tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCarrie: Making Me An Exhibitionist

Carrie: Making Me An Exhibitionist


For the past three years, Carrie and I have had a crazy-in-love, whirlwind relationship, full of sexual adventures which mainly revolve around my exhibitionism.

Nothing gets her hotter than seeing me naked and vulnerable in a situation where I shouldn't be naked.

As of late, our adventures have become increasingly more dangerous, with Carrie pushing me to go further and further. She loves it me to be naked outside, and in front of other people, and always goes out of her way to devise hot scenarios.

Seeing me naked in public turns her on to no end.

I want to tell you about our adventures; however, while they are full of hot sex, exhibitionism, and CFNM situations, please also understand that this is a story of love and complete trust too.

I love and trust Carrie more than anyone, or anything...she is my life. We complete each other. Our sexual twists complement each other's, and I cannot imagine a more perfect, and loving relationship on this planet.

Without those elements, I don't believe that our crazy adventures would be possible.

Anyway, this is the story of our very first adventure together on a summer day, when I accidentally locked myself out on the balcony, totally naked.

The apartment complex that Carrie and I lived in at the time was unique, because the balconies on our side faced the parking lot.

We both lived on the first floor, and our balconies were about ten feet from each other.

I say that they were unique, because all of the first-floor balconies on our side of the building sat about eight feet above ground level, and the waist-high (for me anyway) walls hid me from the waist down to people on the ground.

Before I got with Carrie, I spent many summer days on my balcony naked, talking to neighbors as they came and went in the parking lot.

Although I wasn't yet a complete, open exhibitionist, it was thrilling to know that I was totally naked outside while the fully-clothed people I interacted with were unaware of that fact.

Carrie also spent a lot of time on her balcony that summer, and I'll never forget the first time I saw her walk out onto it: Her long, cascading, auburn-brown hair, olive tanned skin, and green eyes more than had my attention from the start.

But what I couldn't keep my eyes off of were her breasts.

Carrie is a an E cup, and the bikini tops she wore out on her balcony were usually really nothing more than a couple strips of cloth that didn't do much to hide anything.

I was naked on my balcony as usual the first time we actually talked.

We exchanged pleasantries, as I stood, leaning on the wall of my balcony that was closest to hers, pressing my throbbing cock into it.

Carrie folded her arms and leaned on top of hers as well, causing her enormous breasts to swell over the top of her already ridiculously tiny bikini top. I was sure (hoping at least) that they would break free at any moment.

As we chatted, I discovered that Carrie was single. Her ex-boyfriend had been a drunk and she just couldn't deal with it. They'd actually been engaged to marry, but after a few years of his tirades, she'd had enough, and moved off, on her own about a month before.

It was so incredibly exciting to talk to this gorgeous woman, knowing that I was totally nude, while my eyes gobbled her up. My cock secretly throbbed and pounded for her, hidden by the balcony wall.

Reaching down with one hand, I discretely fingered the head of it, while chatting with her.

While I tried to be cool about it...I did notice her eyes follow my arm as it disappeared behind the wall of the balcony. I wondered if she knew what I was doing, but of course, she didn't mention it or give any kind of clue if she did.

We spent about an hour chatting that first day, before Carrie had to leave. Afterwards, I went back inside, lay down on my couch, and jerked myself off furiously, to the mental images of Carrie's huge tits, green eyes and angelic voice.

We continued to meet, in the late mornings, on our balconies and chat. I was always naked, while Carrie was always in a bikini.

She changed up her bikinis though, and some were less revealing, while others left almost nothing to the imagination.

Each and every time, my hand disappeared behind the wall of my balcony, and I would lightly stroke myself while staring at her enormous, gorgeous cleavage, offered up over her folded arms on the balcony wall.

One morning, about ten a.m., I grabbed my coffee and headed for the balcony, naked, as usual.For some reason though, my mind must have been somewhere else, because without thinking, I pulled the sliding glass door shut behind me. Instantly, I heard the lock fall.

Turning in total surprise, I tried the door. It wouldn't budge. I was locked out, stark naked, on the balcony.

I didn't panic...at first.

Setting my coffee down, I tried it with both hands, figuring I could force it open. As I pushed for all I was worth, the handle snapped off in my hands. Looking down, the broken pieces of plastic between my fingers confirmed it.

I was not getting back in.

I knew that the front door to my apartment was open, but there was no way I could get to it without jumping down from the balcony and strolling totally naked in broad daylight in front of the complex, through the main door to the building, and into the hallway.

While the thought of that was exciting, I really didn't want chance it.

It was a weekday, so I knew that the main office was open, but my cell phone was inside where I couldn't get to it.

I was in a conundrum for sure.

Now it was time to panic.

Mulling over the possibilities, or lack of them, I was leaning against the wall of my balcony, when Carrie walked out onto hers, in a bikini I hadn't seen before. It was white, sheer, and nearly transparent.

I could see the dark outlines of her aureole under the flimsy material that left more of her gigantic breasts bare than covered.

My cock sprang instantly to attention behind the wall of the balcony.

"Good morning," she flashed that drop-dead gorgeous smile at me.

I returned her greeting with my cock pressed into the side of the balcony as always. While Carrie had become my favorite sight, my mind was busy with how the hell I was going to get back into my apartment.

Noticing my distraction, she asked me if everything was okay.

Feeling rather embarrassed (and stupid), I hesitated to tell her about my situation...but after giving it some quick thought, I realized that Carrie might be my only means of help at the moment.

"I'm locked out," I mumbled.

"Oh," she nodded, causing her breasts to jiggle slightly. "How did that happen?"

I went on to explain how I absent-mindedly closed the door behind me, locking myself out.

I told her that I had tried the door, but the handle broke off in my hand...holding up the broken piece as proof of my stupidity.

Looking at the broken pieces, she giggled (the hottest giggle I'd ever heard), making her nearly bare, magnificent, breasts jiggle again.

My cock pounded in response.

I told her that my cell phone was inside, and asked if I could use hers to call the office for help. She frowned a bit, and told me that her cell had been cut off.

"Just great," I thought to myself, "now what?"

"Well, is your front door open?" Carrie asked, "You could climb down and go around through the font." She smiled, earnestly, cocking her head sideways, trying to help.

"Uhm, well," I started, then stopped myself, not wanting to tell her that I was totally nude...but seeing no other way out, I decided I had no other choice.

"You see Carrie," I began, "I kind of have a problem..."

"A problem?" she asked, concerned..."What's wrong?"

"Well," I said, fumbling..."I'm not wearing anything....."my voice trailed off...as I got lost in her beautiful green eyes.

"You're naked?" she asked....kind of dreamy.

Suddenly, a smile broke over her gorgeous face, and I could have sworn that I saw a gleam in her eyes.

"Well...yeah...." I admitted, not knowing what else to say.

Carrie looked thoughtful for a moment. "Are you always naked on your balcony?" she asked, finally, looking at me again.

I was feeling so embarrassed at that moment. "Well...uhm, yeah..." I admitted again, sheepishly...what else could I do?

Suddenly, Carrie seemed animated. Her face lit up as she pressed me further.

"So, every time that we talk out here...you're...totally nude?" She leaned forward a bit, punctuating the word, "nude."

I nodded.

Folding her arms on the side of her balcony, she rested on them and leaned forward again, pushing the tops of her mammoth breasts up and nearly exposing her nipples completely.

My cock jumped in response....throbbing and aching as it pressed into the wall of my own balcony.

"Does it excite you...being totally nude I mean?" she asked, low, nearly in a whisper.

Unable to tear my eyes from her next-to-naked tits, my hand went involuntarily to my cock, disappearing behind the side of the balcony. This time, I watched as Carrie's eyes followed, making no pretenses about it.

I lightly stroked myself behind the side of the balcony, ogling her mammoth breasts, now only millimeters from total exposure.

Casually, she leaned forwards a bit more, causing them to push further out of her bikini top. I could now see most of red aureole, and her half-showing nipples had visibly hardened through the material.

Unable to help myself, I stroked a bit harder as I stared at her breasts.

"Yes..." I tried to answer her question, "sometimes it kind of does..." but it was a bit difficult to breathe...at least it came out sounding that way.

I was now actually stroking and pulling on my throbbing cock behind the balcony wall, and I noticed Carrie watching my shoulder.

I realized it was moving with my stroking.

Carrie pushed forwards a bit more on her arms, smiling, and exposing everything but the tips of her nipples.

Focusing on her almost totally exposed tits, I was now really masturbating behind the balcony wall, as I watched them move and roll with her movements...jerking and pulling on my cock, trying not to be obvious about it.

Looking down at herself suddenly, Carrie smiled. "Oopsie," she giggled, tugging her bikini top up to cover herself..."sorry."

Needing to regain my composure before I lost it completely in front of her, I tore my hand from my cock.

"Carrie, can you help me get back in?" I asked, trying to normalize things.

"Sure, what do you want me to do?" she smiled sweetly, and somehow, knowingly, if that makes any sense.

Now, Carrie's smile is enough to knock anyone down, but for the first time, I thought I'd caught just a hint of mischief in her gorgeous, green eyes...something I'd later come to know as a sure sign of sexual excitement.

"Do you think you could come around through my front door and let me in?" I asked again, rather embarrassed.

"I could do that..." she smiled playfully, "but...well...you're not wearing anything." Taking a step back, she crossed her arms in front of her prodigious breasts...almost in a challenge...grinned, and waited for my response.

Now, you have to understand that every word Carrie speaks is like a song to me, carried on the wind by angels. Watching her stand there, arms crossed, her long, auburn-brown tresses falling around her face...her voice had a sweet, and sultry, dreamlike quality that made my cock throb and gorge so hard it ached.

Turning slightly, at a 45-degree angle, she glanced at me sideways from beneath her hair and smiled again.

In that moment, it dawned on me that Carrie was the hottest, sexiest...most beautiful and desirable woman I had ever seen.

"Well?" she asked, still waiting.

What I couldn't know at the time was that she was playing with me...enjoying my helplessness and dependency on her...it wouldn't be until later in our relationship that I would completely understand that it was my total, naked vulnerability, and helpless dependence, (usually in a naked-in-public situation) that really made her hot and wet.

"Uhm..." I mumbled, not knowing how to respond. Carrie smiled that sexy smile again that melted me, and sent shockwaves through my hard cock.

"Say please," she teased, still smiling, sweet as sugar.

"Please?" I stammered.

"No," she laughed, "say, please Carrie, can you come help me? I'm totally naked and locked out of my apartment."

With no other choice, and feeling ashamed and foolish, I repeated the words exactly.

Carrie's face was alight the whole while.

Standing there a moment longer, she smiled, seeming satisfied, and said "okay naked man, I'll help."

With that, she turned to go back into her apartment. "Don't go anywhere" she giggled over her shoulder, disappearing inside.

There was nothing for me to do but wait.

My cock had subsided somewhat, and I didn't want Carrie to see me with a hard-on. I was embarrassed at the situation, even though the idea of her seeing me naked was exciting, and it kept trying to push in from the back of my mind.

I tried to think of anything to push it back out: grandma, classical music...anything to get my cock to go down.

After what seemed like about ten minutes, there was still no sign of Carrie.

I was beginning to wonder if she was messing with me.

A few more minutes passed, and I was getting worried. My cock had returned to normal, but still no Carrie.

I wondered if I should panic after all.

"Be there in a sec honey!" Carrie called out, poking her head out of the sliding door to her apartment. "Okay" I answered. What else could I say?

She disappeared again.

As I waited again, I realized that the way she said "honey" had to be the hottest thing I'd ever heard, and made my cock twitch. "No dammit" I swore.

Realizing that I'd actually spoken aloud, I quickly looked towards Carrie's balcony. It was empty.

At last, Carrie emerged from the main door on the other side of her balcony.

I was disappointed to see that she had changed clothes.

She wore tight blue jeans, a white t-shirt and tennis shoes. Still, the t-shirt stretched tight as drum across her awesome breasts, which swayed heavily as she walked.

It was probably better that she was dressed I realized.

After all, we hardly knew each other. What woman would waltz over to the apartment of a guy she didn't really know, in a teeny keeny, knowing that he was stark naked?

Passing in front of my balcony, she looked up at me and smiled. I realized that she was shorter than I thought she was at first...a fact which only made her tits look even bigger. The rest of her was no slouch either. She obviously kept in shape.

A smallish waist, atop a hot bubble butt, and short, muscular legs, hugged by her jeans completed the picture.

"God she's so hot" I thought, noticing my cock beginning to move again.

Once more, I tried to think about my grandmother to force it down.

She opened the door to my side of the building and went in.

A couple minutes later, I saw her in my apartment, approaching the sliding door. Smiling, she pulled it open.

Stepping out onto the balcony, she stood not more than a foot from me.

"Hi there," she smiled.

Instinctively, I covered myself with both of my hands.

"Hi," I answered, meekly.

"Awww, don't be embarrassed," she giggled sweetly, taking in my obvious state of distress. Once more, her giggle was mesmerizing.

Without thinking, I dropped my hands, baring all to her gaze.

My cock had gone soft, but now, standing so close to her, it began to rise...slowly, but noticeably. There didn't seem to be a damn thing I could do about it, except stand there with Carrie and watch.

"Wow," she laughed, moving closer, and looking up at me, "this really does turn you on."

I was mortified, and yet, very excited.

I keep myself in decent shape, so it wasn't like I was embarrassed by my nudity exactly...but the whole situation of being naked, almost in public, in front of this gorgeous, fully-clothed woman, while needing her help, was amazingly hot.

It was the strangest mixture of fear and sexual excitement that I had ever felt.

Glancing inside the apartment, I felt a twinge of relief. Before I could move, however, Carrie stepped back a bit, blocking the doorway.

Crossing her arms again, she leaned on the door frame and smiled.

"You really like being naked outside huh?" she asked, with a grin, glancing down again at my still growing cock.

"Well, ah, I've never actually been naked outside except for on my balcony" I explained. But in reality, the balcony was outside, and it did turn me on knowing that I was naked around clothed people, even if they couldn't actually see me.

Being naked in front of Carrie was hot beyond description as evidenced by my now fully-hard cock.

At that point, Carrie stepped towards me again. Her gargantuan tits swayed slightly under the tight t-shirt with her movements, and my cock throbbed at her. She stood so close to me this time that the tip actually brushed the front of her jeans.

Looking at up me, she smiled, melting me again. Then she leaned in even closer, almost as if she was going to kiss me, and spoke in a low, sexy, almost-whisper..."You're an exhibitionist."

Her beautiful, green eyes stared up into mine.

Was that hint of mischief that I had noticed earlier there again? I felt lost in them. My cock throbbed hard, bobbing up and down slightly on the front of her jeans.

She moved in closer, until my cock was firmly against her jeans-covered crotch. I felt her tits lightly touch my naked chest.

"Oh god..." I nearly moaned...my cock was so hard it hurt, as it pressed into her, slipping between her inner thighs, and I could feel heat between her legs through her jeans.

She was still looking at me, as if waiting for answer to her statement. But in my state of excitement, I really couldn't think clearly. Struggling to maintain my composure was a losing battle.

"I...I..guess so.." was all I could manage.

"What honey?" she cooed...so close her breath felt hot on my neck, "you guess what?"

Her eyes were so beautiful that it really wasn't fair.

"I guess I'm an exhibitionist..." it was so hard to breathe.

Carrie smiled, squeezing her legs together lightly around my hard-on.

Placing one hand on me, she lightly dragged her nails over my chest, trailing down my belly.

Closing my eyes, I leaned my head back and moaned. "Yes," she whispered, "that's it." With her other hand, she grasped my cock, and began to stroke the shaft, slowly, and firmly, rubbing the head of it on her crotch, through her jeans.

"Oh god, Carrie.." I moaned, louder this time.

Looking down between us, I saw her massive breasts moving under her shirt. Beyond them, I could see her small hand moving on my aching cock. It was almost too much to take.

"Close your eyes..." she whispered.

I did.

"Imagine that you are standing outside in the parking lot...totally naked," she said, squeezing my cock a little harder, stroking deliberately, slowly.

Her hand on me was driving me crazy. My breath came in short gasps.

"Are you picturing it?"

Wanting to please her, I conjured a picture of myself in the parking lot naked.

"Yes," I moaned.

"Tell me how it feels," she said, stroking me slightly faster. "How does it feel to be standing in the parking lot with no clothes on?"

The way she said "with no clothes on" was so hot that I nearly came as my cock swelled with impending orgasm in her hand.

Carrie stopped stroking and released pressure.

"Please tell me," she said, almost pleading...in a sexy, low, half-whisper, "how does it feel?"

"Well," I struggled to speak, "it's hot."

"Can you feel the pavement under your bare feet?" she asked, squeezing me again.

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