tagInterracial LoveCaroline Ended Up No Lady Ch. 01

Caroline Ended Up No Lady Ch. 01


Dear reader, this is a follow up to the previous story, I had a fairly clear idea of what the pen was going to write, but somehow the pen took it over, it's a bit helter skelter now, I hope you like it, I know some won't, but hey ho.

For those who don't even like me, (why?) please move on, don't read it, your usual nasty comments are routinely deleted anyway.

Lady Caroline Carter's life was in a spin, she had been captured completely by her gardener's 19 year old grandson, she was in her own admission, a total Black cock slut now, she lamented the fact but also gloried in it. Toby had worked his charm on her, then staged an accident to seduce her and now she was in and no way out, but did she even want one? The short answer was no.

She been fucked in every which way, mouth, cunt and ass, he had had her in every way possible, even in more lucid moments when she hadn't wanted to go on, she gave in a little later when the need for Toby's young masterful prick wormed its way back into her beautiful blond haired head. She would sit and ponder what he did to her, controlled her, her sex life was his to do with as he pleased along with her, she had tried to keep some semblance of equality with him but he had used his prick like a magic wand to defeat and rout her.

She was his; there were no two ways about it. She would do everything he told her, believe everything he told her and submitted to him when she knew she had to. It didn't matter now, he called her his black cock slut, his black cock whore and she agreed, she even repeated his words when he asked her what she was.

But she also knew she had to guard her marriage, it was important not only to her, but to her husbands very way of life, and if he didn't have that then she had nothing too. And Seth, being the man he was also knew it; he had to guard her too. Although she would never know it, he would take care of her good name, and use her whenever he wanted. Lady Caroline was in way over her beautiful head and Seth had the control.

Toby would be gone in a month's time, and Seth would assume the lead. He had plans in mind, and one of them was to change her staff, to bring in people who would run the house and her his way when her husband wasn't around. When he was in residence then the household would run along in the manner he expected it to without him ever knowing his gorgeous sexy wife was the property of his gardener.

He knew he would raise eyebrows when the staff was altered to suit Seth, but he would get used to it. Long term Seth intended to bring him into his plans by having him seduced on film so he would have absolute control without the exterior of their lives being changed not one jot. Seth knew which side his bread was buttered, he knew not to be greedy, just controlling, but that was some way off yet.

Today The Lady Caroline was to bring his and Toby's morning coffee and biscuits to the large garden shed at the bottom of the garden. Toby had told her to wear a short loose skirt, a normal top, high heels and no underwear. She already knew he would be having her and was getting hotter and hotter at the thought of him taking her again. Lady Caroline had no idea of what was in store for her. He and his randy granddad had laid it all out, what to do and how to do it. This was going to be another lesson in her wonderful degradation.

Her maid Linda, a very pretty young lady who had unknowingly married a layabout and who had been given her duties and sent on her way by the Lady, was prying out of the upstairs rear window, she knew something was going on and had a pretty good idea of what it was. Toby was fucking her, she almost 100% sure of it, and soon she would have the proof, proof that would stand her in good stead, and unknown to her it would end up far better than she could hope for.

She had seen the signs, the looks, the longing in the Lady's eyes, the way she dressed when he was around. The way she deferred to him while attempting to be the mistress of her household. And she was jealous, she wanted what she knew she was getting. What she didn't and couldn't know was, it was Seth who was the puppet master, the man who pulled the strings. He alone who had her mistress jangling with every tug he made.

She watcher Lady Caroline totter in her high heels, her short white dress, and her black top down the garden path. She had her soft hair down around her shoulders; she looked as sexy as hell Linda thought. When she got to the door, she set the tray down on the shelf fixed to it and knocked, she fucking knocked! She was knocking on a door that she owned! She didn't know if Toby and Seth were both in there or just Toby, either way she was behaving like a servant instead of the other way round.

Someone must have spoken because she opened the door, picked up the tray and walked in. Lady Caroline was stood just inside.

"Put it down my Lady and come here, "Toby said from the stuffed armchair in the corner. She did so and stepped towards him, already her legs were jittery from the knowledge in her head that he was going to do her, have his way with her again, and inside she was craving it now. In the night she had talked herself into remonstrating with him, re establish some authority. Now all that was gone again, she knew she would never get it back.

She caught her breath, Toby was naked apart from a pair of shorts, his magnificent black god like body was in full view, 'oh he looks just fabulous,' she said to herself. He crooked a finger and beckoned her closer. She stepped between his open legs. He dropped a cushion on the floor in front of her.

"What do you want slut?"

"Please Toby, don't call me that please."

He took no notice of what she asked for.

"Are you or are you not my black cock slut Caroline, my black cock whore!"

"Please Toby," she was begging him.

"Get out and don't come back until you have learned some manners." He told her viciously. She did the only thing she could; she needed him in her, his fabulous black body on her, holding her, the heat of his black skin. His powerful dominance of her grabbed her by the throat.

Lady Caroline Carter, the prim and proper upscale wife of Lord Sir Alan Carter dropped to her knees and looked at him.

"Please Toby?"

Toby beamed inside, he had actually thought momentarily that she was going to leave; he breathed a sigh of relief. Taking the initiative again, he said forcefully.

"I will ask you one more time, are you or are you not my black cock slut, my personal black cock whore?"

She dropped her beautiful head, her hair billowed softly around her stricken face and she nodded. He saw the nod but wanted to cement his hold.

"I'm listening Caroline." Was all he said.

"Yes Toby I am." She whispered softly, he never answered, he just sat there, he knew how to treat her now. She would hate saying it without him demanding it. She raised her lovely head; there were tears of shame and lust there in her eyes, eyes that could drown a man.

She looked at him and knew there was no option; she was here on her knees before the person who owned her very being, this young very powerful and charismatic man boy. She could see the bulge of his prick in front of her; it made her want it and him more now.

"I am your black cock slut Toby, I am your black cock whore, and I always will be," she said as the tears slid from her huge eyes, she was crushed.

Toby undid his shorts and pushed them down, his thick black prick popped up, Lady Caroline looked at it, her hand came into her view as her eyes were glued to it. She took hold and gasped as the heat from it warmed her palm and fingers, her succulent mouth dropped on it and she sucked, and licked, she ate at him, trying to ravenously swallow him. She attacked him vigorously, like a starving person does from lack of sustenance.

She felt him moving above her, but her eyes were tightly closed, then fixed on the base of the weapon that could blast her out of the skies, she needed him to cum, she was going crazy for it, it was her staff of life. She didn't feel her arms being slowly dragged behind her, or the rope that closed over her wrists.

She could only feel him in her mouth, the big soft yet hard spongy head of his beautiful young cock was all that she knew, she knew nothing else. Lady Caroline climaxed before him, simply by her own thoughts, needs, and desires for him. She grunted and shuddered under it, it increased her raptures and attempts to get him to fill her mouth with his cum.

Toby had no intention of cumming just yet, there was more to do. Watching her at work giving Toby a fantastic blow job Seth had a big hard on, he wasn't as virile as he once had been but he was today. He stepped out from his hiding place; Toby leaned forward and pulled up the Lady's skirt. Seth got on his knees behind her and drove his prick into her.

She was hot sticky and very wet, he sank his still valuable tool into her pussy for the first time, it was a long time coming but well worth the wait, he told himself as he grunted with her. She felt him sink in but didn't know it was a prick, Seth's prick she had no idea she was being fucked by him. Her mouth was glued over Toby's cock, her hands were tied behind her back. Toby was holding her by the hair.

She felt herself being grabbed by the hips, then she felt the solid thrusting of cock. She went wild with arousal, her mind took it all in, she had two cocks in her, she couldn't look behind her to see who it was. Her mouth was full of glorious black meat, her head held securely by Toby, she realised then that her hands were behind her and she was restrained.

This served to arouse her further, she was being double teamed, she had heard of it, but had never even thought of it as a possibility. Now here she was in her own garden shed on her knees, tied up and being practically raped and royally fucked by two different men. She climaxed again and again. The fucking of her mouth and pussy was never ending, man and boy smiled happily at each other. There was no doubt now that she was theirs, or more to the point, she belonged to Seth. He was her very own puppet master.

Both men shot their loads at about the same time, the man behind her gripped her tightly, she could feel his nails and calloused hands digging in as he shot a huge amount of cum into her super heated pussy. His fingers were like talons in her flesh it raised her cum levels to where they had never reached, her pussy literally exploded. Then the thick slab of black meat in her mouth dumped its load, it filled it completely Caroline struggled to get it down, her need to breath almost cost her her load, but by swallowing and breathing through her nose she managed it, she gulped the lightly salted cum and forced it into her submissive body.

Lady Caroline Carter slid of Toby's knees and fell to the floor, both men's cock popped out. Seth looked down at her, then at Toby and said.

"Toby that is the finest piece of ass that has ever been placed on Gods earth." He said with utter admiration for her.

"Yes granddad I know, I've been fucking her for a month haven't I." He answered. His granddad laughed, "yes you lucky sod, but you'll be off soon, then she'll be where she belongs hey?" They were talking about her in the third sense, as if she wasn't there.

"I know and I'm going to miss it." He admitted sadly.

She heard what they aid, but couldn't speak yet.

"Right," Seth said, "I have things to do, finish her off and tell her it will be me in her bed tomorrow, and not you okay?" Seth said. Caroline could only watch and listen, 'Seth! Oh my god,' she said to herself. But she already knew it was a done deal, she could tell by the tone of voice that it was he who was the man. 'Had it all been set up by him, had he forged a path to her pussy that easily?'

Outside peering in through the window, unknown to all three of them was Linda, she had come down and seen them hard at it, she had seen her mistress being banged hard and long by Seth, and what a great prick he has too for a man of his age, she thought. But it was the sight of the Lady sucking Toby off that got most of her attention. She had almost fallen down when she had cum, then Toby's blasting away, seeing her struggle to swallow it, seeing Seth do what he did. Linda climaxed mightily. She hurried off when she saw Seth getting to his feet.

Back in the house she saw Seth leave, but her mistress didn't come out. She decided to go back, but this time armed with the Lady's very own camera, she wanted some insurance. Making sure Seth had gone she wormed her way back to the window and peered in. Lady Caroline was on her back on an old mattress or something, her legs were high in the air waving about, and Toby was on top of her giving her a frightful fucking. She could see the huge thumping thuds of his hips crashing down onto her, and with every pull out, his beautiful prick came in to view.

He was looking down at her, she had her eyes tight closed, her beautiful face grimacing at the beating she was receiving from Toby's thick black prick, her arms shut around him holding on. Linda could see tears running down her cheeks and into her hair as she surrendered to the battering that he was visiting upon her. She realised that he was being unmerciful, this was a fucking of one sided and unfair proportions. But she could also see her Ladyships utter submission and need for it, she was completely under his control, that was obvious.

Toby lasted a long time and Linda had several mini climaxes herself at the sight she was seeing through the window, she almost forgot about the camera, she shot off many pictures, hoping they would be good. Toby gave a roar that she heard from her place outside the shed and he came, he hit her with such a tremendous lunge Linda swore she heard her mistress cry out in pain and terror. Then he came, she could see him tremoring on top of her, his grip was manic, she didn't see any cum because he blasted it all deep into her.

Toby rolled away and lay flat on his back, his prick was half limp, and Caroline lay there as comatose. Linda hurried back to the house, and put the camera in her bag to download later. It was 30 minutes later that her ladyship staggered back to her house, Linda made herself scarce but she watched her trying to walk up the path, she couldn't, it was impossible, she limped badly. She knew he had hurt her, and intentionally, she guessed, rightly, that it was a learning curve, and she told herself, 'I won't mind a bit of that!' and she giggled loudly.

Caroline came in, took a hot bath and went to bed, she was a complete wreck, she had never in her life been treated like that, she had been fucked by her employees and they had her right where they wanted her, right under their collective thumbs. Her whole body ached from the battering she had received, she felt wonderfully alive and dead at the same time. She ran it all through her mind, how she had surrendered totally to Toby, she loved that feeling and the debauchery was effecting her now, she actually loved it.

And then Seth, he had given her a fabulous seeing to, she hadn't thought he would have it in him but he had, she had been fucked from behind moré than admirably, and the memory of them both cumming in her made her body shiver and tingle, she fell asleep with the certain knowledge that this wasn't over, and wondering where Seth would fit now.

The next day Linda was sent shopping, Seth was around, Toby wasn't. Seth spent no time at all telling Lady Caroline that things had changed, he laid it all out, how things would be, when, where and how. Caroline was aghast, but conceded without a fight or discussion, he took her by the arm to her own bed and he fucked her. He was totally different to Toby, he was gentler which she appreciated, more understanding and loving, she came for him.

She looked up at him above her and slid into pleasure, she loved this, she loved the black skin of him, his older knowledge, of a woman. He was a charmer she saw that now, and she understood that he really was the man, she wondered if she would ever see Toby again, she would see him again, but only when Seth let her. Her life really had changed, it frightened her but she had nothing to fear. Except from her maid Linda, but Seth would sort that one out to everyone's satisfaction.

Seth told her the day after when he had had her on her knees in her front room sucking him off while Linda was upstairs. He shot his load for her, but told her she couldn't cum until he told her she could. This had the affect to make her plead, then she realised that he was using her.

"What are you Lady Caroline?" he asked when she cut off her short protest, she knew the answer.

"I'm your black cock slut Seth, your black cock whore."

"Sir," he said.

"Yes Seth, sir."

He told her that he wanted her to hire two new people and get rid of two. He gave her the names and numbers for her to call and invite over to see her. Seth had already set things up, both were in his favour, both owed him, and both were currently unemployed. One of them to go was Linda, and the other was the cook.

"But Seth, how can I just do that, my husband won't be very happy, he isn't all that keen on black people, you already know that." She said.

"He'll get used to it, Seth said

"Who are they?" Caroline asked.

"Good people, now do it, I'll be back later." And that was the end of the discussion. He slapped her ass extremely hard and walked out. Linda was waiting for him, she had been listening.

"Seth," she said, "we need to talk."

"What about," he replied.

"Me, you, her," she said hooking her thumb to the closed door.

"Please follow me," she told him, and led him to the kitchen, there she produced the photos, they weren't the best but it was plain to see. Lady Caroline was on her knees in the shed, being fucked by him, and her with Toby's cock well into her mouth.

"Hmmm," Seth said, "you seem to be quite the cute one don't you?" he said, and he had to smile. "So you have something in mind Linda?" He knew when he was beat, there was no way he could get out from under this.

"Yes Seth I have something in mind." She replied softly.

"And just what do you have in your mind?" He had no idea what was coming.

"I want in," Linda told him, "I want to be a part of whatever it is you are intending for her, and this house, an equal partnership Seth, that's all, and these photo's go away, okay?" Seth thought for a moment and decided he couldn't do anything else but agree, not if he wanted to do what he intended.

"Okay Linda, you are in, you keep your job, you can have what you want but only on my say so, you take liberties with me and you will regret it I promise you."

She saw in his eyes the hardness there and it made her shudder.

"I will not do anything to rock your boat Seth I promise you." She said.

"Good," he said, "and your useless husband doesn't get anything, nothing!"

"No he won't, just me, you, Toby and who ever." she said earnestly.

He wasn't really happy, but he left her with one warning, "Linda, you ever go against me and you won't like the result," he told her, "now, let's forget this, go and see to your mistress, and be good okay?"

"Yes Seth," she smiled beautifully and went off.

'Hmmm,' thought Seth, 'she'll be a good fuck too, feisty little bugger,' and he laughed, maybe things might be even better. He looked at the photo's, 'crafty fucker,' ripped them to pieces and went.

Caroline told her cook she had to make cut backs so she had to go, she gave her a good severance. Seth had told her to keep Linda. The new cook was a very beautiful black girl of around 30 years old. She was to be there for when Seth wanted her Ladyships husband brought into the net. But also to keep her Ladyship under complete control, she was a bi, with a penchant for white older women, and Seth's niece.

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