tagLoving WivesCarry On Dentist!! Ch. 02

Carry On Dentist!! Ch. 02


The next day might have looked routine to many but for me it was a very unusual day. The dilemma continued as I was engrossed with the rights and wrongs. Like a robot, I went ahead with my day. I prepared breakfast for all, prepared the kids for school, bid my in laws goodbye and then drove the kids to school. From there I proceeded to my clinic which had already been opened by Varsha.

I went on with my regular schedule of treating the patients and handling the appointments. But in the back of my mind those thoughts still pestered me. I tried to focus on my job because I ran a risk of hurting someone if I didn't pay attention. Around noon, after I had finished lunch, I sat on my desk to take a break. I knew that there were no appointments lined up for the afternoon.

I sat at my desk and rested my head on the head rest of the chair and closed my eyes. As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw a picture of Vivek and Amol standing next to each other, looking at me with welcoming smiles. The picture was so clear, Vivek, even though was pretty good looking himself was loosing out to Amol. Vivek was no match for the imposing body and the commanding personality that Amol had.

Even though I loved Vivek from the bottom of my heart and was emotionally dependent on him, I found myself drifting towards Amol even in my thoughts. I saw Amol walk over to me and firmly grab my hand and we started walking away. I looked back and Vivek was no where to be seen.

The scene abruptly cut to a room where I found myself lying on a bed, with Amol on me. We were both naked and Amol was furiously fucking me. We were moaning loudly and I felt the walls of the room shake from the love making. Even in the mad frenzy of sex, I looked around in the room. From the looks of it, I could easily make out that it wasn't a home. It was a hotel room, an expensive suite.

These thoughts were perhaps fuelled by the fact that Amol was rich and didn't hesitate to show off. He would wear expensive suites and drove a luxury car. He had a taste of fine dinning and living.

Amol hugged me tightly and continued fucking me. I was moaning but was aware of the fact that what I was doing was wrong. My eyes weren't closed with pleasure but were wide open with shock. As Amol and I got closer to cumming, I saw someone standing at a corner of the room. I looked over his shoulder and saw my husband, Vivek standing there. He had a very sad and disappointed look on his face.

We just kept looking at each other as Amol reached his orgasm with a loud grunt and with him I too was pushed over the edge.

"Madam...Madam." I saw Vivek say but he sounded like a girl. To be precise he sounded like Varsha, my receptionist. I looked at him closely and he continued to call me Madam.

Suddenly I felt being shaken and I woke up. I quickly opened my eyes and sat up. I was panting and sweating. Varsha stood in shock as I sat up and was about to cry.

"Are you alright madam?" she asked. I just nodded in reply. She gave me a glass of cold water and I gulped it down like a man stranded in the desert.

"Madam, is there anything wrong?" Varsha asked, clearly concerned about me. She knew me for several years now. She was hired right around the time when I was pregnant with the twins and so we knew each other for half a decade. Even though she called me madam in a professional setting but in private she called me didi.

"I am fine Varsha." I said as my breathing returned to normal.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead with the napkin on the arm rest of the chair.

"How many appointments are lined up for the evening?" I asked her.

"There were five but three have been cancelled and another two have been proponed." Varsha informed me.

I just shook my head and got up from the chair. I walked over to the washroom and I washed my face with cold water. I looked up in the mirror and saw myself properly. This was the first time that I had sexual thoughts about someone other than my husband.

I was not just disturbed about me fantasizing about Amol but was more perturbed by the fact that I saw my husband in that dream.

I came back to my desk and sat there quietly. Varsha had gone back to the lobby and I was all alone with my thoughts again. Suddenly my phone rang. It was a sms. I picked up to see that it was from Amol. I opened the message.

"What are your plans for tonight? Our dinner is still pending." read the message. My hands trembled as I read the message.

'What the hell is happening?' I thought to myself I decided not to respond and kept the cell phone back on the table.

Varsha called me on my intercom to tell me that there was a patient waiting and was I okay to handle him. I said that I was fine and asked her to send the patient inside.

I attended to the patient for almost half and hour before he left and I was back to being alone again. I took the cell phone and read the message again and again. In my mind a war raged between whether I should go with him or I shouldn't.

Right then the phone rang. I was startled and was about to drop the phone but I managed to hold on to it. The phone, I thought was ringing a little too loudly and I saw that it was a call from Amol. I just waited for a few seconds contemplating whether to respond or not.

A few seconds later the call ended. I sighed with relief but it started ringing again. This time I decided to pick it up.

"Hey...are you busy?" Amol asked.

"Yeah...I was attending to a patient." I replied trying to sound as normal as I could.

"Did you read the message I sent you?" he asked. "Yeah..." I replied.

"Then what say? Should we go out for dinner tonight?" he asked.

"Mmm...let me think about it." I said as I tried to evade him.

"Oh c'mon...I am only asking for dinner. I am not asking you to make a life changing decision." Amol said as he pleaded to me.

'Perhaps it is a life changing decision for me.' I thought.

"Sush...are you going to say something?" He said sounding a little annoyed.

"Ummm...Well okay. Let's go for dinner; But where?" I asked as I finally gave him a nod.

"That is a surprise!" he said and ended the call.

I tried to assure myself that there was nothing wrong with going out for just one dinner. Amol hadn't misbehaved with me ever since that incident. He had been nothing but a gentleman for all these days and I didn't think it would be appropriate on my part to turn down such an innocent request.

With the decision made I went back to attending the last patient of the day. After the appointment was done I told Varsha that I was going out and she should wind up and leave. I quickly drove home and took a nice long shower.

I packed a light green evening gown and my make up set in my back and informed my in laws that I was going out for dinner and I would be a little late. They didn't mind that because I used to go to such dinners with friends very often.

I messaged Amol too pick me up from my clinic in an hour. I drove back to the clinic and I was pretty sure that Varsha would have left. I was true. Varsha had closed the clinic and left. I opened the clinic with my key and went inside. I took off my clothes and my underwear. I wore a black colored strap less bra and matching colored panties. I wore the evening gown and put on the make up.

I locked the clinic and I saw that Amol was already waiting. I quickly got into his car and he started driving. We kept quite and I just stared at the road. Amol sensed my discomfort and started a conversation. He was dressed in a smart black suite and looked really handsome.

"I am very glad that you accepted my invitation tonight" he said and smiled at me. I gave him a smile but didn't say anything. It was already dark and the streets were lit up. I just look outside the window as Amol drove smoothly on the streets of the city.

"Where are we going?" I asked him to break the silence of awkwardness that had filled the car.

"Le Meridian." he said as he continued driving.

'That's typical Amol.' I thought to myself and just looked outside the window.

After a while we reached the hotel. We got out at the entrance and the valet drove the car away. We walked together inside the lobby and then proceeded to restaurant. The restaurant manager who perhaps knew Amol showed us to our table. We sat there with menu cards in our hands. We were still not speaking to each other.

The waiter brought us a round of drinks and we ordered our meal. Amol broke the silence and started talking. Slowly Amol engaged me in a conversation and soon we were engrossed. I was back to being an extrovert and was enjoying the time. After couple of rounds of drinks, our meal was set at the table. We continued talking even as we slowly ate the delicious food. The main course was followed by a round of dessert. It was a special sundae that I loved a lot.

"How did you know that I like this?" I asked; a bit surprised.

"You mentioned it once." he replied with a smile.

I smiled back at him and we then enjoyed the sundae to our hearts content. We had been at the table for more than two hours and I realized that it was time to leave. Amol paid the bill and we walked out of the restaurant. As we stepped out of the lobby, Amol's car was waiting for us. Amol tipped the valet and we sat in the car and drove off.

There was barely any traffic on the roads at that time of the night and we soon reached my office. He parked the car in the basement right next to mine. We walked up to my clinic together and we entered the clinic.

As soon as we entered the clinic, Amol grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. I was too stunned to react and went to him. He quickly put his lips on mine and we engaged in a kiss. I didn't respond for a first few seconds. I am not sure whether it was the liquor I had a couple of hours ago or it was Amol's effect or perhaps both but soon I opened my mouth to welcome his tongue.

As soon as Amol realized this, he held my arms tight and kissed me harder. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer for a deeper kiss. We sucked on each other's lips and tongues as our kiss became frenzied. Amol picked me up and walked inside my room with his tongue still in my mouth.

He placed me on table and we continued kissing. Amol then moved on to my neck leaving behind a trail of wet kisses on my hot skin. He kissed my shoulder and slowly removed the strap of the evening gown. I moaned in protest but it was too feeble for even me to hear it. It sounded less like a moan of protest but more like a moan of pleasure.

He slowly removed the straps of the dress and pulled it down to my stomach, not for once breaking the contact between our mouths. With the dress resting on my abdomen, my boobs which were firmly secured by the strap less bra came into view. Amol looked at them for a moment before taking his right hand behind me and using the left hand to squeeze my breasts.

I heard a light snap and the untied bra fell in my lap. My D cup tits were now in full view in the brightly lit room. I tried to hide them by covering them with my hands but Amol was quick to respond and pulled my hands away.

He quickly latched his mouth to my left breast and began sucking it. I moaned but tried to pull him away. I was loosing control over myself by the second and I knew I had to stop this before things got out of hand. I somehow with all my strength pushed Amol away.

Amol was shocked at this and he looked at me with disbelief. "What happened?" he asked.

"We can't do this Amol. We shouldn't do this. We both are married and it is not the right thing to do." I said trying to cover my exposed boobs.

"But you want this. I know you want this too." he said sounding a little agitated.

"No...well...I don't know what I want. All that I know is that this is wrong." I said. I was confused myself as to how to react. My body had willingly submitted but my mind was still resisting.

"But I love my husband. I can't do this to him." I said as tears welled up in my eyes.

"And I love my wife but I love you too." he pleaded.

"No you don't. You barely know me, how can you say that you love me?" I replied. I was in utter disbelief about what he had just said.

"We shouldn't do this Amol. You have to go now. Please!" I said as I got off the table and walked into the washroom.

Amol sighed and went outside the room. I quickly changed back to the clothes I had worn during the day and stepped out of the washroom. I went out to the lobby and saw Amol still standing there.

"You didn't go?" I asked him.

"It is almost midnight. How can I leave you alone over here." He replied.

I just kept quite and we got out of the clinic. I closed the clinic and then we walked back to our cars in the basement. We both started our respective a cars and drove in the opposite direction from one another.

It was past midnight when I got home. I tip toed into my house so that my in laws wouldn't wake up. I slowly walked into my room and locked it from the inside. I started walking over to the cupboard to change my clothes. Just as I opened the cupboard, I saw my self in the mirror. I looked closely at my reflection in the mirror and thought, 'is that really me?'The evening gown that I was wearing was gifted to me by Vivek on our anniversary 2 years ago. I had worn it just for one day. After marriage, I had always been a modest dresser preferring salwar kameez rather than something hip. I wore casuals but very rarely.

I had a large collection of clothes but I wore only a few of them, perhaps fate had me prepare my wardrobe all these years for this day. I stood in front of the mirror, staring at my reflection. I did look sexy in this gown and no wonder Amol was tempted to do what he had done. I slowly removed the straps of the gown from my shoulders and unzipped it from the back. I took it off completely and placed it on the bed.

The strapless black bra and the matching panties came off next and they also joined the gown on the bed. I stood completely naked in front of the mirror admiring my body. I could still feel Amol's lips on my boobs and that feeling sent a shiver down my spine. I gently cupped my boobs and squeezed them. I closed my eyes in pleasure as the picture of Amol playing with them came to my mind.

I placed my right leg on the dressing table and my pussy came in to view. My right hand slowly went over my pubic mound and caressed it. I sighed as my slim fingers flicked the clit and I gently twisted my nipples with my left hand. I started fingering my self, something I had never done nor attempted in my life. I thought what might have happened had I let Amol continue and I soon pictured Amol fucking me on my office desk. That picture itself was enough to make me cum.

"Ammmoolll..." I moaned as I came. I felt weak in my knees and fell to the ground, panting and cooing from the orgasm. A few minutes later I realized that I was lying naked on my bedroom floor and quickly got up and dressed for bed. I couldn't sleep that night as the whole incident just kept playing in my mind. I knew I had fallen for Amol and I knew that even if I did prevent him from fucking me tonight, I wouldn't be able to hold for long.

I knew I had surrendered my body and my soul to a man that I had met a few weeks ago and I felt no qualms about it anymore. I wanted to feel his lips on mine, his naked skin rubbing against my soft fair skin, his cock inside me. I had to sleep with him!

A few more rounds of furious masturbations followed that night and Amol's psychological conquest was complete. He had my soul and I knew that it was just a matter of time before he had my body and I was looking forward to it.

I didn't hear from him for the next few days and all during the day I used to check my cell phone for his calls and messaged but with no luck. I thought of calling him but couldn't find the courage to do so because of the disaster that our last meeting was. I hoped that he would call in a couple of days after things cooled down but that didn't happen.

I finally gathered the courage and called him on a Saturday. He picked up the call on the first ring itself. Perhaps he too was waiting for my call but was stuck with the same dilemma. The first thing we did was to profusely apologize to each other for the other day.

Amol apologized for taking things too far and I apologized for abruptly ending our liaison. We expressed our desire to continue meeting each other and decided to meet again the next day. Amol suggested we go out for a movie to which I agreed.

The call ended with the desired result and the smile on my face returned. I was looking forward to meeting him and spend time with him. I had decided to let fate take its course just go with the flow. I knew that we were both married but we were so strongly attracted to each other that I just didn't care about anything anymore. What the heck, I thought, let's just enjoy!

The next day came very fast, at least that how it felt. It was a Sunday and my clinic was closed. I was free the whole day and I wanted to spend it with Amol. I told my parents that I was going out with my friends for a movie around noon and I would drop the children at my friend's place. They agreed to the arrangement for it would be a relaxing Sunday for them.

I dressed modestly in a salwaar kameez so as to not arouse suspicion and left the house with the kids. I dropped them at my friend's house. She was a very old friend of mine who had a child as old as mine. I knew that my kids would be thoroughly entertained for the day and I gave them a kiss and left.

I went to my clinic and changed in to a pink tank top underneath which I wore a push up bra. The combination gave a great view of my cleavage. I knew Amol's eyes would pop out looking at me like this. I wore a denim skirt which ended just above my knee. I wore pink open toe heels to suite my pink top. I put on light make up and then proceeded to the theater.

The theater was a popular multiplex which was always crowded on weekends. The crowd mostly consisted of college students and young professionals and I wanted to easily blend into them. Just as I drove inside the theater complex I saw Amol standing there.

I quickly parked my car and walked over to him. We smiled and greeted each other. As soon as we met, the awkwardness between us vanished and we went back to being normal. Amol was wearing a light grey lacoste T-shirt and a faded jeans accompanied by a pair of woodland shoes. He was wearing a pair of black Ray Ban aviators which looked really good on him.

"Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady." he said as he handed me a bouquet of lilies he had been hiding behind him all this while.

"Wow...they are so beautiful. Thank you Amol, it's so nice of you." I replied blushing all the while.

We held each other's hand as we walked towards the movie hall. Amol had booked tickets for a movie which I had heard was not so popular with the public and true to the news, the theater was sparsely populated. We found our seats and I sat down as Amol went to fetch popcorn and soft drinks for us.

There was enough time for the movie to start and Amol came back a few minutes later and sat next to me. We watched the trailers and teasers of the upcoming movies before Amol spoke up.

"Sush...I want to say something. I really love you and I am really happy that things are normal between us once again. I know that you think that what we are doing is wrong but let reason take a back seat for a while and let's enjoy each other's company."

I just smiled and said that I think so too. That statement was a signal enough to let Amol know that I was game. Soon, the theater lights were switched off and the movie was about to start. The seats in the hall were such that the arm rests could be pulled back so that there was no division between the seats. When the movie started, Amol promptly slid back the arm rest and sat back. I got the signal and moved toward him into his arms.

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