tagRomanceCarpet of Roses

Carpet of Roses


She looked down and smiled. Roses. She loved roses. But who would leave them at the door for her? She hadn't heard from Billy since they broke up. Well she considered them broken up. She hadn't heard from him from that stupid fight they had two weeks ago that had them both saying things she knew, or at least she thought she knew, they didn't mean. They had both asked each other at the same time if the other one wanted to break up. No one really said a yes or no as a response. Just silence followed by Billy saying he had to go and that was that. She assumed that they were now broken up though she hadn't pursued anyone. When any other guy began to pursue her in those two weeks she kindly turned them down. She wasn't for sure, but she knew in her heart that at that moment she was still with Billy, no matter what. No definite "We're over" was spoken, so to Susan, she was still with Billy, though everyone else said other wise. Until she knew it in her heart, or heard it from him, she was still with Billy. So her heart leads her to believe. So who in the world leave roses on her front doorstep?

Susan leaned over and picked up the single, long-stemmed rose and smelled it. She loved the smell of roses. She put her key in the lock and unlocked the door. When she opened the door, Susan gasped. There was a blanket of roses on the floor, leading towards the bedroom. Susan was at first scared, then intrigued. Though there was no card with the rose left at her doorstep, Susan assumed that whoever left that rose also left the carpet of roses on her floor. Who was it? Only person who had the key to her apartment was Billy, but according to mutual friends, he was still in Chicago while she was in Los Angeles. He was living up the life, so they told her. Susan sighed when she thought of him being wild and free and not hers. She hoped they were wrong but her brain said they were, though her heart said otherwise. Until she heard from him, Susan strongly believed her heart.

Susan started to follow the trail of roses as they beckoned her to do. She had already slipped her sandals off and was walking over the rose petals barefooted. She loved how they felt under her feet. The trails lead her to her bedroom. When Susan looked up, rose petals were covering her bed. The comforter was gone and red and pink rose petals were spread all over the sheets with candles lighted up on the two nightstand tables beside the bed. Susan smiled and closed her eyes. She took the fragrances in. Oh, how she loved the smell of roses. Suddenly, Susan felt lips kissing her and her eyes flew open as she stepped back. Susan shrieked with joy when her eyes saw Billy standing in front of her. She didn't know where he had come from, but she didn't care. She enclosed him in a hug immediately and softly began to cry. She was so happy to see him.

"Shush," Billy whispered, running his hands through her hair. "It's okay baby."

Susan stepped back and looked into the gorgeous green eyes that she fell in love with. "Oh Billy," Susan breathed, "Where did you come from? Are we still together? I thought you were living the life in Los Angeles?"

Billy smiled. His plan had worked. HE held her close in his arms and kissed her forehead and breathed her scent in. God, how he missed smelling her.
"I came in yesterday. I came straight from Los Angeles with this plan in place. I felt horrible for the fight we had two weeks ago. I didn't know what to say and I thought you wanted to break up but I wasn't going to lose you without a fight. I didn't know how to express that with words so I just hung up and started putting a plan together. When I heard from our friends how devastated you were that you thought we were broken up, I knew I had to surprise you and show you that you were wrong. So with their blessing and their help, I had them make you think that we were broken up so I could sweep you off your feet. I thought at first that I would do this to win your heart again, but as I slowly learned from friends, I had never lost you. And now, I'm going to sweep you off your feet, even though I do not have to. I love you and this is my Valentine's Day present to you. I will make up all the hurt I put you through tonight and make you feel like the princess that you are. You are a princess, my princess."

With tears in her eyes, Susan hugged Billy with all her might. She whispered into Billy's ear "Oh thank God. Thank you God for not letting me lose this man. I love you, Billy. You are a prince, you are my prince."

Billy grasped Susan face with both of his hands. He kissed her lightly on her lips first before pressing harder on them. He kissed passionately and lovingly. His hands slowly went from her face down her body and up again so that he felt every inch, every curve of her body. He soon placed his hands on the back of her waist. Susan broke the kiss and leaned her forehead on his. She smiled knowing that everyone, including her brain was wrong. Her heart was right. He was still his.

As she stood their smiling to both of them, Billy moved his hands quickly that Susan barely knew what he was doing before he had her shirt up and off her. He moved back and stared at her wonderful breasts that were about to pop out of her bra. He pulled her close to him and kissed her as he reached his hands behind her back and undid her bra. While still kissing Susan passionately and showering her face with little kisses, Billy slowly pulled her bra down and off her shoulders, arms and soon to the floor. He trailed kisses down her neck, stopping to nip and suck at her neck shortly before he continued his descent to her breast. He sucked up her right nipple into his mouth as he turned her and moved her towards the bed. He had a plan to ravish her as long into the night as possible. He was going to make up all the pain he had caused her with a night of love and passion until both of them passed out exhausted.

Billy stepped back and took his shirt off. Susan reached to help him but Billy shook his head. "No, my love. Let me do everything. This is your valentine. This is me making up to you. For all the pain I caused you, you will only receive pleasure tonight. I love you, baby, and you will see tonight." With that, Billy stepped forward and kissed her deeply as her hands ran across his smooth bare chest in between them. Billy's hands moved from tweaking her nipples till down to her jeans. While still kissing her, Billy opened and unzipped Susan's pants. He slipped a hand down and felt the wetness that was already beginning to pool in her panties. "I think someone needs to be taken care of."

Billy began to rub his finger over the part of Susan's mound and the wetness that was on her panties. He stroked the part up and down, feeling the wetness seep out. Susan moaned and leaned closer to Billy. Billy smiled, knowing what Susan wanted and had every intention of giving it to her. While his tongue danced into Susan's mouth, Billy parted her lips and dove his finger to her clit. He stroked her clit and Susan pressed her body closer to his, wanting to feel more of his finger. She gasped as he fingered her clit and kissed at her neck.

"Oh God," Susan moaned, enveloping her arms around Billy.

Billy smiled and continued to stroke her clit. He exchanged his forefinger for his thumb and moved his forefinger so that it was at her entrance. He felt a hitch in Susan's breath as she anticipated his finger entering her. He began entering her with his fingers and quickly continued the dual pace of fingering Susan while stroking her clit. He could feel her body convulse and begin to climax as he fingered her. Susan grabbed a hold of Billy and brought him closer to her so that she wouldn't fall over. Billy supported Susan as she began to orgasm. Susan was screaming out with the first orgasm of the night.

Susan slowly came down and looked at Billy. "I love you" she whispered and kissed Billy passionately. "Now, I don't care what your plans are for the night, but I'm going to move them along faster."

Billy raised an eyebrow and was about to ask her what she meant when Susan went and in one quick move, had her jeans and panties down to her ankles and was stepping out of them. Billy's eyes went wide when Susan reached for his pants button and undid that. "Susan..."Billy said but was interrupted.

"You can argue all you want," Susan said with a gleam in her eye, "but we are so moving faster. I want you in me now!"

And with that, Billy's pants and underwear were on the floor. Susan mounted the rose petal covered bed and scooted back. She laid back and spread her legs wide, opening her pussy up for Billy, an invite to him to enter.

Billy shook out of his pants and growled. His cock became rock hard as he mounted the bed for Susan. Susan giggled. "I know you want to feel the inside of me, Billy," she whispered, "so come in me now."

Billy was soon positioned over Susan so that his cock was inches away from her wet pussy. He could feel her wetness and his cock ached to be buried in that wetness. Billy looked deeply into Susan's eyes. Not a word was said as they could read each other's minds at that moment.

Billy moved so that his cock was barely entering Susan's entrance. Susan moaned and pushed her hips forward which forced Billy's cock to enter her. Billy gasped and let out a groan as he felt himself slide into Susan's wet pussy.

"I told you I want you in me now," Susan said with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

Billy smiled down on Susan and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Now I will take over, missy," Billy tried to speak seriously but it came out more light-hearted then he wanted to.

As Susan smiled Billy pulled his cock back and thrust into Susan once again. Susan moaned in pure delight. In one continuous motion, Billy thrust his hips in and out of Susan as he began to make love to his valentine in the missionary position. He loved to fuck Susan in that position. He loved how it felt to feel himself go in and out of Susan in that position. He knew she loved it just as much as he did.

Billy slowly quickened his pace, slowly building the pleasure for both of them. He knew by slowly fastening his pace, the pleasure that built up for both of them would leave them exhausted once the both came. Susan grabbed onto Billy and matched his pace as he slowly quickened their strides. Her moans grew louder as the pace began to quicken. She could feel her orgasm building inside of her.

Billy's cock grew harder with each thrust. He loved feeling every inch of her grabbing his cock, trying to milk him to cum for her. He loved feeling his balls hit her as he slammed into her with every thrust. His balls began to become tighter as he felt closer to cumin for his love.

"Billy," Susan moaned, "I'm gonna cum soon. I want u to cum with me, baby."

Billy said no response but only groaned back. He nibbled on her throat as he became closer to coming. Billy moaned into Susan's ear. "Baby, I'm so close. I'm going to cum. Oh God."

Billy moaned as he neared closer to cumin. He was trying to hold back until Susan was ready to cum with him. He knew Susan and knew she wasn't as close as he was. It was beginning to be torture for Billy to hold back.

"Oh God, baby," Billy moaned. "I...need...to cum."

"Cum," Susan commanded. "Cum for me, now, hard and fast. Shoot your seed into me."

With a loud groan, Billy exploded into Susan. With every thrust, more of his seed flowed out of him and into Susan. Billy yelled and screamed Susan's name as he came for her. He was cumin so hard he didn't even realize that Susan was beginning to cum too.

On Billy's third thrust into her as he came, Susan began to shake. Her walls began to squeeze around Billy's cock as she began to cum also. She hugged Billy close and scratched up his back as she came. She screamed his name over and over, shaking as her orgasm violently over took her. She continued to cum even after Billy went limp in her.

Billy looked down at the love of his life as she slowly descended her climax. He loved her so much and loved seeing the pleasure he gave her. He was panting, trying to catch his breath and barely able to keep his weight up so he wouldn't crush her when he collapsed. When he felt that she had fully come down, he rolled off of Susan and collapsed on the bed next to her. Susan rolled over and cuddled up to Billy's shoulder. She was breathing heavy, trying to recover her breath from the exhausting sex, no love making, she had with Billy.

"I love you," Billy said as he looked deeply into Susan's eyes. "I hope I have made up to you all the pain I have caused you. You are my valentine."

"I love you too," Susan replied. "You made it up, definitely more than you needed to."

Billy kisses Susan lightly on her lips and then held her closer to him. As the cuddled up, both fell asleep in each other's arms, dreaming of the lives that they will live together.

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