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Caribbean Cruise Ch. 04


This story is dedicated to a fellow author, sound critic, and good friend – sirhugs. Thanks for being there to help out, with ideas, suggestions and support; this one's for you, mate! :D.

Warning: This story is largely incest-orientated. If this genre is offensive to you, I strongly recommend that you do not continue any further. Please ensure that you have read the previous chapters of Caribbean Cruise before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of those postings. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy!


Rick Chaplain felt strangely calm and centred after his 'liaison' with Billie Collins, despite the fact that it actually added an entirely new and equally complex dimension to the whole affair. Andrew had come back from the toilet and the two men had put on a couple of shorts, heading together back up onto the deck of the ship. Rain was still pouring down across the deck as the catamaran was battered wildly by the elements. The two men stood just inside the sheltered doorway, in silence, watching the storm raging away right before their eyes with companionable ease.

After a while, the sound of screaming and shouting from down behind them made both Andrew and Rick turn around sharply. They looked at each other for a brief moment, and then headed down the staircase and along the cramped hallway in a mad dash towards Kimberley and Keith's bedroom door. They could hear both of the Stevens' yelling and screaming through the thin, somewhat flimsy door-panel, followed by a sharp, piercing cry as the unmistakably loud and clear sound of flesh striking against flesh could be heard from within the room.

"What the fuck is that bastard doing to my daughter?" Andrew bellowed, and the look of pure, unadulterated fury that twisted his voice and turned his face into a snarling mask of rage chilled Rick to the core. As he watched on, his mouth hanging agape, Rick saw Andrew charge the door with his right shoulder first and, on the first full-battering strike, send the bolted-in doorframe flying clear off its hinges, shattered away from the doorframe in splintering shards.

Rick hurriedly followed his girlfriend's father into the smaller guest bedroom, prepared to TRY and stop any possible violence between Keith and Andrew, though he had no real illusions about his effectiveness against a U.S. Navy SEAL, retired or not…

But what he encountered in the room beyond was quite clearly an abhorrent scene of brutality, and his very own gut instincts were to do some extremely unsavourily things to Keith Stevens as soon as he could catch the bastard. However, Rick didn't have to; as Andrew already had everything already well under control.

The elder Collins daughter was laying spread-eagled out across the large bed, in a tangled mess of sheets, her nightgown torn wide open and most of her body completely exposed. She had a few raw, clearly noticeable palm-prints on her breasts and neck, where it was blatantly obvious Keith had roughed her up, and there was a slight swelling to the side of her face where, Rick could only guess, he must have struck her quite a blow. Rick wanted to get his hands on Keith Stevens VERY badly indeed at that moment; he had terrible ideas of punishment that would have rivalled anything the SEALs-trained Collins patriarch could himself devise, but Andrew was the one who was holding Keith by the arm, and he wasn't about to let up his hapless victim to ANYONE…

Kimberley was barely conscious, but when she looked up to see her Dad holding her husband Keith firmly, his fingers clamping into the soft tissue of the younger man's armpit til tears started welling out of the corners of his eyes, she tried to speak. "Daddy, please don't hurt Keith. He didn't mean to do this; I beg you, let him go… he loves me. This is all just one big terrible mistake…"

Andrew said nothing, but the look of contemptuous rage on his face spoke volumes. Keith Stevens had been caught out beating his wife Kimberley, by her own father, whom just so happened to be a former commando… there were only half a dozen potential witnesses to work around, so the opportunity to 'do away' with somebody out here was almost perfect. Rick could see in the eyes of the old warhorse the gleaming light of a man prepared to kill, and there was a large part of him that wanted to just turn his back on everything and leave Keith at Andy Collins' mercy.

But then again, there was Rick's morality… he had to say SOMETHING, to at least TRY to offer up alternative courses of action.

"Kim, its okay, everything's going to be alright now…" Andrew said reassuringly to his daughter. "We're just going to tie this dirt-bag up, then at the next port of call we will see Mr Stevens off our boat, and out of all our lives forever. At least, Keith will stay out of our lives if he knows what's best for his future well-being. Isn't that right, Rick?" He looked across at me pointedly, and Kimberley turned her head slowly around to take me in, seemingly for the first time. She smiled brightly, then winced in pain and attempted to cover up her nakedness. I rushed over to help her, gently scooping up a bit of the bedspread that she was tangled up in a bit and covering up her nudity, for her modesty's sake.

"It's all going to be fine, Kim darling, I promise you…" Rick whispered, cupping the beautiful raven-haired woman's face in his hands and staring deeply into her eyes for just a moment… but that moment, to both Kim and Rick alike, went on for an eternity.

With that, Rick rose up from Kimberley's side and went to join Andrew, and, between the two of them, they physically dragged Keith Stevens out of the bedroom and up onto the deck of their yacht.

The storm was still raging, but it was clearly loosing much of the lustre of before… the rain was still brutally strong, every second or two the sky was lit up by a snapping thunderbolt, and the seas raged with mighty waves of fury. Andrew looked around the deck for a few moments and, ensuring that the three of them were the only ones up there at that present time, grabbed Keith's right arm with both hands and twisted it up behind his back until he popped the limb right out of joint. Keith let out an ear-shattering scream, which could clearly be heard over the swirling wind and the buffeting waves.

"YOU FUCKIN PRICK BASTARD, KEITH!!!" Andrew bellowed, yelling full in the younger man's face as he held the man's arm bent back behind him. "HOW DARE YOU LAY ONE FINGER ON MY DAUGHTER'S BODY! YOU'RE GONNA WISH YOU NEVER TOUCHED HER!"

"Please, don't hurt me again, don't… I'm so sorry, Mr Collins, I promise you this will never happen again!" Keith begged through the immense pain that was coursing through his body, his face wincing every second or two in utter agony. "Please! I…"

Andrew Collins struck out with a savage punch that clipped Keith across the side of the head, and the badly hurt younger man went down onto the deck of the yacht in a tangled heap, clearly having been knocked out cold by the blow. Rick was stunned at the speed and brutality of Andrew's strike, but he could hardly admit that he was surprised at the outcome, considering the older gentleman's former profession. He just wondered, and worried, about what Collins had in store for his despised son-in-law…

"Come on Rick, I need a hand with this!" Andrew barked, waving across the limp, motionless body of Keith Stevens. Between the two of them, they managed to drag the man out further onto the deck of the catamaran and over to a nearby handrail. There, they proceeded to hoist Keith's dead-weight arms up over the railing, and at Andrew's orders Rick held them up against the metal rail by the wrists. Andrew ducked back inside the ship for a few long moments, but came out later with a long length of rope wrapped up around his right arm and shoulder.

Before long, Andrew had Keith well secured with the rope, his arms tied up against the metal railing that ran along the starboard side of the yacht. The rain was still pummelling down upon the deck – and thus, upon Andrew, Rick and Keith. Neither one of the two men who'd bound him could have cared less that Keith would be cold, tired and uncomfortable. They turned on their heels and left him tied up to the side railing of the catamaran, with a broken arm and knocked totally unconscious, without so much as a moment's thought for his well-being. He wasn't worth the concern…

Only once they were down the staircase and within the hull of the yacht did they stop and collect themselves, and then they were forced to reflect upon their past actions.

"Tomorrow, we'll dump him off when we touch base in Trinidad," Andrew Collins said to Rick simply, after a long pause. "Until then, I think he'll be fine right where he is – serves the prick right for what he did to Kimberley."

"What should we tell the others, if they ask about Kim or Keith?" Rick inquired, more than willing to take the lead from Andrew's instructions in this instance. He knew that the decision was quite an awkward one, and, not actually being a member of the Collins family, was more than happy to pass the ball on this tough issue.

"Tell them the truth, Rick, tell them the truth and hope they understand…" Andy replied. He paused for a long moment, and then looked over his shoulder towards the staircase, and the doorway to the deck of the yacht beyond it. He sighed. "That man was always going to be trouble for us… I sensed it from the very first time we met, but I couldn't say anything to Kim, she was blinded by her love for him…"

"It's okay, Andrew. It's over now. We can put all of this behind us," Rick replied, with much more confidence resounding in his voice than he actually felt.

"Well, will it be alright if you stayed with Kimberley tonight? I'm sure she will need you now more than ever, Rick. I'll let Ashley know where you are and what has happened with Keith. She'll be fine with it, of that I am certain. Please do this, its what's best for her and for you, I'm sure of it!"

Rick Chaplain could hardly believe that Andrew was asking this of him, but then he only had to remember what had happened between the both of them and Billie, his own wife, to know that the older man trusted him with so much and was relying upon him to see his loved ones through the choppy waters after his eventual death. And he had to admit to himself that out of them all, Rick was beginning to love Kimberley on a level he had not thought himself capable of loving, and his heart broke at the thought of the suffering and anguish she must be feeling because of her dreadful husband's brutal actions.

He was more than happy to spend the night with Kim…


Meanwhile, in Ashley's cabin…

Andrew Collins went straight to the door that led into the bedroom that his daughter Ashley was sharing with Rick, and knocked lightly on the doorframe. When he heard no reply from inside, nor detect a response of any kind, he knocked again but this time a little more firmly. Still nothing. Frowning slightly, and just a tad concerned by this time, Andrew decided to press forward and take a little peek into the room. If Ash caught him at it, at least he had a legitimate reason to be in there, too…

She was lying on her back on the bed, spread out across most of its surface with her legs spread wide open and her left arm thrown up over her head. Her golden blonde hair was trussed up all over the pillow she was laying on, her eyes were closed over and her full, luscious lips were slightly parted as she breathed steadily in and out. Ash was wearing a super-tight, light blue tank top that left little to the imagination, and had only the tiniest of tiny G-strings on to cover up her pussy-slit. Although she was his daughter, his very own flesh and blood, Andy couldn't help but look at Ashley now as a sexual being, as an attractive woman whom he had secretly lusted after for many years now on a deeply subconscious level.

Now, he was faced with an opportunity he had hardly ever expected to face… and really, what better time than now to take this opportunity and run with it? What could possibly happen to him that was worse than facing death, as he already was because of the brain tumour? If Ashley didn't want him, then Andrew wasn't going to force himself onto her… but he wanted to opportunity to seduce her, to get her cunt all wet and dripping for her very own father's prick.

Andy was pretty sure he could achieve this task, and at that moment, being that sure was all he needed to carry on.

He moved cautiously around the right side of the bed and lowered himself down onto the mattress. The mattress rose slightly once Andrew had let his full body weight settle on the bed, and Ash stirred slightly in her sleep from the disturbance. He held his breath for a long moment, afraid that he might have awoken her and desperately scrambling inside his own head to come up with a legitimate excuse for where he was at that moment, if his middle child did happen to wake up…

Ashley didn't stir any more, so Andrew decided to continue onward and lift his legs up and around onto the bed. After this was done, he lowered himself gently down onto the bedspread beside her, and Ashley moved about on the mattress again, this time letting out a slight groan in her sleep and frowning just a little bit, which made Andy almost loose his nerve and bolt for the door.

He forced himself to stay where he was after she settled down again, and then began to slink his way over to her side, at last pressing his body ever so slightly up against her own. Ashley moaned and rolled over onto her side after a while, pushing her butt back into her father's mid-section. Feeling his semi-hard penis mashing against his middle child Ashley's ass made Andrew Collins feel a whole lot of inappropriate feelings rush through him – before he quite realized it, he had one of his hands resting lightly on her hip and was gently worming his cock further into the crevice of her butt-cheeks.

Ashley moaned and let out a slight sigh of contentment.

"Oh Rick… please, I need you," she whispered. "Make love to me baby, I need it!"

Andy didn't know if his baby-girl was asleep or awake and just thinking that he was her boyfriend, but he was more than willing to take advantage of the situation. He knew that what he had done so far up to this point was bad enough, that he was abusing his very own daughter in a way that no father really had the right to do, but Andy Collins was driven by a level of primal lust he had never before experienced in his entire life, and the consequences of his actions didn't seem that important anymore since he was a dying man, regardless.

Pushing his hard-on, still covered by his shorts, more firmly against Ash's butt, Andrew reached around and began to squeeze and cup one of his daughter's large, voluptuous breasts through her tight blouse as he grinded himself into her behind. Soon enough, she was moaning, groaning and pushing her ass back into Andy's cock, making him in turn grunt and see a red, luscious daze behind his eyes.

He had to have more of his sexy daughter, but had to also keep secret the fact that he was her father and not her lover Rick… this would have to be done very carefully, but Andy was more than ready for the challenge.

He pulled his shorts down around his knees, and managed to wiggle his way out of them, and then kick them completely to one side. Now, completely bare-ass naked with his cock pressing up against his daughter's G-string covered butt, Andrew felt the blood rushing to his prick and let out a slight gasp of pleasure when he felt the touch of his daughter's right hand on his dong.

She was reaching back to grab hold of the cock that was pressing against her butt, seemingly unaware of the fact that she was in fact inching ever closer to her very own father's prick. But Ashley was unawares of whom was actually behind her – she enclosed her cool fingers around Andrew's rigid dick-tool, and began to gently work her hand back and forwards along the length of his prick, slowly working him up to a point where he was ready to take her and make love to her at her pace.

After a few long, protracted moments, she let go of her own Dad's penis and began to wiggle her way out of her G-string underwear, keeping her back to him all the while. She spread the cheeks of her ass apart but didn't even say a word – she hardly had to, anyway. Andrew could hardly comprehend that this could be happening – still, his mind was operating on autopilot. He simply acted to take what he had always wanted since the moment his middle child Ashley had started to blossom into womanhood. He slid his cock slowly into his daughter's dripping wet pussy from behind.

Ash let out a long sigh of pleasure when her Dad's prick finally bottomed out against the back of her cervix, almost reaching her fertile womb. She groaned as her pussy-muscles contracted around her father's massive cock, then sighed again as he started to work his magical dick-stick in and out of her soaking hole. She shuddered in lust when he reached down with his left hand to grasp hold of each one of her firm, sweat-glistening buttocks, squeezing and pulling them apart so that her small, puckered brown anus was exposed to his ravenous gaze.

Andrew slipped a finger into his daughter's butt-crack and pushed it gently in against the outer ring of her tight, clenching asshole, eliciting a deep guttural moan from Ashley that fired up his lust more directly than any other action that had transpired between them so far. He pushed his probing digit slowly in and out of her anus, delving deeper and deeper into her butt-crevice with every push downwards. He kept on pistoning in and out of his baby-girl's clenching pussy as his finger slid deeper down into her back passage.

Grunting and groaning with abject pleasure as she got rammed nice and hard by her father's big fat cock from behind, Ashley Collins began to shudder after a short while as her first climax rocked through her entire body. Her pussy clamped down hard around Andrew's throbbing cock, and he let out a sharp gasp of his own as he felt her cunt clench and release his prick, again and again time after time.

His head was swelling with a thousand different thoughts and sensations – the predominant one amongst them being that Andy found himself fucking one of his very own daughters, one of his own children! It was incredible, unthinkable, yet one of the most intensely arousing moments of his entire life, and it took all of the middle-aged man's willpower to stop from cumming deep inside her twitching pink pussy-sheath as she climaxed.

Andrew pulled his slime-slick finger out of his daughter's asshole just after the final tremors of her lustful orgasm had subsided, and raised his hand up over his daughter's shoulder to offer his slimy digit, moist with her own butt-juices, to Ashley to suck upon. She let out a low moan and opened her mouth to take in his finger – Andrew knew he was risking direct exposure by this action, but thought the danger was worth bearing. He judged that she would be too far-gone with her own lust to notice that she was holding onto her father's hand, and was sucking the ass-sludge off of one of her Daddy's fingers!

He had no idea how wrong he was…


In Kim's cabin…

When he came back into the bedroom that Kimberley had been sharing with her husband, Rick found that the lights had all been switched off and that Kim was well under the covers in the large bed in the middle of the room. "Kim, are you awake?" he called out to her. Nothing. "Kim, its me, Rick. I'm alone… please, we need to talk about this."

"We don't NEED to talk," she said after a long moment's pause, slightly muffled by the bedspread covering her up completely. "You just think we have to, that's all…"

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