tagNovels and NovellasCaribbean Contract Ch. 04-06

Caribbean Contract Ch. 04-06


Chapter 4

Jessica walked out of the bathroom, at the same time there was a knock on her cabana door. She opened the door, and there stood Stan, dressed in black slacks and a tan short sleeved button down shirt with a black palm tree print. Jessica stepped toward him, drawn in by his cologne. She inhaled deeply; his light musky scent was almost intoxicating.

"Mmmm, you smell wonderful!" Jessica whispered.

Stan struggled for words to describe the woman standing before him. The skirt and halter fit her perfectly. The long skirt flowed down her hips and thighs like silk. Her halter revealed just enough cleavage to make one's eyes long for more. Jess had put her hair up, leaving her shoulders and neck exposed. Stan hungered to trail his lips and tongue over her smooth skin. Any plans to keep his mind away from sexual thoughts just flew out the door. Stan leaned close to Jessica's ear.

"Beautiful, is not good enough to describe how you look, Jess." Stan wanted to say more, but thought he should leave it at that for now. "Ready to go, Marcus is waiting to drive us to Rodney Bay, just up the coast?"

"Ready, just let me grab my clutch and my key"

Jessica returned and stepped through the door. As they walked along the sidewalk to the limo, Stan placed his palm on the exposed skin on her back, between the tie of the halter and the top of the skirt. The warmth of his touch sent a chill up Jessica's spine. She told herself it was the warmth of his skin; she did not want to think that it could be anything more. Her little voice of reasoning reminded her, that Monday morning, she would be working for him. He would not be Stan; he would be JP, her boss.

During the ride to the restaurant, the casual conversation made Jessica relax. Stan had a way of making her feel comfortable, when most people would feel awkward in the same situation. She couldn't describe it, they just had a unique friendship. They dined at an intimate little restaurant on the bay. As they sat across from each other sharing a bottle of wine and listening to the sounds of the waves Jessica could not help noticing how tense Stan seemed.

"Everything ok?" Jessica asked.

"I'm fine, just a lot of stress and things to get done, before the guests arrive on Monday."

Jess flashed him a sexy smile, "Anything I can do to help?"

Stan was thinking of several ways she could relieve some of his tension. "For starters, let's go dancing and have a few drinks."

"You're the boss!" Jess joked.

"Not tonight," he growled in her ear as they stood up to leave, "Tonight I am putting you in charge!"

Jessica thought for a moment, "I know, we will put Marcus in charge, he can look out for both of us and we can just have fun!"

"Now that, my beautiful, intelligent Jess, is the reason I put you in charge. I knew you would find a way to put us on an even playing field," Stan said as he flashed an equally sexy smile back at her.

Marcus just shook his head and laughed when Jessica informed him of their plan.

"You two kids have fun! I will be waiting with the car across the street whenever you are ready to return to the resort," Marcus told them as he opened the door to the nightclub for them.

The club was packed with people, mostly tourists. The music blasted from the speakers with an island inspired rhythm. Stan and Jessica weaved their way through the crowd and ordered drinks at the bar. Jessica decided her drink of the night would be Sex on The Beach on the rocks. Remembering how Jessica would drink those like water in college, Stan decided to drink beer instead of liquor. With the loud music, conversation was out of the question so they watched the other people dance for a while. After about two drinks, Jessica was ready to dance. She started swaying her hips to the music, but Stan did not take the subtle hint. The next song was playing and Jessica sipped another drink, she positioned herself in front of him. Her back was facing him as she started to dance again. She bumped into him and continued to sip her drink. Stan smiled; he knew what she was hinting at, next slow song he would take her out on the dance floor. As Jess finished her drink, a slow song started to play.

"Jess, would you like to dance?"

Jessica smiled, "I thought you'd never ask."

Stan smiled and led her to an open space on the floor. As the song played, their bodies swayed inches apart. The song ended and was followed by another. This time Stan placed his hands on her hips and drew her closer. Jessica relaxed and just enjoyed the moment. They shared a few more dances and a few more drinks as the night went on. Jessica excused herself to go to the ladies room and Stan followed after her.

"Jess, I am going to step outside on the patio. Meet me there."

"Looks like I have a wait, I'll be out in a bit," she said over the music. A waitress handed her a drink and Jessica accepted.

Jessica exited the restroom a bit confused. Her mind was not thinking very clearly. She stopped and leaned against the hallway wall. She remembered outside, she had to find outside. Jessica tensed her body, as a large male body pressed against her pinning her against the wall.

"Want to have a little fun, sexy lady?" the gruff voice growled in her ear.

His breath reeked of whisky and cigarettes. Jessica thought she was going to be sick. Then she heard Stan.

"Back off, she is with me!" Stan pulled Jess to his side.

"Sorry JP," was all she heard as Stan walked her outside.

"Are you alright Jess?" Stan wrapped his arms around her, hugging her, holding her head to his chest. His heart raced. A panic had come over him when he saw Steven pressing her into the wall.

Jessica looked up at Stan, he had rescued her, protected her. Her mind was still a little unclear, but she suddenly wanted Stan. She wanted Stan to kiss her. Stan looked at her, her eyes were a darker shade of green than earlier. The expression on her face was not one of fear, but something else. Desire?

He reached up and cupped her face into his hands. .He slowly touched his lips to hers. Jessica's heart raced as she parted her lips for his tongue to enter. His thumb traced around her lower lip before he placed his full mouth upon hers. Their tongues danced in a passionate battle for control. Jessica's head was spinning; she broke the kiss for a deep breath of air. He let her catch her breath and went straight back for another taste of her warm, sweet mouth. She met his passion with her own, but quickly felt dizzy. Her knees weakened and Stan caught her.

"Do you need to sit down?" he asked.

"Suddenly, I feel very light-headed. Do you mind if we go, now?" Jessica whispered, as she looked down. She felt foolish for drinking so much.

As they walked back to the limo, Stan helped her balance. He laughed to himself, remembering how many times in college this same scene played out. Jess would always try to keep up with the group, but with her small body frame, she just couldn't drink as much. They got into the car and Stan sat her down in the seat across from him.

"Jess are you feeling alright? You are not going to be sick, are you?"

"I'm fine, I just need to close my eyes for a few minutes and I, I will be fine," she stuttered.

Stan smiled, he knew she was about to fall asleep on him. "Rest, sweet Jess, I will take car of you."

Jessica did in fact fall asleep as the limo drove them back to the resort. She found herself sitting on a reclining chair blindfolded. She could feel the warm sun on her body and hear waves crashing on the beach. She was on a beach. Jessica realized she was naked other than a blindfold and a thin strap of fabric around her chest. She felt a sense of panic, until she heard the voice.

"Jess, remember, I can not hurt you. I do, however, have more control over your dreams now. I will not hurt you, but you must do as I say."

Stan was reaching for a bottled water in the cooler, when he heard Jess mumble something that sounded like, "I will." He turned to make sure she was alright. She was still asleep, apparently dreaming.

"Jess," the voice continued, "I want you to spread your legs wide for me."

Stan watched as Jessica's legs parted. Her wrap-around skit fell effortlessly around the outside of her thighs. He knew that he should do something, but what? Wake her? Look away? Cover her with something? He could not look away, his eyes now drawn to a little yellow scrap of fabric between her legs. The tiny yellow thong she was wearing was nothing more than a string and a small triangle positioned about an inch above her clit.

"Oh Damn," Stan growled as his cock started to stir in his slacks. He could still taste her mouth upon his, a sweet candy flavor, from her drinks. Now his only desire was to trace his tongue over that little yellow string and taste more of her.

Jess listened as the voice continued, "I want you to rub your clit, but do not finger yourself until I say. You will not climax until I give you the command."

Jess slid one hand down between her legs and slowly started to rub her clit in small gentle circles. Stan's cock jerked and he tried to rub across his slacks to ease the discomfort. The scene playing out in front of him was so damn erotic, his mind was trapped and he was powerless to move.

Jess felt drops of liquid landing between her breast and upon her clit. She could smell cherry, mixed with salty air. She was starting to get very aroused, her clit was tingling. The voice whispered.

"Jess, I am going to fuck your tits. I know that I will be the first. I am going to slide my hard, throbbing cock between your luscious tits and fuck you while you tease your clit for me."

Jessica let out a small moan, as she felt the stiff cock slide between her breasts. The fabric around her chest was tight and seemed to get tighter. Her tits were squeezed together and his cock was sliding quickly between them. "Rub you clit harder, but not faster," she was instructed. Jessica did. She could feel his balls slapping her chest as he thrust himself harder in her tight cleavage. He spoke again, "Do you like me fucking your tits? This was one of your fantasies, wasn't it Jess? Rub your clit faster; I am going to cum all over your beautiful tits soon. When you feel my hot flow, you are free to climax with me."

Jessica rubbed her clit as fast as she could. She could feel her climax building. Stan's cock was rock hard as he watched her feverishly working her clit. This was so different than the one time, he had watched her before. The last time, they were just playing around, this time she was really into her pleasure. She could just experience pure pleasure and nothing else, no distractions or inhibitions to restrict her from reaching her orgasm.

"Damn it!" Stan's body fell sideways as the limo made a sharp right turn. Jessica's legs fell closed as her body slid down in a laying position on the seat, her hand hung over the side and her eyes fluttered. The limo stopped in front of Jessica's cabana. Stan let out a big sigh, as he snapped sharply back to reality. Marcus opened the door and Stan stepped out.

"I apologize Sir; a car was approaching behind us at a high speed, so I turned into the drive rather quickly. Is Miss. Jessica alright?"

"She's fine; she had a little too much to drink. I am going to help her inside." Stan reached inside and lifted her from the car and scooped her into his arms.

"Shall I stay to drive you home, Sir?"

"No, Marcus, I will get Jess settled and sleep on her couch. I want to make sure she is alright. You may go and return for us at nine in the morning, for our trip to Soufriere."

Marcus opened the door to the cabana and excused himself. Stan placed Jessica in her bed and lifted the sheet over her. "Good night, sweet Jess."

Stan walked into the bathroom shaking his head. His erection was slowly diminishing. He relieved himself and splashed his face with cold water. He knew that it was going to be hard to sleep, but he walked out to lie on the couch anyway. As he lay there, his mind was filled with a variety of thoughts. Tonight had changed things for him. He had tasted her lips and seen a glimpse of her passion. Watching her in the limo was the sexiest thing that he had ever seen, he was not happy that it ended prematurely. Then again, he thought, maybe he was. He wanted to look into her eyes as her body shuddered in orgasm; he wanted to be the one that stimulated her to the highest peak of passion.

Stan woke up just after six in the morning with a dull pain in his shoulder from sleeping on the short couch. He quietly called Tondra and asked her to bring over breakfast, aspirin and a change of clothes for him. He decided to try to relax his sore muscles in a hot shower. He would let Jess sleep until breakfast arrived.

Quietly, he slipped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He stepped in and just stood under the hot water with his eyes closed. As the water flowed over his shoulders, his tension eased. His mind drifted back to Jess in the limo. The image was clear in his mind and his body responded to the image. Last night, he wanted to crawl between her legs, if only for a small taste of her sweet nectar. Her mouth had tasted so sweet, he wanted more. Stan leaned back against the wall, stroking his cock. His hips thrust forward, as if he was thrusting his cock into her. His grip tightened as he stroked up and down his shaft. He tried to imagine how tight her velvety walls would feel gripping around his cock. He wanted to explore her, find secret spots that made her quiver with desire. Pleasing her would be pleasure in itself. He could feel his balls tightening, his release was near. He stroked faster, he could picture Jess rubbing her clit faster. Stan's body tensed, his balls tightened, "Oh God, Yes!" he exclaimed as his cum shot into the air mixing with the spray of the shower. Stan lowered his hand and once again let the warm water flow over his body, this time a little more relaxed.

Jessica awoke to the aroma of fresh coffee brewing in her small kitchen and a sharp pain in her head. Her thoughts were fuzzy, but she sensed that she was not alone. She sat up and her head hurt even more, if that was possible. She squinted her eyes and tried to bring them into focus. Stan heard her moan from the other room and grabbed the aspirin and a bottle of water.

"Good morning," he whispered, "Take these; you will start to feel better soon."

"Thank you," Jess said as she took the pills and washed them down with a big gulp of water. "Did you stay here with me last night?"

"Yes, I camped out on your couch. That reminds me, be sure that I tell Tondra to order a few larger couches," he laughed.

"Oh Stan, I am so sorry, you didn't have to stay."

"No, I didn't, but what's done is done. No arguments this morning, go shower then join me for breakfast. Trust me, you will feel better."

Jess stepped into the shower. She tried to piece together the events of last night. She remembered a guy at the club and Stan pulling her outside. Then, the memory of the kiss popped into her mind. Had she kissed him? What had she done? She couldn't have dreamed the kiss, could she? A part of her wished that she had dreamed it. She knew things could get very complicated if she slept with her boss, or her friend. She had to relax; she didn't sleep with him, although she did find him sexy. "No!" she told herself. Things would work out fine, if she kept those thoughts out of her mind. Jessica finished her shower, dressed and joined Stan in the small eating area.

"Feel better?" Stan asked with a smile.

"The shower did the trick, thank you. I think I am ready for whatever this island and you throw at me today," Jess teased. She knew it wasn't true, but she had to keep things on a lighter note today.

Chapter 5

Marcus drove Stan and Jessica into the town of Soufriere. Jessica watched out the window, just admiring the lush green tropical foliage. The island's main export was bananas, so there were several plantations along the way. Jessica decided that she would have to find a day to visit one of the plantations. During the drive, Jessica had Marcus pull over a few times, so she could get some photos of the scenery. Jessica tried to keep her mind on getting great shots for the website. She figured it would make, not only her job easier, but also take her mind off of her desires and those vivid dreams that were starting to concern her.

Stan watched Jess as she took in all of her surroundings. All her surroundings, except him. He sensed that something was troubling her. Did she regret the kiss that they shared last night? Was she trying to suppress her feelings for him? Did she have feelings for him? He knew it was going to be difficult to maintain a professional working relationship with her if he pursued his desires, but he did not know how long he could keep them hidden.

Marcus parked the limo amid the tourist busses. As he opened the door, a pungent smell of sulfur filled the air. Jessica wrinkled her nose at the odor.

"What is that awful smell?" Jessica asked.

Marcus replied, "That would be the island's drive-thru volcano, a site and a smell that you will never forget."

Jessica laughed, "Well, I said earlier I was ready for whatever the island threw my way." She looked at Stan as she exited the car, "Shall we take a closer look?"

Stan had made a point of researching companies on the island that provided tours, so this was nothing new for him. He knew the stories and legends that the guides would tell along the tours, so he guided Jess through the area letting her stop and shoot photos at her leisure.

Jessica stopped to listen to a guide telling a story along side a pool of bubbling mud. Stan excused himself to visit the restroom. As she was listening, a lady behind her was talking about the bizarre dreams that she had been experiencing since she had arrived on the island. Jessica hated to eavesdrop, but the dreams sounded similar to the ones that she had been experiencing. A local woman selling souvenirs stopped at the woman and started to chant softly. The souvenir seller started to explain.

"The island spirits play in the minds of visitors. They act out sexual fantasies in the realm of dreams. Your dreams will continue until you fulfill a fantasy of your own desires or leave the island."

The tourist whispered, "I have to admit, I enjoy the dreams."

The island woman warned her, "Stories tell of the dreams becoming more intense as nights go by. The women are afraid to sleep; they are forced into unspeakable acts in their dreams. Each dream becomes more real. I hear stories of bruises, bite marks and burns on women's skin. Be very careful not to upset the spirits!"

Jessica laughed aloud. All she could picture in her mind was a low budget porn movie spoof of an American television program from the early 1980s. The ladies looked at her.

"I'm sorry", Jessica laughed again, "I think a similar story line has been done, but I guess you could call this Sexual Fantasy Island."

Stan walked up just as the souvenir lady scolded Jessica for mocking the spirits, and walked away. The other ladies blushed as Stan approached and hurried to rejoin their tour group.

"What was that all about? Making new friends on the island already, I see..."

Jessica laughed, "Let's just say, I would not recommend a local legends and stories page on your website."

"Jess, I have no idea what you are talking about, but the website is your department, what you say goes."

They next took a short drive to Diamond Falls, a botanical garden. Jessica snapped numerous photos of the beautiful tropical flowers along the path to the waterfall. Stan and Jessica stopped at the fall to listen to the guide. He explained that a scene from "Romancing the Stone" was filmed at this waterfall. Jess could picture the scene in her head. She loved that movie and had watched it several times over the years. After the tour group moved along to their next stop, Jessica snapped several photos of the falls and then returned the camera to its bag. She stood staring at the massive waterfall, in awe of the raw power it possessed.

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