tagGroup SexCarolyn's Sexual Ventures Ch. 01

Carolyn's Sexual Ventures Ch. 01


Melissa and Mary found Carolyn just as she was headed back out to the dance floor. "It's getting late! Time for us to go!" Mary chirped. Carolyn gave each of her friends a kiss on the cheek and a quick hug, instructing them to text her when they got home safely. The two of them had to work the next morning, but Carolyn had the day off, meaning she could spend as long as she wanted at the Bank Tower Bar – an upscale bar-turned-club on Friday nights, located on the top level of the bank tower downtown.

Her look was classic and demure; the only thing suggesting the depths of her sexual hunger and confidence was the way she carried herself. She moved herself onto the dance floor, fully aware of how each movement accentuated her curvy frame. It must have been an hour later when she'd finally had enough dancing, enough fun flirting with the single men on the dance floor. She grabbed her clutch from the coat-check and headed toward the elevator. She'd thought of hooking up with some of the guys she'd danced with, but none of them seemed quite right.

Carolyn re-applied her lip-gloss and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she boarded the elevator. It was only after she'd selected the ground level button that she fully took in her company: two older men (older to the 23-year-old Carolyn was pretty subjective, but she guessed they were in their late early forties), dressed sharply, each with distinguished features. Carolyn felt a wicked thrill, realizing in an instant that these were the men she had missed on the dance floor.

She'd always found the idea of an experienced man so attractive; it was one of her favorite fantasies. She caught herself smiling at one of the men – tall, his shirt still fully buttoned, with just the edges of his short hair starting to show gray – when she noticed the corner of his mouth turn up, revealing his curiosity about her. Blushing, Carolyn glanced at the other man, this one shorter, a little more relaxed, with a handsome five o'clock shadow framing his jaw. He gave her a generous look, letting his eyes linger at Carolyn's waist and hips, where her carefully selected dress hinted at the alluring shapeliness of her body. Carolyn felt her pussy start a low, pulsing throb, and realized very suddenly what she wanted to happen. She smiled at the shier man first, and then at his shorter friend.

"Are you gentleman going home already?" she asked. She kept her voice innocent but moved her hips to square with theirs.

"Uhhh, not sure yet," stuttered the taller man, the one she was most intrigued by. She knew what she could do with his friend – he was an easy read – but the challenge lay in bringing this one along.

Carolyn looked at him intensely, locking her eyes on his and she approached the shorter man, keeping them there, even as she started to caress his tie with her fingers. "I'm not ready to call it a night," she said. "I was going home, but I'd love some company...if you'd like, you're welcome to join me. Both of you," she said.

She saw the shorter man exchange a hopeful glance with his friend. He spoke, his voice already husky from her teasing, "Yeah...it seems a bit early to call it a night. Right, Brian?"

Carolyn smiled at knowing his name. "Yeah, Brian," she said, "It wouldn't be nearly as much fun for me if you didn't...come." She placed just a little extra emphasis on the last word and smiled at her own corny line, but it seemed like it still had a good effect on him.

He returned her smile, and said, "Right, then. I'd hate to put a damper on your party."

The cab ride from the bar to Carolyn's place was initially full of nervous energy, but as the three of them – two handsome men, friends and adventurers, and a young, lustful woman – chatted together and exchanged whispers and glances that presaged the evening to come, they all relaxed and their excitement grew. By the time they reached the front of the building, Carolyn was so turned on that she just giggled as they passed the doorman, who, after taking in her two companions, looked at her wide-eyed.

They rode up to her apartment. It was a really nice place – surprisingly nice for someone her age – but she worked very hard and was very successful. She offered Sam and Brian drinks. Brian took a beer, and Sam followed suit. However, none of them was in the mood to wait, and the two men quickly followed Carolyn into her bedroom. It was a large room with proportionately-sized furniture. The bed was the obvious center-piece, huge and made up in luxurious fabrics in subtle tones. A long dressing bench extended along the wall, parallel to the bed.

Carolyn had Sam sit at the bottom of the bed. "I'm going to start with you," she said, and then turned to Brian. "Will you help me unzip?" she asked, one eyebrow cocked. Brian nodded, a smile playing on his lips, and then she felt his sturdy frame standing behind her. She was surprised with how delicately he unzipped her dress, running his large hands across her shoulders and down her back as he did so. She pivoted just slightly, resisting her urge to kiss him right there. She knew that more than anything else that evening, she wanted to fuck him deep and hard and long. But first she was going to give Sam a very good time and give Brian a show with it. Brian sat down on the long bench against the wall. His face was calm and he seemed relaxed. Sam, however, was jumpy with anticipation and lust.

Carolyn let her dress fall off her frame, lightly lifting her hips to step out of it. She approached Sam, already seeing his cock beginning to stiffen with excitement. Still moving slowly, she straddled him, letting her pussy rest right on top of his growing cock. "Sam," she said, "I want to please you until you drop from exhaustion." Sam started to fumble with his shirt, hurrying to get it off. "Ah ah ahhh, let me," she admonished, nimbly taking each button in between her slender fingers and undoing them with ease. She quickly pulled his shirt off and let him see the raw desire in her face as she began to trace his chest and stomach muscles, reaching lower even while she started to kiss him hungrily. She lightly bit his bottom lip as she let her fingers probe underneath the waistline of his slacks.

She quickly broke the kiss and started undoing his belt, unzipping his pants. She'd run out of patience. "You wanna show me your cock?" she asked. Sam nodded hurriedly, tugging his pants off clumsily. Carolyn moaned lightly and then eased his boxers over his semi-hard penis. "Oh good," she moaned with pleasure. His cock was great: not large, but thick and lovely. "I want to suck your cock," she said, stealing a quick glance at Brian to see how he was reacting. He smiled at her and she noticed he was rubbing against his cock through his pants. Encouraged, Carolyn looked up at Sam while she gently placed her mouth around the full head of his cock. She gave it an eager, wet sucking, and then released her lips.

Sam groaned and she dove back for more. Soon enough, she had him all the way in her mouth. He obviously loved the deep-throating, as evidenced by his eager thrusting and the way he pressed against the back of her head. She moved her head so the head of his cock rubbed against the back of her throat. By the time she broke the rhythm to breathe, his cock was dripping with her saliva and his pre-cum. A thin strand of the mixture hung between her lips and his head, and Carolyn smiled coyly. She dove back onto his cock, hungrily working his shaft. She could feel that Sam wasn't going to last that much longer, and she didn't want to make him wait. She increased her intensity, giving fierce attention to his head, rubbing her tongue over the point where the ridge of his head came to together. Sam grunted sharply, and Carolyn weighed her options: she loved the taste of cum, and wanted to give him that physical pleasure, but she knew letting him come on her would give Brian a better show. She made up her mind last minute, leaving her hand on Sam's shaft but releasing her mouth and positioning his cock. Almost immediately Sam shot his warm, sticky load all over her tits, explicitly announcing his pleasure.

"Ohhhh, fuck, baby," he moaned, and Carolyn lent her own light moaning as she first wrapped her lips back around his cock to get the last drops of cum that remained there, and then lifted her own breasts to lick the cum from her chest. She heard Brian groan with approval, and smiled at him, before climbing off the floor and atop the bed.

Sam was lying back, recovering from the intensity of the blowjob. Carolyn lied down next to him, resting on her elbow as she used her other hand to lightly trace patterns over his stomach and chest. She gently kissed his nipples, moving her way up to his neck and shoulders. His skin was sweetly sticky from his sweat. She looked at him and smiled broadly. He looked at back at her, inquisitive. "What?" he asked, laughing.

Carolyn shook her head. "Nothing...nothing. I'm just happy that you enjoyed yourself so much. And I'm trying to be patient before we continue." Her words had an immediate effect on him. He turned his body toward her and slowly took in the site of her naked form. She saw the same eager lust return to his eyes, and she laughed as he started playing with her tits. He ran his fingers around her nipples, pinching them, licking them, pushing against her generous chest with his strong hands. She moaned and quickly wrapped her hand around his penis. It was already twitching, and it didn't take much more mutual fondling until Sam was hard again. She slid her legs over his, and sat up, straddling him once more.

This time, he didn't wait for her to take the full lead. He began to grind his pelvis against her, and Carolyn knew he could feel her wetness. Quickly, without warning, Sam plunged the full length of his cock into her wet, tight pussy. Carolyn gasped at the feeling and started to rock intently on top of his dick. Sam roughly grabbed her hips and lent control to her rhythm. Carolyn was already so turned on from sucking his cock that it didn't take her long to come. She moaned loudly and fully as her cunt contracted around Sam's cock. The release felt incredible. She kept the rhythm going, using her orgasm to squeeze her walls tightly around Sam in sync with his pounding.

He groaned, waiting until she stopped quivering, and then picked her up and placed her on the bed on her hands and knees. Carolyn was surprised by his strength, and just as Sam entered her from behind, she realized that if Sam was this strong, Brian must be even stronger. The thought set her into frenzy, and she found it difficult to focus as Sam pounded into her at a frenetic pace. He was ready to come, and she let him use her pussy roughly, quickly, gasping when he pulled her buttocks back so he was fully inside her as he came for the second time that night. Carolyn felt the rush of cum inside her, and marveled at the feeling.

Sam reluctantly pulled out of her as he started to soften. His breathing was still heavy, and he was covered in sweat. Carolyn looked back at him over her shoulder, and he grinned. "God, that was amazing," he said, and Carolyn nodded.

"For me too, believe me," she said with a deep breath. Sam slowly stood, and walked to the bathroom to clean up. Carolyn glanced over at Brian, whom she had temporarily forgotten during the last minutes of her fuck with Sam. He was grinning at her, and she returned his smile, letting her eyes roam his frame, noticing the substantial bulge already pulsing underneath his pants.

Brian assessed her gaze, and then explained, "There was no way I was going to jack off. After seeing what you did with Sam, I wanted to save it all for you." Carolyn laughed, again, and slowly sidled over to Brian, already beginning to focus on what she could do with him.

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