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Something Wicked

An offer to stay at Angie's family getaway cottage in Maine had Ingrid on the road and nearing her destination. She hoped that the turning of the seasons would give her a new perspective and inspiration for her paintings. The cottage was near Seboeis, a little town in Penobscot County, overlooking Seboeis Lake. It was only an hour or so from Bangor and it was a very pleasant drive.

It was a sleepy little town, just starting to snuggle down for the coming winter. There was a bit of a bite in the air and a chill October breeze was just getting started. As evening was quickly approaching she decided to drive straight up to the cottage. She could spend the day exploring the little town tomorrow. It seemed to be the very essence of small town Maine.

Glancing down at the directions she left town down one of the small side roads. It wasn't to long till she spotted the entrance to the driveway. She turned and drove up the long, winding, dirt driveway flanked on both sides by maples and oaks dressed in their bright fall colors. She arrived at the cottage just as the sun was setting. She stepped out of the car and looked out over the lake, the bright colors of the sunset reflecting off the water blended with the vivid colors of the foliage. Spectacular was the only word that came to mind.

She slowly unpacked her few belongings from the car, spending most of her time gazing at the sunset reflecting off the lake. Her easel, paints, brushes and canvases were placed near the door so not a moment would be lost when the mood struck. The tingle in her fingers told her the mood was not far off either. Soon she knew the urge to cover a canvas in color would be overpowering. But for now the grumbling in her tummy was more insistent, complaining about a long overdue dinner.

She ate a light meal and explored the cottage a bit. The country kitchen with its big cooking fireplace she had already explored and there wasn't much more. The living room had its own impressive fireplace dominating one side of the room. Down a short hall were two bedrooms each with their own fireplace. Tucked away at the end of the hall was a small bathroom. Angie had said that the entire house had been modernized when the bathroom was added so the fireplaces were no longer used to heat the house. The living room fireplace looked just right to cozy up to on a cold winter's night.

Right now a warm fire seemed like the end to a perfect evening and soon a fire blazed merrily away. Hot chocolate in hand and wrapped up in an old comfortable blanket, Ingrid read the evening away. When her eyes became to heavy she banked the fair and snuggled back up on the couch. Her dreams were warm and pleasant that night.

She woke in the morning and discovered she didn't really have anything to eat. It seemed that she would be making the run to town sooner than she expected. A mischievous smile flitted across her face at the thought. If she had to go to town then she should at least dress for it. There was nothing quite like shocking a sleepy little town after all. She showered and dressed, first her white demi-bra and white thong followed by a short plaid skirt and a sheer silk blouse with just a few buttons left undone. High-heeled calf high boots completely her attire. She checked her reflection in the mirror and smiled. If anyone looked hard enough they would just be able to make out her nipples through her blouse. She giggled to her self, grabbed her keys and headed to the car.

It was not a long drive back to the town and it was small enough that she quickly found the small grocery store. In fact she had past it the night before. Nearby in an open field a small carnival had setup. "They moved fast," she thought to herself. She was sure that the field had been empty yesterday. She stepped out of her car and took a quick look. There were a number of different tents and some of the standard rides, and a large carousel dominated one end. The carousel struck her as odd, traveling carnivals didn't usually have such a large ride. She would definitely have to take a closer look now. One of her friends painted carousel horses and he would be sure to quiz her on it if she said anything. She couldn't see much from here but it did not look open yet.

She went inside the grocery and was pleased at the shocked look of the older man behind the register. He glanced up once, and then stared for a moment before turning bright red as she smiled at him. She took one of the small carts and heading down the aisle. She moved quickly filling her cart with enough to last her for a few weeks. She did notice that the high school stock boy seemed to be following her with the broom. She smiled to herself as a naughty thought came to her. She started picking items from high up on the shelves making sure her breasts strained against her blouse and her skirt rode up a bit. She smiled when she saw how big his eyes could get.

She turned a corner and saw just what she was looking for, a low open topped freezer. She walked over to it and slowly bent over to examine the meat inside knowing that her skirt was riding up revealing her ass to the young man. She paused for a moment making sure he had a good view. She stood and moved around to the other side and bent over again this time offering him a good view of her breasts. She stood slowly pretending to examine the package she had selected making sure he could see how hard the cold air in the freezer had made her nipples. She glanced his way and he was still as a statue his eyes wide with wonder. She smiled at him and moved back up one of the aisles.

She went to the register and the old man turned bright red again as soon as he saw her. She placed her items on the counter for him to check out . "Just visiting? Or will you be staying the winter?"

"Oh no, I'll just be here for a few weeks. I'm going to do some painting at my friend's cottage."

"I see, and whose place would that be?"

"Angie Kinnart's."

"Ah yes, the old Kinnart place, been in their family for going on a hundred years I suspect now. If you need anything just call and I can have the boy bring it up to you."

"Well thank so much, I appreciate that." Ingrid could see the eyes of the stock boy brighten up at the thought of making a delivery to the cottage. She just might have to make that little thought come true.

"Oh, do you know anything about that little carnival out in the field."

"Mmm can't say as I do, they just showed up last night but a tall fellow dropped these flyers off this morning. I think they will be opening tonight." She looked at the flyer, bright orange with a pile of carved leering pumpkin heads in one corner. It said "Come One, Come All, to Professor Black's Traveling Show. So Much Fun You May Never Go Home."

"I see, very interesting, well I might just have to come down and take a look then. Thanks." With that Ingrid took her groceries and headed to the car. She placed them inside and locked the car and walked over towards the carnival grounds.

It was rather a gloomy looking carnival and she couldn't see any workers. She wandered down the wooden fence that had been erected around the carnival grounds. She could see that the biggest tent was a sideshow and next to it a smaller funhouse tent. There was a horse ride, though no horses were out now and next to this were about a dozen small tents for games, their large window flaps closed right now. There were six or seven small rides and then the big carousel. She worked her way closer to the carousel trying to get a good look at it. She could just make out a shadowy figure working on something inside near the center but she had a clear view of the horses on the outside row. They were magnificent carvings, more lifelike than she had ever seen before. The one closest to her was obviously the lead horse. The carving was so good that she felt that it could walk right off the carousel any time it wanted. Oddly enough she could see that this one had been carved as a male. Unusual for carousel horses, her friend had told her that carvers never "sexed" their creations. But this one would have made any filly happy she thought to herself.

"You like?" came a voice from behind her and she almost jumped out of her boots. She turned quickly to face the stranger. He was tall and powerfully built and she felt a quick stab of desire flash through her.

"Ahhhh, yes. The horses are stunning; I have never seen anything like them on other carousels."

"Yes, this one is quite unique, you will enjoy much." He handed her a ticket. "You come back tonight. You can ride for free, once." With that he turned and walked back towards the carousel. She stood staring at him for a moment and then at the ticket in her hand. It was a large ticket, bright orange with black letters and a picture of a scarecrow with a leering pumpkin head printed on it. Professor Black's Traveling Show, it read, One Free Ride.

"Well I guess I will just have to come back tonight." Ingrid thought to herself. She walked slowly back to the car casting glimpses over her shoulder hoping to see the tall man again, but he had disappeared inside the carousel. She opened her car and drove back to the cottage. As she drove she realized her fingers were tingling and the desire to paint was becoming overpowering. She parked outside and quickly brought her groceries in, leaving them on the counter. She made a quick lunch and ate while she put them away.

She grabbed her paints and was going to open the door when she stopped dead in her tracks. No, she would paint in the living room tonight. She turned and setup in the middle of the room. Her mind was blank but her hand made a quick sketch across the canvas, filling it with long strokes of her blue pencil. The sketch finished she began to paint, fast and furious filled with a frantic need to fill the canvas. She painted, without rest, at a frightening pace till the painting was finished. Only with the last stroke of the brush did she even realize what she had been painting. She took a step back from the canvas and stumbled against the couch, sitting down hard. She looked up from the couch and took a good look at what she had created.

It was a fantastic piece easily the best she had done. She knew the subject, the lead horse from the carousel but, now in the hills of Maine on a bright autumn day, a living, breathing version of the carousel horse. He stared out at Ingrid from the canvas

with fire in his eyes and she realized that she had painted him mounting a mare, his massive horse cock buried deep in the mare beneath him. She stared at him and realized how aroused she was, her nipples were hard and aching and she could feel the dampness of desire soaking her thong.

Ingrid stared at the painting longing filling her and her hands started to move up and down her body, pinching her nipples through the silk of her blouse. As she stared at the painting she could swear that the horses were moving. She was no longer in control as her hands moved over her body, pinching, stroking and caressing. Soon her blouse was thrown across the room her hands on her breasts squeezing and milking them feeling electric thrills running from the tips of her hard throbbing nipples to a place deep inside her pussy. The stallion in the painting filled her thoughts, stoking her desire, she needed that big cock inside her, filling her. She hiked her skirt up and slowly rubbed her pussy through her thong. One hand moved back to her breast and the other slipped under her thong her fingers running over and through her wet pussy.

On the canvas the stallion moved, thrusting his cock in and out of the mare beneath him. Ingrid stroked her pussy in time to his lunging thrusts into the mare, teasing her aching clit and slipping two fingers deep inside. Her fingers moved in and out of her pussy fast and hard, flicking her clit with her thumb. Ingrid could feel her muscles tense, growing hard her pussy thrusting against her hand as she finger fucked her self. Her body went rigid and her mind exploded with bright light as her orgasm surged through her. She stroked her fingers in and out of her pussy, right through her orgasm and came again as she stared into the eyes of the stallion watching as he shot his seed into the mare.

She collapsed back on to the couch, and shook her head, unsure of what had just happened. She examined the painting closely but the horses were no longer moving. She must have been delirious from her frenzied painting. Her desire was unquenched though and it mingled with a desire to return to the carnival. It was already dark outside and she had no idea how long she had been standing at her easel. She retrieved her blouse and put on a new thong, made something quick to fill her stomach, grabbed her jacket and keys and headed to the car. She zoomed down the winding drive and it didn't take long for the town to fill the headlights. She could see that the carnival was open its lights giving off an eerie orange glow, a crowd of people wandered around inside. She parked and made her way through the crowd into the carnival.

As she entered she saw that the globe on top of each light pole was cast in orange glass as a leering pumpkin head and each one seemed to be different. She saw the carousel man at the front of the line taking the people's tickets. Slowly the line moved forward, it seemed to be taking forever. At last she came to the front of the line, he looked up as she handed him her ticket.

"Ah, you are here. Good." He said taking her ticket. "I have special horse for you to ride." He closed the gate and led her to the carousel. "Tonight you ride Sampson. You only one get to ride him tonight." He helped her on to the lead carousel horse. He grinned at her. "You enjoy this ride." He turned and went back to the gate to finish taking tickets.

She looked more closely at Sampson now. She was amazed. He was definitely made of wood, yet he looked so lifelike. It almost seemed that he was moving beneath her and that his skin was warm against her hands. The ride started and slowly the carousel picked up speed. She moved up and down on the horse and visions of her painting of Sampson filled her mind. She could feel herself again growing wet with desire, her nipples growing hard and long. She pulled her jacket closed to hide her excitement. She ground her pussy down hard on the wooden saddle as Sampson came to the bottom and started up again. Up and down round and round each circuit making her more and more excited. She could feel her thighs gripping the horse even harder as her pussy grew wet and hot. She thought she would cum right there on the horse, but the carousel came to a halt before she could. She dismounted quickly from Sampson and could swear she saw a gleam in his eye.

The stranger was at her side again. "I see you like ride. You come back when we close I let you ride again." She could only nod yes. Her voice was trapped in her throat. She wandered aimlessly through the crowd and the carnival. Nothing attracted her; she found her feet continually turning back towards the carousel. She had to almost fight with herself to stay away. Her mind was filled with the thought of Sampson and the mare in her painting. She wanted to be that mare to be taken by the big stallion. Without realizing it she did find herself at the carousel just as everything was closing. She could see the carousel man folding down the big sidewalls the would soon conceal the carousel form view. Again he appeared at her side. "Come with me. You get one last ride tonight." She saw that all the walls were up now closing off the carousel. He led her through a door in one panel and over to Sampson again. "Stay here, a moment." He left her side and she could see him operating some of the controls. The platform began to move again Sampson and the other horses beginning their up and down motions as the platform turned. He was at her side again. "You will like this ride even better."

Without another word he reached for her and she melted into his arms, her body filled with desire. Slowly he undressed her kissing her lips, her neck, and her breasts as each came into view. Then she was naked before him, her nipples hard and throbbing aching to be touched and sucked. Her pussy hot and wet, she wanted him, want him to take her and fill her with his cock.

He stood back and slowly shed his clothing. She desperately wanted to reach out and touch him but something stopped her, kept her standing right where she was. Her eyes filled with lust as his muscular body was revealed and she gasped when he finally removed his pants. His cock was large and thick, already hard, ready to thrust deep into her pussy. Still she could not move, nor could she take her eyes off of him.

He turned and climbed up on to Sampson's saddle. He beckoned to her and finally she could move. He held out his hand and she took it as she climbed up, using his powerful arm to help her. He motioned for her to sit in front of him. She held on to the pole as she threw her leg over Sampson. She felt his hands on her hips, slowly pulling her down. Down till she could just fill the head of his cock pushing at the entrance to her pussy. She moaned and he pulled her down hard. Impaling her on his cock. Thrusting deep inside her filling her. She moaned loud, gripped the pole and started sliding up and down his cock.

She could feel his cock pulse and flex inside her, meeting her, thrusting deep inside. Then his hands where on her breasts, pulling them, pinching them, milking them. She cried out in sheer pleasure as fire raced from her nipples to her pussy. Tingling up and down her spine, she fucked down harder, taking him inside her. She could feel him thrusting up hard to meet her. He kissed the back of her neck and she exploded in a massive orgasm, clenching her pussy down hard on his cock.

But he didn't cum, he continued to fuck her, fuck right through her orgasm and she moaned loud and long. She paused for a moment and squeezed feeling the blood pumping in his shaft. She redoubled her efforts fucking him hard, moving up and down on his shaft desperate now to feel his cum spurting into her. Nothing would satisfy her till he filled her with his cum. He seemed to fuck her for hours and his cock became her world, and she twisted and thrust herself upon it, not caring if everyone in the carnival heard her.

Now finally she could feel him tense, could feel his need to fill her. She grinned and moved faster, harder now, thrusting up and down his rigid shaft. He groaned and she felt his cock flex inside her, buck and jerk spewing his cum into her pussy. She came again as his cum splashed into her pussy. Bucking and heavy on top of him, squeezing all his cum from him even as her own orgasm burst through her like lightning.

She collapsed back against him, his cock still trapped in her pussy. She looked down and could see his cum oozing out, spilling on to the saddle. He lifted her off his cock and down to the ground. She looked up to him, lust still in her eyes. He climbed off of Sampson and hugged her tight to him. She started to run her hands over his body, but he gripped her small hands in his large hands. "No, you come back tomorrow night. That is special night, only invited guests are allowed. Take this and wear it and the man at gate let you in tomorrow night."

She took it in her hand, a small copper medallion with an engraving of a horse on it. A leather thong went through the small hole drilled in it so she could hang it around her neck. She put it on, felt it bounce against her skin just between her breasts. "Now you get dressed, you must go now." She did as she was told and before she knew it found herself outside her car, wondering how she had gotten there.

She got in and slowly drove back to the cottage wondering if it had been some crazy dream. But then she fingered the medallion hanging between her breasts and knew that it had not been a dream. She went inside and cleaned up the mess that she had left in her hurry to leave. With the kitchen clean she was brave enough to go into the living room where the painting was still standing on her easel.

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