tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCarmen - Hunted and Double-Teamed

Carmen - Hunted and Double-Teamed


Russell Paine, Bradley Morgan and Martin Grierson were at the Metropole, having a drink at the bar. They had gotten together before an informal reunion of their high school lacrosse team. All of them were through college and in jobs now - not that they needed them. They were all from families that were worth hundreds of millions. Both Russ and Brad were in cushy jobs on Wall Street and Martin had a position as a correspondent for a major business news organization.

"I'll always remember the lacrosse banquet our senior year," said Russ. "When you sneaked in the vodka, Brad and we all got wasted."

"Yes," said Brad.

"Then you did the karaoke, Brad," continued Russ. "And you looked so soulfully at Martin's mom. We were all dying of laughter."

"I wasn't laughing," put in Martin.

Both Brad and Russ ignored Martin. He'd been a hanger-on in the 'popular' group in high school. Brad had been the quarterback of the football team and a star attackman on the lacrosse team; Russ had been a captain on both the football and lacrosse teams. Whereas Martin had been a bench warmer in both sports, tolerated among the 'populars' because of his family's great wealth.

"Well, Martin's mom was a hot babe," retorted Brad. "Carmen St James Grierson is a real MILF. And she always came to every lacrosse event - without Mr. Grierson."

"You're right about that, brother," said Russ. "That's what made the banquet so memorable for me. She was wearing that short, black dress that showed her long, long legs."

"Yeah, the one with the droopy neckline that hung down and showed the bridge of her bra," agreed Brad, nodding.

"It was so tight around that incredible ass of hers," said Russ.

"Her tits are to die for," returned Brad.

"Hey," protested Martin, weakly. "Don't talk about my mom that way."

"Come on, sport," said Brad, pounding him on the shoulder. "You and I adored your mom all through high school. Remember?"

Martin would have been happy to reminisce about his joint infatuation about his mother with Brad, but not in front of Russ Paine. He treasured his secret lust for his mother, stealing her used underwear and masturbating to the smell of her bodily fluids. [See my Literotica story, Carmen the MILF]. He knew that Brad had done the same, but he did not want Russ to laugh at them both.

"Carmen got really drunk at the banquet," said Russ. "She was on the dance floor all night. She kept asking the DJ for that hard driving song, you know that one, 'We're going to rock it, rock it, baby'."

"I'm gonna bend you as you fight; Give you a doggie delight; We're going to rock it, rock it, baby," sang Brad, dropping his voice to mimic the deep bass of the song.

"Yeah, that one," replied Russ, nodding. "I like it when it goes: Struggle and buck, but I'll hold you; Gonna pin you down and fuck you; We're going to rock it, rock it, baby. I was with her on that dark dance floor for like an hour. I got behind her and, man, I did everything but fuck her!"

"No kidding!" said Brad.

"I had my hands around her front, a tit in each hand, squeezing those babies! Her nipples got so hard, they were like bullets! She had on this strapless bra - the bridge was on display, like you said, Brad. It was so thin, it was like her tits were naked in my hands. You're right about her tits, they are to die for."

Russ drained his beer and signaled the barman for another one.

"Really, Russ, this is uncalled for ..." began Martin.

"Oh, shut up, Martin," said Brad. "Go on, Russ."

"I was behind her, but I think she knew who I was, she said my name a few times. I don't think I've ever been that as hard as I was that night, kneading her tits. She was grinding herself on my hard-on, running my cock up and down her ass crack. What an ass she has! I swear to you, I unzipped my pants and had my cock sliding up and down on her dress."

"Wicked!" said Brad. "Did you get under her dress?"

"I did! Her dress was so short that I managed to get my cock under the hem and right on her skin! She has buns of steel, that woman! With all the dancing, we were both covered with sweat. She was wearing a thong and it was soaked, but I bet a lot of it was her sexual juices."

"Russ, just listening to you, I'm getting hard," said Brad. "What happened then?"

"The fucking DJ decided to take a break.," said Russ in a disgusted voice. "I was just getting my hand up the front of her dress and feeling her crotch, when the lights came on. I just managed to get myself zipped up in time. She said, 'That was so nice, Russ dear, thank you' or something like that and walked away. Another ten minutes and I would have fucked her, maybe right there on the dance floor. Her dress clung to every curve, she looked like a sex goddess."

"You missed out, dude," said Brad. "I actually fucked her once. It was in her own bedroom." [See my Literotica story, Carmen the MILF.]

"Brad!" said Martin.

"Shut up, Martin." It was Russ who said it this time.

"She still looks like a sex goddess," said Brad.

"How does she do it?" asked Russ. "She's over forty, right?"

"Forty-two," said Brad.

"She works out, cardio and weights, three hours a day, seven days a week," put in Martin. "She fanatical about her super fitness."

"And she should be at the reunion tonight," said Brad. "Without Mr. Grierson."

"Well, well, well," said Russ, chuckling. "Let's double team her."

"Why not?" said Brad.

"This is mom you're talking about," said Martin sulkily.

"Sure," said Brad in a soothing tone. "But remember, you've got a drawer full her used panties and bras in your room. You still masturbate with her used panties on your nose. And remember how exciting it was to watch her masturbate in her Jacuzzi. Imagine how much more exciting it will be for you to see us both on her." [See my Literotica story, Carmen the MILF.]

"Martin," said Russ. "If I had Mrs. Grierson's panties, I'd masturbate on them too." He paused and gave Martin a light punch on the shoulder. "Think about it, buddy. Imagine how hard you'll cum watching Brad and me give her the business."

Russ turned to Brad, and went on.

"And Brad, think how great it will be to get back at that lowlife husband of hers! Jack Grierson is just a guttersnipe - he doesn't deserve her."

Martin drank the last of her beer. He looked from Brad to Russ, flattered by the camaraderie they were showing him - the two most popular guys in high school! Besides, he hated his father.

"OK," he said. "You're right about my father - he's a lowlife creep who treats her terribly. But no violence."

"Of course not," said Brad. "We'll only give her what she wants."

Struggle and buck, but I'll hold you, thought Russ. Gonna hold you down and fuck you.

* * * * * * * *

The lacrosse reunion was at the Bull & Boar Club, one of the last bastions of elite male privilege in the city. Women were not allowed to be members and could only enter as guests. Carmen walked into the darkened lobby wearing a tight white spandex-nylon crop top that was translucent over a black strapless lace bra. Her skirt was shorter than a ballerina's tutu, so tight that it looked like it was painted on her and clearly outlined her thong. It was also translucent white revealing that her thong was black. She had on strappy Christian Louboutin slippers with high platform heels and a black silk choker. Her dark blonde hair was piled on her head in an expensive coiffure and there were diamond earrings on her shell-like ears. She walked up, unfazed by the two pretty young receptionists who stared at her firm breasts and the smooth swell of her bare belly.

She put down her initials by her name on the guest list and swept into the high-ceilinged anteroom, lit by a large chandelier. Russ's and Brad's wives, Nikotai and Taylor were there, both heavily pregnant.

"I'm leaking milk all day long," Nikotai was saying. "I can't wait to have this baby. He kicks so hard, he makes me think of his father."

"Don't tell me Jack's still fucking you in this state," said Taylor with a hint of malice. [See my story, Four Weddings and Baby Shower.]

"Just because he's stopped fucking you doesn't mean I should - ," Nikotai began, but she broke off when she saw Carmen. "Why hello, Mrs. Grierson."

"Hi, Nikki," said Carmen. "And it's good to see you, Taylor. You're both glowing! Pregnancy obviously agrees with you."

"Looks can be deceiving," said Taylor.

"Yes, I can't wait to deliver," said Nikotai.

"When are you due?" asked Carmen.

"In a few weeks," said Nikotai. "But my OB-GYN thinks I'll be early."

"Me too," said Taylor. "I don't think I'll stay around long. I wanted to see the group again, but half an hour is about all I can stand."

The three of them went on to enter the clubroom where the reunion was being held. Most of the men were already there, crowded around the bar. Many of them had their wives with them. They all whistled when the three women walked in. Carmen knew that she outshone all of the other younger women there, especially dressed as she was. She smiled and walked a little taller, pleased with the reaction she was getting from the young men.

"Hey, Russ and Brad, you guys get married and immediately knock up your wives!" called one.

"Didn't anyone teach you guys to use a condom?" asked another.

These comments were aimed at Nikotai and Taylor. But Brad jumped up and brought Carmen into the conversation.

"Everyone is staring at you, Mrs. Grierson," he said. "You look stunning, like you're in your twenties."

"Oh, you don't mean that!" said Carmen, smiling at the flattery and pleased to be the center of attention again.

"Oh yes, he does, Mrs. Grierson," said Russ. "Here's a glass of a Grand Cru, let's drink to that."

They drank and the talk flowed back to normal channels. Martin came up to Carmen and she ruffled his hair absently, not realizing how childish she made him look.

The DJ came on very shortly after and couples drifted on to the tiny dance floor. Russ and Brad took up positions on either side of Carmen and Martin stood beside them, shifting his weight from one leg to the other. Their conversation was animated, discussing Carmen's recent second place finish at the City Garden Fair. Martin did not have anything to say and just stood, listening. Eventually, Nikotai and Taylor came up and excused themselves to return home. Their husbands gave them pecks on the cheek and sent them on their way.

Russ took a brief break to walk over to the DJ and request a song.

"Do you have 'We're going to rock, rock it, baby?" he asked. "The 20 minute long disco version?

The DJ nodded, saying, "I'll cue it up next."

Russ returned and said to Carmen, "I don't know when he's going to play something danceable."

Just then the song ended and the new one began. Carmen squealed when she heard it begin:

I'm gonna to go on all night,

I'm gonna to do you just right.

We're going to rock it, rock it, baby!

"Come on!" said Carmen. "I love this one! Let's dance."

Russ needed no second invitation. He took Carmen's hand and led her to the crowded dance floor. He progessively maneuvered Carmen till he was behind her in a corner. At the same time, he signaled to Brad over Carmen's shoulder. Martin watched helplessly as Brad came up just as the next verse began:

I'm gonna to squeeze you so tight

Pound you with all of my might

We're going to rock it, rock it, baby!

Russ put his hands on her sides, just above the waistband of her short skirt. As the verse went on, he moved his hands steadily upward. Brad came up in front of Carmen, put his hands on her shoulders and began to sway with her. As he did so, Russ signaled the DJ, who lowered the lights even further:

I'm gonna bend you as you fight

Give you a doggie delight

We're going to rock it, rock it, baby!

Brad screened off Russ's hands from everyone else. Immediately, his hands moved up and cupped Carmen's breasts. She twisted and struggled, causing her breasts to move pleasingly in his hands.

"What are you doing, Russ, " Carmen began indignantly. "Don't! Stop it!"

Brad grasped her by the back of her neck, just below her choker, held her steady and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Her words were abruptly cut off.

"Ummphfff!! Ummmphfff!!" Carmen tried to expostulate, but her stifled cries were drowned out by the driving rhythm and beat of the song:

Struggle and buck, but I'll hold you;

Gonna pin you down and fuck you;

We're going to rock it, rock it, baby!

The song now launched into a long and loud instrumental solo. Martin moved to the edge of the dance floor, but he could see little of what was happening to his mother, sandwiched between Russ and Brad.

"Her nipples are getting hard are pebbles!" Russ said to Brad over Carmen's shoulder.

Brad held Carmen' neck with his left hand, his tongue still deep in her mouth. She was twisting in his grip, making muffled mews. Then Russ began to tweak her nipples savagely. Her mewing grew louder and her struggles became more frenzied. Russ's hard-on grew as her pain heightened his excitement.

Brad's right hand slid up her skirt. It was so short that he rapidly got access to her crotch, barely protected by the thin thong. He began to knead her mount, his actions still hidden from general view by his body. She struggled hard, but the two men had her body pinioned between them. Her thrashing actually made it easier for Brad to pull her thong down around her gyrating buttocks. He let the black wisp of fabric slide down around her ankles. He left it there as it restricted her ability to move. He pushed first one and then two fingers all the way into her tight pussy. His thumb naturally landed on her clit and her body began to shudder as though she'd gotten an electric shock.

"Ummphff!! Ummmphphfff!!"

She felt herself rising on a tide of heat. Russ kept on massaging her breasts with one hand, and peeled her crop top up around her armpits, exposing her thin black bra. Then he allowed his other hand slide down, tracing the line of her backbone. He squeezed each rounded buttock in turn. Then he ran his hand in between her ass cheeks. She felt his fingers trace the ring of her anus. Fight as she might, the more she tried to move away from Russ's touch, the deeper she embedded Brad's fingers in her pussy. Russ pushed two fingers deep into her tight ass. The sexual fluids leaking out of her pussy lubricated his penetrating fingers, but even so his aggressive anal invasion was a shock.

Brad kept manipulating her clit with his thumb. His fingers were pistoning deep into her pussy, matched by Russ's fingers thrusting deep into her ass. They got into a one-two rhythm. That was enough to drive her over the edge and she began to cum, very hard. Her body jerked spasmodically between them. Brad's tongue still corked her mouth, so her sounds were strangled. The song hit its crescendo with a repeat of the last verse:

Struggle and buck, but I'll hold you;

Gonna pin you down and fuck you;

We're going to rock it, rock it, baby!

Brad and Russ began to piston her again, fingers in her pussy and ass, heavily lubricated by her flowing sexual fluids. She barely came down from her orgasm, when she began ascending to a second one. With his fingers still embedded in her ass, Russ drew his other hand back and began spanking her bare buttocks as hard as he could. It sounded like pistol shots, but it blended into the hard driving beat of the rap.

"Mmmmmphfff!! Mmmmmphffff!!"

Her strangled cries were a mixture of passion and pain. They were loud enough that they even overcame Brad's strenuous efforts to silence her. Even with the very low lighting, the couples around them began to look curiously. Martin took a step on to the dance floor and managed to get an angle to see the climax of his mother's second orgasm, in a tight sandwich between Russ and Brad. He saw her jerking fitfully between them, their hands at her crotch and her ass, double teaming her with their fingers. His imagination did the rest, conjuring up images of Brad's fingers in her pussy and Russ's fingers in her ass. His erection stiffened and unbidden, he spurted his jism, soiling his underwear.

The song ended. Carmen's legs felt like jelly. Brad and Russ had to hold her up. Brad reached down and raised her legs to retrieve her soaked thong and put it in his pocket. She was still in her orgasmic high when they led her off the dance floor. Her crop top was rolled up to her armpits and her black bra cups were pulled down. They screened her between them to prevent anyone seeing her naked breasts, that jounced sexily as she walked. Martin could not take his eyes off them. They led her to a secluded booth in the corner where it was even darker. Martin followed.

"What did you do to me?" she asked shakily, as she sat down in the booth between Russ and Brad. There was a curving table in front of her. "I'm a married woman - "

"You're a hot bitch, Carmen," said Russ. "I want to fuck you."

"No, no, Russ, you can't do that - "

He slid down below the table and the next thing she felt was his head between her thighs.

"No! Don't! Omigod!"

His tongue found her naked pussy under her very short skirt and pushed in.

"Oh!" The expostulation was forced out of her. She put her fingers in his hair, intending to push him away. But then his tongue traced her swollen pussy lips and found her distended clit. She involuntarily arched her back and pulled his head deeper into her crotch. Brad saw that she was going to cry out and he put his hand behind her neck and kissed her, his tongue forcing her lips open again. Both of them assaulted her with their tongues, working her upper lips and her nether lips.

Martin watched them with his mouth dry. His hard-on returned, but he had no more jism to spend. He knew his mother had no such problem and she would cum again. Just as he thought this, she came, arching her back and bucking so wildly that she bumped Russ's head on the underside of the table. He came back up, his face glistening with her clear sexual excretions.

She lay between the two of them, panting with the effort of three hard orgasms. Her breasts bobbled with her exhalations. She was covered with sweat and a few beads traced her rounded breasts to her bare nipples. They hung there pendulously before dripping off into her lap. She looked like a sex goddess and both Brad's and Russ's cocks were so stiff that they were painful.

"I came so hard!" she muttered in a low voice. "Three times!"

"That's just the beginning," said Russ, smugly. "Just what that lowlife husband of yours needs."

"You want to get at him?" asked Carmen, indignantly. "So you want to hurt me? I'm not his property!"

"You've been his bitch since you were a teenager. You're an embarrassment to us blue bloods. I'm going to fuck you in the ass, Mrs. Grierson."

"How dare you! You're never getting your hands on me again!" Then she saw Martin who had come up unobtrusively and sat by Brad. "You made me cum three times in front of my son. That's just so debauched!"

"Why don't you ask him if he liked the show, Mrs. Grierson," said Russ, smirking.

Carmen turned to Brad furiously. "So you want to hurt me too? I thought you were a nice boy, Brad."

Brad shifted uncomfortably.

"I just want to give you pleasure, Mrs. Grierson."

"Well, look at what your friend did to me," said Carmen. She plumped her breasts, one in each hand. She showed him the angry welts that were beginning to form around her nipples where Russ had tweaked and pinched them. "And that's not all."

She raised herself and turned her ass cheeks to Brad so he could see the red marks of Russ's palm on the smooth white skin of her buttocks. She sat back down and Brad leaned forward to caress the welts on and around her nipples.

"I would never hurt you, Mrs. Grierson," he said.

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