tagRomanceCariel Ch. 02

Cariel Ch. 02


Dave's phone buzzed. It was another text from Cariel. She had been teasing him all night and he was loving it. Her messages were so subtle, and her pictures so tempting.

One was just a picture of the edge of her breast.

Another was just her pretty painted toes.

Another of her smooth legs peaking out from her bathrobe.

Another was her gorgeous face with just a little bit of cleavage down below.

Another was with her hair just covering her nipples....

And the whole time innocent questions to accompany them: "Do you like those?" "What do you think?" "My boobs are so ready... they ache to be squeezed"

But she never gave him a full view. She was a master of teasing.

She was enchanting. And it was driving Dave wild with anticipation. He changed out of his pants as they quickly became uncomfortable on his growing bulge. He sat on his bed in just sweatpants texting with Cariel.

Then she sent him a picture of herself, biting her lip, and barely holding her bathrobe over her breasts, it said "are you hard for me?"

"Fuck yes.... do you want to see how hard?"


Dave stood in front of his bedroom mirror. His erection pitching his sweatpants up like a tent. He pulled them down and let his cock bounce freely. Then he stroked it a few times to get it nice and throbbing.

He was cut and had a nice even shape. His head was large and round and the end was damp with precum leakage from looking at all of Cariel's pics.

His erection was perfectly hard. The skin stretched to its limit and the veins there thick. He snapped a couple pics to showcase the size and angle, then sat back on the bed and sent them to Cariel.

Then she responded "OH My GOD."

"I want that in my mouth... and pussy... and everywhere. Mmmmm It's gorgeous.;)"

They continued to exchange pictures and texts late into the night. And at some point before Dave rubbed out an explosive orgasm, and eventually fell asleep naked on top of his sheets, he suggested they get dinner later that week. "I would love that, I think we are in for a fun night ;)" She responded.


Dave pulled up in front of Cariel's building and parked on the street. it was a red brick townhouse with colonial white trim. There was a wreath on the front door, and potted plants on the steps. Everything was well organized and cleaned.

After their flirty text conversation the other night, Dave had set a date for dinner. He could hardly contain himself all week. He crossed the grass to the front door and rang the bell.

In a few moments the door opened and Cariel appeared. Her platinum hair was in large, wide curls that fell across her shoulders. She wore a long white blouse with lace on the bottom, that draped gracefully over her large chest, and fell just below the pockets of her jeans. The neckline was wide and low enough to reveal just the very top of her cleavage. The material was thin enough that David could see the outline of her bra. She wore simple red heels.

"Hi David!" she smiled and threw her arms around him in a big hug, and kissed him on the cheek. He could smell her perfume and he breathed it in deeply, and he could feel the weight and volume of her breasts against him.

"Hi babe. You look amazing" he took a step back to look her over again.

"Aww thanks" she turned her hip in a flirty pose and giggled.

"Are you all ready to go?" he asked gesturing to his car.

"Yes." She locked the door behind her and started down the steps. David followed behind, looking at her jeans stretching over her big squeezable ass as she led the way across the lawn.

"So I thought we could try that Italian place in the refurbished warehouse" he offered.

"Sounds good to me! I need something in this mouth!" She winked.

"But don't get too full... I have a dessert for you later tonight." he chuckled as he opened her door.

She pretended to be thinking hard about his meaning as she climbed in and sat on the clean black leather.

When he got in the other side she gave him a flirty smile "and just what is that supposed to mean? she teased, buckling her seat belt.

"Oh. I made some brownies. Why? What did you think I meant?" he pretended to be shocked "Did... did you think I meant... did you think I was referring to my cock?" he gasped.

She slapped him on the shoulder and laughed... Then she bit her lip and looked at him with a sly smile.


Once seated at dinner, after some flirty conversation Dave felt her toes on his leg. He looked up from his wine and Cariel was giving him a sexy look. He smiled and she said "So David... what is the craziest, sexiest, thing you've ever done?"


"Yes. Ever, in the history of Dave."

He thought for a while and said. "Okay, so this one time, in college, we were watching a movie with friends. And my girlfriend and I were under a blanket, and she gave me a handjob. with everyone there..."

"No way!"

"I swear to god!"

"And nobody knew??"

"Well... I hope not" He chuckled.

"Oh my god! Dave! That is so bad." she laughed "And... so silly!"

They both laughed.

"OK so what is yours?"

She smiled at him and continued to tease his leg under the table with her toes, slowly running it up from his ankle to his knee. Then across his thigh.

Dave scooted his chair in closer to the table, and her toes could reach the bulge in his pants. She could feel him growing under her toes.

"Oh my!" she giggled "what have we here?" she ran her toes across his growing erection.

Then she brought her foot down as she leaned forward on the table. It pushed her breasts up like two rising loaves of bread. Then she whispered "Well... this one time I was on a date, at an Italian restaurant, with a cute photographer that I had just met.... and I decided that I didn't want to wait for after dinner to suck his cock. So I went to the coat room and waited for him there..."

Then she got up with a wink, and walked away.

Dave watched her strut away around the corner and down the hall, her gorgeous round ass swinging to her confident steps.

Dave waited for a few minutes and tried to think of something else so that his erection could subside enough to walk across the crowded restaurant.

When he got to the large coat room he opened the door and whispered "Cariel, are you in here"

"Shh! Yes... don't turn the light on... you have to feel your way to the back and find me..."

Dave slowly began groping through the various coats toward the back of the room. Suddenly he felt the warm, soft, flesh of a person. It was her shoulder. She giggled. and turned toward him. And he could smell her perfume in the dark.

He felt her hands on his neck as he embraced her and rested a hand on her jawline. Then he brought her in for a deep kiss. He moved a hand down onto her hips and then grabbed a handful of her ass. She giggled.

She pushed him back against the wall and said "stay there."

Then Dave felt her hands feeling their way down his chest and abs to his waistline. Her fingers delicately traced the inside of his waistband, and then one hand cupped his erection. He could hear her breathing in the dark as she undid his belt, and unzipped his pants.

He could feel his cock expand in its new freedom as his underwear came down.... Then the soft, wet warmth of her mouth enveloped him. He rested his hands on her head, and ran his fingers through her hair. It was incredibly soft and fragrant, and he ran his fingers through it.

She took his head in her mouth and wrapped her lips firmly around it... and he could feel her tongue exploring the tip. "Mmmm" she said pulling off and holding his cock out in one hand "a little bit of pre-cum for my appetizer?" He laughed and she giggled as she went back for more.

She held him out like a lollipop and licked up and down his shaft. Sometimes pausing for kiss on the tip, sometimes sucking the tip She stroked slowly while she did it.

And then she went deeper. He could feel her throat relax around him and she pushed her head all the way down, until her nose poked his abs. She held it for a moment and then came up with a gasp.

"Holy shit baby. This feels amazing" he whispered.

"Mmmm.... I'm glad babe. I love it." She continued stroking him...

"You like that big cock?" he said stroking her hair.

"Yes!" she giggled "It's beautiful. I love it" she kissed his penis on the tip, and then started licking and sucking again.

After several moments Dave could feel the swelling of his orgasm coming "Oh babe I'm getting close." he gasped.

She started sucking faster. Stroking his shaft furiously while her mouth remained tight around his tip.

Dave gripped Cariel's head and began thrusting himself down her throat in the rhythm of her hand. She let go and gripped his butt cheeks with both hands as her fucker her face harder and harder...

Then he came.

He exploded in her throat and she immediately tried to push him off, but he pumped three more times... then she forced her way off and coughed.

"Oh my god!" she choked "Holy fucking shit..."

"Oh shit. Are you Okay babe?" he asked

"Oh... yeah... shit..." she giggled "you fucking came so hard!" She stood up, coughing.

They both laughed catching their breath, and she leaned on him for a moment.

Then she whispered "you'd better pull those pants up... I think we have somewhere to be."

"Oh yeah! Shit our waiter will wonder where the fuck we are!"

"Our waiter? Fuck him. We're going back to my house... and not just because this mascara is ruined.

*** End Part 2 ***

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