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Caribbean Cute


Violet sat scrunched up in the seat of the plane and tried desperately not to touch the person next to her. He was big, sweaty, and smelly and she was counting down the minutes until the plane touched down in Montego Bay. The plane ride had been uneventful, but she swore they packed as many people as possible into the plane and made everyone carry the least amount of luggage as possible. She figured this way all the tourists were required to purchase cheaply made t-shirts and shorts while in Jamaica and then leave all these items in the hotel room in order to fit their personal items back in the miniscule suitcases that were 'standard' size as the airline stated.

The plane descended into Montego Bay and Violet smiled, knowing in a few short hours she was going to be sitting by the pool in her bikini, sipping a rum and coke, and forgetting the last few days. Violet's face fell a bit as she tried not to think about the last few days. The other seat next to her was empty and she knew that in a perfect world Jeremy would have been sitting next to her. They would have been holding hands the whole flight and he would have been playing with her engagement and wedding ring, mostly to show it off to the other passengers. Instead, she was alone. She was glad that she could take this trip and have a week alone, without worry, before going back home to the chaos that awaited her.

Violet was one of the last to get off the plane and once she got her luggage, she made her way to the bus awaiting her. She was the last to get on and sat in the front as the bus weaved its way through the winding roads to her resort. She and Jeremy were supposed to be staying at the couples only resort near the airport, but she had been smart enough to switch to the family oriented resort next door. That meant she was allowed to stay in a room by herself, but could walk next door to enjoy the more adult atmosphere.

Violet got into her room and flopped onto the bed. It was a nice room and had a king size bed with a small TV on the dresser. The bathroom had a tub and shower and her view was of the back of the resort overlooking the mountains. She thought she remembered reading that the coffee grown on those mountains was very good, but since she didn't drink coffee it didn't mean much to her. After unpacking her things, she put on her black two-piece. It was pretty skimpy, but had a full top that held in her breasts. She hadn't made it to the tanning salon before the trip so her pale skin was a sharp contrast to the black color of her suit. She slid on her cute white sandals and grabbing her beach bag and hotel key, was off to the pool.

Violet settled on a lounge chair and pulled out the novel she had brought. She had actually brought the whole seven books of the 'Chronicles of Narnia'. She had always wanted to read the books and when she saw the books in the airport shop, she figured she needed something to distract her. Lying on her tummy, she put her strawberry blonde hair up into a ponytail, tucking the ends under her cute pink hat and began to read.

She must have lost track of time because she didn't even notice the shadow over her until she heard a loud cough.

"You need sunscreen on your back or you're going to be crispy like a chicken." Violet looked up and saw a very tall black man standing over her. He was smiling and holding a bottle of sunscreen.

"Excuse me?" Violet sat up and felt the heat radiating from her back. She was indeed beginning to burn.

"Your back is burning and since it looks like you're here alone, I am going to sacrifice myself and offer to put lotion on your back." He was still smiling as Violet scowled at him.

"You always this cocky?"

"Yes. I'm Malcolm by the way. I'm here alone as well, but I'll tell you that story over dinner tonight."

Malcolm sat down and began to rub lotion on her back and arms. He was gentle and she liked the feel of his hands on her back. His hands were large and strong yet very soft. It was a strange combination, very different then Jeremy's hands that were always manicured and moisturized.

"So are you going to tell me your name?"

"I'm Violet. That feels nice." Violet tried not to enjoy the massage that Malcolm was giving her, but it was too late. She pouted a bit as he removed his hands.

"So are we eating at the seafood restaurant or the Italian restaurant?"

Malcolm settled himself on a lounge chair next to Violet and pulled out the local newspaper, he began reading, not really interested in her answer.

"Who says I'm going out to dinner with you?"

"I said so. Happy families surround us and both of us are alone. We should enjoy this time together."

Violet rolled her eyes and muttered some words under her breath. She continued reading her novel and as the sun began to set, she started packing up her things.

"I'll meet you outside the seafood restaurant at 6pm." Malcolm leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek and he was off, making his way to the other side of the resort. Violet just shook her head and walked towards her room. She thought about how forward this man had been, but she figured that it wasn't like he was paying for dinner and you only got to eat at that restaurant once a week so she might as well have a dining partner and not look so pathetic eating alone.

At six o'clock, she stood at the entrance of the restaurant. Her blonde hair was down around her shoulders and she was wearing a flowered sundress. She was wearing the same sandals as she did during the day and had a touch of makeup. She glanced around and saw Malcolm already at a table. She walked over and sat down.


"Well hello yourself. You look amazing tonight. I'm sorry I was so forward at the pool today. I have a thing for redheads." Malcolm grinned. He was wearing beige pants with a nice white shirt. He smelled of some manly cologne.

"I'm not a redhead. It's strawberry blonde."

"Stubborn I see. We'll get along well then."

Violet giggled and the ice was broken. They chatted through dinner. Violet told him that she needed to get away for a while and needed a vacation alone. She left out the part of her fiancé leaving her at the altar, figuring she needed to keep her secrets. Malcolm had told her how he was in business for himself and had finally arranged for a holiday, the first in over five years. Violet had tried to figure out how old Malcolm was since he barely looked twenty-five and there were not many twenty year olds with their own business. On the other hand, she knew she looked much younger than thirty-five.

"We should take a walk on the beach."

Malcolm got up and led Violet towards the beach. He held her hand and she didn't protest. It felt comfortable and normal. She slipped off her sandals as they made their way onto the cold sand. The sun was almost setting and it cast a reddish glow over the water. They walked in silence until they were in front of the building where her room was.

"Well, I had a nice time Malcolm. Thank you."

"Oh no you don't. I'm a perfect gentleman. I am going to walk you to your room."

Violet rolled her eyes and let him follow her to her room. Just as she was about to open the door and say her goodnights, he grabbed her and kissed her hard, pressing her against the door. She felt his hot lips against hers and moaned loudly. She dropped her purse and keys as her hands held his strong biceps. Malcolm's hands snaked through her hair and pulled her closer. He slid his tongue into her mouth and licked her tongue softly.

"Dear God."

Violet was panting hard and was sliding her hands all over his body. He pulled her head to the side by gripping her hair in one hand. He licked along her neck while his other hand pinched her left nipple.

"You are so fucking gorgeous. You're lucky I didn't do this to you at the poolside."

Violet's mind was foggy. She felt his teeth against her neck and was bracing herself against him since her knees were weak. If he had fucked her right here she wouldn't have protested. She was that horny. Malcolm nibbled his way down her cleavage and then up the other side to her left ear.

"Tell me what you want."

"You. Now."

Malcolm grinned and pushed away from her. She was trembling from the reaction her body had to his and he saw how hard her nipples were poking through her dress.

"Not on the first date. I'll save you a spot at the pool tomorrow."

And with that, he was off down the hall. She took a deep breath and was so confused she couldn't take it. She bent down to grab her keys and purse and slammed the door shut. She stripped off her dress, put on a loose t-shirt, and climbed into bed. She lay there thinking how earlier today she thought he was an arrogant prick and now her body needed him so badly it hurt. She tossed, turned, and finally fell asleep thinking of Malcolm.

Violet awoke the next morning and realized something was wrong. She blinked a few times and remembered that she was in Jamaica. She sat up in bed and saw that she was lying diagonally in it. She giggled. She and Jeremy had been living together for over a year and he was picky about where she slept. She couldn't cross that imaginary line in the middle of the bed unless he wanted sex and now she had had a great night's sleep, using up the entire king size bed. She got dressed and made her way to the buffet. She had the chef make her a vegetarian omelet and took way more sausages than she should, but she didn't care. She ate in silence and then went back to her room to get ready for another day at the poolside.

"Hi Malcolm." Malcolm was already set up on his lounge chair and had used his shirt to reserve the chair next to him. He got up and kissed her softly.

"Hi Violet. I hope you slept well. I'll put lotion on you." Violet nodded as she lay on her stomach and felt his strong hands rub in the sunscreen. He slid his hands just under her bikini to reach all the spots and as he rubbed her shoulders he leaned over to whisper in her ear.

"How horny did I make you last night?"

"Very horny."

"Good. Just wait until tonight then."

Violet smirked at Malcolm and then began to read her novel. He read the newspaper along with a few random magazines. They barely spoke until lunch, when he offered to get them some pizza and pop. He returned a short while later and they chatted as they had their lunch.

"So why Jamaica?"

"Do you want the short story or the long story?"

"Long story."

Violet sat cross-legged on her chair as she waited for Malcolm to tell his story.

"My parents grew up here and moved a few months before I was born. They moved to New York City because it was the place to go. I got a scholarship to a great university and have been working ever since. I figured before I turn forty I should come back here and be a tourist."

Violet coughed on her pop. "Your forty?"

"Almost forty. Next Wednesday is my birthday. Why? How old did you think I was?"

"Um. Never mind. I thought you were much younger."

"How old are you?"

Violet leaned over and whispered in his ear. "You should never ask a girl her age, but if you must know I'm almost thirty-six." She licked his earlobe softly, waiting for a reaction. Malcolm groaned and pulled her on top of him.

"Tomorrow we should go over to the other resort. It's more couple friendly for what I want to do to you now."

Violet wiggled against him and then went back to her own lounge chair. As the sun set, the same routine as the day before was followed. They went back to their respective rooms, showered and then met at the restaurant. Tonight it was the Italian restaurant and they gorged themselves on pasta and garlic bread. Walking hand in hand, they made it back to her hotel room.

"Do I get to unlock my door before you attack me."

"No." Malcolm pushed her against the door and latched on to her neck. One hand pulled the key from her hand to unlock the door. His other hand was sliding down from her back to her thighs and she gasped as he picked her up and she instinctivily wrapped her legs around him. He carried her inside and after kicking the door shut with his foot, he placed her on the bed.


"No. The lights are on and I don't want you to see my body."

"Undress." He said the words more forcefully this time. She was so timid and shy and he needed her to see how gorgeous and sexy she really was. Whoever the guy was that had hurt her had knocked down her self-esteem a few notches. Violet obeyed and undressed quickly. She sat on the bed naked as Malcolm stared at her.

"You are gorgeous. Spread your legs and masturbate for me."

Violet opened her mouth to protest and then realized there was no use. She wanted to do whatever he asked of her and for a moment she totally forgot how embarrassing this was going to be. She spread her legs and lightly stroked her clit.

"Harder. You liked when I was rough with you last night. Rub harder." Violet nodded and began to rub her clit harder and faster. She didn't remember the last time her clit was this hard and she was soaking wet already. She pinched her clit and cried out. She was so close and forgot for a moment that she had never made herself cum before.

"I can't make myself cum Malcolm. I never have." Violet was pleading with Malcolm to do something, but he resisted.

"Yes you can. Do it." Violet nodded and slid two fingers inside her pussy. She was so wet her fingers slid in easily and she found her g-spot and began to rub. Her legs were shaking and she lay back on the bed as her hips wiggled around. Her large breasts were heaving at each breath and Malcolm adored the strawberry blonde curls that framed her gorgeous pussy. Finally Violet came and she came hard. She sank another finger into her pussy and rubbed hard as she cried out loudly. She rolled onto her side and lay panting.

"Good girl. Am I sleeping here or in my room tonight?"

"Here." Violet could barely speak as she crawled under the covers. She saw Malcolm undress completely, glide under the covers, and hold her tight. She fell asleep quickly and Malcolm listened to her breathing as he held this beautiful woman in his arms.

The next morning Violet awoke to strong hands massaging every part of her body. She felt the cool air of the air conditioning on her body and when she opened her eyes, she saw Malcolm rubbing lotion into her skin.

"Why do you wear a bikini if you're so shy about your body." Malcolm turned her over and began to rub the cool lotion into her back, careful of the areas that were burnt from two days ago.

"Long story." Violet closed her eyes and didn't want this to ever end.

"I told you my story. It's your turn."

"Fine. My best friend picked this out for me to wear on my honey__, on the trip. I didn't have a chance to buy another suit before leaving. This is the first time I've ever worn a bikini since I normally never go to the beach back home."

"He wouldn't have approved right?" Violet nodded. Malcolm sat up and pulled her into his lap.

"You look gorgeous and don't let any man ever tell you you're ugly."

Malcolm shifted Violet in his lap and let his hard throbbing member sink into her hot pussy. The darkness of his skin was a contrast to her white breasts as he kneaded them and pinched her light pink nipples. Violet whimpered softly and bit her bottom lip between her white teeth. She tilted her hips and moaned as his cock pushed against her g-spot.

"I am not gorgeous. Don't say that."

Malcolm groaned and flipped her over, holding her ankles in his hands he began to thrust hard and fast. The bed was rocking and all Violet could do was grip the sheets and pant.

"You are fucking gorgeous. I've had a hard on all night with you next to me. You can tell me to stop if you want." Malcolm grinned as he withdrew from her pussy. He stroked his cock firmly with his right hand.

"No. Don't stop. Please." Malcolm grinned and thrust back inside Violet. She felt so snug and wet. He bent her legs and continued thrusting. She looked up at him and could barely speak. He felt her pussy quiver and then she began to cum. She arched her back and her legs began to shake. She remained completely silent as her nails dug into the sheets. He pushed in deep and held her there until she recovered. There were tears in her eyes and Malcolm's face went from happy to worried in a split second.

"Oh god baby did I hurt you?"

"No. That was intense. Please don't stop." His cock had slid out of her pussy and Violet was trying to wipe away the tears and at the same time guide him back inside her. Malcolm nodded and rolled onto his back, easily pulling her on top of him. He grabbed her hips and began to bounce her. He thrust his hips up as he pulled her down and began to cum. He moaned her name as he came so deep inside her. Once she felt his cock begin to soften, Violet leaned over and nuzzled his nose.

"You can't stay hard?"

"I'm almost forty baby, be nice or I'll spank you."

"What if I like it?"

"I'll remember that for later."

After cuddling for a little bit their stomachs were grumbling and soon after changing, they made their way to the buffet for breakfast. They held hands and like teenagers played footsie under the table as Violet ate her veggie omelet and sausages while Malcolm had bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast. They went back to their respective rooms and met a short time later at their usual spot. Violet's skin was tanning nicely and she giggled as she put sunscreen on Malcolm's body.

"I thought if you were black you didn't burn."

"Not true. It doesn't show, but it still hurts. But this could be a way to get you to give me a massage."

Violet slapped Malcolm playfully and then went back to her book. After reading the same line twice, she realized that she wasn't paying attention to her novel, but instead was thinking about Malcolm. She had never had a one-night stand before and although she knew this would continue for the next four nights, she was nervous. He was the complete opposite of any guy she had ever liked. She had always gone for the white, average height accountants and lawyers. Her sex life with her other boyfriends and her fiancé was quiet, normal, and reserved. Already, he had pushed her limits by making her make herself cum and had made her be on top, a position she hated since she knew her breasts were saggy and her belly wasn't completely flat. Violet looked over and saw Malcolm lying on his stomach, his eyes closed. She rolled onto her stomach and did the same, putting the book away for later.

The rest of the day was spent at the pool and then dinner and then back to his room. His room was identical to hers except it overlooked the ocean. He brought her out to his balcony and settled himself down on the patio chair, pulling her to sit on his lap facing away. He nibbled her neck and back and arms as they watched the sun set. It was so peaceful and calming that she gasped as he grabbed her suddenly and turned her around.

"You've been a bad girl today Violet. Very bad." His eyes were trying to be serious, but there was a hint of playfulness in his dark chocolate colored eyes. She looked at him and knowing he was playing, she giggled.

"I have not been bad. I'm a very good girl."

"You laid around the pool in a skimpy bikini and made my cock so hard it was painful. You flirted with me all day and that dress you're wearing is driving me crazy. Take it off. Panties too."

Violet stared at him for a moment and then did as he asked. Once she was naked, he pulled down his shorts and boxers then grabbed her and settled her on his cock. His large hands began to squeeze and pinch her butt. He lifted his hand and then smacked her butt hard. She winced, but whimpered at the same time. Malcolm grinned and spanked the other cheek, kneading it roughly. Violet was squirming now, wanting to move around, but he wasn't letting her. He continued to spank her cute ass over and over again as she wiggled around. She was so wet that her juices were dripping down her thighs and Malcolm moaned as her juices coated his balls.

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