tagGroup SexCarla & Jerry: A Girl Story Ch. 01

Carla & Jerry: A Girl Story Ch. 01


Lots of you read my stories in the Transexual/Transvestite sections of the site. So I thought I'd expand my horizons and do a few girl stories. I have a friend of mine named Carla. She's told me a lot about when she was in her late "teens and early twenties" (you need to know that the folks from Literotica are very paranoid about under age stories—they've never heard of that first amendment stuff). So here's a Carla story somewhat modified from the original.

xxx Marlene

Hi–my name's Carla. I'm eighteen and legal. Just for the record I'm 5'5" and somewhere around 110 pounds. I have short dishwater blonde hair that comes to the middle of my neck. My eyes are kind of bright green and my skin is quite fair. I'm small boned and short waisted with fairly long legs. My breasts are B cups with small pink areolas topped with eraser sized nipples that get oh so very hard when excited. I've always been athletic so my muscle tone is very good—as in tight stomach muscles and well shaped legs. You know how some girls when they wear a bathing suit have that U turn thing at their crotch? As in it doesn't go to a V? That's me. Years of playing soccer gave me a really hard little ass. Everyone says I'm pretty hot looking but when I look at my self I seem pretty average---but what the hell I'll always take a compliment. And by the way—I shave so that all that's there down below is a little mustache. Know what I mean?

I have a boyfriend named Jerry. He's what's called a quadroon—small portion black but mostly white. Kind of a café au lait color. He's 5'9" and 150. Thin but nice build. Jerry's got a gorgeous cock. An easy seven and a half inches and he's quite thick. Cut. We set up a mirror once so I could see his cock going in and out of me. I love the sight of a big cock going into a small bald cunt. I like to be on my back when he fucks me. Supporting myself on my elbows so I can see when he's ready to cum. He takes his big dick out of me and slides the head up and down my soaking wet slit raking it over my clit (somehow I got blessed or cursed with a really big one that swells up just like a little dick) until he starts to shoot hot cum all over me. Jerry's one of those boys who don't just shoot cum–they launch it. We're talking a boy who can, on his first cum of the night (the record is four) shoot four or five spurts that travel a couple of feet.

We talk about sex all the time. Watch sex DVDs (I think the gang bang ones and the bi-sex ones are pretty cool). Look at sex sites on the internet. Sometimes we call xxx phone sex sites and mess with the 400 pound housewives who swear to god they're gorgeous. Jerry's got a sweet deal with me. After all, how many grossly oversexed supposedly hot looking girls do you know who just like to lay there while you watch a football game and suck on your dick for as long as you can stand it and then let your cum shoot into their mouths? Anyhow, I've gotten off the subject.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a party. Run of the mill later teen to mid twenties. Guys, girls, lots of smoke, some coke and x, plenty of beer and liquor. I had on a short denim skirt and black silk tank top. And naughty me had no panties or bra on. Jerry knew a lot of the people there but most of them were strangers to me as we live miles apart and this was a more his crowd than mine. I don't do any drugs other than pot and poppers but I love to drink tequila shots and after awhile I was pretty fucking high and so was Jerry. Loud music, dancing and pretty soon it was dirty type dancing which I'm really good at. He and I were rocking away dry humping in the middle of the room with a bunch of others. I looked over and saw a couple of really good looking guys dancing together rubbing crotches together as well as girls doing the same thing. Got me hot. Jerry and I went out into the yard of the house and ended up on a chaise lounge towards a secluded part of it. We were laying down making out sucking on each other's tongues. He had his hand under my top and was tweaking a nipple and I had a hand down the front of his shorts rubbing his pretty dick through his briefs (just HAD to wear underwear!). My skirt was riding up and I was hot enough to be humping up at him. Wet.

Jerry stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear off to reveal his rock hard cock. I pulled my skirt all the way up so my bald pussy was shiny with my girl cum in the moonlight. "Oh baby, stick it in me for a few minutes. I'm so hot for cock!" I said to him. My legs were spread and his hot body slid between them. His dick went into me and my legs went around him pulling him in tighter. I had my eyes closed just loving the feel of that white chocolate cock filling me up. When I opened them up I saw two guys standing on either side of us with their dicks out stroking as they watched us fuck.

I mean here's two young guys beating off while they watch me and my boyfriend fuck. I'd never been into anything more than one on one so it was kind of a shock to see these guys getting all hot watching us. "Jerry, we have an audience." I said. He came out of his sex reverie and looked at both of them and laughed.

"Oh, Carla this is Jeff and Mark. They're seniors at Central. Guys, this is my girl Carla." He laid all this out without ever missing a beat or should I say a stroke. The two guys were the ones who never missed a beat.

"Geez Jerr, she's hotter than hell! Don't stop fucking her! It's getting me crazy watching you two." Said one of the boys. "Get it on bud!" And with that he puts his hand on Jerry's ass and pushes him further into me. The other guy is up by my head and is slowly sliding his hand up and down his cock watching. Six incher and nicely shaped head. Jerry was thrusting hard into me now and I had my mouth open breathing through it. The cock was maybe a foot from me and he must have taken my open mouth as an invitation as all of a sudden he moved forward and stuck his cock into my face. Without thinking about it I opened wide and his dick slid into my mouth. I don't know why I did it. Maybe because I was pretty fucked up. Maybe it was just the moment. But I liked the idea of having a cock in my mouth and one in my cunt. I was looking up at Jerry as this guy's dick fucked my face. His eyes were wide and his teeth were clenched as he watched me. But I could tell he wasn't pissed.

The guy that was doing my face was pleading with me. "Oh yeah baby, suck it. Just the head. Yeah baby. You're so fucking hot. You little slut cunt."

And the guy behind Jerry was watching intently as he pushed Jerry into me. "Fuck her Jerr. Fuck her hard baby. Fuck her while I finger your hot ass!" I didn't know this was happening but it was obvious that he was finger fucking Jerry's gorgeous hole. I sometimes did it to him when I wanted him to cum. Every time I stuck a couple of my long fingers into him he shot off like a rocket. As the guy fingered him he fucked my wet pussy harder with his mouth hanging open.

"UhnnnUhnnnUhnnn" he moaned as he slid in and out of me. All of a sudden the guy in my mouth pulled out and moved his wet dick over to Jerry's mouth and poked it into him. I was totally shocked but certainly not turned off. Jerry was obviously sucking his dick as he slid it in and out of his mouth. I knew he'd never done anything like this before as we'd talked about it when we'd watched bi-sex videos. He'd always said that he'd never do it and thought it was so queer but here he was with a nice sized dick fucking his virgin face. He was gagging and moaning around the dick when he pushed hard into me and shot off a load of cum into my cunt. The guy fucking his mouth pulled out and his dick pulsed a jet of hot cum into his mouth and then all over his face.

The sight of my baby boy getting a load of cum was all it took to push me over the edge and I came with a cry. The guy that had been fingering Jerry's hot ass hurriedly came around to my face but before he could get his dick into my mouth he blasted cum all over my silk top, neck and lower face. He pulsed three or four times and I was drenched with sticky nasty cum. Jerry collapsed on top of me and his two friends moved back to zip up and kind of straighten out.

"Thanks Jerr. That was the hottest!" Said one of them as they laughed and walked back to the party. I stroked his head and told him how hot I thought he was and how much I loved his dick and how much I liked the whole scene.

"Did you like it baby? Did you feel gay? Or was it just so hot that you want to do it again?"

All he said was "Again."

Didja like it? Want to read more about Jerry and Carla? Let me know. I'm hot from writing it. xxxxxxx

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