaking John," Sue explained, wondering how he was going to accept her next revelation. "We only had sex the once. Since then, John and I have been making love. Deep, passionate, wonderful love. I'm sorry to have to tell you that."

"What's the difference Sue? When we make love, we have sex."

"I don't think you understand John," Sue said, getting up from the bed and going into the shower, having made an important decision. "I'll explain when I come out."

John lay there unhappily, his mind in a quandary. His wife, his wonderful Sue had been off making love to another man without his knowledge. Sure enough he'd spent hours trying to persuade him to grant him that very fantasy, and he'd been over the moon when she'd at last given in. But behind his back?

John wasn't at all sure if he was happy with that, and he lay there a very confused soul.

"Right John," carried on Sue, when she emerged from the shower and started to get dressed. "Sex is sex, but you make love with someone that you are in love with. It's different and so much better."

"But you just told me you make love with Tim honey," John puzzled. "How can that be?"

"Because I love him John," she gently informed him. "Just like I used to love you."

"Used to love me?" John retorted in anguish.

"Yes used to John, but not any more I'm afraid, at least not like I used to. What we just did was have sex, and I can assure you it's simply not the same thing at all as what I do with Tim ------ Now do you understand the difference?"

He still didn't, but his problems were far from finished.

"Where are you going," he called after her as she finished dressing, obviously getting ready to go out.

"Going to see Tim," Sue replied sadly, tears in her eyes as she looked back at John.

"What time will you be back?" Demanded John.

"I won't be honey," she explained, even though she hated doing it to him. "I'm going to live with Tim. Sorry John, but I'm leaving you."

"But you can't Sue," cried out John. "We've just made love not half an hour ago. You can't just leave like that."

"We didn't make love John, we had sex. Tim thought that I should let you have me one last time for old time sake, as once I'm his woman then there'll never be any other men in my bed again. He's told me that, and I've agreed without reserve."

"But .... But .... But ....." John garbled, lost for words.

"Bye dear," Sue called out as she left. "There's a micro-wave meal in the cupboard for tonight, and a few beers in the fridge. I'll see you around sometime. I hope we can still be friends."

"Friends???" Muttered John to himself, there being nobody else left to hear him.

With little left for him to do, he slumped down and sobbed, swearing to himself that if he ever found a woman like Sue in his uncertain future, that he'd never let his fantasy rule his brain again.

Be careful what you wish for?

How true!

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I wish more wife sharing/cuckold fantasy stories ended like this. They would be more enjoyable to read.

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